Quarantine Day 28:

My life has been reduced to friends asking me if I’ve seen a T.V. show and me telling them, “No, I haven’t seen that show.” Then they tell me I should see that show and I say, “I’ll add it to the list.” But there is no list and I won’t watch that show. Because I’ll forget since I don’t have a list. What a paradox! But if I somehow remember to watch that show, there better not be any surprise subtitles. If you’re recommending a show that has subtitles, etiquette dictates that you disclose this subtitle stipulation in your recommendation. Don’t be a heathen! People need to mentally prepare for what they’re getting into. Like right now I’m about to share some 2020 dynasty football rankings with you, so I’ll forewarn, there’s reading involved and there’s no audio book available just yet. Hopefully you’ll still stick around for my top 80 wide receivers for 2020 PPR dynasty football:

Tier 14

61. Devin DuvernayUPDATE 4/27/20: The Ravens have spent a 3rd round pick on Duvernay. Another explosive deep threat for LJax and the powerful Ravens offense to play with. Can work in the slot or as a gadget player. Decent chance he’s the WR2 in Baltimore this year.

62. Anthony Miller – Just when it looked like Miller was breaking out in December 2019, he re-injured his already surgically repaired left shoulder. My Bears can’t have anything nice. Oh wait, we just got Jimmy Graham and Nick Foles. I hope they got a time-machine included in one of those deals!

63. Chase Claypool – The jury’s still out on whether the Notre Dame product will be drafted as a wide receiver or a tight end. But in my fantasy fantasies he’s a tight end so that’s where I’m ranking him. An eye opening bit of info was thrown around after this year’s combine: only two NFL prospects at 6’4″/235 lbs or larger have ever ran a sub-4.45 forty . . . Chase Claypool and Calvin Johnson. Of course Claypool isn’t Megatron, but he could easily develop into an above average receiver or an elite fantasy tight end if he sorts out his college drop issues. UPDATE 4/27/20:  The Steelers have drafted Claypool in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. I ranked him with tight ends prior to the draft but sounds like Pittsburgh will use him as a receiver. Disappointing but there’s still upside if he can wrestle targets away from James Washington,.

64. K.J. HamlerUPDATE 4/27/20: The Broncos have spent a 2nd round pick on Hamler. This speedster didn’t run at the combine, but many speculate he would’ve topped Henry Ruggs 4.27 mark. I’ve seen him comp’d to Tavon Austin and DeSean Jackson. Let’s hope he’s more DJax—I think he is—and in that case it shouldn’t take him long to beat out DaeSean Hamilton as Broncos WR3. These Broncos could be fun to watch for a long time.

65. Van JeffersonUPDATE 4/27/20: The Rams have spent a 2nd round pick on Jefferson. The exceptional route runner may turn out to be a PPR specialist. He’ll battle Josh Reynolds for the Rams’ #3 wide receiver spot with Brandon Cooks out of town. I expect Van to be the one dancing in the moonlight.

66. Sammy Watkins – There were always high hopes for Mahomes and Watkins to solve the case in K.C. but the duo’s chemistry has never fully developed. There’s now trade rumors surrounding Watkins, with Philadelphia speculation rampant. Wentz to Watkins does have a nice ring to it.


Tier 15

67. Marvin Jones Jr. – Over the past three seasons Marv had 23 total touchdowns. He also had five 2 touchdown games and one 4 touchdown game. He also was on your bench for almost all of those games. I’ll take a shot on Jones in best ball, but he’s not for me in standard formats.

68. Breshad Perriman – The former Ravens’ first rounder erupted for an impressive post-hype breakout down the stretch in 2019, with 25 catches for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns over the final 5 weeks. He’ll now slide into the former Robbie Anderson role with the Jets as Darnold looks to take a step forward in his third season. I’m not fully on board the bandwagon yet, but I have an arm and a leg wedged thru the passenger door.

69. Julian Edelman – How will year 1 A.B. (After-Brady) treat Edelman? Experience with the Belichick playbook goes a long ways. I think his game plays in the Patriots offense regardless of the QB, but some level of drop-off has to be expected. And don’t forget he’s 35 years old, probably best to consider him a one-year rental at this point and maybe you luck into two seasons. 

70. Sterling Shepard – Seems like I’ve always been the low guy on Shepard since he came into the league. He’s never really excited me and now he’s likely been passed by Darius Slayton on the depth chart. Plus, another concussion this year could be serious bad news after his two last season. That said, Shepard still has value at 27 years old and he did see 27 targets from Daniel Jones over the final three weeks of 2019. Just not excited to buy the 4th option in the Giants offense unless he’s coming at a decent discount. 

Tier 16

71. Allen Lazard – If you paid attention last year then you know Aaron Rodgers took a strong liking to Lizard King. I’m not saying Rodgers is gay, but he definitely likes to touch dudes’ butts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The number two option in the Packer offense has always been fruitful and I think that’s Lazard moving forward. 

72. Golden Tate – My mind always reads his name as Golden Taint. Am I the only one? I had Tate a bit lower in my first draft due to the competition mentioned in the Shepard blurb, plus he’s 32 now. Then I realized the only games he’s missed over the past 9 seasons were due to suspension last year, allegedly because of a fertility drug which he was told wasn’t banned by the prescribing doctor. Even at his age he’ll still be a solid PPR contributor, especially if Shepard lands on the shelf again.

73. Corey Davis – How the mighty have fallen. The fifth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft has shown brief glimpses of the upside we expected, but after three years he dangerously close to a full out bust label. Maybe a change of scenery after the 2020 season will help. I hear the Ozarks are nice. Or is it Ozark? 

74. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside – The youngster had some opportunities in his rookie season with all the Eagles receivers hurt. He did less than Donkey Teeth during quarantine with those opportunities. But like Harry, Arcega-Whiteside isn’t the type of prospect you want to give up on too quickly. Lots of talented receivers take a season plus to acclimate to the NFL. UPDATE 4/27/20: The Eagles have spent a first round pick on Jalen Reagor. Bumping him down a little due to the incoming competition.

Tier 17

75. Dede Westbrook – Uncle Rico never showed a great connection with Westbrook during his time at the helm in 2019. Maybe having a full offseason to work together will remedy that. But I’ve been wondering, how much time with these guys spend working together with this stupid virus ruining everyone’s lives? 

76. Alshon Jeffery – It’s been tough to watch Jeffery breakdown physically year after year. I’ve been a fan since his injury riddled days with my Bears. I think there’s still something left in the tank at 30 years old, but his target share in the Eagles offense is far from secure and there’s trade rumors abound. Then again, not sure if that’s a bad thing. 

77. Kenny Stills – Huge opportunity with Hopkins being traded for a set of The Wire DVDs. Great show, but Bill O’Brien missed the memo that it’s being streamed free on HBO right now, no subscription required. Breaking news: The Texans just now traded for Brandin Cooks which throws a wet blanket on my Stills excitement. But Cooks has concussion issues and Will Fuller just hurt himself eating a bowl of cereal so Stills will get his chance sooner rather than later. UPDATE 4/15/20: Brandin Cooks was traded to the Texans, this puts a major damper on the Stills excitement. Still keep him on your radar, Cooks has and extensive history of concussions and could miss extended time.

78. DeSean Jackson – DJax is 33 and just pulled a hammy watching Fuller eat that bowl of cereal. Maybe he’ll be healthy by September. Jackson showed great chemistry with Wentz in week 1 last year, snagging 8 catches for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hopefully there’s more where that came from.

Tier 18

79. Tyrell Williams – There were times last year (weeks 1-5) when Williams looked like a world beater in the Gruden offense. Unfortunately there were other times he looked like Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace, catching only one touchdown after week 8 and topping 50 receiving yards only twice during that time. Who shows up in 2020? I’m guessing more Smoochie-Wallace. Maybe Hunter Renfrow or Nelson Agholor deserve this spot.

80. Auden Tate – I had high hopes for Tate in 2020 as I expected A.J. Green to leave town. Unfortunately the Bungles have now franchised Green, likely throwing a wrench in all my plans. I’ve heard speculation Green may holdout, I’m not so sure. Regardless, I like Tate as a long-term hold. UPDATE 4/25/20: The Bengals have spent an early 2nd round pick on Tee Higgins. Suddenly Auden Tate might be the odd man out in Cincinnati, move him down accordingly.

81. Miles Boykin – He drew some training camp hype last year as a rookie and I took the bait. I’m hoping Boykin just needed a year to settle into the NFL. At 6’4″/220 lbs he has the size to develop into a real fantasy asset and complement Hollywood Brown.

82. Andy Isabella – I had him substantially higher until the Hopkins blockbuster went down. The 23 year old Isabella will take some patience now, but Larry Legend won’t play forever. Or will he?  

83. James Washington –  Smoochie-Wallace and I played with James Washingbeard in college, he’s talented. *checks notes* Ah different guy. He was outshined by rookie Diontae Johnson in 2019 and now it’ll take an injury to Johnson or JuJu to get me excited about Washington.  But there’s worse dynasty depth plays than a 24 year old upside receiver in the Steelers’ offense. UPDATE 4/27/20: The Steelers spending a 2nd rounder on Claypool does not bode with for Washington’s future in Pittsburgh.

84. John Ross III – Speaking of upside depth receivers, meet the third of the John Rosses. The former 2017 top 10 pick becomes a little more interesting if A.J. Green holds out this year, but as it stands I think Ross is behind Green, Boyd and Tate. Plus he’s an obvious injury risk.

85. Devin Funchess – I originally had Marquez Valdes-Scantling penciled in here. Then I looked at MVS’s 2019 game log again. Then I vomited for the next 20 minutes. Funchess is now in Green Bay and if I’m wrong about Allen Lazard above (I’m not) then Funchess could have huge value as Rodgers’s #2. Pretty good flier candidate at only 26 years old and two years removed from an 840 yard/8 touchdown season.

86. Kelvin Harmon – His rookie season wasn’t anything special, but Harmon’s target share was steady over the final seven weeks in 2019 when he averaged five targets per game. The Redskins may draft another receiver this year, but if not, I’ll take that as a real vote of confidence in Harmon. UPDATE 4/27/20: Gandy-Golden is my boy, I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s #2 on the Redskins’ depth chart. 

87. Tyler JohnsonUPDATE 4/27/20: The Buccaneers have spent a 5th round pick on Johnson. Another plus router runner with good hands. Targets will be tough to come by out of the gates with Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and The Gronk gobbling all the pigskin Brady can feed ’em. Will be much more interesting if Godwin leaves via free agency next off season.

Tier 19

88. Quintez CephusUPDATE 4/27/20: The Lions have spent a 5th round pick on Cephus. He’s a big, explosive, physical athlete who could develop into a top tier redzone target. He’ll likely take some patience in a crowded wide receiver core of Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola and Geronimo Allison.

89. Gabriel DavisUPDATE 4/27/20: The Bills have spent a 4th round pick on Davis.Another big, strong, possession receiver. Opportunity might be hard to come by in Buffalo with Stefon Diggsnow in town joining Smokey John Brown and Cole Beasley

90. Donovan Peoples-JonesUPDATE 4/27/20: The Browns have spent a 6th round pick on Peoples-Jones. We discussed him on the most recent Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast where we talk about this rookie wide-receiver class. I questioned whether Peoples-Jones might just end up as a return guy and Boof pointed out that when players shine on special teams the can earn more work in the offense. Still I think DPJ will be #4, solidly behind Beckham, Landry and Higgins.