As I scrolled thru my Twitter feed Sunday night I noticed a trending hashtag (#WeWantToPlay) led by a host NFL players. Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, J.J. Watt and dozens of other big names took to social media voicing their concerns about the NFL’s “unacceptable” COVID guidelines. Now I’m all for player safety, and I’m not one to side with the billionaire elites, but I’ve also seen reports of NFL players ignoring the NFLPA’s social distancing guidelines for months now. Russell Wilson and D.K. Metcalf—two of the many stars who tweeted Sunday—posted a workout video together just three weeks ago. Brady, LJax and Cam have all been seen gathering with teammates recently as well. And then there’s guys like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott hosting a pandemic party back in April. This all reminds me of when I used to go to McDonald’s to eat my daily four Big Mac, six large fry lunch. Then I’d have my Jenny Craig beet and kale salad for dinner. On the verge of my fourth heart attack, I took to social media complaining that Jenny Craig didn’t protect me. Why don’t you care about my poor heart Jenny, WHYYYY!? Anyway, I’m sure there’s players out there actually following the social distancing guidelines, and they’re the real losers here. Them and us middle aged 600 pound men cursing Jenny Craig from our mother’s basement while praying for a 2020 football season. But forward we march under the assumption of a pandemic football season; the 2020 fantasy football rankings show must go on!  Last week I gave you my top 40 wide receivers for 2020 fantasy football (which I’ve since tweaked), now on to the top 60 wide receivers for 2020 PPR fantasy football:

Tier 7 (cont’d)

41. Julian Edelman – What does Tom Brady’s departure mean for Edelman? What does Cam Newton’s arrival mean for Edelman? What does coronavirus mean for Donkey Teeth’s hope of finding a friend? You have a lot of good questions. And I don’t have many answer’s which is why Edelman lands in the WR3 range for me. But if Newton’s heathy, there’s still major upside with The Squirrel.

2020 Projection: 60 receptions, 850 receiving yards, 40 rushing yards, 4 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 168 / 12 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 133 / 9.5 ppg | Standard Pts: 98 / 7 ppg 

42. Preston Williams – Saucy Boi! Williams was on pace for a huge rookie year in 2019. He was off to a better start than Devante Parker, before a mid-season ACL injury broke our hearts. Fitzmagic is back to chuck it up to Saucy Boi, which makes him one of my favorite upside WR targets around his 145 ADP. 

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 720 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 13 games

PPR Pts: 157 / 12.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 129.5 / 10 ppg | Standard Pts: 102 / 7.8 ppg 

43. Mecole Hardman – There was a lot of scoffing when I ranked Tyreek Hill as my #10 PPR receiver. Almost as much scoffing as when I hobble into Mickey D’s to order my four Big Mac’s. Part of my hesitation on Reek this year is an expectation of Hardman becoming a hard man in his sophomore season, if you know what I mean. If I’m wrong about Mecole then my Hill ranking could end up looking sillier than Antonio Brown’s social media feeds. 

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 860 receiving yards, 40 rushing yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 181 / 12.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 153.5 / 10.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 126 / 8.4 ppg 

Tier 8

44. Darius Slayton – I remember drafting Steve Slaton way too early back in 2009. I was just an innocent kid at the time, untainted by heartbreak. 11 years later and I’m still damaged, looking wearily at other Slatons, Slaytons even, wondering if they’ll treat me any better than the first. Modern-day Slayton had a very encouraging rookie season, but it’s hard to gather just how much of that was due to a lack of other options with Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate all missing chunks of the year. There’s definite upside with this youngster as he’s shown a rapport with Daniel Jones, but beware, the floor is shaky.

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 850 receiving yards,  6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 176 / 12.6 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 148.5 / 10.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 121 /  8.6 ppg 

45. Curtis Samuel – Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater are now on the prowl in Carolina. Rhule has been known for turning mediocre college programs into powerhouses. Who knows if that’ll translate to the big leagues, but at least he’s done it somewhere until 75% of the coaches in the NFL. Investing in wide receivers in new systems, with new quarterbacks, can be a risky proposition. But the price is right on Samuel at a July ADP of 172 (WR65) at the NFFC. And Teddy Two Gloves can’t be worse than last year’s Kyle Allen train wreck. I’m all about taking a late shot on Curtis Samuel’s talent.   

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 640 receiving yards, 100 rushing yards, 7 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 171 / 12.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 143.5 / 10.3 ppg | Standard Pts: 116 /  8.3 ppg

46. Allen Lazard – AHHH LIZARD KING! He has big read eyes, sharp claws and he’s Aaron Rodgers’ second favorite target. Run for your lives! I don’t get why Lazard has gone so overlooked this off season. Maybe it’s Marquez Valdes still hanging around, maybe it’s the Devin Funchess wildcard or maybe everyone but me knows Lazard slept with Danica Patrick. Whatever the reason, we’re getting a discount on A-A-Ron’s #2. Just grab the Lizard and run. 

2020 Projection: 65 receptions, 850 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 180 / 12 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 147.5 / 9.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 115 / 7.7 ppg 

47. Breshad Perriman – The Jets signed Perriman on a one-year 6.5 million dollar deal this offseason. The highly touted 2015 first round prospect out of UCF finally flashed a glimpse of his potential down the stretch with the Buccaneers in 2019. There’s an outside chance he develops into Darnold’s go to guy this year; Perriman’s a high ceiling, low floor option 

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 825 receiving yards, 15 rushing yards, 5 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 169 / 12.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 141.5 / 10.1 ppg | Standard Pts: 114 / 8.1 ppg 

48. Robby Anderson – Most of what I said about Curtis Samuel applies to Robby Anderson. In a return to my college motto at the liquor store, I’ll take whichever’s cheaper. Slight lean to Anderson in standard leaves and Samuel in PPR leagues.

2020 Projection: 60 receptions, 900 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 180 / 12 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 150 / 10 ppg | Standard Pts: 120 / 8 ppg 

49. N’Keal Harry – The Big Harry is a prime breakout candidate after a lost rookie season. He was the consensus top receiver in last year’s draft class which included studs like A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Deebo Samuel and Marquise Brown. Just let that marinate for a second. Don’t give up on the talent just yet. The big qualifier for 2020 is obviously Cam Newton’s health. 

2020 Projection:  55 receptions, 660 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 157 / 11.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 129.5 / 9.3 ppg | Standard Pts: 102 / 7.3 ppg 

Tier 9

50. Will Fuller – I’ve always been a big Fuller fan ever since he peed the bed in Home Alone. Everyone knows it’s cool to pee your pants, but it’s even cooler to pee your bed. At least that’s what momma tells me. I might take a shot on Fuller in best ball leagues but the chances of him staying healthy are slimmer than hunger-strike Ghandi. I’m not looking to take on any more injury risk that I need to in a season where guys will be dropping left and right to some virus from hell.

2020 Projection: 50 receptions, 700 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 12 games

PPR Pts: 144 / 12 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 119 / 9.9 ppg | Standard Pts: 94 / 7.8 ppg 

51. Sterling Shepard – There’s a lot of competition in the Giants’ receiver room plus Saquon will get his. Shepard suffered two concussion last year, if he get’s dinged in the noggin early then 2020 could be a lost season. As mentioned in the Fuller blurb, drafting known injury risks during a pandemic fantasy sports season doesn’t seem like the best strategy. 

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 770 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 171 / 12.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 136 / 9.7 ppg | Standard Pts: 101 / 7.2 ppg 

52. Jerry Jeudy – In a non-pandemic season I’d be all about Judy. She’s got it all: great personality, sexy body and she cooks a mean roast. Ohhhhh, Jerry Jeudy. Right. Well all the same goes for Jerry. I’m optimistic on Drew Lock and the Broncos offense, but I’ve docked even the most talented of the rookie receivers because it’s tough enough to for wide outs to acclimate to the NFL and learn a new playbook with out pandemic restrictions. But if everyone’s fading these guys—and there is a lot of chatter about it—then I’m not opposed to taking a late gamble.

2020 Projection: 60 receptions, 780 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 168 / 11.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 138 / 9.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 108 / 7.2 ppg

53. Justin Jefferson – Pandemic qualifiers aside, JJeff is the rookie receiver I’ve found myself drafting in my early drafts. I grabbed him in the 13th round of the Scott Fish Bowl—there’s 1,440 teams in SFB so you have to take some home run swings to contend. It’s easy to like the talent and versatility the first rounder Jefferson brings to the table, but his landing spot is what I love most. He’ll have opportunity to immediately become Cousins’ #2 target in a Vikings WR room which includes obscure names like Tajae, Olabisi and Donkey Breath. He’s going off the board about two rounds after Jeudy; seems like they have similar opportunity and upside, so I’ll take the discount.    

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 780 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 163 / 10.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 135.5 / 9 ppg | Standard Pts: 108 / 7.2 ppg 

54. Corey Davis – You know what they say: fool me once, shame on you; fool me eight times, that’s why they call me Donkey. So who’s with me?  It was still only three years ago that Corey Davis was taken with the number five overall pick of the NFL Draft. Now he finally seems to have a legitimate offense surrounding him with studly A.J. Brown lining up across the way and Tannehill looking very good last year. Davis is practically free, being drafted after pick 200. I’ll jump in just one more time, I can quit anytime I want!

2020 Projection: 60 receptions, 840 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 168 / 11.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 138 / 9.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 108 / 7.2 ppg 

Tier 10

55. John Brown – Smokey had a career year in 2019, but his competition for wide receiver targets was Cole Beasley and, uh, Cole Beasley. The trade for Stefon Diggs will cut deep into Brown’s target share. The upside’s capped unless Diggs goes down—which is what, like 50/50 for every player in the year of corona? 

2020 Projection: 50 receptions, 750 receiving yards, 15 rushing yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 156.5 / 10.4 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 131.5 / 8.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 106.5 / 7.1 ppg 

56. Anthony Miller – The rumor mill here in Chicago says that Kanye will be the next president and Nick Foles will get first crack at Da Bears starting QB gig. If you watched any of Mitchell Turbisky’s second season, then you know Foles should be a positive for Miller and Da Bears offense as a whole. Grab a saaaasage and get ready! 

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 690 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 154 / 10.3 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 126.5 / 8.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 99 / 6.6 ppg 

57. Jalen Reagor – There’s a chance Reagor is the top rookie producer from this year’s receiving class. The landing spot for Jefferson was great, but Philly could be just as friendly. Alshon Jeffrey and DeSean Jackson aren’t exactly iron men and J.J. Arcega-White side might not actually be good. Reagor has huge PPR upside from the get go.

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 720 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 151 / 10.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 123.5 / 8.23 ppg | Standard Pts: 96 / 6.4 ppg 

58. CeeDee Lamb – Lots of couch scouts had Lamb as their top receiving prospect in this year’ draft. Dallas wasn’t the best landing spot in terms of opportunity with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup both well establish and partying with Dak against social distancing recommendations. That said, the Lamb is juicy and he might just have a late season break out in him a la 2019 Deebo and D.K.

2020 Projection: 50 receptions, 700 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 144 / 9.6 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 119 / 7.9 ppg | Standard Pts: 94 / 6.3 ppg 

59. DeSean Jackson – I was thinking, after those anti-Semitic comments, it’s a good thing DJax and Tarik Cohen aren’t on the same team. That’d make for a real awkward locker room, right? So at age 33 I don’t doubt that Jackson can still put up nice fantasy numbers while on the field. But at this point his hamstrings are about as reliable as Will Fuller’s and we’re one casual Jew comment away from early retirement. 

2020 Projection: 45 receptions, 760 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 13 games

PPR Pts: 145 / 11.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 122.5 / 9.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 100 / 7.7 ppg 

60. Sammy Watkins – It seems like ages ago that Watkins put up over 2,000 receiving yards during his first two seasons in Buffalo. Then again, we’ve all probably aged around 10 years in the past 6 months. But Sammy’s still only 27 and has the best pure passer in the game throwing it his way. If you want a dark horse with an outside shot at finishing in the top 20 wide receivers, look no further.

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 720 receiving yards, 4 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 151 / 10.8 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 123.5 / 8.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 96 / 6.9 ppg