Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving whether you spent it with family, friends, or relaxing at home. I’m back again this week to bring you another updated ROS TE rankings. Don’t forget to check out the master spreadsheet *here* for more information including ROS schedule strengths. Of course, after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Playstation 5

Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 212 74 978 7 93.9 8 42 8.9

Kelce is the top TE and the PS5 (or the XBox Series X) are the top options this holiday season. Kelce has 65.8 more points on the season than the next TE, Darren Waller. Over the last 5 weeks, he has 36.1 more points than the next TE (Eric Ebron) despite having a bye week in that period. Kelce has a couple less than ideal match ups versus the Broncos and Dolphins the next 2 weeks, but then gets an average one vs. the Saints before a great one with the Falcons in your ‘ship week. BTW, yeah, I got a PS5 during one of the releases, YEAH BOY! 



Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
2 2 Darren Waller LV 146.2 64 542 5 55.7 7 35 8.3
3 3 T.J. Hockenson DET 130 45 530 5 56.4 8 37 6.2
15 4 Dallas Goedert PHI 81.8 30 338 3 49 10 23 4.1
13 5 Robert Tonyan GB 124.8 37 458 7 53.8 5 22 3.8
14 6 Hunter Henry LAC 116.2 48 502 3 56.1 10 34 6.9
5 7 Rob Gronkowski TB 111.5 37 505 4 49.5 7 26 5.2
11 8 Eric Ebron PIT 105.3 42 413 4 57.8 11 35 6.1

I don’t even need a TV, but that didn’t stop me from looking through the deals. I may need a backup. What if one breaks? Maybe that 60″ should go to the bedroom and I should get a 70+” TV. As with my TV preferences, this 2nd tier of TEs keeps expanding.

With the exception of Goedert who was hurt and then slow out of the gates, tight ends 2-8 in my rankings were separated by a grand total of 8.3 points over the last 5 weeks. That’s crazy right?

  • Waller is getting the targets and still has his spot in the offense, but with other passing options becoming available around him, the yardage and scores have not been quite as high. Still as consistent as it comes week to week (after Kelce). The Colts in week 16 is the only match-up to worry about left on his schedule, but I’d be hard pressed not to run Waller out there even then. 
  • Hock-man has one bad week against the WFT in his last 6 games, and he’s been the one consistently solid option in the Lions offense. GB in week 14 is the only match up left that isn’t a plus one for the TE position.
  • Dallas Goedert has restored our faith that the Eagles primary TE is one of the best places to be for the position with his back to back 70+ yard performances including scores in both. The bad news, he doesn’t have any games left with opponents in the bottom half of defenses vs TEs. However, much of the middle ground versus TE isn’t separated by much, so, I still feel good enough about him to rank him in the 2nd tier.
  • I never expected Robert Tonyan to be up this high, but here we are. He has 14 targets in the last 3 weeks, and is the 4th highest scoring TE in that period. Detroit (7th) isn’t a great one, but the other 3 opponents left are in 20s vs TE. 
  • As soon as I dropped Hunter in my rankings, he finally showed up for the season. He has 30 targets over the last 4 weeks and is the 3rd highest scoring TE over the last 3 weeks. NE (5th) and DEN (9th) are tough in week 13 and 16 respectively, but the Falcons in week 14 hopefully makes up for it. 
  • Both the TB offense and Gronk have been up and down all year, but he single handedly moved the Chiefs from the 7th best team vs the TE to the 20th in week 12. A bye this week costs him a couple spots in the overall for the ROS rankings for those of you making the playoffs push, but he stays in this tier. 
  • Just looking at Ebron’s points over the last 5 and last 3 week periods, he’s had a great run (#2 TE over the last 5 weeks). So, why isn’t he higher? Well, as he was unlucky scoring TDs in the start of the  year, he has flipped the script in recent weeks with 3 TDs in the last 4 games. He’s buoyed by TDs more than receptions or yards, which drops him down, but I am moving him into this 2nd tier with the fall of many other TEs below him.



Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
20 9 Dalton Schultz DAL 103.2 44 432 3 40 5 26 6
4 10 Hayden Hurst ATL 104.9 41 459 3 32.4 8 25 5.8
8 11 Noah Fant DEN 97.5 40 435 2 35.8 2 26 6
10 12 Logan Thomas WSH 92.4 34 328 4 32.6 4 20 5.5

Not the most exciting option for cyber sales browsing, but nonetheless, big deals can be found and on stuff that will hopefully make your life better. Me, I bought a standing desk, which has been awesome! I have hope that these TEs will also make your life better as we wrap up the season. 

  • Dalton Schultz isn’t a sext start, but he’s stayed involved in the offense despite all the changes at QB the Cowboys have undergone. He’s averaging 6.5 targets per game over the last 4 weeks, just with minimal upside. Most of the schedule is fine with the exception of San Francisco in week 15, which is a dreadful match up as they are 1 of 2 teams that haven’t allowed 100 points to the TE on the season at 81.5. 
  • Hayden Hurst is a similar story to Schultz. He’s averaging 6.4 targets per game over the last 5 weeks, but hasn’t been able to find the end zone. Without a single opponent to worry about left in his schedule, I believe he can get back on track. 
  • Maybe I’m giving Fant too much of a pass after having a WR at QB for him last week, but there’s also just not many good options to move up. He’s healthy and it sounds like Lock should be back. As with the rest of this tier, he should have a role in the offense and avoid putting up a goose egg. 
  • Alex Smith hasn’t changed and he still looks at his TE over the middle. LT has average 5.25 targets over the last 4 weeks as the offense has become Terry, LT, and a RB (usually Gibson last week). 



Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
6 13 Evan Engram NYG 103.7 44 476 2 48.2 9 32 6.9
9 14 Mark Andrews BAL 119.4 38 454 6 45.1 0 27 5.5
12 15 Jonnu Smith TEN 111.9 30 338 8 37.6 0 16 4.5

Maybe yours is old or maybe it caught a nasty virus, but it is time to replace that old computer. Well, you have to replace these guys for at least one week, but as soon as they get back on the field, they are moving back up the rankings. With so few weeks left though, it’s a significant hit to miss one week. 

  • Engram isn’t injured, but with Daniel Jones likely to miss this week, you may be better off going with a different option in week 13. After that, week 14 is Arizona (6th), CLE (30th) and BAL (17th). 
  • Mandrews tested positive for COVID, which already cost you one week. We’ll see when he makes it back, but as a type 1 diabetic, they may need to take it safe with him. The Giants in week 10 are the toughest opponent he has left vs. the TE with plus games against the Browns and the Jags. 
  • Jonnu has been ruled out for week 13 already, and we’ll see if it extends beyond. If he does get back, his fantasy playoff schedule isn’t ideal with DET (7th) and GB (4th) in weeks 15 and 16 respectively. 



Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
22 16 Mike Gesicki MIA 92.9 30 449 3 34.8 5 21 4.6
16 17 Jimmy Graham CHI 101.4 38 334 5 27 4 19 5.5
23 18 Trey Burton IND 74.6 23 213 5 40.8 6 22 3.5
26 19 Anthony Firkser TEN 63.2 29 282 1 19.3 1 18 3.6
17 20 Austin Hooper CLE 66.2 28 262 2 17.7 2 9 4.7

If you have to spend money on cheaply made toys that they’ll grow out of in a few months, you might as well get them on sale. No kids of my own, but I have to buy for extended family kids who live near me, and believe me, it’s always about hunting down a good deal. Just like those kids toys, these TEs could have bright spots, but then, eventually, you grow out of them. 

  • Mike Gesicki is the downgraded version of the furniture tier. Downgraded in that the chance he puts up a 0 for you is increased, but most weeks, he sits in the 6-9 point range with a few catches for 30 or 40 yards.
  • Jimmy G has a role, but he is also subject to being a part of the Bears anemic offense. Mitch or Foles at the helm, it doesn’t seem to matter. The offense is an embarrassment and you’re hoping that Jimmy’s red zone looks earn him a score here and there. 
  • It’s still hard for me to trust any of the Colts TEs too much, but Trey Burton has more targets in each of the last couple games than the other 2 Colts TEs combined. He has 11 targets combined in back to back games with a TD. 
  • Firkser gets the b ump with Jonnu likely to miss this week and maybe more. It’s A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry’s team, but there does seem to be some role for the TE, especially in the red zone. 
  • This is me not giving up on Austin Hooper bouncing back from his mid season injury. We’ve seen it with a couple other TEs already this year, it can take them a little time to get back into the swing of things. So, for now, Hooper stays in this tier of match up plays and week to week hopefuls. 



Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
7 21 Jared Cook NO 72.5 22 285 4 20.7 2 15 3.7
28 22 Richard Rodgers PHI 70.5 24 345 2 37.1 6 13 2.8
26 23 Cameron Brate TB 50.1 20 181 2 30.3 6 15 2.1
32 24 Kyle Rudolph MIN 65.4 28 334 1 37.1 8 21 3.2
18 25 Zach Ertz PHI 49.8 24 178 1 0 0 0 4.5
19 26 Gerald Everett LAR 68 28 298 2 23.2 2 19 3.4
21 27 Mo Alie-Cox IND 66.8 24 328 2 24.4 2 16 3
27 28 Jack Doyle IND 37.4 10 114 3 17.4 1 8 2

Sure, you need clothes, but it’s not like they aren’t on sale all year. Also, what kid wanted clothes as part of Christmas? Even now, while you may have clothes on your list, let’s be honest, it’s not going to magically change your life and it’s probably something you just didn’t want to buy yourself. 

It’s Friday night, so, going to go through these last options a little quicker. Sorry, not sorry, but don’t forget, you can always check out the detailed stats sheet for more information.

  • Maybe Cook becomes relevant if Brees returns in week 15, but that’s the only hope I have for him. 
  • I’m assuming Rich Rod loses his role in the offense once Ertz returns this week. 
  • Not a bad option if you just can’t get blanked, but limited upside and he’s the 2nd TE option on the team with a lot of receiving weapons.
  • Kyle Rudolph is a streamable option while Irv Smith Jr. is out. Maybe somebody you can look at it if you’re waiting on somebody from the “Computers” tier. 
  • Everett and Higbee are splitting work just like M.A.C. and Doyle. At least Everett and Higbee are the 1A/1B TEs in their offenses. M.A.C. and Doyle are utilized in the TE mix for the Colts though, and can find the stray TD if you’re looking around. 


White Elephant

Rank Players Season Last 5 Targets
Prev Rank Rank Name Team PPR Rec Yds TD PPR Wk 12 Last 5 AVG
21 29 Jordan Reed SF 47.8 19 168 2 16.3 6 14 3
35 30 Jordan Akins HOU 55.9 22 275 1 19.1 2 13 3.5
34 31 Tyler Eifert JAX 54.4 22 204 2 28.1 4 18 4.1
  32 Jacob Hollister SEA 36.9 16 129 1 20.7 5 18 2.2
22 33 Tyler Higbee LAR 80.2 28 321 3 20 2 16 3.7
25 34 Dan Arnold ARI 46.5 18 225 1 20.1 3 10 2.3
38 35 Durham Smythe MIA 34.4 12 104 2 20.3 3 9 1.4
31 36 Darren Fells HOU 64.5 19 275 3 12 0 5 2.2
24 37 Irv Smith Jr. MIN 47.2 15 182 2 21.9 7 2.6

Not nearly as many White Elephant gifts needed this year, but we all know it’s the funny, semi-useful junk that nobody wants. As with White Elephant parties, I feel like there are less useful TEs on the back end as we have had in previous years. Or maybe that’s just the 2020 wrap up getting to me. No write-ups here, but if you have any specific questions, I’m always happy to answer them in the comments or via Twitter @RazzBDon.

  1. lindorphins says:

    Thoughts on Kittle returning down the stretch to win some leagues?

    • The Harrow says:

      read his upside is back week 16 (finals) so possibly useful. best to read what the doctors and/or coaches say about him, not what he claims on social media.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Didn’t rank him since I don’t expect him to be of much help. Could be back week 16, but how much do you trust him at that point. If you just have extra bench space, sure, but likely that you’ll get better use out of that roster spot with somebody else.

    • lindorphins says:

      Thanks guys!

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