We started with our Top Ten Fantasy Football Players and now we are moving on to our Top Ten Wide Receivers.  The amount of quality receivers is amazing this year.  And the good thing about receivers is they are consistent.  They don’t give you the same kind of numbers as a top 5 running back, but the odds of them getting injured or just tanking are much less.  It was pretty much common practice in the past to take a running back with your first pick and probably with your second as well.  Right now with this receiver renaissance there are many people going with WR with their first pick and sometimes their second as well!  Now I’m not one to thwart unconventional thinking, but after a few mock drafts using a few different strategies I just can’t justify going WR with your first pick this year.  There just aren’t enough solid RB’s, while, as you can see, there are plenty of solid WR’s.

1. Randy Moss: The leagues best corner, Nnamdi Asomugha, says Moss is the toughest receiver to cover while Moss says, Nnamdi is the toughest name he’s ever tried to say, even though he somehow wrote a paper on Things Fall Apart in college.

Even with a backup starting at QB all season Moss had 1,000 yds and 11 TD’s.  Now he has Brady back.  Will he catch 23 TD’s again?  No.  Can he split the difference?  Yes.  With 14 or more TD’s he will be the #1 receiver this year.    ADP: 10 Projection: 1450/14

2. Andre Johnson: He led the league in yards last season.  He only was held back from being the best fantasy receiver by his lowly 8 TD’s.  I see that number going above double digits this season. The Texans look to be a better team this year with a balanced offense.  AJ might not get quite as many yards, but the TD’s will keep him near the top. ADP: 9 Projection: 1450/13

3. Larry Fitzgerald: Fitz is a monster and right now is going as the first receiver in most drafts.  The wide receiver crop this year should have a tremendous yield and you can’t go wrong with these top three.  His numbers will be right up there with AJ’s, but Warner is old, like George Clooney old.  If Leinart is in there Fitz’s numbers fall. ADP: 6 Projection: 1350/12

4. Calvin Johnson: Megatron saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen during his summer break and felt that Shia LaBeouf’s acting was a bit one-dimensional and lacked a certain natural un-douchey quality.  But he plans on shaking his disappointment by catching around 12 TD’s and 1300 receiving yards.  His numbers last year are about as amazing as the box office Transformers took in.  On a team that did not win a single game, that is zero!, he still managed to be a top 5 fantasy receiver.  Even when he was the only true weapon, defenses still couldn’t cover him.  Stafford, Culpepper, it won’t matter; Megatron will conquer, save, or do whatever happens in that movie. ADP: 14 Projection: 1300/12

5. Roddy White: When “Rowdy” Roddy White steps into the ring you will not get out alive!  Oh wait, wrong Roddy, well, when you line up against Roddy you cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him!  The Falcons came out of nowhere last year, but White was already a good receiver and now with Matt Ryan and his solid pocket presence anchoring the team, White can only improve. ADP: 24 Projection: 1300/10

6. Greg Jennings: There is no reason to think Jennings won’t continue to improve in his 4th season in the league and 2nd with Aaron Rodgers.  His TD numbers actually decreased by 3 last year even though his receptions increased by 27!  That’s a little unlucky and I see that number moving back up this year. ADP: 21 Projection: 1300/9

7. Reggie Wayne: Manning doesn’t have to feign interest in throwing to old man Harrison this year and Wayne will have the young and talented Anthony Gonzalez lining up opposite of him.  I see both those factors contributing to a bit of an uptick in production.  I owned Wayne last year and saw him get stopped at the goal line twice in one game only to get corngoaled by some less owned-by-me player! Look for his 6 TD’s last year to move back up to his 9 and 10 from ’06 and ’07. ADP: 18 Projection: 1200/10

8. Marques Colston: Injuries have kept Colston from being an every year top 5 receiver and that’s what is keeping him out of there once again.  The man is a machine, yes, one that breaks down once in a while, but when he’s going, he is unstoppable.  Brees gives out yards like they were AIG stock and all Colston needs to do is stay on the field to collect them. ADP: 25 Projection: 1250/9

9. Steve Smith: Jake Delhomme will continue to force the ball to Mighty Mouse which he will still somehow catch and if he doesn’t stop to punch someone in the face he will run around for a while, while people chase him.  With DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart becoming more and more prominent it should give Smith a little sliver of space and he really doesn’t need that much.  (Get it, because he’s tiny) ADP: 22 Projection: 1300/8

10. Anquan Boldin: I’ve been enboldened to put Boldin in bold to show you that he’s #10.  And to say that he has been one of the most reliable recievers in the NFL over the last four years.  He doesn’t like his contract, he always reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. and like Fitz, he needs Warner to stay healthy, but he will get his, just like last year, and the year before and the . . .  ADP: 26 Projection: 1050/9

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    great top 10,,it would be interesting to see and hear about your next 10,jennings?im not a roy williams fan but i believe he goes 1000-10,torry holt?is he worth a late pick?

  2. nmdunkel says:

    If old man Farve does go to the Vikings, I think we’re looking at some serious value in Berrian. Like, maybe top 10 WR return for a guy that’s going in the 7th round (per mockdraftcentral). Plus, they’ll be playing in a dome in the late season wintery bluster.

    Guys that play in domes=smart November/December plays

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I think I’m, a little higher on Roy than others. Holt is probably worth a late pick. I think he has a little more in the tank than Marvin.

  4. steamer says:

    Very nice list. I’m ranking Ross #1 WR on my board, b/c of TD potential, but if I were in a PPR, I’d probably not have him #1, he’ll end up with more big plays. I like Wayne & Colston for big years & I’d have no problem if either were my WR1.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @steamer: Agreed. PPR changes everything. It’s hard to go wrong with anyone on this list and even down from here a few spots.

  6. Frank Rizzo says:

    -I agree completely with Moss, got to be the #1 imo.

    -You’re predicting a huge boost for Andre Johnson. I’m not that high on him. He’s never had more than 8 td’s and now he’s going to jump 5 more? And last year was the only time he topped 1450 yards. Personally, I think last year was the ceiling for him but you could very well be right.

    -Fitz is a stud.

    -Wayne is steady with Peyton.

    -Colston’s knee worries me.

    -Steve Smith is up and down but there may not be a bigger playmaker after Moss than Smith.

    -Boldin’s always a solid pick.

    Calvin is unbelievable. What he did last year with what they had at QB was awesome.

    Roddy I like but not top 5.

    I believe Jennings can be a top 3 WR. Seriously.

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