Early yesterday morning, the Titans and L.A. Rams completed a massive trade in which both teams acquired a slew of draft picks, and in return, sent a slew of draft picks.

No players were traded, although it felt like Case Keenum was cut immediately. Here’s the full trade…

Titans Receive – 1st round pick no. 15, 2 second-round picks, 1 third-round pick, 2017 first round pick, and 2017 third round pick.

Rams Receive – 1st round pick no. 1, round 4 and 6 picks.

Well, if there is any indication that the Titans want Goff/Wentz, it is now confirmed, as the Rams are giving up an arm and a leg to select a quarterback. Remember, no matter where they finish in their 2017 campaign, the Rams are giving up their first round draft pick. That decision could blow up in their face.

But is it definite that they would select a QB with their first round pick? It is likely, but not set in stone. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are definitely one of the top options in the draft, but what are the team needs of the Rams? Their biggest team need is definitely QB, as Case Keenum doesn’t really get the job done, and Nick Foles was downright awful. Yet are there any other positions they could address at the first spot? Wide Receiver is another position for the Rams to target in the draft, however top prospects Will Fuller and Laquon Treadwell at the Wide Receiver position are the best in College Football, yet they aren’t Top-5 material. They are definitely 1st-Round material, as there are a few teams that need to address the Wide Receiver position. However, their next team need is where it could get interesting.

As you remember, I had the Titans selecting Cornerback Jalen Ramsey from Florida State in the previous mock draft, yet the Titans no longer have the pick, so where could Ramsey fall to? The third, and next big team need for the Rams is at the Cornerback or Safety position, as their secondary was one to improve last year. So could the Rams select Ramsey, who up until the trade, was one of the top prospects? No.

The Rams were busy in the offseason, and managed to slap a Franchise Tag on Trumaine Johnson, and went out and got Coty Sensabaugh. Their secondary will be a group to fix during the draft, yet during rounds 4, 5, or 6. In the first round, they’ll manage to snag the QB coming out of North Dakota State in one of the biggest blockbuster (draft) trades in the NFL.

I’ll make sure to touch on the Fantasy Impact of Wentz going to Cleveland, and I’ll fix my Mock Draft to accommodate the trade, with new selections for the teams who pick after the Rams.

Fantasy Impact of Carson Wentz to the Rams

You never want a Rookie QB facing the best defenses in the NFL, excluding the 49ers. Wentz will be put to the test this year, facing the Cardinals, and the Seahawks twice this year, in addition to his non-conference games against the Panthers, Bills, Jets and the Patriots. However, those opponents will have to respect the Rams’ run game in Todd Gurley, however his fantasy stock is not very good.

What This Means for the Browns

With Carson Wentz off the board, the Browns will still select Jared Goff, although many had Wentz going to the Browns originally. As I mentioned in the first installment, the Browns signing of RGIII will not dictate their selection at the second spot, as they even told Griffin that he will have to battle it out with a Rookie QB in camp, and that’s what he’ll have to do. The fantasy impact doesn’t change for Goff, has he’ll land in Cleveland barring another trade. He’s the safe QB of the two, and should be going to Ohio.

What This Means for the Chargers

In the first installment, I had the Chargers getting Laremy Tunsil, and that’s where I still think he’ll fall come draft day with the new trade. The Chargers have to fix the issues at the O-Line, as Rivers constantly found himself on his butt last year. Tunsil is a fantastic player, and should immediately fix the O-Line, and slightly boost the fantasy impact of Rivers. With the trade however, you have to wonder if the Chargers try to fix the issues in the secondary, and possibly select Jalen Ramsey. I don’t believe they will, but if their front office decide to select based off pure talent, and not team needs, Ramsey makes the most sense if they pivot off of Tunsil.

What This Means For The Cowboys

NEW PICK – Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback/Safety, FSU

This is where things will shake up a bit based off of the trade. Originally, I had the Cowboys selecting Defensive End Joey Bosa, from Ohio State. I thought the selection was a good one, but it took me a long time to see where they would lean, as there are multiple positions they could attack in the draft. I highly doubt they will take either Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis) or either Will Fuller or Laquon Treadwill at the WR position. I see the Cowboys selecting the prospect that is first on their Big Board, Cornerback Jalen Ramsey from Florida State. Their secondary could use some work, and it will definitely be helped out with Ramsey, but the sheer talent that he provides will be too much for Jerry Jones to pass by.

What This Means for the Jaguars

In the first installment, I had the Jags selecting Joey Bosa, Defensive End from Ohio State, and I still have them doing so. The off-the-field-issues that Bosa brings shouldn’t deter them from selecting Bosa. The one-two combo of Joey Bosa and Dante Fowler Jr. is absolutely lethal, something the Jaguars won’t pass up to severely improve their D. An offense with Blake Bortles, Chris Ivory, Allen Robinson, and Julius Thomas combined with a defense led by Bosa and Fowler, the Jaguars are my favorite sleeper team in 2016, and could easily win the very weak AFC South.

What This Means for the 49ers

NEW PICK – DeForest Buckner, Defensive End, Oregon

This is a little bit tricky, and their selection is based off of one simple question: “How much do you like Paxton Lynch?” With the trade between the Rams and Titans, the Niners have to address the need for a QB, which not only is their biggest team need with Blaine Gabbert set to take control of the offense, but is what I had them doing on Draft Day, selecting Carson Wentz. With Wentz now possibly going to the Rams, and Goff to the Browns, the Niners may have to take the third best QB prospect in Paxton Lynch, from Memphis. Lynch is a great QB, however he isn’t the perfect fit for the Chip Kelly offense, so I don’t see them selecting him. That leaves the Eagles with Defensive End DeForest Buckner (from Oregon), as the Niners will immediately look to improve their defensive play, and to help out Linebacker NaVorro Bowman.

What This Means for the Eagles

NEW PICK – Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back, Ohio State

The pick changes for the Eagles, yet it is a “next man up” situation for the Eagles. Rumors swirled about the Eagles trading up to snag either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, however the Rams already beat them to it, so the Eagles will still select a HB. However, I originally had the Cowboys selecting Ezekiel Elliot, and the Eagles snagging Derrick Henry as a result. Now, with the Eagles selecting Jalen Ramsey, Elliot opens up to the Eagles, and they will take advantage of it as a result.

What This Means for the Bucs

NEW PICK – Leonard Floyd, Defensive End, Georgia

Just like the changes to the 49ers selections due to the trade and other teams, it’s a “next man up” type of situation, as the Bucs will still make sure to fix one of their biggest team needs, the pass rush. Buckner was deemed to land in Tampa Bay, however the 49ers will most likely select him due to the impact of the trade. Floyd has been linked to the Bucs, as the front office likes him, and so does the coaching staff. He’s a great player, and their defensive line gets a boost with a one-two combo of Floyd and Gerald McCoy, with addition to Robert Ayers.

The rest of the selections, including the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints, shouldn’t have monumental changes due to the blockbuster trade, however I wanted to make sure that everyone would understand the impact of not only the trade and impact of Wentz but how the rest of the selections shape up.

I’ll automatically fix the changes and picks made for the 11-20 selections without mentioning them here. The Razzball 2016 NFL Draft Preview/Mock Draft will continue in the next couple of days with selections 11-20, 21-32, and then a full Rookie Preview, where I will talk about the biggest (Fantasy) prospects for this year that will help your team with depth, and possibly provide some great sleepers for your fantasy team’s run to the ‘Ship.

Remember, if you disagreed with a pick, or have a suggestion, have a question or if you completely agree with me, feel free to leave a comment below!

Alright kids, go read a book.



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