So you just reached the pinnacle of your existence by winning your fantasy football championship, now what? First, finish that pile of celebratory drugs, then slip your pants back on and put the Jergens away. Now it’s time to get back to work, with an eye toward 2021. A couple weeks have passed since I shocked the world with my top 10 dynasty rankings for 2021 fantasy football. December 4th, 2020 is a date which will live in infamy. The date when Donkey Teeth declared D.K. Metcalf as the top dynasty asset in all the land and then took his first shower in three months.

This year I brought in a ringer to keep me in check: Pat Fitzmaurice. Pat is currently sitting at #1 (out of 160 experts) in this year’s FantasyPros’ Ranking Accuracy Competition, he also finished #2 (out of 162 experts) in FP’s Draft Ranking Accuracy Competition in 2019 and he holds the title of #1 most accurate draft ranker from 2017-2019. In short, the man is a fantasy football ranking sorcerer and he was kind enough to record a YouTube show with me discussing each of our top 10s—subscribe and give us a like if you don’t hate it. Full disclosure: I haven’t had a professional haircut since February. Anyway, here’s that show, followed by my top 20 dynasty rankings for 2021 fantasy football:


*note: these rankings are geared toward single QB, half PPR, full fledged dynasty leagues

Rank. Player | Position | Age on 9/1/2021 | Free Agency Year

11. Nick Chubb | RB | 25 | 2022

12. Justin Jefferson | WR | 22 | 2025

13. CeeDee Lamb | WR | 22 | 2025

Nick Chubb just might be the best pure runner in the NFL, but the uncertainty of 2022 free-agency lingers; not to mention the split backfield with Kareem Hunt leaving my Chubb at half-mast from time to time. But again you need stud running backs if you want to contend for a title. 

What El Jefe J-Jeffe has done as a rookie is nothing short of incredible. Through 16 weeks he’s already destroyed Randy Moss’s Vikings’ rookie receptions record (79) and sits 46 yards shy of Moss’s rookie receiving yardage record (1,313). He’s also #7 in percentage of his teams air yards this year (36.1%), right next to names like Stefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill and D.K. Metcalf. Remember, Justin Jefferson has done all of this in a season with a watered down training camp, no preseason, and Kirk Cousins at quarterback–I might actually be selling him short at #11.

It’s easy to forget what CeeDee Lamb was up to prior to the Andy Dalton, Ben DiNucci, Garrett Gilbert saga/nightmare. Let me refresh your loins: in the first five weeks with Dak under center, Lamb caught two touchdowns while averaging 6 catches and 87 receiving yards. For reference, through the first five weeks Jefferson had one touchdown while averaging 4 catches and 74 receiving yards. I’m expecting Dak to be back in Dallas long term and Lamb should quickly becomes his #1 option.


14. Patrick Mahomes | QB | 25 | 2032

Pat Fitzmaurice and I discussed dynasty quarterback valuation philosophy a bit during our top 10 dynasty rankings show. Cliff notes on my philosophy: elite quarterbacks are a stable store of value and as dynasty leagues age they tend to become top heavy with the majority of the prime fantasy assets on the top couple teams as other rebuild. When this happens, the team with the best quarterback can often decide the championship. This is why I value Patrick Mahomes and the other elite fantasy QBs higher than most, they’re a rock you can count on and build around for the next ten years.


15. Stefon Diggs | WR | 27 | 2024

16. Michael Thomas | WR | 28 | 2025

I’ve long been a Josh Allen apologist, so when Stefon Diggs was dealt to Buffalo I leaned in hard. Diggs was never happy in Minnesota and the still developing Allen had never enjoyed a high end wide receiver to chuck it up to–no offense to John Brown and his mother who’s one of our loyal readers. As I mentioned above, Diggs is just behind Jefferson at #9 in percentage of his teams air yards (35.6%) which is the air yard domination we love see from our fantasy receivers. It seems like Diggs has been around for a decade but he’ll only turn 27 next year, there’s no reason to think his connection with Allen won’t continue to grow over the next couple seasons. 

2020 was not friendly to the man who was considered the consensus number one dynasty wide receiver heading into the season: Michael Thomas. Injuries to himself, injuries to his quarterback and boneheaded moves have made Thomas one of the biggest busts of the season. And I don’t mean big bust in the good way. Now we have to wonder whether this is the end of the road for Drew Brees and his 854 broken ribs. And is Taysom Hill the future? I always devalue dynasty assets for uncertainty, but Thomas’s talent isn’t in question.


17. J.K. Dobbins | RB | 22 | 2024

18. D’Andre Swift | RB | 22 | 2024

It might be a little controversial to rank these youngsters so high after a season of ups and downs but remember, just like Jefferson and Lamb, these kids experienced a stunted training camp and no preseason due to COVID-19. The training wheels stayed on for the majority of the year, but now they’re off and the sky’s the limit for these three rookie running backs.

It was obvious to anyone who watch Ravens game this year that J.K. Dobbins is the most talented back in Baltimore. We have to imagine the Ravens will opt out of Mark Ingram’s contract this spring but Gus the Bus may remain a headache as he’s a restricted free agent this offseason. Even while in a committee with Edwards, Dobbins has seen double digit carries and found the end zone each of the past 5 games. I just hope Harbaugh eventually realizes the young RB has fantastic hands which have gone terribly under-utilized.

Does it pain me to rank D’Andre Swift so high after how Detroit treated my man Kerryon Johnson? Of course. But the Matt Patricia era is mercilessly over and it’s hard to ignore what Swift has shown us when healthy. I’m excited to see if Swift can finally break the Curse of Barry Sanders with AP gone and a full offseason and preseason under his belt.


19. Miles Sanders | RB | 24 | 2023

20. Derrick Henry | RB | 27 | 2024

Jalen Hurts’ emergence seems to have opened things up for Miles Sanders, even behind an injury weakened offensive line in Philly. If I trusted Doug Pederson at all Sanders would be higher on the list, but Doug P has gotten way too cute with the Eagles backfield way too many times for my liking. Then again, maybe Pederson’s days are numbered in the City of Brotherly Love.

I initially ranked Derrick Henry outside my top 20 due to my preference for youth and pass catching upside. But after more thought and after watching him continue to plow thru every NFL defense while carrying countless fantasy teams to 2nd place, I had to bump The Predator up. Just beware, he’s not an asset that should be held by rebuilding teams. After nearly 400 carries in 2019 (including the playoffs), he’ll come close to 400 carries again this year and the wheels could fall off sooner than his owners would like to admit. Like the 1986 Geo Metro I’m driving.


Just Missed: Antonio Gibson, Keenan Allen, Terry McLaurin, Josh Jacobs, Calvin Ridley, Kyler Murray, Aaron Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, James Robinson, Chris Godwin, D.J. Moore, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Austin Ekeler, Allen Robinson, Mike Evans, Chase Claypool, Chris Carson, George Kittle, Tee Higgins, Brandon Aiyuk, Jerry Jeudy

Stay tuned for 2021 dynasty positional rankings in the coming weeks.


  1. Bobby’s world says:

    Hey DT!

    Made it to the ship but wasn’t my league, lost big time lol
    I’m down 214-130

    I still have IDP slot left, bills kicker bass & Zack moss but yeah I’m not catching up lol

    Players who didn’t perform well on championship week for me:

    Deandre Hopkins, 12 pts

    Tyreek hill, 13 pts

    Cooper Kupp, 14 pts

    Tonyan , 2 pts

    Chubb was decent got a TD no yardage: 18 pts , 28 yds rushing

    I also had Dalvin cook, Dobbins on bench, Ridley on bench . Mclaurin injured, CEH injured, glad I didn’t start bell he was a dud

    I faced: Mike Evans , Allen Robinson, gronk , David Montgomery, zeke , Washington D. I
    Thought I had a shot in the 1pm hour as his baker did nothing

    Thanks for all of the advice! Looking forward to the 2021 write ups!

    This is a keeper league I’m thinking tyreek + cook , or cook + Dobbins

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey Bobby!

      Good effort, you’ll get em next year

      I think Cook and Tyreek is the direction I’d go as well.

      No problem! Hang around, there will be plenty of offseason 2021 content all winter and spring.

  2. hot corner says:

    I won’t lie. You had DoppItLikeItHot nervous yesterday. We weren’t expecting a big game from Adams in the snow. The team is my son and I and he is the brains. I am a baseball guy. Cook, Adams and Hopkins were no-brainers in the first 3 rounds, but he is the one who drafted Allen, Waller, Jefferson, and Burrow.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Congrats, Dopp! I was well fought, you guys deserved the W..

      • hot corner says:

        Now just remember that you promised a spot in RazzBowl to anyone who beat you!!!

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          Of course, you’re locked in!

          • hot corner says:

            Sweet. Thanks for a fun season. Now time to get back to baseball!!!

            • Donkey Teeth

              Donkey Teeth says:

              No problem. There will be plenty of offseason football content over here so check back in regularly…

  3. The Harrow says:

    video isn’t working it just keeps attempting to. might be just me of course, but all other functions seem fine on my end.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hmmmm seems to be working for me

      • The Harrow says:

        it’s working now, i had to ccclean everything; it trying to load finally gummed up any other internet loading (just needs to be cleaned sometimes, not the fault of the video at all likely), the weird thing is that everything else WAS working till that video though.

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          OK good

  4. Charlie says:

    I’m in a 4 keeper 12 team dynasty league but we have to start 3 running backs and 4 receivers (wr/te) so running back position is overvalued due to starting three.
    Scoring is one point for every Combined 20 yards and extra point for 100 yards and six point tds.

    I have Jonathan Taylor, JK Dobbins, David Montgomery, Chris Carson as RBs and Stefon Diggs, Keenan Allen, and Justin Jefferson.
    Which four would you recommend keeping? I thought about keeping all 4 RBs, 3 RBs and one of the wr and two RBs and 2 receivers. But the thing of starting three RBs leans me to more RBs.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      An important distinction should be made here: keeper leagues aren’t the same as dynasty leagues. If you don’t keep your entire roster then it’s not technically dynasty.

      The rankings above are for dynasty leagues so players age and expected career longevity are heavily weighted. Young wide receivers are gold in dynasty.

      In a league where you only keep 4, that’s all out the window. I’d keep the most valuable 4 players for 2021 regardless of age and position. (Maybe you knew all this but wanted to clarify for anyone else who may read thru and not know)

      Long story short, I’d lean toward keeping the four running backs. If you can wait to decide, I’d be watching what happens with Carson this offseason. If he doesn’t resign and lands in a less than ideal location, then Diggs would be my next choice. If you have to decide today then Taylor, Dobbins, Montgomery and Diggs is probably the safe play.

  5. Rick says:

    Hey DT,
    Thank you for the early rankings, I lost my first champ game in 4 yrs and hope to get it back.
    I’m in a 3-keeper standard league, starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR.
    I have Aaron Jones, Jonathon Taylor, CEH, Hopkins and AJ Brown.
    (Allen and Rodgers were my QB’s). I’m also looking to trade for picks.


    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey Rick,

      No problem. How do the keepers work? No cost? No limit to how long you can keep? PPR or standard?

  6. Bobby world says:

    Hey DT ! I’m looking forward to 2021!

    This is our roster make up




    Flex: RB/WR/TE


    Defense/Sp teams

    IDP slot we start one defensive player


    It’s full PPR

    Instead of 2 IR slots I bumped it to 4 total IR slots which helped in the covid season

    For 2021, keep it at 4 IR or decrease to 3 or 2?
    – next I was thinking of adding one more flex so we can play with 2 flexes. Would you have the second flex be “RB/WR”, WR/TE” or “RB/WR/TE”. Or instead of a second flex make it “offensive player” but then it technically becomes a 2 QB league

    It’s a 10 team family league that we had for several years

    We are also a keeper league rounds 1 & 2 are dedicated to keepers, round 3 begins snake. I’m thinking of keeping dalvin cook & tyreek hill & calling it a day.
    – my other options: Hopkins, Chubb, Calvin Ridley, mclaurin, CEH, JK Dobbins

    We also do draft pick trading so I’m thinking of if I keep cook + hill I’d then trade Ridley , Chubb , Dobbins , Hopkins, mclaurin for draft pick(s)

    Lastly here are some trades I pulled off this year:

    First was on Halloween I traded my Gio Bernard to the mixon owner who needed a RB bad, I received Cooper Kupp . I didn’t exactly need Kupp but he helped in the few games I played him but it was a chess move as this depleted his WR core . A week or two prior he traded his tyreek to get Antonio brown so he lost Kupp & tyreek & was left with Marvin Jones, AJ green AB, Larry Fitzgerald, demarcus Robinson. Plus I needed Kupp bad week 8 as I was in bye week hell with no Hopkins, fuller, mclaurin.

    Second :
    Traded my James Robinson + will fuller
    I received tyreek hill + Chubb. This was in early November when Chubb was still on IR but was getting close to return & it was when fuller wasn’t suspended

    Thanks for everything man! Have a great new year!

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey Bobby,

      I don’t think 2-4 IR slots makes a big difference, just see what the majority wants.

      I like adding a flex RB/WR/TE but 2QB is too much of a change after teams are drafted. Again, put the extra flex to a vote.

      I’d lean toward keeping Cook and Chubb in that format but can’t argue strongly against Hill over Chubb either.

      Nice work on the trades. No problem, Happy New Year!

  7. Mafioso says:

    Hey man, interested in your take on this. In a keeper league where we get to keep four guys each year. You can keep players for as many years in a row as you want. Start 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 4 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex. Essentially standard scoring. I am choosing my four from the following group:

    Lamar, Swift, CEH, Ridley, Kittle

    Who you keeping?

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey Mafioso,

      I’d kick CEH back there.

  8. I feel a guy who might surprise and has the potential to be an absolute STUD is AJ Dillon.

    He’s in a great situation and if he can put some #’s up this last few games he has a very good shot at being the #1 guy in a solid running offence that has Aaron Rodgers at the healm.

    Potential huge value for someone – I got soo lucky to get him in both of my leagues on the waiver the last 2 weeks so I am very biased but I’m super stoked on him.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Yep I love Dillon. I actually thought he’d be a bigger factor this year.

    • Eli Man Penguin Boy says:

      DT had him ranked quite highly going into this year in dynasty rankings.

  9. Jeff says:

    Howdy, DT

    3 Keeper (no draft penalty or year limitations)
    1/2 PPR Superflex 12-Team league

    Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry

    Which 3 would you keep?

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey Jeff,

      Dang, tough decision! My first thought is Allen, Cook and Henry but it’s tough throwing Watson back in superflex. Can you trade him for a draft pick? Or package two in a deal for Mahomes or Kyler or something?

      • Jeff says:

        Not sure. First time in this Yahoo league. By the way, my team went 12-1 in regular season and won the super bowl. We actually had another keeper but it has to be a receiver… I am choosing Ridley over Higgens. I was thinking of not keeping Henry due to his age and the fact he doesn’t get any 1/2 points for receiving… but he is less fragile than Cook. Not sure which quarterbacks will be available in draft. Watson and Allen are young… albeit not running backs. Thanks for your response.

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          Yeah honestly I don’t think there’s a wrong answer, at least not on paper. Congrats on the championship!

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the previous response. Do you mind if I ask another question?

    1/2 PPR 10 team league with 4 keepers (no draft penalty or length limitation). 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex (W/R).

    Of the following, which 4 would you keep?

    Lamar Jackson, Taylor, Dobbins, Metcalf, AJ Brown, Gipson, Mixon, and McLaurin.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Of course, never hesitate to ask.

      Taylor, Metcalf, Dobbins, Jackson is my first thought. Could be convinced to go with Gibson over either Dobbins or Jackson. Mixon and McLaurin wouldn’t be in consideration for me.

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