Can you see it? Through fuzzy flurries of snow occasionally it comes into view, the summit just to the west. If you can see that peak, then it means our own destination is approaching! The blood courses through our veins as we tighten up our packs and clean up camp. Only 2 weeks stand between us and the promised land of the playoffs. 

Two more checkpoints remain along this journey. I hope week 11 was kind to you and offered whatever energy you needed to revive your soul. As we forge ahead to week 12, there are a few tasty morsels to collect depending on your team needs. Let’s go scour he mountainside and see what is waiting.

Priority will be classified in 4 ways:

HIGH – immediate starter on most teams and trade bait at worst; be aggressive!

MEDIUM – probable FLEX-level starter right now; add if you have need at the position.

LOW – still a lottery ticket, but showing signs of growth; add if you have bench room.

FREE – likely can add post-waivers without using FAAB or priority if your league allows.

Players with “PPR+” designation mean they will be extra useful in formats that reward receptions.

First Aid Kit

Players set to inherit a bigger role due to injury

Jordan Wilkins and Jonathan Williams, RBs, IND (priority HIGH) – A broken hand will cost Marlon Mack the rest of the fantasy season. With Wilkins inactive, JWill showed up and showed off taking 13 carries for 113 yards and adding a 31 yard reception. The 25 year old is a former 5th round pick who profiles as a run-only back despite his big reception. A large runner (5’11”, 220 lbs) with a 64th percentile agility score, he’s caught my eye before but never had a lot of opportunity.

With Mack gone, Wilkins is other player to watch. He suffered an ankle injury but did not practice all week leading up to the Jaguars’ game. Thankfully, the Colts play Thursday so we will have some information on Monday and Tuesday’s practice reports before most waivers run. Wilkins has been impressive when given limited opportunities this season. He’s a good all-around runner and can catch a few passes as well. Given his previous status on the depth chart and skill set I would bank on a healthy Wilkins being the feature back.

James Washington, WR, PIT (priority MEDIUM) – The Steelers may not be able to avoid feeding JWash this week. Down their top 2 receivers after Thursday night’s ambush (JuJu: concussion/knee, Diontae: concussion), the Oklahoma State shower narrative is going to be inevitable. Amazingly, it comes against a college level defense too! At least for week 12, I would be comfortable sliding Washington in to a starting spot against the Bengals.


High calorie options to grab for a boost

Bo Scarbrough, RB, DET (priority MEDIUM) – A truly incredible turn of events in Detroit saw Scarbrough jump into a featured role one day after being promoted from the practice squad. A lesson in why it is important for us to know every player on every roster, Bo filled the power back role to the tune of 14-55-1. 

Standing 6’1″ and weighing 230 lbs, Scarbrough is the traditional Alabama hammer you would expect coming out of the SEC. With Ty Johnson active but taking a backseat, Bo showed skills none of the other Lions backs have. He may have staying power as an early down/goal line banger. I don’t see why he can’t be a low end RB2/3 as we head into the playoff push. Unfortunately, during the sudden death portion of the season he faces brutal matchups in Minnesota and Tampa Bay.

Deebo Samuel, WR, SF (priority HIGH) – Despite a full scale breakout (8-112) in week 10, Samuel still sits at under 30% rostered in ESPN leagues. That will almost certainly change after another strong performance. He once again was the feature receiver in San Francisco’s offense hauling in 8 of 10 targets for 134 scoreless yards. There are some caveats as Manny Sanders was not 100% and George Kittle remained sidelined for this contest. However if you like random small samples, Matthew Berry tweeted out Samuel joins only Mike Evans, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. as rookies to go 6-110 in back to back games. 

The impressive 2nd round rookie seems to have solidified himself as a consistent part of this passing attack moving forward. The only concern is that in games where the 49ers done have to press the issue, volume could be lacking. However let’s consider their next 4 games: Green Bay, Baltimore, New Orleans and Atlanta. It seems unlikely they will be able to coast in any of those contests so pencil in Deebo as a WR2/3 now. 

Kelvin Harmon, WR, WAS (priority FREE) – This is most certainly a deep/dynasty league name to know. Many “film” guys liked Harmon although his testing numbers were brutal at the combine. He was scooped up by the disaster that is the Redskins franchise in the 5th round and started the year buried on the depth chart. 

All of a sudden in week 11, he led the team in targets with 6 and played a possession type role with a 5-53 line. If new QB Dwayne Haskins likes what he sees from Harmon he could be one to stash as the Skins have a wonderful closing schedule for passing game points. Of course, keep in mind that Washington is a disaster and could crater in any game against any matchup.

Noah Fant, TE, DEN (priority HIGH if TE is a need) – I could end this blurb with 1 number: 11. He appropriately got 11 targets in week 11 which caps off a month of trending up. I wrote here that Fant is being targeted down field which you love to see as a fantasy manager. He’s also getting good volume since Manny Sanders was traded and I would rather have him than Jared Cook, Jason Witten or former classmate TJ Hockenson.

Ryan Griffin, TE, NYJ (priority HIGH if TE is a need) – It appears that #HerndonSZN is cancelled in favor of #GriffinSZN? He’s had at least 50 yards in 3 of his last 4 games and now scored 3 TDs over that period. Everyone was waiting for that Bridge to Herndon but let Griffin take you home if you need some production out of TE.


Leave these guys behind, it’s time to move on

Jared Goff, QB, LAR – Outside of multi-QB leagues not sure what you’re all waiting for.

Adrian Peterson, RB, WAS – With Guice back and looking good, AP is droppable. Should Guice get injured he may be useful again.

Frank Gore, RB, BUF – The ageless wonder has given way to fresh legs Singletary.

AJ Green, WR, CIN  – He’s not going to play this year.

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  1. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Boof,

    My team is pretty strong 12 team std keep 3 (no prices or round penalty)

    Qb Lamar
    Rb Kamara Gurley Coleman Mack Lat Murray DHend
    Wr MThomas Sutton Gallup Fuller
    TE Everett Hollister Hooper (Ir)
    Def Pats
    Start 2 rb 2 wr 2 flex

    I am in 4th at 7-4. I have a first round pick next year and then nothing till the 7th. Do I trade away Mack and Fuller and my 1st for Ingram and Lockett and a later pick to sure things up or do you think I’m good

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      I think you’re good

      If you did sell Mack & Fuller and a 1 I’d get a single stud not 2 good guys. I always want to shoot for the moon in a deal like that. Does anyone out of the playoffs have a top 3 RB or WR?

      • Nightpandas says:

        Might be tough to get a top 3 as we keep 3 and most keep either wr or rb

  2. Jimmy Jack James says:

    Thanks for the content – time to blow the FAAB out this week I think.

    I’m in a bye week crunch in week 12 and fighting for the playoffs in one league – need to dump one of these guys in half ppr (12 teams):

    Mattison (I have Cook)
    Breida (I have Coleman)
    Dame Williams
    Kareem Hunt

    Based on the bye/injury, I’m actually leaning Dame bc that backfield blows – or do I dump Mattison and pray Cook doesn’t get hurt?

    Thank you!

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      I’d dump DW, Latavius then Breida in that order.

      Might as well hold Mattison as insurance.

      Hunt is going to be a useful flex ROS I think

  3. sportivetricks says:

    Dearest Mr. Boof,

    Any updates (news or thoughts) on the Wilkins-Williams sitch in Indy? I know Wilkins is off the injury report, and since I’ve clinched a spot in my league’s playoffs, he is the guy I have stashed. Since my #2 and #3 backs were Kerryon (out) and Damien Williams (committee?), I’m really struggling to patch a hole or two behind my elite RB1. Other options include Ro-Jo and Bo-Scar, and neither are making me feel great.

    Thank you, sir!

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Between Wilkins and Williams I like Wilkins but woudl only start him if you had no other choice. This week is hard to know what they will do. I think Wilkins is better back and more familiar to the coaching staff and has been their #2 all along. But I’d prefer to make sure my hunch is right before starting him. I also think Mack will be out a little but so think Wilkins will be startable week 13+

      Bo is worth adding for sure as he should see 15+ carries at least this week and I’d start him for this week at least. Definitely better play if you can see the Lions playing with a lead.

      RoJo I think will continue to be Jefkyl/Hyde in his use

      To sum up:

      Wilkins – best ROS potential to be a true feature RB
      Bo – best play for week 12 specifically
      RoJo – the same guy we’ve seen all year, a roll of the dice

      • al_FF_red

        What a BOOF says:

        Excuse the typos plz

        • sportivetricks says:

          Typos? What typos? I didn’t notice them for all of this great discussion and advice. Thank you so very much, sir!

          Love reading your column every week, and this was a great bonus!

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