I’ll warn you right now — there aren’t a lot of great QB fill in options this week. Lots of tough match-ups or under performing players. I had to recommend what remains of Teddy Bridgewater for Pete Carroll’s sake! You won’t see him listed in this article, but my prediction from last week of Colin Kaepernick getting a job still remains! Even if he’s now suing the exact people who could possibly offer him a job…

This week will see the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans getting the week off. You’ll need help replacing Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Miller, DeAndre Hopkins, Golden Tate and Ameer Abdullah.


Jared Goff, LAR, 20.0%: Goff’s first 4 games showed a lot of promise for the first-year QB as he was averaging over 16 fantasy points. In his last 2 weeks he’s totalled only 15 fantasy points against top defenses in the Seahawks and Jaguars. Week 7 will see the Arizona Cardinals come to the city of angels. These Cardinals have allowed the 4th most passing yards and are only 1 passing TD allowed away from worst in the league. I think Goff will get his groove back with a 15+ point game.

Blake Bortles, JAX, 7.0%: Yea, yea, I know. I must’ve lost my mind. Without his 26 fantasy point outbreak in foggy London towne he would only be averaging 8.2 fantasy points per game — but this is more of a deep league matchup play than anything. Here is the major factor working in Bortles favor: the Colts are allowing a 3rd worst 294 passing yards per game. If Bortles and Leonard Fournette work together they could set the Jaguars up for a great game against the Colts.

Teddy Bridgewater, MIN, 0.6%: Minnesota doctors have cleared Bridgewater for practices. However, he hasn’t played football in over a year so this is merely a speculation grab for those in deeper leagues. The prevailing opinion is that Teddy will be the starting QB for the Vikings in their week 9 matchup against the Redskins. However, consider this a preemptive ‘SIT’ recommendation for Bridgewater in week 9. The Redskins have been a top defensive unit this year. But do grab him if you’re desperate.

Running Backs

Darren McFadden, DAL, 49.7%: Let me throw my hat in the “OMGWHICHCOWBOYRBSHOULDIPICKUP” ring. In week 7 — it’ll be McFadden. After that it will be a true committee. So why McFadden in week 7? Activity in the passing game. The Cowboys week 7 opponent, the 49ers, have allowed the second-most passing yards to opposing RBs. Alfred Morris only has 50 receptions in his entire career. McFadden has three 40+ reception seasons in his career.

Marlon Mack, IND, 23.7%: I don’t know guys — I’m writing this on Monday afternoon before the Titans/Colts Monday Night showdown and the only thing worth watching is who gets the most touches at RB for either team. For the Colts, every week Frank Gore has been the guy who gets the most attempts, but in week 5, Mack had the most rushing yards. Colts coach Chuck Pagano has been back and forth all week now saying first that he wants to get Mack more involved, then saying he sees Mack as a work in progress. That progress should be working towards being the Colts starting RB. We all have nostalgia for the old veteran running back, but even the best eventually get put out to pasture. Gore hasn’t rushed for over 60 yards in a single game this season and his time might have come.

Orleans Darkwa, NYG, 4.3%: A leader has emerged in the Giants clubhouse. Darkwa has put up back-to-back 13 fantasy point games since being named RB1 for this squad. Don’t let the Seahawks matchup scare you — in week 6 against a much-better Broncos defense that has allowed the second-fewest rushing yards all season Darkwa still broke out for 117 rushing yards. With few receiving options available to Eli Manning, Darkwa really has a chance to run away with this job.


Wide Receivers

Nelson Agholor, PHI, 36.1%: Last chance to grab ahold of Agholor. He’s scored TDs in 4 of his  6 games this season and has double-digit fantasy points in 3 of those games. You won’t be starting Agholor against the Redskins in week 7 as they’ve allowed only 2 receiving TDs all season, but long-term Agholor is going to be a useful bench piece.

Taylor Gabriel, ATL, 22.8%: I had Gabriel as a start recommendation in week 6 due to Mohamed Sanu set to miss time and unfortunately he only net 7 fantasy points. Week 7 I’m thinking will be a different story. The New England Patriots have allowed the most receiving yards to WRs this season and if Sanu misses time again — expect Gabriel to get some targets as the Patriots try to quadruple team Julio Jones. In week 6 Gabriel actually lead the Falcons in targets due to this unique defensive strategy.

Robert Woods, LAR, 12.4%: I recommended Woods after his 108 receiving yard game against the 49ers and he made me look like a fool by catching only 2 passes for 17 yards in his next game. However, in week 5 and 6 he’s averaging 10.5 fantasy points. In week 7 he’ll get the Arizona Cardinals who are tied for second in receiving TDs allowed to WRs and are 2nd in fantasy points allowed to opposing WRs. Woods is a great WR to have on your bench during brutal bye weeks (like week 8 and 9 where 6 teams have byes a piece.)

Adam Humphries, TB, 2.2%: 68, 70, 51, 51. That’s the number of receiving yards over the past 4 weeks for the former Clemson Tiger. I’ll admit they don’t jump off the page, but could be useful if the Bucs are without Jameis Winston’s prodigious arm in week 7. And if you look closely at the Bucs/Cardinals game like I did you’ll see that all 7 of Humphries targets came after Ryan Fitzpatrick took over for the injured Winston. #EyeballsEmoji


Tight Ends

Austin Hooper, ATL, 37.9%: Alright Austin Hooper. First you caught our eyes, then you broke our hearts, but now you’ve got our attention again. Week 1 Hooper exploded for 128 yards and a TD and we all dove teeth first into our waiver pools to get our hands on him. Then, over his next 2 weeks, he had 3 catches for 16 yards. Hooper had forsaken us. Now in his last 2 games he’s averaged 10.5 fantasy points and I think that is a more reasonable expectation than week 1. Week 7 he gets the Patriots who have allowed the 4th most fantasy points to opposing TEs. Grab him if you can.

Zach Miller, CHI, 25.3%: Here is what I said about Zach Miller in my start/sit article for week 6: “The Bears wide receivers haven’t really done much so I could see Miller becoming a solid security blanket for rookie QB Mitch Trubisky.” Miller proceeded to grab a second TD pass in as many weeks from Trubisky. Miller and the Bears will face off against the Panthers who have allowed 4 TDs to opposing TEs so far.


Defense/Special Teams

New Orleans Saints D/ST vs. GB, 2.6%: Yes THOSE Saints! They went rolling in to their week 6 matchup with two negative fantasy point games and 2 double-digit fantasy point games. Then in week 6 they blew the eff up for 32 fantasy points with 3 INTs, 2 fumble recoveries, 5 sacks and 3 defensive TDs. These are Lebron James numbers! Week 7 wouldn’t have been a good matchup for the Saints D against the Green Bay Packers — but now they are sans Aaron Rodgers and they’ve become a great matchup after their hot week 6.



Dan Bailey, DAL, 61.9%: If Dan Bailey was dropped during the Cowboys week 6 bye, swipe him up quick swiper! Week 7 he’ll get the San Francisco 49ers who have allowed opposing kickers to go a league high 17 for 17 against them.

Robbie Gould, SF, 35.4%: One of the top 5 fantasy kickers in 2017 is still under owned. In week 7 he faces Dan Bailey’s Dallas Cowboys whose defense is averaging the 4th most points allowed. That means plenty of extra-point possibilities for the Gould.


  1. Grant says:

    Hopefully the Colts will be smart and see what not giving the ball to Mack does for the team….makes them lose. I had my 2 RB on bye this week so I gambled on Ellington and Mack, well that worked out well. Still pretty solid on Mack eventually.

    • The Harrow says:

      @Grant: maybe, they looked fine in the first half before the line got blown up on every play, mack wasn’t doing anything then either (not saying his fault he didn’t get carries). didn’t help doyle dropping what 5 balls or so, and fumbling another time. moncrief dropping an easy TD right through his hands.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey KK, if you needed a WR3 ROS, would you put a claim in on Shepard, Snead or Fuller?

    • The Harrow says:

      @Mike: if snead was more healthy this would be really hard 3 ways. think he’s a clear 3rd till that’s seen if you can just pick and choose out of these 3 (guessing a 10 teamer with that, or a semi-competitive 12’er with only 2 WR starting, but even then fuller should’ve been owned). all this being said i think it’s VERY hard between fuller/shepard.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Mike: Fuller, Shepard Snead

  3. Paul says:

    Trade question:

    My Gronk, CJ Anderson and Cobb for his Davante Adams, Devonta Freeman and Amari Cooper.

    I have both Gronk and Ertz and can’t play them at the same time unless I’m filling in for players on bye so I thought it might be time to move one of them to upgrade the rest of my roster.

    Before lineup: Russell Wilson, Mike Evans, Hopkins, Ajayi, Anderson, Gronk, Doug Martin and then one of these guys …Cobb, Garcon, Agholor, Amendola, Lee.

    Do I still want Adams with Rodgers out? Seems like he’ll still be a big target. And I’m thinking Cooper is a good buy low.

    I feel like I’d be upgrading my WR3 with Adams and getting a bump at RB with Freeman over Anderson. And I don’t feel like the drop from Gronk to Ertz is THAT big.


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Paul: Yea at this point Gronk and Ertz will be trading TE1 and TE2 every game.
      Cooper is a good buy low and I still think Adams will get some looks but that doesn’t mean those looks will be accurate.
      For the most part I like the trade because you’re upgrading from a player who won’t even be in your lineup.

  4. waffles says:

    how would you rank these RB as who you’d most want to own moving forward?

    Latavius Murray


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      McFadden (only because God knows what happens with Zeke…)

  5. LLango says:

    Trade advice – Gronk 4 Crabtree and benjamin?

    or trade Gronk 4 ingram Crabtree?

    i have a 1-5 record.

    hilton i dont trust, adams has no rodgers,.

    my wrs are (besides those 2) Diggs and amandola.

    My RBs elliot, abdulla, reddick,

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @LLango: I’d go for Ingram & crabtree if your trade partner is into it.

  6. Jay

    Jay says:

    Mista F!

  7. Tittsburgh Feelers says:

    Howdy Kerry !!

    Damn man can’t believe we are already at week 7, feels like yesterday we were gearing up for the draft!!

    .5 PPR league looking to do a trade or two this week I’m sitting at 3-3, in my espn league I’m in a 3-way tie for second place, the top team in my division lost 2 straight & is now 4-2! League wise there are 4 teams total sitting at 3-3, looks like I am 6/10 on the waivers & that equates to 5th place but with so many similar records that may benefit may. The top team in my division is 4-2, the other division has two top teams at 5-1 then it goes to 3-3, 2-4 & 1-5.

    My RBs Gordon, hunt, mcaffery, AP, Aaron jones, McKinnon, Marlon Mack , David Johnson on IR

    My WRs ( we start 3, could be 4 with flex) Keenan Allen, Baldwin, tyreek hill, hogan, D Parker, will fuller

    My TE AJ derby

    D/ST Falcons D

    Kicker McManus

    QB Winston but I’m dumping him , on my bench is Dak Prescott

    Based on this info would you do any of these?

    1.) look to upgrade my TE via trade, deal hogan or will fuller to the owner who lost OBJ & his Emmanuel sanders is banged up for his Ertz? Or try with my tyreek hill first for Ertz?

    2.) deal my mcaffery to acquire brandin cooks?

    3.) deal tyreek hill for one of these; Landry, Larry Fitzgerald, Kelvin Benjamin, Lamar Miller or Marvin Jones?

    4.) lastly if no on the trade for TE Ertz thoughts about these week 7 streams:
    Kittle vs cowboys

    O Leary vs bucs (Clay is out)

    Higbee vs cards

    Antonio gates vs Broncos

    Kroft at Pitt

    Onto D I’m dropping ATL D who do you like for week 7

    Saints D at GB minus Rodgers

    Cowboys D at SF looks like hoyer is benched

    Giants D hosting Seahawks

    Eagles D on MNF hosting skins

    — I’m dropping Winston would you add Wentz or just roster 1 QB in Dak?

    — lastly I’m dropping Marlon Mack who is the better add Alf Morris , DMC, Davante Booker, Rawls, darkwa, Smallwood, Burkhead, Jalen Richard, Deandre Washington, prosise?

    If I don’t drop Winston for Wentz here are WRs I could add mike Williams, Tyrell Williams, sanu, Taylor Gabriel, fowler, Ted ginn, Beasley, Corey Davis

    Thanks man!!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Tittsburgh Feelers:
      1.) Yea I’d take a dive at Ertz if you can. Derby ain’t nothing.
      2.) I’d stick with mccaff
      3.) keep hill. sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make.
      4.) grab kittle
      5.) Saints somehow
      6.) I only like to have 1 QB after their bye
      7.) darkwa
      8.) Gabriel

  8. Noam Levenson says:

    Are you higher on Brate or Rudolph for the rest of the year?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Noam Levenson: Brate b/c Winston/Fitz are looking his way more than whoever is QBing for MIN

  9. William Hung says:

    Woods over Fowler? From what I’ve been reading on the web, consensus is that Fowler’s upside is better than Woods

  10. William Hung says:

    Woods over Fowler? From what I’ve been reading on the web, consensus is that Fowler’s upside is better than Woods

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @William Hung: for this moment its woods. long term and ROS maybe it could be fowler.

  11. DT says:

    aaron Rodgers owner doesn’t have any back up QBs…. looking to upgrade my RB in a 2 flex ppr league.

    current team:
    QB – Wilson, Palmer, Luck
    RB – Duke Johnson, Buck Allen, Theo Riddick, Prosise (Waivers in for Darkwa or Dion Lewis)
    WR – Green, Dez, Hopkins, Crowder, Smith-Schuster, Mike Williams
    TE – Kelce

    trying to target Martin or Hyde, but I don’t know if he’d bite on Palmer. Is Wilson for one of those guys a fair trade? Also looking at Thielen, Devante Parker, or Amari to go full on WR. Appreciate your thoughts!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @DT: i like Martin better. you do not need any more WR. Green Dez and Hopkins is elite status. If you are confident in Palmer then I’d offer Martin for Wilson.
      But realize that your opponent might be desperate…could you pair Wilson and Crowder for Martin AND ______ another guy on his team.
      Duke, Buck and Theo is not good.

  12. Wide Right says:

    Carolina, Miami, or New Orleans.. which D should I pick up. I had been rolling with AZ

  13. Robert Woods is a great player to have on your bench during the brutal week 8 & 9 byes. Because HE is on a bye. Like your blogs but C’MON MAN!

  14. I need to free up a roster spot for a starting QB. Who would you drop in a 12 team non PPR with only four bench spots?

    Thielen (wait n see)
    Landry (solid esp with Parker down)
    Kamara (riskyish)
    Gillislee (The wind changes so quickly in NE, he could be a monster again at any time)
    Abduhllah (wait n see? still?)
    JAX (love the matchup this week against IND)
    SEA (solid, passed their bye)

  15. The Shady KHunt says:

    Hi KK,

    Need some roster help 0.5PPR scoring.

    My team right now
    WR’s : Cooks Hopkins Garcon Moncreif
    RB’s : Gordon CJA Cohen JC Powell
    TE : Engram Njoku(bye week 8 pick up for Engram)

    How are my bench players compared to these available WW? Please advise if I need to drop someone for one of these players.
    Marvin Jones

    Thanks! Appreciate your help!

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