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1. Drew Brees: Interesting fact about Drew Brees, he was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.  Now, if that is a frat that brews warm tea and milk drinks I am there!  This guy almost threw for 2.9 miles last season!  And that was without Colston and Bush for part of the year.  I could play right guard and Hank could play slot and Brees would still throw for 4,000 yds.

Brees’ average draft position is 15 right now.  Can you wait until the second round?  Do you want Matt Forte more than Brandon Jacobs?  Will Rivers or Rodgers give you comparable numbers in the 3rd or early 4th round?  Maybe, possibly, and could be, but will Brees give you top 5 overall fantasy numbers?  I think so. ADP: 15 Projection: 4650/36/14

2. Tom Brady: September 7th 2008, you just sank down into your barcalounger, NFL Sunday Ticket is reflecting off your fine premium pilsner, and your fantasy QB, who threw 50 TD’s just the season before is playing against the hapless Kansas City Chiefs.  What could go wrong?

Well, you know what could and did go wrong.  Tom Brady knocked up his girlfriend and then dumped her for Giselle and then Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard tore Brady’s ACL, MCL, and if we would have had Razzball Commenter Leagues back then, whoever owned him in the RCL.

Will he return to his 2007 form?  It isn’t like he’s the most nimble QB in the league so he doesn’t need to run.  The guy can’t even navigate a kayak.  He hardly gets sacked and he has Moss, Welker and now Galloway.  And who is going to take away yards on the ground?  No one, that’s who.  It really is a toss up on who should be the #1 QB in fantasy drafts this year.  If you get stuck with Brady, I think you’ll be able to enjoy that beer this September.  ADP: 19 Projection: 4550/35/13

3. Peyton Manning: The new coach of the Indianapolis Colts should have yet another Hall of Fame season.  What? He’s not the new coach?  I must be out of the loop.  Anyway, Manning had a “down” year last year due to his knee getting all gross and infected, but with a little Bactine he got back to his old self and had a masterful second half.  Now with Harrison out of the picture he has the great trio of Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark to throw to and he will get his numbers back into elite territory.  ADP 27  Projection: 4300/32/9

4. Philip Rivers: Rivers was a perfect QB last season.  Very few interceptions, tied for the league lead in passing TD’s, led the league in yards per pass while still being near the top in completion percentage, and somehow still looked red-faced and irritable through it all.  He is an elite QB and should stay that way.  I see no reason to really reach for the top 3 QB’s if you can grab Rivers near the end of the 4th or beginning of the 5th round. ADP 46  Projection: 4150/34/13

5. Aaron Rodgers: Life in the shadow of Brett Favre must have been full of miracle grow and Moo-Nure because Rodgers sprouted and flourished and probably smelled a little after games.  He finished last year only behind Brees in fantasy points.  This can be attributed to his 4 TD’s on the ground.  I don’t think you can bank on those kinds of rushing numbers, but Greg Jennings and Donald Driver will continue their excellent play and Rodgers will only improve.  ADP 37  Projection: 4000/29/13 – 2/125

6. Donovan McNabb: How this guy continues to do well with his weak receivers is a mystery to me.  He has Westbrook who will be injured off and on, but should play enough to still be his safety valve most of the season and DeSean Jackson will continue to improve in the wide open offense.  If you draft McNabb you have to know he might have those disastrous games that will get him benched, like last year against the Ravens, but he’ll also come back and throw four TD’s, like he did against the Cardinals the next week. ADP 61  Projection: 3750/25/12 – 1/125

7. Tony Romo: One of the most loved and most hated players since Billy Joe Tolliver, Romo has been on TMZ more than the Wheaties box (do they still do that?).  This is his year to prove himself.  With no TO or Jessica, he should be able to focus on winning games.  He has his BFF Witten, a good receiver in Roy (I play offense) Williams, a deep threat in Miles Austin and good running backs, with good hands.  A great season in Big D isn’t a lock, but Romo has the skill and the team to shut up his detractors. ADP 60  Projection: 4000/26/14 – 1/50

8. Kurt Warner: The former bag boy for Jesus is still kickin’ and fumblin’ and chuckin’ interceptions, but he’s also racking up yardage and TD’s and has arguably the best wide receiver corp in the NFL.  There is always a chance Warner’s hip will snap in a bath tub tumble, but if you’re willing to risk that, he can give you top 5 numbers.  ADP 50, 4000/30/15

9. Matt Schaub: I think I had my whole stock portfolio with this guy when the bubble burst.  But I’m willing to give him another chance.  With arguably the best receiver in the game and a top 10 RB who can catch passes out of the backfield Schaub has the tools to do well.  But often his tools get all worn and cracked and he can’t use them; tools like his knees and shoulder and other various parts he needs to play football.  So Schaub carries a bit of risk, but a lot of reward. ADP 75  Projection: 3550/26/12

10. Matt Ryan: Ryan was lucky to have Michael Turner crashing into lineman and linebackers and taking the heat off.  Of course Ryan was no slouch and showed a poise most rookie quarterbacks or even veteran quarterbacks don’t usually have.  It is hard to project much of a regression in his sophomore season with Tony Gonzalez coming in to block and catch.  He’s about as solid as any second year QB you’ll ever see. ADP 70  Projection: 3350/23/11/ – 1/175

  1. Kristina says:

    It’s nice to see the my boy Mr. Rodgers is getting some love somewhere. He’s the real deal. I’ve been a Packers Fan my whole life, growing up in the land of cheese. As hard as it was saying good-bye to Brett, Mr. Rodgers has proven he has what it takes to be a premier QB in this league. Top 5 on anyone’s list is good enough for me! If they defense makes a good transition to the 3-4 scheme, we should be in good shape and make some of those losses from last year into wins. All in all, good picks for the top 10 QBs this year. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kristina: Thanks! The Pack should improve, but so has their division! Good luck this year.

  3. ep says:

    Rodgers could move into Tier 1 territory next year if the cards fall right. Like you said Doc, he’s got excellent receivers.

    Where do you have Carson Palmer? And do you buy all this Chris-Henry-is-Randy-Moss fluff. I currently have Palmer 10th, but not sure he’ll stay there.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ep: Palmer is at #13. I think he has a ton of upside, but I just don’t trust his team. No defense will respect the run and Palmer could be hurt quickly. It’s sad because I really like Palmer and think he should be an elite QB.

  5. jamiesonmj says:

    Excellent rankings!! I love the thought and reasoning put into the positions, it really cements the notions in my mind.

    A question – will you be posting a tiered ranking system for all fantasy positions? If so, when? Id love to take a look at them before my big draft!

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jamiesonmj: Yeah, tiers are in the works!

  7. Rockefeller says:

    Great minds think alike on the top 6, but I would bump Romo down a couple notches, bump Mcnabb up to his spot, take Ryan out, and put Palmer in at 10. I think that looking at the schedule the Bengals face, and if Benson runs close to how he did near the end, Carson will be there. Dallas will run the ball so much it will put Romo BARELY in the top 10, which is still nothing to laugh at. Watch out for a rebound from Matt Hasselbeck as well…

  8. Peter says:

    Where do you have Brees/Brady ranked in a 2-QB league? Are either top 5? Thanks!

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Peter: I think it puts them right up there. I would still take an elite RB in the top 5, but after that Brees and Brady are in the top 10.

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