Tight ends move less in the first week than maybe any other position (and I don’t change my ranks much at many positions after 1 week). Especially after the elite TE options, usage can be dictated by scheme or match-up, game script, and some unknown QB tendencies. 


Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
1 Travis Kelce KC @LAC Sun 4:25PM 61 88 6 6 50 1
2 George Kittle SF @NYJ Sun 1:00PM 61 98 5 4 44 0
3 Mark Andrews BAL @HOU Sun 4:25PM 42 71 6 5 58 2

I’m leaving George Kittle at 2 for now. It sounds like the injury is minor enough that he’s going to try and play this week. Mark Andrews is deserving of bump to the top tier, and I’ve given him said bump this week. 



Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
4 Darren Waller LV NO Mon 8:15PM 56 89 8 6 45 0
5 Zach Ertz PHI LAR Sun 1:00PM 58 85 7 3 18 1

Waller had 8 targets, not worried about him. Ertz is splitting targets and yardage with Dallas Goedert, but both have over 75% of the team’s snaps. The Eagles are in 2 TE sets for the foreseeable future, so, they both have a starting role in fantasy. Ertz role in the red zone gives me enough confidence to keep him in this near elite tier. 

Pretty, Pretty Good

Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
6 Evan Engram NYG @CHI Sun 1:00PM 64 94 7 2 9 0
7 Hunter Henry LAC KC Sun 4:25PM 59 88 8 5 73 0
8 Mike Gesicki MIA BUF Sun 1:00PM 45 73 5 3 30 0
9 Noah Fant DEN @PIT Sun 1:00PM 43 73 6 5 81 1
10 Dallas Goedert PHI LAR Sun 1:00PM 54 79 9 8 101 1
11 Hayden Hurst ATL @DAL Sun 1:00PM 62 79 5 3 38 0
12 Tyler Higbee LA @PHI Sun 1:00PM 65 89 4 3 40 0
13 T.J. Hockenson DET @GB Sun 1:00PM 50 64 5 5 56 1

Yes, it’s a big tier, but it’s how I view the TE position. Depending on match-up, I could have no issue starting one or the other any given week. Plenty are down on Hurst after a tough week 1, but be patient. I don’t expect Russell Gage to own the 3rd target spot in Atlanta.

I’m encouraged by Higbee’s snap share, but there are still a lot of weapons, including another TE for the Rams. Goedert is the biggest mover after his big day and continuing on from his 2019 where he ended the season with 2 games of 10 and 12 targets. 


More Than Serviceable

Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
14 Rob Gronkowski TB CAR Sun 1:00PM 54 77 3 2 11 0
15 Austin Hooper CLE CIN Thu 8:20PM 56 77 2 2 15 0
16 Jared Cook NO @LV Mon 8:15PM 44 65 7 5 80 0
17 Jonnu Smith TEN JAX Sun 1:00PM 59 73 7 4 36 1
18 Chris Herndon NYJ SF Sun 1:00PM 40 71 7 6 37 0
19 Jack Doyle IND MIN Sun 1:00PM 54 73 4 3 49 0

Mixed bag of guys I believed in and a couple I don’t (Jonnu and Cook). Gronk’s snap count was fine, but seems to be sharing with Howard more than expected. Gronk seems more TD dependent than pre-retirement Gronk. The entire Browns offense was a mess, so, take 2. Higher hopes for Hooper and without Njoku for a few weeks, he has time to establish some rapport.

Cook and Jonnu are two guys I don’t think are very skilled, but could be in the right offenses to provide fantasy value. I like Cook more in the short term than ROS. Jonnu still has yet to have an 80 yard game and he’s a TD dependent, low upside TE.


Got My Eye On You

Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
20 Logan Thomas WAS @ARI Sun 4:05PM 52 74 8 4 37 1
21 Irv Smith Jr. MIN @IND Sun 1:00PM 31 60 1 1 11 0
22 Jimmy Graham CHI NYG Sun 1:00PM 52 80 7 3 25 1

Logan Thomas had some buzz coming out of camp and with 8 targets in the first game, there might be something to it. I don’t trust him and the Washington Football Team just yet, but the Cardinals were the best match-up vs the TE last year, by far. 

Irv Smith is coming for that TE1 job in Minnesota, but until it’s his, it’s more of a watch list or dynasty play. Jimmy G got 7 targets (2nd on the team) and you know he’s going to just salvage random fantasy weeks here and there. 


Streaming On The Jet Plane

Rank Name Team Week 2 Opponent/Time Snaps Team Snap % Targets Receptions Yards TD
23 Greg Olsen SEA NE Sun 8:20PM 41 66 4 4 24 1
24 Dawson Knox BUF @MIA Sun 1:00PM 56 64 3 2 26 0
25 Jordan Akins HOU BALT Sun 4:25PM 48 81 2 2 39 1

Not guys that I care about rostering long term, but in the right match-up, I could see streaming on the edge. Speaking of, the Browns are a great match-up and Miami isn’t the worst. 

A few other guys to throw out there for you, the reader, if you’ve made it this far, Drew Sample, Dalton Schultz, and Jordan Reed.

  1. scoboticus says:

    I heard that Jimmy Graham used to play basketball. Is that true?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Did you also hear that Tom Brady was a 6th round pick?

  2. scoboticus says:

    I have Cook and Herndon. Should I drop either for Goedert? Which one?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      I don’t think you can drop Cook with MT’s ankle situation. I like Herndon quite a bit, but I’m comfortable dropping him for Goedert.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey – you didn’t mention Ebron, I take it you do not favor his outlook for the 2020 season? Same with Dissly, no mention & Olsen is getting up there in age so is the lingering injury a concern?

    I have Ebron on my bench currently in a 12 team standard league…would you prefer L Thomas, J Graham or Dissly as a bench warmer instead? Keeping in mind, Hurst has a bye week 10 (which a lot can change between now & then so will take with grain of salt) when Thomas will matchup in Detroit (mediocre matchup), Graham against Minnesota (bad matchup), Dissly in LA Rams (bad matchup) & Ebron faces off against Bengals (pretty good matchup)…thanks in advance!

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Ebron would go in the same grouping as Olsen for me. DIssly only played 25 snaps. While I believe Dissly is a pretty solid TE, they seem to be set on Olsen as the primary TE. Dissly only played 25 snaps. So, until his share of snaps goes up, it’s hard for me to fit him on the list.

      I think Thomas and Dissly are probably the most interesting of that group long term if things break right for them. I’d go with Thomas. Seems like he should see a decent target share in the WFT receiving game.

  4. RicoSuave says:

    12 team PPR…

    Now that Kittle is OUT for week 2. I have M Andrews as my Flex (I’ll move him to the TE slot)

    Who should I start in my FLEX spot?

    B. Snell – RB – PIT
    B Aiyuk – WR – SF
    J Brown – WR – BUF
    Lazard – WR – GB


    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Brown vs Miami would be my play. 10 targets last week and a juicy match up.

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