Take a look back a spell at our top 10, 20, 30 and Rick Dees’ Top 40. That Rick Dees is a fantasy football idiot savant.

41. Michael Crabtree: After holding out and missing part of last season he came in and showed that, even without practicing with the team, he could come in and contribute.  Now with a whole off season and preseason with Alex Smith, Crabtree should be able to put together a good sophomore campaign. Projection: 80/1100/7

42. Anquan Boldin: Boldin goes from the #2 receiver to the #1 in Baltimore, while the Ravens are on the verge of throwing more with their young Joe.  My only worry is that he won’t play all 16 games.  This is why he has fallen this far, but his upside is as a top 10 receiver. Projection: 85/1100/7

43. Steve Smith (CAR): I’m looking for a bounce back season from Mighty Mouse.  His numbers were much better with Matt Moore at the helm and we should see that continue this season.  The Panthers are run first, but Smith is easily the number 1 guy in Carolina. Projection: 75/1075/7

44. Tony Romo: I was hoping I could get Romo later than his ADP because I see a big year from him, but he is currently going 39th overall.  That is right on the cusp of where I would grab him.  Austin, Dez, Witten, Jones, Barber, Williams, etc… make for a nice group to throw to. Projection: 4500/30/13 — 15/25/1

45. Hakeem Nicks: Nicks has the skill to be a solid #1 receiver and the Giants haven’t had many qualms with letting the ball fly, see Manning’s 4K yardage. Nicks has the big play ability, while Smith has the possession receiving ability. If all goes as planned, Nicks leads the team in receiving. Projection: 70/1000/8

46. Dallas Clark: Peyton loves him in the end zone, and just about everywhere else. You know my stance on drafting tight ends, but he should have another big season. That’s what she said. Projection: 95/1000/9

47. Justin Forsett: He showed last season that even on a bad team he could shine.  His pass catching and elusiveness make him able to play all over the field.  Training camp will give us a better understanding of how the touches will be break down, but as it is, I am going with his skill. Projection: 10oo/6 — 45/275/2

48. Philip Rivers: If VJax doesn’t play until November like some are predicting it hurts Rivers, but I believe Rivers is good enough to overcome his absence.  He is right there with the elite quarterbacks. Projection: 4400/31/10

49. Ben Tate: This is an extremely tentative spot for Tate right now.  He has returned to practice so I’m not as worried as I was a few weeks ago.  Arian Foster could make a big push for starting duties, but Tate is the one they are hoping wins the job and that offense should have the ball near the end zone often. Projection: 1100/9 — 10/50/0

50. Joseph Addai: I believe this will be a tale of two halves.  Addai is the trusted back in Indy right now, but Donald Brown will begin to eat into his work.  If Addai starts hot he’s prime trade bait. Projection: 900/7 — 40/225/2

  1. sean says:

    you guys lined up for any expert leagues this year? i’d love to follow you

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sean: Yeah, we’ll be in at least a couple and will post about the draft, etc….

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