Last week I went over the top 25 for 2020 dynasty football. I’m still reeling from the harassment my Kerryon Johnson ranking provoked, yet the show must go on. But first, to answer a few questions from the audience regarding my top 25: Yes, I am an idiot; No, Joe Mixon did not kick my puppy; Yes, Kerryon Johnson is my cousin; And no, I’m not involved in a sexual relationship with my cousin, Kerryon Johnson. Anyway, today I’ll take a break from the intensive Peyronie’s Disease treatment I’m now receiving and go over the top 50 for 2020 dynasty football PPR leagues:

Rank. Player | Position | Age on 9/1/2020 | Free Agency Year

26. Joe Mixon | RB | 24 | 2021 
27. Aaron Jones | RB | 25 | 2021 
28. Austin Ekeler | RB | 25 | 2020 

When I dropped the top 25 there were a few snubs you, the readers, weren’t pleased about. Joe Mixon‘s omission was the number one complaint. I get it, he’s only 24 next year and Mixon will have the opportunity to leave the Bungles in 2021. But his 646 career carries are starting to pile up and the long term value depends heavily on landing spot. Still, I have him ranked #26 overall which isn’t all that different than top 25!

The Razzball fantasy baseball prospect writer, The Itch, messaged me after I dropped the top 25 voicing his displeasure with Aaron Jones‘ absence. I told him, you can’t fit 30 players into a top 25—I tried! I like Jones, who has a lot of tread left with only 402 career carries, but I don’t love the boom or bust fantasy player the Packers have turned him into. And free agency question marks loom in 2021.

I do love Austin Ekeler, especially in PPR leagues, and was pounding the buy-low table when Melvin Gordon announced his return date. Ekeler’s been nothing short of a league winner this season (#3 PPR RB) averaging over 20 points per game and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the news of his landing spot this offseason.


29. Kenny Golladay | WR | 26 | 2021
30. Cooper Kupp | WR | 27 | 2021
31. A.J. Brown | WR | 23 | 2023
32. D.K. Metcalf | WR | 22 | 2023

Another player the public thought I squanched on in the top 25 was Kenny Golladay. I enjoy the dulcet tones of Kenny G as much as the next Donkey. There’s just other dudes I like a little more. I’m allowed to like more than one dude, right? Or is that only allowed in Utah? Anyway, I wouldn’t argue with Golladay as high as #20, feels like we’re splitting hairs here.

For some reason Cooper Kupp gets little respect from the mainstream. Even I might be disrespecting him with this ranking. Over the past two seasons Kupp has 14 touchdowns in 22 games while averaging 5.6 catches and 72 yards per game. Hopefully he’s extended by the Rams in 2021, the Goff to Kupp chemistry is explosive.

I’ve been flip flopping on A.J. Brown versus D.K. Metcalf. I finally came to a realization that Metcalf’s abdominals and pectorals clouded my judgement. AJB has earned himself the top spot among this years spectacular rookie wide receiver class, but D.K. is an absolute physical specimen in his own right and I think he has the realistic upside of #1 on this list.


33. D.J. Chark | WR | 23 | 2022 
34. Calvin Ridley | WR | 25 | 2022
35. Keenan Allen | WR | 28 | 2021

Is Uncle Rico Minshew a long term solution in Jacksonville? Let’s hope so, football is better with Uncle Rico launching the leather over the mountains. D.J. Chark and Minshew have a bond that’s beyond words; kind of like Napoleon and Pedro. Vote for Minshew.

Julio Jones—#24 from the top 25—is still a beast and I think he’s the type who could play at a high level well into his late 30s. Calvin Ridley will never reach Julio-caliber but, if he’s extended in ATL come 2022, he’ll be the perfect Julio-complement for years to come.

I had brainwashed myself into thinking Keenan Allen is super injury prone and the earth is round. But I found out it’s all a big lie. Allen hasn’t missed a game since 2016 but there’s some QB uncertainty on the San Angeles flat-earth-horizon.


36. Miles Sanders | RB | 23 | 2023 
37. David Montgomery | RB | 23 | 2023
38. Marlon Mack | RB | 24 | 2021
39. James Conner | RB | 25| 2021

Jordan Howard’s a free agent this offseason and Miles Sanders is getting an extended audition for the job. One iteration of my top 25 included Sexy Sanders, but then I didn’t like his usage in Howard’s absence at first. But then week 15 was really fun. But then I don’t trust Doug Pederson. But then I saw a squirrel run by. Just goes to show you how fluid fantasy football rankings can be and how easily distracted Donkeys can be.

Speaking of fluids, Sanders’ fellow rookie David Montgomery gets my fluids pumping as a Bears fan. Full Monty’s usage should only continue to increase in 2020, and hopefully the Bears offense will bring more saaaasage to the fest.

Two more talented running backs with relatively low career carries round out this RB tier. Unless something changes over the next few months, Marlon Mack—504 career carries—and James Conner—357 career carries—will both land much higher in my redraft rankings but the uncertainty of their looming 2021 free agencies keep them depressed a bit on this list. 


40. Deshaun Watson | QB | 24 | 2022
41. Marquise Brown | WR | 23 | 2024
42. Deebo Samuel | WR | 24 | 2023

If you’re unable to acquire the dreamy Mahomie—#16 in the top 25—or LJax—#17 in top 25—then Deshaun Watson is a nice consolation prize. 25 spots lower seems like a lot for another great QB but it’s a full tier down to him and then another tier down from Watson to DangeRuss.

Let’s hope Antonio’s cousin, Marquise Brown, inherited a little less of the crazy gene. Hollywood is young, lightning fast and shows great early rapport with Smiley Face. All the same goes for Brown’s fellow rookie receiver, Deebo Samuel, who’s connected well with Jimmy GQ. I’m buying both rookies.


43. Allen Robinson | WR | 26 | 2021
44. Stefon Diggs | WR | 26 | 2024
45. Travis Kelce | TE | 30 | 2022
46. Hunter Henry | TE | 25 | 2020

As a Bears fan I can’t overstate how bad this year’s Chicago offense would’ve been without Allen Robinson. ARob will only be 26 this coming season and while normally I don’t love the uncertainty of upcoming free agency it’s usually not as big of deal with receivers, especially ones like Robinson who are already handcuffed in less than ideal offenses.

I had Stefon Diggs a bit higher at one point, then I realized Kirk Cousins will be a free agent in 2021. If you haven’t noticed, I shy away from uncertainty whenever possible. I think it’s a side-effect of the Peyronie’s Disease. Also, Diggs has disappointed with his large target share while Adam Thielen missed a decent chunk of the season. Still, he only just turned 26 and I wouldn’t bet against the talent.

If you’re in your contention window, feel free to bump Travis Kelce up the list a bit. He’s quickly aging, but the luxury of an elite passer slinging it his way for at least three more seasons is worth a premium. On the other end of the tight end spectrum we have the studly youngster Hunter Henry, who would rank a little higher if it weren’t for the injury prone label he wears after missing 23 games in his first four seasons. 


47. Melvin Gordon | RB | 27 | 2020
48. Le’Veon Bell | RB | 28 | 2023 
49. Todd Gurley | RB | 26 | 2024 
50. Juju Smith-Schuster| WR | 23 | 2021

We’ll have a second free agent Charger RB this offseason in Melvin Gordon, who could move a ways up this list if his final destination is a sunny one. But not too far, he’s over 1,000 career carries and I wouldn’t be shocked if Melly turns out to be the fast aging type.

While Le’Veon Bell did take a full season off, I’m still surprised to see his tally of 1,433 carries isn’t that far ahead of Zeke Elliott’s (#7 in top 25) 1,138 career carries—I maintain Dallas is going to regret that 9 year contract. The Jets on the other hand are already trying to unload Bell’s freshly minted contracted and seem likely opt out if he’s still on the team after 2020. Aging running backs with heavy mileage and team uncertainty aren’t the type of assets I seek out in my dynasty investment portfolio.

Todd Gurley has shown he’s still got it when McVay gives him the rock, but there’s a reason the Ram’s limited him for much of the season. It’s called old man knees. Grandpa-Donk has them too and he doesn’t run well these days. The Rams can get out of Gurley’s contract after 2021 and, considering those knees, there’s a decent chance they take the out.

The final reader uproar from the top 25 was the exclusion of Juju Smith-Schuster. My barn was egged on Saturday, toilet papered on Sunday and Crap-o-lantern’d on Monday. Well, those readers won’t be thrilled to hear that JuJu came dangerously close to missing my top 50. He isn’t the same player without AB ripping farts on the opposite side and we’ve seen what happens when Big Ben is out. There’s no guarantee Roethlisberger returns as the same player after his age 37 elbow surgery. And even then he might retire after 2020, he’s been considering it for the past several seasons. I won’t deny Smith-Schuster’s upside, and he’s only 23, but this ranking still feels generous. Please direct this week’s hate mail to my assistant, [email protected]

  1. James Bolger says:

    One final question for 2019 –
    I’m struggling on starting Gallup in W16 due to Prescott’s injury. Would you substitute someone like Anthony Miller or Odell Beckham? How about James White?
    Thanks for a great season.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Hey James,

      Of those options I’d go with Miller but might look to stream someone if possible. Any of Mike Boone, DeAndre Washington, or Perriman available?

      No problem!

  2. Mordacious Levator says:

    20 team redraft PPR, drop samuels for d.lewis? this is just a block move to hurt opp for next week, i doubt i’ll ever be playing d.lewis even if henry goes out (this league uses week 17)
    QB (1): winston, griffin, eli, d.jones (i had owned both starters all year, both winston/eli have injury issues and i dumped a backup IDP and bo scarbrough for their backups just in case)
    RB (2): j.white, AAron, boone, lat murray, j.samuels
    WR (3): edelman, julio, aj brown, beasley, deebo
    TE (1): waller

    seems smart to be safe on my QB’s since i had gotten so lucky to obtain some of these guys in season (deebo and aj brown before they blew up, j.samuels (but he gave little value mostly, but for a 20 he’s still better than AVG for worst RB spot), have no clue how i got boone just now), the rest were drafted. this team was easily the best all year (in record too, that part is of course lucky)

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Seems like a fine move, don’t see you regretting the Samuels drop. Good luck!

  3. Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

    gotta play 3 out of edelman, mclaurin, a.miller, boone. FP’s top PPR flex guys say miller is the bench. i’m thinking it might even be edelman, albeit that is seriously risky as i’d think a.miller could take his first bad game in the last 5 or 6 since he IS tied to trubisky. similar could be said for mclaurin (and he hasn’t been close to as good as miller over last month for sure).

    • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

      to be fair, it’s not like brady has been any bit better than trubisky for the last monthish or so either for fantasy purposes for sure.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      I’d bench Miller but agree you’re in real coin flip territory there

      • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

        i did just that, but due to OAK giving NO injury news about jacobs till wed of last week i dropped d-wash for boone and somebody else for b.scott (return yardage worth same as scrimmage so he was a good add to block in finals). meanwhile opp waivered d-wash and boone got screwed by cousins not being able to run an offense for multiple 3 or so game streches a year (while also having like a good 6 or so games a year that keeps people thinking he’s actually valuable). thielen still isn’t healthy and shouldn’t be trying to play till he is. due to wentz hitting his bonus and MIA stopping CIN till about 11 minutes left in game with boyd going crazy (2nd TD and bonus) i lost and would’ve even if i had kept d-wash and played him over boone. it would’ve been THIS close had i both done that and benched h.henry for cook when AAron jones (opp roster) went over his bonus though, so no matter what i do i lose. actually i think if i bench edelman for shepard AND kept d-wash (without having any reason to by wed morning 3 AM at waivers time) AND play j.cook over henry i would’ve barely won. benching edelman for shepard when all of tate/slayton are healthy though didn’t seem right.

        • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

          and slayton WAS healthy till during that game, sheppard probably doesn’t get that much usage if he was all game.

  4. goodfold2 says:

    hey DT baseball question here for psycho deep league but the question doesn’t entail super deep league knowledge.
    it’s that time of year where football is about to end (outside of playoff leagues that i mostly don’t do anymore since the luck factor involved in nabbing players that you don’t know how many games they’ll even play, but this year i’m getting freerolled into helping my friend draft his) and my 30 team dynasty with 40 man prospect rosters is needing it’s tags. so far the players i have locked up are (budget is 115 mil, any contract over 1 mil that you cut you have to pay half of it, any prospect is min against the cap when called up (.4 mil). minimum bid on any player is .4 mil)
    C (1)
    CI (2)
    MI (2)
    OF (3) fisher (2.350,500 2020 ending), demeritte (.4, 22 ending)
    util (1) legs mcneil (CI/MI/OF, 7.400,002 20 ending)
    SP (3, but you want 5-6 total): yarbrough (.4 21 ending), r.lopez (.4 20 ending)
    RP (3, but with the P slots you want 6): v.alcantara (.4, 22 ending)
    P (3)

    so i gotta franchise tag 1 (pay real life contract), restrict tag 1 (i can match highest bid or take draft picks commensurate with the amount of the contract), and 1 either tag in addition to the others. options: (i have 103, 649,498 left for 19 spots open, 5.46 average per)

    sale: 23.57 per year (it’s a 145/5 with a 20 option), i would NOT have to hold him all those years at this price, unless i franchised him every year
    e.rosario (OF) : 4.19 1 year (he’s in arb so i pay his last year price)
    mostsuckass (CI): 16 per year
    dannys antana (CI/MI/OF): he’s on a minor league deal pre-arb so he’s our minimum price: .4
    segura: (MI), (he’s kinda turned into a meh player eh): 14.583,333 per
    wong (MI): 11.25 per
    quintana: 10.5
    hicks (OF): about 12 per (i can’t find his 2026 option number, might be slightly higher)

    25 max active roster, 40 max prospect roster, and i have these prospects currently (22nd in all rounds of the 6 round draft i have picks, plus i think like a 15th overall in the 3rd i traded for, only 2 open prospect slots but some of these guys are so bad by now can be dropped for space)

    C: (pretty much just given up on obtaining these, when p.severinos of the world can be WW’d, when i joined league i had DTD arnaud on a rookie deal for 1st 3 or so years, but of course he was hurt most of that time anyway): okey (CIN)
    CI: e.rios (LAD), w.craig (PIT), denton (STL), d.ellis (ARI), lavalley (CIN), kubitza (ATL), padlo (TB), vientos (NYM)
    MI: k.smith (TOR, not mallrats), a.tejada (TEX), i.paredes (DET), w.perez (DET), a.rondon (TB)
    OF: adell (got him like 19th in his 1st year draft, which is sick, he was a top 5 guy that year or should’ve been), c.brannen (BOS), cozens (PHI), dj davis (TOR), v.garcia (STL), p.gonzalez (TEX), kirilloff (with this pick i could’ve had acuna, however back then the resources i know to go to didn’t merge 1st year players by start of january with best prospects overall so i wasn’t aware of how much acuna had moved up, LAST time that happened though, so he’s my consolation prize for not getting acuna at around 20th overall that year, and i’ll be bitter about this till after i’m dead if there is any kind of afterlife in which you remember your previous life), victor to the 2nd mesa (MIA), t.ornelas (SD), v.reyes (DET), tocci (ex-PHI and TEX), trammell (SD), g.whitley (TB)
    SP: w.crowe (WAS), c.hernandez (KC), sauer (NYY), c.rodriguez (LAA), a.smith (SD), kilome (do not know if this guy’ll end up RP or not),
    RP: staumont, sherfy (this guy seriously should’ve just stayed up by now at ARI), b.martin,(TEX, got some bullpen work late last year), j.guzman (might be a SP, MIA), diplan (might be a SP, MIL)

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Sorry missed this, I’m in Paris.

      I’d franchise Rosario and Santana, restrict Sale and take the compensation most likely.

      • goodfold2 says:

        that’s what i did, and sale will likely cost around his real life salary (23.5 per). if i keep him at that price i’ll still have around 5ish per player and have to fill 15/25 slots. that assumes i bring up b.martin (getting leverage at TEX), and sherfy (ARI). and probably v.reyes (DET OF, currently batting 9th at if i take the picks i’d get an extra supplementary 1st and 2nd (anything over 15 mil nets those, which is the highest picks you can get). if somebody does something stupid like max out sale’s term to 6 years (or bid max is 6 years) then i’ll for sure take those picks and be able to win more guys in FA for SP (these even after restricted FA is over are not owned: greinke, stroman, maeda, ryu, heaney, boss tanaka, roark, pab lop)

  5. Jim says:

    Chris Carson not in your top 50? Weird

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      He’s in the next 25 but I’d really like to know more about this hip fracture stuff

  6. And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

    16 team PPR keep 3 (only start 2 WR here, 1 flex). clearly i keep j.jacobs and fournette but who’s next out of: aj green, mclaurin, h.henry (probably not him), aj brown. i’m thinking brown here.

    • And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

      HAHAHAHAH, i forgot what post i’m even in of yours. clearly jacobs/fournette and you’d say cooper over aj brown. we have a trading period for a week till sunday and guys are trying to move me ertz/montgomery and shitty pick upgrade for jacobs, not doing that. AM trying to move one of the WR/h.henry for picks myself. then keep aj brown or cooper. surprised henry is above mclaurin i suppose.

      • And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

        got a trade offer of my 103rd pick (7th rounder) + cooper for 68th pick (5th rounder). then i’d keep aj brown. this team i just took over and it had traded away it’s 3rd and 6th but already has 3 5ths.

  7. Jim Del Gaizo says:

    10 team superflex league 1 qb 3 wr 2 rb 1 te 2 normal flex one super flex. .5 ppr

    Keep 5 of the following (keeper round in brackets):
    Michael Thomas (6)
    Julio (5)
    Kittle (10)
    Singletary (15)
    Hollywood Brown (8)
    Dk Metcalfe (8)

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Think I’d kick Hollywood back there and keep Singletary since you’re loaded at WR

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