Here you will find the Top 100 Fantasy Football players in the entire universe, at least for PPR, or Points Per Reception leagues for those that are acronym intolerant.  These numbers are figured from 1 point per reception leagues, so if you get .5, well, these aren’t what you want.  Sorry, thems the breaks.

  1. Chris Johnson: Projection: 1550/14 — 50/550/3
  2. Ray Rice: Projection: 1300/10 — 70/675/2
  3. Adrian Peterson: Projection: 1400/17 — 40/375/2
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew: Projection: 1250/14 — 55/500/2
  5. Andre Johnson: Projection: 100/1450/10
  6. Frank Gore: Projection: 1275/11 — 55/450/2
  7. Steven Jackson: Projection: 1325/7 — 45/350/1
  8. Reggie Wayne: Projection: 95/1300/10
  9. Roddy White: Projection: 90/1200/10
  10. Jamaal Charles: Projection: 1175/7 — 60/475/2
  11. Rashard Mendenhall: Projection: 1250/10 — 40/300/1
  12. Larry Fitzgerald: Projection: 95/1200/10
  13. Randy Moss: Projection: 80/1200/11
  14. Michael Turner: Projection: 1350/15 — 8/60/0
  15. Calvin Johnson: Projection: 80/1250/9
  16. Brandon Marshall: Projection: 85/1200/9
  17. Miles Austin: Projection: 85/1200/9
  18. Aaron Rodgers: Projection: 4500/31/10 — 45/250/3
  19. Lesean McCoy: Projection: 1000/6 — 50/450/2
  20. Greg Jennings: Projection: 80/1175/9
  21. Ryan Grant: Projection: 1250/11 — 35/250/0
  22. DeAngelo Williams: Projection: 1200/8 — 35/250/1
  23. Shonn Greene: Projection: 1275/12 — 25/200/0
  24. Ryan Mathews: Projection: 1250/12 — 20/125/1
  25. Marques Colston: Projection: 70/1100/8
  26. Drew Brees: Projection: 4500/36/14 — 17/30/2
  27. Desean Jackson: Projection: 65/1175/9
  28. Peyton Manning: Projection: 4350/33/13 — 117/0/1
  29. Knowshon Moreno: Projection: 1200/8 — 30/200/2
  30. Jahvid Best: Projection: 1050/7 — 45/325/1
  31. Pierre Thomas: Projection: 1000/7 — 40/325/2
  32. Beanie Wells: Projection: 1000/7 — 30/150/1
  33. Anquan Boldin: Projection: 75/1100/7
  34. Michael Crabtree: Projection: 75/1100/7
  35. Cedric Benson: Projection: 1275/9 — 25/175/1
  36. Felix Jones: Projection: 950/6 — 45/425/2
  37. Matt Forte: Projection: 1000/6 — 45/300/2
  38. Tom Brady: Projection: 4450/31/13 — 10/15/1
  39. Hines Ward: Projection: 88/1025/7
  40. Dwayne Bowe: Projection: 75/1050/7
  41. Hakeem Nicks: Projection: 73/1000/7
  42. Tony Romo: Projection: 4500/30/13 — 35/100/1
  43. Ronnie Brown: Projection: 1050/7 — 30/250/1
  44. Steve Smith (NYG): Projection: 95/1000/5
  45. Dallas Clark: Projection: 90/1000/8
  46. Steve Smith (CAR): Projection: 70/1075/7
  47. Wes Welker: Projection: 85/1050/5
  48. Matt Schaub: Projection: 4400/30/15 — 15/35/0
  49. Antonio Gates: Projection: 80/1050/8
  50. Ahmad Bradshaw: Projection: 900/5 — 35/250/1
  51. Joseph Addai: Projection: 900/7 — 40/225/2
  52. Jeremy Maclin: Projection: 75/950/7
  53. Arian Foster: Projection: 1100/7 — 15/50/0
  54. Jermichael Finley: Projection: 75/950/7
  55. Chad Ochocinco: Projection: 70/1025/7
  56. Mike Sims-Walker: Projection: 75/950/7
  57. Philip Rivers: Projection: 4200/29/11 — 10/35/0
  58. Santana Moss: Projection: 75/950/6
  59. Jonathan Stewart: Projection: 1000/8 — 15/125/0
  60. Percy Harvin: Projection: 70/950/6
  61. Vernon Davis: Projection: 70/850/9
  62. Darren McFadden: Projection: 500/3 — 55/450/2
  63. Pierre Garcon: Projection: 65/950/6
  64. Mike Wallace: Projection: 65/900/6
  65. Johnny Knox: Projection: 70/900/6
  66. Donald Brown: Projection: 850/6 — 25/175/1
  67. Devin Hester: Projection: 70/900/5
  68. Fred Jackson: Projection: 850/4 — 35/250/1
  69. Jay Cutler: Projection: 4100/29/18 — 35/100/1
  70. Ricky Williams: Projection: 850/4 — 25/150/1
  71. Derrick Mason: Projection: 65/900/6
  72. Marion Barber: Projection: 850/7 — 25/150/0
  73. C.J. Spiller: Projection: 750/5 — 40/350/1
  74. Kevin Kolb: Projection: 3900/29/14 — 10/15/0
  75. Jason Witten: Projection: 80/900/6
  76. Malcom Floyd: Projection: 60/900/6
  77. Brent Celek: Projection: 70/875/6
  78. Jerome Harrison: Projection: 800/4 — 35/250/1
  79. Brandon Jacobs: Projection: 850/8 — 15/100/0
  80. Matt Ryan: Projection: 3750/26/13 — 30/60/1
  81. Justin Forsett: Projection: 800/4 — 35/200/1
  82. Brett Favre: Projection: 3750/29/14
  83. Tim Hightower: Projection: 675/4 — 40/300/1
  84. Darren Sproles: Projection: 300/2 — 55/500/3
  85. Zach Miller: Projection: 80/850/6
  86. Joe Flacco: Projection: 3750/25/14 — 25/75/1
  87. Tony Gonzalez: Projection: 70/800/6
  88. Lee Evans: Projection: 70/940/5
  89. Donald Driver: Projection: 65/950/5
  90. Eli Manning: Projection: 3900/25/13 — 10/15/0
  91. T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Projection: 70/800/4
  92. Cadillac Williams: Projection: 850/4 — 25/150/0
  93. Reggie Bush: Projection: 450/3 — 45/400/2
  94. Steve Breaston: Projection: 60/850/4
  95. Jacoby Jones: Projection: 55/850/5
  96. Steve Slaton: Projection: 425/2 — 45/400/1
  97. Owen Daniels: Projection: 70/850/6
  98. Michael Bush: Projection: 750/5 — 15/75/1

  1. jmill says:

    Jason Witten 3 year average: 90/1042, and he’s still just 28. The man is a PPR beast. Just sayin!

  2. k says:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out how to value players in a league with .5 PPR. Should I use PPR rankings, or normal ones?

  3. I am surprised you don’t think Steven Jackson will get more catches. He is one of the only offensive threats on his team. He is usually good for at least 60 catches and even had a 90 catch season. I would put him a bit higher.

    Otherwise, nice list.

  4. AdamH says:


    I have a 0.5 PPR coming up and I’m trying to make a hybrid rankings out of your 2 Top 100. I have the 7th pick. Assuming the top 4 go as planned, how would you rank the next 5 guys?

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AdamH: Gore, AJ, SJax, Mendenhall, Fitz, Charles, Turner, Wayne

  6. AdamH says:


    Can you do a write up on SJax (or just do it here)? I feel like he’s a safe bet but he’s not gonna win a championship for anyone. Is there a fault in taking Fitz and working on RB later on? Or is the move to go SJax and take someone like Wayne/Randy/Roddy (if available) in round 2? I know you say SJax at 7 and I completely respect your rankings (since last year I took home 2 big championships thanks to you), but SJax seems so, I duno the word, boring? Too safe? Not a winning pick? I duno…

  7. cashmoney says:

    12th pick in a PPR…I have been set on going WR/WR but your opinion on Charles has me changing my mind.

    would Roddy White/Charles be a good start? I like Roddy more than Fitz and Calvin Johnson for the simple fact he has a better QB

  8. Pound Sand says:

    don’t know how Charles is so high, he’ll be splitting time. Guys like Grant, Jackson, Turner, Menenhall should all be ranked higher than him…IMO.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cashmoney: I think so. Love JC in ppr.

    @Pound Sand: Ray Rice was splitting time last season. JC will outplay Tom Jones and talent wins out.

  10. TD's-PPR says:

    I have a question. Who would you use as a “keeper” in a PPR league; Michael Turner or Calvin Johnson. Thanks

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TD’s-PPR: Very close, but I like Megatron.

  12. Pound Sand says:

    I just think they brought in Thomas Jones for a reason, and it’s not a good sign for Charles.

  13. Brian says:

    I already have Chris Johnson and LeSean McCoy as my sleepers plug I have the #1 pick.. whats my strategy in a 10 team league?? AP and MJD are available with my #1…

  14. James says:

    Doc: Would you rate your top 100 differently if it were a 10 team, 2 QB keeper league? I’d always followed the consensus not to draft a QB high in a standard league. Does that rule of thumb go out the window when you need two starting Qbs?

    Thx in advance

  15. Peoria says:

    12 team PPR mock draft, 10th pick:

    1. Larry Fitzgerald WR
    2. Reggie Wayne WR
    3. Beanie Wells RB
    4. Tony Romo QB
    5. Jahvid Best RB
    6. Jermichael Finley TE
    7. Fred Jackson RB
    8. Percy Harvin WR
    9. Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    10. Tim Hightower RB (I saw he could be starting Week 1 after I had already taken Beanie, so I felt I needed to grab him as insurance)
    11. Devin Hester WR
    12. Josh Morgan WR
    13. Bernard Scott RB
    14. Mohamed Massaquoi WR
    15. Bears D?ST
    16. Ryan Succop K

    Could you rate this team on a scale of 1-12, with 1 being first place, please?

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Brian: I go with AP as long as you have a flex spot. Then stack up on WRs.

    @James: Yeah, in 2 QB leagues you have to go early on QB. If you’re in the top 4 stay with the top 4 backs. Depending on how fast QBs are flying off the board depends on if you can wait until the 2nd round. I would be fine with say Cutler and Flacco and then a decent backup, but if you wait for them you could get skunked on one So I would probably grab the best in the 2nd round. Hopefully Romo/Brady/Schaub. Then wait for a Cutler, Kolb, Ryan, Flacco.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Peoria: Not bad for a 12 team ppr. I’d go with 10 out of 12. Worried a little about Fred Jackson losing carries because of his injury. Morgan is safe for ok production, but his upside isn’t high. Love Bradshaw there. Scott is a good flier. Not many holes.

  18. TO for Prez says:


    How would you adjust these rankings if RB carries is also a category?

    1) Do all RB’s increase in value?
    2) What RB’s are sleepers for increase in carries vs 2009 based solely on changes to the offense? (e.g. Beanie Wells in ARI)


  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TO for Prez: Check out last season’s leaders in that category —

    You’ve got to bump up the Ryan Grant, Steven Jackson, Cedric Benson, Ryan Mathews types. I think it makes those RBs more valuable than the top WRs. Once you get past the guys you know or at least think will be 20+ carry a game guys things even out again.

  20. quimmy says:

    In your tiered rankings for PPR u list Andre Johnson as the only wr you would draft in RD1 and yet in your rankings here you have 4 wr in the top 12. Me = confused?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @quimmy: Thanks for pointing that out. That’s a hold over from the non-ppr rankings. I’ll change that.

  22. quimmy says:

    anytime brutha, keep up the good work

  23. 2010G says:

    Being a newby to FF I’m just wondering why guys like Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees stock goes down in PPR leagues?

  24. Bleedgreen says:


    In a 10 team ppr at pick 5 would you take Moss or Frank Gore? Also would you trade back your pick to 10 and hope that Gore fell? We are New England Fans so Moss I know will not be there.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @2010G: They don’t in relation to other QBs, but in PPR receivers and backs that wouldn’t have as much value in non-ppr move up some.

    @Bleedgreen: I would take AJ. I like the 5th pick in ppr for that reason.

  26. Bleedgreen says:

    Sry Doc, but it Johnson is not there would you take Moss or Gore? and do you think Gore may fall to 10?

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bleedgreen: I don’t see Gore falling that far. I like Gore over Moss. But if Johnson isn’t there doesn’t that mean Rice/MJD will be there? Or am I missing something?

  28. goBirds says:

    I have the #7 pick in a ppr league and this is the first year we will be doing a keeper league. The top 4 rbs will obviously go 1-4. Assuming 5 and 6 are andre and gore is it too much of a reach taking megatron at 7? I love that I could have him for the next however many seasons. Also I was thinking about going 3 wr’s right away…like desean in rd 2 and welker in rd 3. Thoughts on that strategy?? What rb’s and te should I look for after that? Thanks a lot. List is very helpful.

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @goBirds: I would be fine with Megatron there in a keeper /ppr.

  30. 2010G says:

    Is your list exactly how you would pick each player if no player left at each pick ranked higher? EX: Would your first 3 picks be 1-Gore 2-Jackson 3-McCoy if each were the highest ranked player on your list during each of your first 3 picks? If the answer is yes, would the answer still be yes if you could only start 2 RB’s?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @2010G: Pretty much. These of course aren’t set in stone and variables of the draft can move things around, but in a vacuum, yes.

  32. justin g says:

    You answerd Megatron in a keeper league between Turner and Calvin Johnson. What about between Turner and Moss? Who would you keep?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @justin g: Moss’ age scares me. Turner won’t last too much longer either, but his TD ceiling is sky high. I’d go with Turner.

  34. emceeperiod says:

    Ahhhhhh! I’ve got pick 7 in a PPR league…and you’ve got Fitz at #7 but it’s sooooo hard for me to see him having a better year than Wayne with Leinart behind center. Can you please convince me? Also…I have the option to trade my 7 pick down to 12, which I’m usually a fan of. I feel like you get an advantage knowing who’s available for both of your picks as opposed to drafting 7 then 18 etc and hoping someone “falls” to you at the next pick. Obviously you’re always waiting for people to “fall” but with 2 picks in a row you can limit that “unknowingness”. Do you like the 12-13 turn more than the 7-18 picks? Also, there are a few idiots in my league that might take Brady or Manning before AJ, so I’m thinking there is a very slim chance he might fall to me at #7, but that’s probably exactly what the guy is thinking who wants to trade me for pick 12. Thanks!

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: I can’t say watching that game tonight that my confidence in Fitz is bolstered. I still think he is top 5, but I may be moving him down. I do like the turn better than #7 but if you can get AJ that would suck if you traded out of it. Maybe do some detective work!

  36. emceeperiod says:

    I swear to God, I’m just staring at these rankings thinking of a million possible scenarios for the 7 position v the 12 position. I have to close this page.

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: Hah. Yeah, after watching that MNF game I just couldn’t justify Fitz there anymore. I still like him with just about anyone throwing to him because he can go up and get about any pass, but I do worry about him getting killed by craptastic passes.

  38. Goose says:

    just wondering why you have Dallas Clark (#45) ranked that far below guys like Bowe, Nicks, Ward, Crabtree… if you’re projecting 90/1000/8 for him, that adds up to be better than your projections for those guys. not trying nitpick, just wondering why Clark shouldn’t be considered more like around pick 35. 90 catches is 90 catches. is it just because there’s that much more TE value later on? still seems like you want to grab the money producer at the position above second-tier types, no?

    i’m drafting #7 in 10team PPR with three keepers (i’ve got Rodgers, Marshall and Jennings), so i’ll be starting at pick #37, and was thinking of targeting Clark… then taking RBs forever. thanks for your thoughts.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Goose: It’s all about value for me. I only need to start one TE. I think I have a good chance for 90 receptions from Zach Miller much later. I rather take Bowe instead of Clark because then my 2-3 WRs are much stronger than if I skipped him for Clark and I end up with some schmoes starting for me.

  40. Goose says:

    gotcha. that’s sorta what i thought. what do you think about my position? i already have two solid at WR. would you go after a RB at pick #37? someone like Pierre Thomas if he falls, or a Brown/Forte/Foster type? i like Thomas, but just not excited about those other guys at that spot. or do you think locking in a Crabtree/Boldin/Ward type as a stud #3 WR there is a better investment, and hoping one of those RBs slide till the next round? i keep going back and forth on this. thanks again for your insight.

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Goose: Tough dilemma there. I would really want to grab a RB, but your choices aren’t slam dunks here. The WRs are safer, but I just don’t want you to have to cobble together your RBs from scratch. PT has a lot of upside in that offense. I say grab him.

  42. emceeperiod says:

    Alright Doc, had my draft and I KNOW you’re interested. I clearly was the only one using your board, because I got 3 1st rounders…according to your board, which I’m excited about. If you recall, I was drafting from position 7, which sucked in the first round, but didn’t seem to matter the rest of the draft:

    1. Reggie Wayne WR
    2. (18) Roddy White WR
    3. (31) Jamaal Charles RB
    4. (42) LeSean McCoy RB
    5. (55) Dwayne Bowe WR
    6. (66) Felix Jones RB
    7. (79) Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    8. (90) Kevin Kolb QB
    9. (103) Zach Miller TE
    10. (114) Matthew Stafford QB
    11. (127) Anthony Gonzalez WR
    12. (138) Danny Amendola WR
    13. (151) Green Bay DEF
    14. (162) Lee Evans WR
    15. (175) Mason Crosby K

    If you’re right about your rankings, and I hope you are, this looks like a championship squad (which would net me about $800!) I win, you and Grey can BOTH have daiquiris on me!

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: hah, looks nice. I’ll have a whisky! That team is lean and mean and built for PPR. Ton of upside and I think that’s what you need to take home the cash. Hard to win when you play it safe. Keep us updated!

  44. Sloan says:

    Being from CT, and also a Uconn fanatic, I am a HUGE fan of Donald Brown. However, I don’t want that to interfere with my judgment. I need someone to replace Vincent Jackson in my keeper league, and someone has offered me Colston and DBrown for Steven Jackson, and a first round pick of the future. I have depth at WR with Sims-walker and Crabtree, yet all of my RBs r young question marks, mccoy, forsett, Michael bush, and then the one mcgahee. Sjax was the only guarantee I have. I love this trade, or am I just excited about getting dbrown?

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sloan: I think you may be excited to get DBrown. SJax is a question mark in dynasties, but so is Colston with Meachem possibly moving past him at some point. Brown is a great dynasty pick, but there is a decent chance Addai is the lead back all season and you will pretty much be screwed for this year. I could see trading SJax, but i would want a better replacement RB for this season.

  46. Brian says:

    What round should Welker go based off of what you have seen in preseason?? How about Dallas Clark in a 10 team PPR in which I’ll already have Chris Johnson (keeper) and AP (first pick)?

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Brian: I still have the slightest doubt about Welker so I’m not going to draft him in the second. In a ten teamer i would be fine with the 4th though. I love Clark in ppr, but I’m still not reaching for a TE which makes it hard for me to ever get him. I would need him in the 6th probably. Zach Miller is going to be a ppr stud this season.

  48. team cameltoes says:

    Yo Doc!
    I too followed your board and I’m pretty stoked on the results. I drafted #2 in an 8 team (PPR) league. I recently dropped Cutler for Cooley because he looked like a bum in the preseason. Any QBs in the pooper tiers I should keep an eye on (ie DAnderson)? Thanks in advance and have a good weekend!

    1. (2) Adrian Peterson
    2. (15) Roddy White
    3. (18) Calvin Johnson
    4. (31) LeSean McCoy
    5. (34) Dallas Clark
    6. (47) Knowshon Moreno
    7. (50) Jahvid Best
    8. (63) Michael Crabtree
    9. (66) Wes Welker
    10. (79) Mike Wallace
    11. (82) Jay Cutler
    12. (95) Derrick Mason
    13. (98) Nate Kaeding
    14. (111) Matt Ryan
    15. (114) Philadelphia

  49. Doc

    Doc says:

    @team cameltoes: Tough to rate 8 teamers, but I like everyone. I’d pick Cutler up again. Preseason is preseason. You can drop him if he sucks in the regular season.

  50. G3 says:

    I’m surprised you have Felix Jones rated so high with Barber and Choice there.

    I’ve got Harrison rated higher than Jones especially with Hardesty out for the year. Convince me otherwise??

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G3: Harrison is not mangini’s favorite person. If he fumbles or looks at him wrong, Davis/Hillis will see a lot of time. I like Harrison too, but Jones did show that he can handle a heavy load toward the end of last season. Both have to prove themselves. Dallas is just a better team.

  52. G3 says:

    Thanks. Who do you like better in week one, M. Ryan at Pittsburgh or D Anderson at ST. Louis?

    Also, whcih of these three WR would you start in week one, Crabtree, Knox, or Harvin?

  53. airhilt says:

    I’m in a few different leagues. Was wondering your opinion on a few things. In a non-ppr league what 2 of these 3 wr’s would you all start (carolinas steve smith at nyg, crabtree at sea, or floyd at kc)? In a ppr league would you start marion barber at wash or mccluster vs sd? And lastly in another ppr league would you go with spiller vs mia or reggie bush vs minn? Thanks for the advice guys.

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