I’m not a big fan of wide receivers.  They are predictably unpredictable and they often sulk and whine more than they’re worth.  Ask Mr. Matt Millen how things go when you try to build a team around wide receivers.  Oh, Oh and sixteen, hmmm, that sounds rather putrid.  But before I bash wide receivers into oblivion there are some monsters out there that I can handle.  Andre Johnson being numero uno.  The man is a beast of beast-like proportions and is my #1 WR pick next season come hell or high water.

1. Andre Johnson: After Owen Daniels went down AJ was the only receiver worth throwing to which made him the most targeted receiver in the league.  There’s a chance Kevin Walter will find his way out of Houston this offseason and Jacoby Jones could be lining up opposite AJ.  If Jones flourishes in that role AJ could lose some of those targets, but be in line for more TD opportunities. Preseason Rank #2, 2009 Projections:  1450/13,  Final Numbers:  1569/9

2. Randy Moss: Moss’ ability to score keeps him in elite status once again this season.  I had him at #1 based on his TD ability and Tom Brady being the comeback player of the year, but they never clicked completely.  If you owned Moss you were happy with his production, but even with him turning out to be the #2 receiver this season you probably cussed him a few times.  This is what receivers do; it’s good to remember that, while you were cussing him, he was putting up #2 stats, no, not poo stats, gross.  Preseason Rank #1, 2009 Projections:  1450/14  Final Numbers:  1264/13

3. Miles Austin: Austin was by far the steal of the draft or waiver wire this season.  In preseason there was a lot of talk about him and Sam Hurd, but they both had Crayton and Williams ahead of them.  And it wasn’t until week 5 that Williams sat out with an injury that Miles Austin tore KC a new one.  Before that game I said, “I’m hoping Williams sits because I see a very big game from Austin against the KC corners if he does.” And that’s me quoting me saying something prophetic for once. That was the start of his amazing run and there is absolutely no reason to believe it won’t continue next season.  Preseason Rank DNR Final Numbers: 1320/11

4. Desean Jackson: DJax was a bit of a wildcard coming into this season.   We knew he had the skills, but in Andy Reid’s offense it is sometimes difficult to put up elite individual receiving numbers, but Fraction Jackson did just that by having huge gain after huge gain. He will have a solid season in 2010, but I doubt I’ll want him where his ADP falls.   Preseason Rank #20, 2009 Projections:  1000/7 Final Numbers: 1167/9 — 137/1

5. Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzy was often the #1 receiver taken last season.  I had him behind Moss and AJ and I’ll probably do the same again for next season.  He’s an amazing talent, but unless he’s the only real playmaker on an offense, it is difficult to rank him at the top. Anquan Boldin could be traded this offseason and that could help Fitz’s numbers, but it’s pure speculation at this point, oh, and if Warner retires, start throwing the babies out with the bath water.  Preseason Rank #3, 2009 Projections: 1350/12  Final Numbers: 1092/13

6. Reggie Wayne: Wayne is as steady as a glacier pre-global warming.  Just like any receiver he will have down games, well any athlete ever in the entire history of athletes has down games.  I was fairly close on his numbers, just 64 yards off.  As long as Wayne has Manning and legs and hands he’ll be fantasy worthy.  I really thought Anthony Gonzalez was going to take away some of Wayne’s numbers, but we never got to see him have a chance at that.   Preseason Rank #7, 2009 Projections: 1200/10 Final Numbers: 1264/10

7. Roddy White: Both White and Matt Ryan were hurt at points this season, plus they had an extremely tough schedule.  It is actually a little surprising that he finished as high as he did.  I can tell you I am looking forward to drafting him next season.  Him and Ryan.  A lot depends on his perceived value, but I think I perceive his value as being higher than the public at large. Preseason Rank #5, 2009 Projections: 1300/10 Final Numbers: 1153/11

8. Sidney Rice: Okay, Rice blindsided me for sure.  He was not on my radar and I have to freely admit that. Watching him play this year has made me and about everyone in existence a believer.  His play is helped in large part by Favre believing in his ability.  Even if Favre doesn’t return, Rice has proven his ability and shouldn’t have to prove himself to any other quarterback. So he won’t be worthless if Favre leaves, but he will lose some value.  Preseason Rank DNR Final Numbers:

9. Vincent Jackson: Jackson lived up to his potential this season.  The lack of a running game helped his numbers a little, but he’s got the talent to put these kind of numbers up consistently.  Next season the Chargers probably won’t have much of a running game (oh Michael Turner where are you?) and VJax should put up similar numbers.   Preseason Rank #13, 2009 Projections: 975/9  Final Numbers: 1167/9

10. Brandon Marshall: He had his problems in preseason, but still put up top 10 numbers. I grabbed him in a few leagues for good value this year with the knowledge that anything could happen.  Who knows where he’ll be or how risky he’ll seem once draft day comes around next season.  Unless he’s in jail, I will feel good about drafting him.  Preseason Rank #15, 2009 Projections:  1050/7 Final Numbers: 1120/10