Hey there everyone, and welcome to the introduction post for our 2017 series where I’ll be taking a look at some of the best plays of the week according to the tools!

For the past couple of years or so, we have had some of the best tools in the business for both season-long and daily fantasy baseball, but now, we are ready to go all out for football now, and in due time, you’ll see that we also offer some of the best tools for season-long and DFS football as well, all thanks to the man, the myth, the legend, Rudy Gamble.

So let’s take a look at what we offer, and what this weekly article will entail…

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Team Pages (with ‘What If’ projections)

I’ll be honest with you guys, our Team Pages might be the only thing you need at Razzball. Obviously, we have a very talented staff that will crank out 20+ articles each week, that you would be stupid not to consume, but these Team Pages are absolutely unreal.

With each page, you’ll be able to access weekly projections for each player, in addition to a plethora of stats, such as snap counts, passing/receiving/rushing numbers, TD numbers, YPC and YAC, and weekly ranks based on standard and PPR scoring systems. You’ll also be able to access 2016 numbers, as well as rest-of-season projections to look beyond Week 1.

New to this season is our “What If” projections. The week-to-week grind of the NFL is like no other, and players are constantly taken on and off the injury reports, something that we can all agree is a pain. Well ever wonder what a player’s production level will look like if a teammate goes down with an injury? Well wonder no more! With our “What If” projections, we take a look at each individual player’s performances with and without a “Questionable” and/or “Doubtful” player to see who rises and falls the most without a teammate present. Here is an example if the Colts are without Andrew Luck and Robert Turbin for their Week 1 matchup versus the Rams:

So here we can see that T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief’s numbers will go down quite a bit when Luck is out, meanwhile, Marlon Mack’s projections go up a bit if Turbin is not present.

It’s crucial in fantasy to be one step ahead of the rest of your league when it comes to injuries, and our “What If” projections give you that advantage.


No surprise here, but the main feature of our Tools in 2017 are our fantastic projections. I’ve already touched on some above with our team pages, but this year, we will be having:

  • Weekly projections for offensive players, IDP players, and team defense/special teams
  • Projections versus FantasyPros’ ECR (expert consensus rankings)
  • “What If” projections
  • Daily Fantasy projections
  • Rest-of-Season projections

These projections go hand-in-hand with our fantastic articles, rankings, and podcasts, and are crucial to securing that trophy at the end of the fantasy season.

DFS Projections and Lineup Optimizer

Personally, I think daily fantasy is the perfect compliment to season-long fantasy football. While you are focusing on the week-to-week grind of the waiver wire, lineup tinkering, and the sweat of the games, it’s sometimes great to throw a little bit of your attention to the rest of the NFL landscape apart from your own players, and that’s what Daily Fantasy Football can provide. And hey, money is never a bad thing to have, right?

Well new this year in 2017, we are happy to announce our partnership with one of the leading DFS brands out there, Daily Fantasy Cafe, to bring to you our Daily Lineup Optimizer. Making season-long lineups is a difficult task, and it’s an even bigger challenge for DFS, so why should you stress out about it?

Well we do all the work for you! Using Rudy’s DFS projections as a guideline, we can create as many optimized lineups as you want! You can fix the settings of the optimizer yourself, changing the site you want to play on (Fanduel, DraftKings or Yahoo!), changing your exposure to different players, adding team and player stacks, and changing a plethora of filters (team totals, salaries, linuep budgets, player ceilings, etc.) to get the most out of your linueps.

“Mmm… cash monies”- Jay Long, circa 2015.

So What Will This Article Be?

Here at Razzball, we don’t want you to stumble onto this without any guidance, so that’s where I come in!

Each week, I will be writing up an article taking a look at some Projection-certified players that I will be using in both my season-long and daily leagues. This way, you can get an inside look at the thought process behind each number that our tools crank out. It’s a lot to get through, and we don’t have all day, so it will be a whole lot easier with my article to sift through the data for you!

I’ll be taking a look at each position, highlighting the best plays, some players to avoid, and those that we can fire up in our daily lineups!

It’s going to be a fun 2017, so subscribe today!



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  1. JP Morgan says:

    Who would you rather have on your bench out of these players pick 1.

    Gio Bernard
    J. Williams

    Thanks man..

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @JP Morgan: Perine

  2. OldMilwaukeePounders says:


    Thanks for the primer! Just had my last draft. Picked 2nd in a 12 team, PPR, redraft. I’d like your thoughts:

    QB – Rodgers, Dalton
    RB – David Johnson, Perkins, Prosise, Forte, Jamaal Williams
    WR – Allen Robinson, Crabtree, Crowder, Wallace, Sanu
    TE – Gronk, Doyle
    D/st – Jags
    K- Santos

    A really “unconventional” draft for my liking, but my co-owner and I were unable to attend this “live” draft, so we were participating from afar making it a lot harder to read the draft, so to speak… The night before we planned to lock up the sure fire 20+ points per game with Rodgers if he made it back to our 2nd pick, locking up his 22+ points per week, figuring that we could thrive with DJ/A-rod pairing giving us around 45-55 points every week as our backbone. Gronk fell the whole way to 26 and we couldn’t resist… What do you think? Any suggestions?

    Thanks, dude!

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @OldMilwaukeePounders: I don’t mind this team one bit! I understand that you probably paid a hefty price for Gronk, but you’ll never have to bench him, and you can’t say that about many players. I really like your starting lineup. Depth might be a problem, just keeps your fingers crossed that you aren’t cursed with the injury bug for the year. If you are, I’m sure there will be plenty of waiver wire options throughout the year. I do like your receiving corps though!

      • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

        @Zach: Thanks, Zach! We saw too much upside in not taking Gronk at 26… Our plan was to bank on Rodgers & DJ to win weeks, but our “backbone” would be our trio of pass catching WRs.

        Depth was tough for us and not actually being present at the draft made that part hard. We couldn’t track player availability all that well so we just gave a friend who was present a check list of late guys we liked and took whatever we got.

        If A-Rod/DJ/Gronk play every game we should have a fighting chance to win each week.

      • Alfred E. Naujocks says:

        @JP Morgan: @Zach: “never have to bench him” sure if you have an open IR slot that you can use even if he doesn’t get real life IR’d (yahoo’s have now gone that way). it’s like the famous line “if is a big word to sane people”. this applies very very well in the event of uttering or thinking the sentence “gronk is great if healthy”

  3. Big Texas says:

    Happy Tuesday we are almost here with the NFL kickoff week

    .5 PPR league!
    Based on my team make any changes? As far as any trades I should seek out or waiver wire advice?

    QB Winston

    RB1: DJ
    RB2: Gordon

    WR1: Alshon
    WR2: martavis Bryant
    WR3: Parker

    Flex: mcaffery

    TE Henry

    D I’ll stream but week 1 I have bills who get jets

    Kicker debating on McManus who hosts chargers MNF, or chargers kicker Younghoe koo

    –Bench: hunt, Marshall, snead (suspended), maclin, hogan, Smallwood, Jamaal Williams, deangelo Henderson, Abdullah.

    Trade wise based on my team would you look to package Abdullah + one of my WRs? If yes what example of WR to aim for? If I try Abdullah + Parker more specifically?

    What about a bigger deal where I’m dealing away Melvin Gordon? If yes, what WRs would you target in a straight up deal scenario? I had this idea not sure if it’s fair though/ or am I giving up the right amount? I deal Gordon + alshon + Abdullah. I receive Gronk + Michael Thomas. Or have that owner throw in another piece; DMC? Tyreek hill? Burkhead?
    This owner at RB has Freeman, Jamaal Charles, DMC, Blount, Burkhead.
    At WR: mike Thomas, Devante Adams, hill, Britt, Corey Davis, Torrey smith.


    What about targeting from another owner either Diggs, Crabtree, Amari Cooper?
    That owner has at RB: McCoy, gillislee, Powell, Chris Thompson
    At WR: Cooper, Crabtree, Diggs, zay jones.
    I also have no issue standing pat as far as trades go & waiting til at least week 2 or 3

    If no trade, what about waiver adds?

    With hurricane Irma looming & Florida will be a rainy mess this Sunday I’m considering benching Winston to add Palmer who gets the lions in Detroit or Sam Bradford who hosts the saints Thoughts on that? Who to drop? Irma is upgraded to a category 5 hurricane & state of emergency in state for Florida
    Next deangelo Henderson is now the 4th string RB on the Broncos depth chart, drop him for any of these?

    –Oliver to cuff Gordon? Charcanderick west to cuff hunt? Keewyn Williams to cuff DJ?

    –Next available WRs: Brandon Coleman (snead is suspended ), Kendall wright, funchess, JJ Nelson, Paul Richardson, galloday, Taylor Gabriel, Kupp.

    –My TE is Henry stand pat or go with either gates or Evan Engram?

    Gracias man!!

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Big Texas: You’ve got a stud team here! I would hold off on trading until we get a few weeks into the season. You’ve got plenty of depth at the WR position aside from the starters. I think you’ll be just okay. I also think you should stay put on any add/drops. Don’t overthink it, I honestly believe that you have a solid team here.

      As for Hurricane Irma, I currently live here in Tampa, FL, and we’re far better off as of now than Miami and south Florida, and everyone here is planning to evacuate. I would be SHOCKED if they don’t reschedule the game for later in the year. It’s looking pretty bad here. That said, I think getting Carson Palmer is the PERFECT move. He should be an absolute stud this week against Detroit.

  4. Benjamin Childs says:

    Ok, it all comes down to this. 10 team, 4-keeper league, so most of the top commodities are off the board, I’ve got the #2 pick and need help at RB.

    My choices are any of the rookies, Gurley, Lynch, Crowell or Montgomery. Who do you like here, and who do you like as plan B?

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Benjamin Childs: Gurley by far, and Crowell as a great plan B!

  5. JP says:

    Would you trade McCoy/Ayjai/Powell for D. Parker/Leveon/Russell Wilson?

    8 team league w/ short benches

    My other qb is Winston

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @JP: No, I think you’re giving up too much, and Winston is a great QB1

  6. Drekkan says:

    In a standard score Espn 2wr 2rb one flex league. Current roster

    QB: Wentz/Taylor
    RB: Howard
    RB: Ajayi
    WR: Alston Jeffry
    WR: Tyreek Hill
    TE: jimmy Graham
    Flex: Kareem Hunt

    RB: T. West
    WR: A. Thielen
    WR: T. Williams
    WR: t. Gunna jr
    QB: wentz/Taylor

    One guy in the league fucked up gis autodraft and ended up with Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and Russell Wilson. I’ve offered West for Wilson. He counters any of Brady, Wilson, or Bree’s for Hill.

    Worth it to go Hill for Brady?

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Drekkan: Yes! I would definitely go with Brady for Hill. I think you’ll be fine with Tyrell and Thielen as WR2’s if you have Brady and the rest of your team as starters

      • Drekkan says:


        Apparently he mis-wrote his email offer and wants Hunt instead of Hill. I think that may be too rich.

        • Zach

          Zach says:

          @Drekkan: Yeah I would still do it because you still have Howard and Ajayi

  7. Dom says:

    Hey I’m doing a special kind of league where I pick 1 QB 3 RB 3 WR and 1 TE each week from any player in the NFL. I also get bonus points if I set a range of points I think each player will score and then they score in that range. The narrower the range the more points I get. So I was wondering if you could give me your lineup based on these positions for week 1? And maybe give me a scoring range for each. THANKS!!!

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