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We like our rankings around here like we like our submarines: Long, hard and full of…various men compared amongst their peers!  I see what you thought I was gonna do and then I 180 degree’d ya.  I was pretty sure you were gonna 98 degrees me.  You should never speak ill of those who have passed on, imaginary reader.  No one from that boy band is dead…  I’ll believe you when I see them again on TV.  But enough of all that, we’re here to carry on the rankings tradition we started back in June.  We’ve capped our Top 100 off earlier this week and gave you the Top 60 Running Backs yesterday.  Wanna know where those links came from?  Well I’m gonna send you on a site Easter Egg hunt.  The first one to find the word ‘Rankings’ wins a box of peeps.  Pink or yellow, it’s your choice but I’m here to tell you both are disgusting.  Seriously, whoever thought sugar covered marshmallows was a good idea?  Yuck…but enough about diabetes, let’s break down the top 60 wide receivers for 2013 Fantasy Football…

Stats based on receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.  Rankings based on a PPR setting.

41. Justin Blackmon – When we last left off from our Wide Receiver rankings, we were in the ‘Wearing Suspenders’ tier and I said it finished in the top 60.  Well here we are.  You think I’d lie to you?  Blackmon will be suspended for the first 4 games of the season.  With any luck, it will take the Jags exactly 4 games or less to figure out Gabbert is to Blaine for all their troubles and have Blackmon match back up with Henne like I want.  Seriously, can someone Tonya Harding that stunod for me?  He’s really cramping my love for any Jags fantasy players this year.  2013 Projections: 56/784/4/40/0

42. Kendall WrightKendall is the start of the next tier and it goes to Hopkins.  I call it the ‘Catching On’ tier as most of their points are gonna be based on receptions as I don’t think there’ll be a high TD opp for either.  That said, they’re worthy late Wide Out nabs if you want some upside on your bench.  Everything is Wright about Kendall this year.  It’s just that Jake Locker is all wrong.  2013 Projections: 72/778/5/0/0

43. Vincent Brown – I went over this guy in my Vincent Brown Sleeper post.  Then DX went and lost his ACL all over again and it made me revamp my wide receiver rankings and Brown’s projections.  How rude!  2013 Projections: 71/859/7/0/0

44. DeAndre HopkinsI’m gonna be honest here, I have a hard time buying that Kubiak is gonna open up the playbook enough to where multiple receivers get involved.  I saw it go from Owen Daniels and little else to Andre Johnson and little else last year and there wasn’t much else value to be had in Houston.  Of course, sometimes talent trumps those worries and that’s what Hopkins is doing here.  2013 Projections: 61/726/4/0/0

45. Sidney Rice – Sidney is the start of a new tier that goes to Edelman.  I call this tier ‘Useful & Maybe Intriguing’ cuz that’s exactly what they are.  You’ll notice the word ‘upside’ doesn’t come to mind when I say that tier name and for good measure: I don’t think this tier carries that.   But what it should carry is reasonable production at a cheap price.  I think I’m dipping into this tier if I’ve taken too much upside at WR earlier in the draft just for some sense of stability but we’ll have to see how saucy and sauced I feel at that point.  2013 Projections: 63/945/8/5/0

46. Golden TateNot a mistake I put Rice and Tate in the same tier.  I think they’ll lack week to week consistency with all the other options in Seattle but I do think they’ll have their moments to shine and they’re gonna look like freshly polished silver quite a few times this year.  The only question you’ll have to answer is ‘when’.   UPDATED: I have Tate up in the top 40 Wide outs now.  Take a look at him there for current projections.  Original projections: 58/864/9/35/0

46. Lance Moore – Holy crowbars, I can’t believe I forgot Lance!  I think it’s the ‘Moore’ factor as in I thought I’d already ranked him when I ranked Denarius below.  CTRL + F only helps those who know how to use it apparently.  All this said, he’s gonna go as someone that gets called ‘safe’ this year and I’m not buying it.  I think he will play more like his 2011 season then he did his 2012 for various reasons.  Disagree?  Well come at me bro!  2013 Projections: 57/747/4/0/0

47. James Jones – Jones has stated over the off-season there could easily be 3 wide receivers for Green Bay that go over 1000 yards on the season.  I’m sure he does.  I think there’ll be two and he’s not one of them.  2013 Projections: 68/850/8/0/0

48. Jeremy KerleyAs it’s not clear whether Santonio Holmes will even be ready to go week 1 for the Jets, I think it’s safe to put Kerley in this tier.  In fact, I merely swapped Kerley for Holmes and kept the same stats.  I’m kidding of course!  Or am I?  You be the judge!  2013 Projections: 54/718/6/0/0

49. Denarius Moore – You’ll notice with these last two guys, I’m not all that high on their starting QB.  In fact, you could say I don’t even 100% know who their starting QB is from week 1 to week 17.  That creates problems, y’all, but at least D-Moore has proven he can be a top target for the Raiders…that wasn’t really a compliment, it was just stating a fact.  2013 Projections: 63/932/8/0/0

50. Anquan BoldinI’ve said a few times this off-season that even with the loss of Crabtree, Boldin doesn’t get me overly excited.  Of course, that has zero to do with whether or not he’ll be useful.  I see Boldin as an early season rental until one of the young WRs emerge as a Kaap favorite.  Enjoy the milk but don’t buy the cow is what I think I’m saying here and when it comes time to moooooove on, please do without uddering a word.  2013 Projections: 51/673/4/0/0

51. Julian EdelmanJulian did a little wiggle up in my rankings when Aaron Hernandez got arrested.  He went from ‘eh’ to ‘eeeehhh???’ in that short window of time.  If you read that like Tim the Toolman, it makes more sense.  He might even sneak into the backfield and pretend he’s Danny Woodhead a few times.  I mean seriously, can YOU tell the two apart when they have their helmets on?  Exactly.  Racist!  And don’t go down the road of ‘Woodhead doesn’t play there anymore, man’.  I know and it totally kills my jokebuzz.  2013 Projections: 53/594/4/120/1

52. Chris Givens – Givens is the start of the next tier and it goes into the Top 80 Wide Receivers.  It’s called the ‘We Just Went Upside Ya Head’ tier because these guys are all about upside and potential and very little to do with the stats they’ve accumulated in their careers to date.  I already went over #50 with my Chris Givens Sleeper post.  I wrote it while singing the goat part to Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’.  2013 Projections: 55/924/6/10/0

53. Rueben RandleSecond year receivers, how much do I love thee?  Almost as much as I love the third wide out on an Eli Manning-led offense.  Yes, miss, I’d like to order the Rueben with all the fixings.  2013 Projections: 64/928/6/0/0

54. Stephen Hill – Remember week 1 of the 2012 season?  Mark Sanchez was vindicated and the Jets passing offense looked like it could topple the world.  Then week 2 happened.  Then week 3.  Then week 4 and…well you get the picture.  But back to week 1.  Hill tallied 89 yards on 5 receptions and scored 2 touchdowns.  And that was pretty much it for his fantasy season in terms of production.  But of course, last year was a lost year for the New York Jest and if they bounce back just to reasonable, Hill could be in for a solid year.  2013 Projections: 45/653/7/0/0

55. Vincent Brown – I was debating between Brown and Givens for a sleeper post last week.  Clearly Givens won out but Brown has plenty of potential in SD if he’s healthy.  Known as one of the better route-runners on the team, this Vincent is priced appropriately and definitely interesting.  The death of DX makes Vincent the life of the San Diego party.  I’ve wiggled him up the chart but he’s still in the top 60 receivers for the year.  Sorry, I’m making you scroll all the way back up! Original Projections: 45/725/5/0/0

56. Greg Little – Greg started the year off bad.  Like for realsies, seriouslies bad.  Too many drops and not enough offensive pop lead to this Cleveland Brown being a stain on many a draft sleeper list last year.  All that said, his second half showed promise and though I can promise it will continue I can say he’s worth a shot at this point in your draft.  2013 Projections: 68/823/5/0/0

57. Alshon JefferyAlshon seemed to have a bit of a snakebit rookie year.  Even without the broken arm, he seemed to just get unlucky.  I watched the Green Bay game in week 15 and can say without a doubt the refs were giving him the business.  Maybe now that he’s not a rookie he’ll get more respect.  I don’t know, I just know I like his upside and don’t mind him at this price for the year.  2013 Projections: 52/775/6/0/0

58. Darrius Heyward-BeyYes, he still has upside.  You can hate seeing that all you want but it’s still there.  I still partially blame the Raiders for drafting the same wide receiver over and over again and not balancing their roster for some of DHB’s woes.  He has a chance to flourish in a good offense with a good QB.  I’m interested enough to buy to find out how that goes.  2013 Projections: 58/684/4/20/0

59. Rod StreaterYeah, I go and bad mouth the Raiders and then put one of them in this tier.  Typical two-faced stance, Sky!  Eh, at this point in the draft finding out if your Mother still has upside is worth the price of admissions so don’t get all offended…well, now you can get offended I guess.  2013 Projections: 58/934/4/0/0

60. Brandon LaFellHe’ll forever hold a spot in my upside heart but I know now the likelihood of a breakout is just as fruitful of a belief as me believing Kate Upton is thinking of me in this .gif.  You have your dreams, I have mine.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my room.  2013 Projections: 55/825/5/49/0

  1. Schwab Stumped says:

    God, its hard to believe Football is coming back so soon! Anyway, my 14 Team Keepers are due next week and I could use some Razzball insight. $200 to spend and can keep up to 3. Thinking Charles and Marshall, but unsure if I should go MJD, Harvin, or Rudolph with my last spot. Never played in a 14 Team league before (we were 12 last year) and I am assuming RBs will be at a premium. Thanks for any insight you can lend!

    J. Charles – $44
    MJD – $47
    B. Marshall – $32
    P. Harvin – $30
    M. Wallace – $32
    P. Rivers – $24
    K. Rudolph – $7
    J. Locker – $7

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Ha, indeed. Right around the corner.

      Ooph, that’s a tough call. I could see going Harvin or Rudolph there; Harvin’s value is spot on, Rudolph is both cheap and slightly undervalued. I’d go Harvin, though.

  2. One Man Crusade says:

    Nice write up. I am going to be targeting Michael Floyd as my number 5 receiver. The James Jones write up made me laugh.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Ha, thanks. Agree, upside of Floyd is big. Will be an interesting year in Arizona to say the least.

  3. Good to see Hopkins in the Top 60, I think he he finishes first among rookie wide receivers regardless of his final stat line. It will all depend on Kubiak and the possible transformation of what was a more conservative offense than most middle school teams last year

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Yeah, out of a lot of the rookie wide receivers in this class outside of Austin, Hopkins has probably the best set up right now. I partially blame Schaub in that situation as well, though; I don’t think it’s all Kubiak. But if Foster pulls back even more this year, they might need to toss it a bit more. Will be interesting to watch for sure.

  4. Chris says:

    In standard scoring 0.5ppr what position draft order would you go for 1 and 2 QB leagues this year…
    Thank you

    • Chris says:

      @Chris: position wise I mean

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        I think you’re talking draft strategy. I’ll be covering that once rankings are over.

  5. Jack Full of Hate says:

    I didn’t read your article but wanted to remind you to not do anything to hurt yourself today being that its national BBQ day and you have no BBQ, if you lived closer I would give you one of my three

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      You’re not the only one who didn’t read it…

      No joke, after the heat spell we just had my wife asked me ‘should we get a grill’. Affirmative, honey.

      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @Sky: Yes!….the voo doo doll I made of her worked, so what do you need next?

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          A water carbonator! Haha

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