I am enjoying writing up rankings “the Grey way”. I think that it’s helpful to add a little blurb with the player and to put them in tiers. When I’m looking at fantasy baseball information in the early spring, this is the specific format that I like reading for my rankings. I assume that since you are here, you are already a Grey/Razzball fan, so I hope that you feel at home with this format. 

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Tier 8 – Sophomores That I Want

16. Josh Allen

I like Josh Allen this year, but I am still being cautious. From week 12- week 17, Josh Allen had the most fantasy points of any quarterback. Josh Allen also rushed for over 90 yards four times in that time span. There is QB1 potential here in the middle of QB2 territory.

17. Lamar Jackson

Here is another player that has QB1 potential in 12 team leagues that you can get a little bit later in drafts. In the same time span that Josh Allen was the QB1, Lamar Jackson was actually the QB10. If Lamar Jackson can cut down on the lost fumbles and extend drives, he can be a cheaper asset for your fantasy team.

Tier 9 – The Mighty Have Fallen

18. Dak Prescott

All of the Dak Prescott breakout talk is a little confusing after a QB15 finish last season. The Cowboys added Randall Cobb, who quite frankly, was irrelevant for quite some time playing with Aaron freakin’ Rodgers. Yes, it is nice to have Amari Cooper and a sleeper in Michael Gallup, but this is Zeke’s offense if he suits up week 1.

19. Kirk Cousins

Even with Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, I don’t view Kirk Cousins as having a very high ceiling. Bottom end QB1 is about the best you are going to get and that’s assuming another record-breaking first half of the season from Adam Thielen. In true Mike Zimmer style, Dalvin Cook will be the center piece of this offense. I view Cousins as a safe QB2.

20. Ben Roethlisberger 

I recently wrote about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense and the impact that not having Antonio Brown will have. Roethlisberger is missing a ton of high percentage passes that he had in his 675 from last season. I like JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner in this offense, but I’m scared off by the rest of it.

Tier 10 – Rollercoasters With Potential

21. Sam Darnold

When projecting Sam Darnold as high as I am, you kind of have to throw away the numbers from last season. He has a new head coach that has done some nifty work with quarterbacks in the past and took a combination of Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore to the playoffs. I think Robby Anderson can have and big year and I’m pretty intrigued by the addition of Jamison Crowder. While I’m not drinking the “fresh legs for Le’Veon Bell” kool-aid in my early summer drafts, I do think that he is beneficial to Sam Darnold and the Jets offense as a whole. Sam Darnold is a sleeper.

22. Andy Dalton

I’m never elated to be staring down the draft button for the Red Rifle but the emergence of Tyler Boyd and the unrealistic fantasy of John Ross doing something with his career is perking my ears up. 

Tier 11 – Terrible Tom

23. Tom Brady

Tom Brady finished outside of QB1 territory last season and we have to start treating him like a game managing quarterback instead of a fantasy stud. Tom Brady is in his 40’s and is now without Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots will have to find a way to win games with a weakened passing attack.

Tier 12 – 24.. Probably inches

24. Nick Foles

I think that Nick Foles is a quarterback to target at the end of your drafts. Nick is being reunited with Jon deFilippo and Jon was a big part of the revitalization of Nick’s career in Philadelphia. There aren’t any big name wide receivers in Jacksonville but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any talent there. Dede Westbrook led Jacksonville in all receiving categories last season and could be on the brink of a pro bowl season. I also think Marqise Lee can put up better numbers with a quarterback like Foles.

Tier 13 – I Already Have 2 QBs, Thanks! 

25. Matthew Stafford 

Things have gotten ugly in the Lions organization and they are going to be running the ball a lot. Kenny Golladay is talented and Marvin Jones is dependable but I don’t like anything else for this passing attack. If his back is healthy and they throw the ball more than we think, Stafford has middle QB2 upside.

26. Jimmy Garappolo

Jimmy G with the knee. Jimmy showed flashes  of what the 49ers offense could look like with him under center at the end of 2017. Unfortunately, Jimmy tore his ACL last season. This ranking isn’t necessarily a knock on Jimmy GQ’s talent at quarterback, it’s more of a testimony to how deep the position can possibly be as we shift more and more into a passing league over the years. Having Dante Pettis is nice, but they’ll have to get familiar with each other. It doesn’t hurt to have George Kittle and Kid Shanahan either, but there are a couple of late rounders I’d rather take chances on.

27. Derek Carr

The only player that I want out of a Jon Gruden offense is the running back that’s going to be ran until his legs fall off. I don’t even think an aging AB can save this pass attack.

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitz is Jekyll and Hyde. You never know what you’re going to get. If he wins the Dolphins job he could be a nice QB3 option in best ball. 

29. Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco has been regressing for years statistically. Flacco has 20 passing touchdowns in a year in only one season over the past four years. I’d rather not count on a change of scenery being the answer for Flacco on my fantasy team. 

30. Dwayne Haskins

I like this offense more if Haskins wins the quarterback job over Keenum, but unfortunately we don’t know if that is going to happen yet. The Redskins don’t have a lot of players to be optimistic about from a receiving standpoint. 


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Phil B.
Phil B.
3 years ago

Good stuff MB! I’m looking at 2 out of Cam, Jackson, Allen, Trubisky or Dak. Want a running QB since everyone is going to passing this year (well maybe not Mariota). Also love the Darnold ranking, why not take a chance where he is being drafted? Do you think Kamara is lowered cause of Brees? Thanks!

Jimmy J
Jimmy J
3 years ago

No Stafford? While I enjoy you dropping Big Ben and T12 where others won’t and the articles as a whole, I am just amazed that there is no shot for Stafford to bounce back ahead of the likes of Flacco, Fitz and such.

3 years ago

Why did you put a tag for Marcus Mariota and not have in on the list?

3 years ago
Reply to  DiRo

Also, Josh Allen’s player profile page says he’s on the Jags….

3 years ago
Reply to  MB

Damn, I am not high on him but that’s pretty low!