Welcome to week 11. Hopefully you are still in the hunt and just need to grab that one guy who’s going to take you to the promised land. Let’s see if there are any dudes in here who might be able to do that.


Matt Leinart: Duuuuude, this guy has been lackluster to say the least. But he gets the keys to a tank with the wheels of Arian Foster and Ben Tate and the “something that represents an awesome wide receiver” in Andre Johnson. So anyhoo, the Texans will use Leinart as a “game manager” and with AJ, Owen Daniels and Arian Foster taking dump off passes 80 yards for touchdowns Leinart should be a capable backup with some upside if he doesn’t screw up too bad.

John Skelton: With Cassel and Schaub going down it’s going to be hard to find viable backups with good upside and that’s what John Skelton has turned into. He has a big arm and Larry Fitzgerald. That’s enough right there.

Running Backs

Kevin Smith: After getting thrown off an airplane for being too fat not that long ago you’d think that Smith would be out of shape, but he must be doing ok to be signed by the Lions. This pickup could easily be in vain, but it also has quite a bit of upside. Jahvid Best has no time table for a return and really all we know is he hasn’t been cleared to play. We have to go on as if he’s not going to return (while holding him unfortunately). Smith has had multiple injuries, but is still just 24 and had ability to spare when he was healthy. He saw a little work against the Bears (4 carries, 19 yards – 2 receptions, 10 yards) and has impressed the coaching staff.  I like him a lot for a speculative, high upside add.

Kendall Hunter: Frank Gore sat out most of their last game and Hunter got in for a score. It looks like Gore will be available next week but we know for a fact that Gore is hurting and the Niners are strong up front and are good at keeping the score close so they are able to run more than most teams. Also with the Niners out to such a large lead in their division there’s a very good chance Gore will be rested even if he doesn’t injure himself further.

Taiwan Jones: Jones has an amazing amount of talent and if given the opportunity could be very useful and really he doesn’t need that much opportunity to break a long run for a touchdown. If Darren McFadden comes back full go this week Jones won’t have enough opportunities, but I don’t see McFadden being able to go this week.

Lance Ball: It looks like Willis McGahee will be able to go this Thursday, but Knowshon Moreno is done for the season and Lance Ball is the new backup. Ball is only worth consideration in deep leagues, but under John Fox the run is the fun.

Wide Receivers

Denarius Moore: He’s most likely gone, but if not he’s your #1 waiver wire claim this week. Jacoby Ford will most likely be out this week and Moore will be a top 10 play against Minnesota.

Earl Bennett: The guy doesn’t drop passes and I think Jay Cutler likes that about him. In his last 2 games he’s had 11 targets and caught all 11 for 176 yards and a touchdown.

Vincent Brown: We saw what he could do last week and there’s a good chance Malcom Floyd will be out again this week. Floyd is a drop at this point with Brown gaining ground and it’s hard not to believe he’d be on the field more even when Floyd returns.

Laurent Robinson: He was gobbled up last week, but I’m sure he’s floating around in some shallow leagues. Dez Bryant will be the receiver getting the most safety help and Robinson will continue to have his opportunities. Don’t expect 2 touchdowns each week, but you know.

Damian Williams: Williams looks to be the #1 guy in Tennessee from here on out. They have plenty of viable receivers for the Titans, but Williams is getting plenty of red zone targets.

Steve Smith: He had a whopping 10 targets last week with Jeremy Maclin out for much of the game. If Maclin can’t go this week he’ll most likely get a lot of playing time again.

Harry Douglas: If Julio Jones is out Douglas is worth a filler play. His huge game last week was nice but don’t look for a repeat performance.

Chad Ochocinco: Hey, Tom Brady and the Pats have a nice schedule to end the season and it doesn’t look like Ocho is going anywhere. He’s worth a gamble.

Jericho Cotchery: It looks like he has taken over for Hines Ward. He’ll be behind Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, but his TD potential as a fill in is pretty good.

Tight Ends

Ed Dickson: He had a huge game in Seattle, but much of it was the product of the way Seattle’s defense was playing the pass and taking away the outside receivers. If Dennis Pitta wasn’t there I’d be all over Ed this week, but those two go back in forth each week as far as targets and production. He’s worth a grab if you are strapped on the chance that this is the start of him being the main guy.


  1. HVP says:

    1 question for 2 separate leagues. Which TE for rest of the season:

    League 1: Celek or Ballard

    League 2: Celek or Winslow

    Also I’m in the middle of a playoff race and just traded Brady for Stafford in a keeper league in case I miss out. I’m having buyer’s remorse now, what do think?

    Thank you

  2. Chibbs says:

    need a replacement for big ben this week. My options are …

    Skelton @ sf
    bradford vs. seattle
    Alex smith vs. Arizona

    your thoughts?

  3. JacquizziBath says:

    Bennett @ SD or Damian Williams @ ATL to sit/start in week 11?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @HVP: I like Stafford long term and he’s younger than Brady. I like Brady’s schedule, but i think Stafford turns it around this season still. I’m going with Celek in both of those.

    @Chibbs: I think all three have upside potential in these matchups. Smith is probably the safest play.

  5. ABM says:

    Fighting to make the playoffs.

    Current QBs (Two QB league): Stafford, Flacco, Tebow
    Current WRs: Nicks, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Stevie Johnson
    Current RBs: Foster, Tate, Mattews, Demarco Murray, Tolbert

    Two questions:1. would you drop anybody to pick up Denarius Moore?
    2.) Is Leinhart an upgrade for any of these QBs?

  6. Chet "The Rocket" Steadman says:

    Hey, Doc. How would you rank the four RB’s as strictly week 11 stopgaps?


  7. Robert says:

    Hey Doc…I have Vick and even if he’s able to go this week, I’m not sure I can trust him. So, I’m looking to roster the best backup QB I can…should I use a waiver claim on Palmer, Tebow, Bradford, Smith, Skelton or Ponder for the RoS?

  8. Brian says:

    Why no Vince Young?

    So Ryan is my only QB. Out of Bradford, TJax, Dalton, VY, Leinart, who would you pickup as a backup the ros. I’m leaning Bradford because of schedule.

  9. Hey Now! says:

    Who do you start at flex this week (.5 ppr)?

    Helu v Dal
    D. Thomas v Buf
    Bennet v. Det
    T. Young v. Chi


  10. Nick CB says:

    Who’s a better FA option to fill my byed Drew Brees void? Skelton or Tebow?

  11. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Need to pick up a QB and TE for this week. 3 semi-quick questions:

    1) Greg Olsen or Brent Celek?
    2) Would you rather drop Helu or Daniel Thomas?
    2) Narrowed my QB list down to Cutler vs. SD or Tebow vs. NYJ. I’m leaning Cutler but if I pick him up I’d probably just cut him on Monday. If I go Tebow I might keep him as a playoff backup for Brees. Hopefully he’d still be around after the Jets game since he’s not already owned, but you never know. Thoughts/suggestions?

  12. Rob says:

    @Doc. My QB are Tebow and Fitzgerald. Carson Palmer is on WW. Drop any of these for him? One more option would be to drop Pierre Thomas and hope my 2 starting RB (Forte/Peterson) stay healthy.

  13. Scott says:

    Would u drop Holmes for Bennett or Williams? Holmes can’t get the ball from Sanchez

  14. Ryan says:

    Would u still start aj green at the ravens or sit him for Bennett or damian Williams?

  15. elwood blues says:

    I picked up Jacksonville’s d last week and it worked to the tune of 14 pts. Do I stick with them against Cleveland.. or put in a claim for the Giants (vs Phi) who are on waivers or St. Louis (vs Sea)??

    I have been streaming D’s all season, but now that its getting closer to playoffs (I’m 8-2) do I need to settle on a D.. with the Giants?

  16. Howie says:

    @Doc: Thanks for your answer last night to my trade question. Follow-up– non-PPR– Romo or Cam the rest of the way? Who is the one you want to have?

  17. Ickey Shuffle says:

    Doc, LeSean McCoy or DeMarco Murray the rest of the way?

  18. jmkobus says:

    Need a TE for Graham’s bye. Going with Dickson. Who should I drop? Laurent, N. Washington, or Crabtree?

  19. CL says:


    I own Best in all 3 of my leagues (12, 10, and 8 team, all 1pt PPR)… what are we doing with him? He’s big reason I’m in the middle of the pack.

    Also, I start Finley most weeks over Pettigrew, but I’m struggling filling some slots this week so I may have to dump one of them (12 team 1pt PPR)… or do I dump Garcon?

  20. EG says:

    Lose Daniel Thomas or Donald Brown for Denarius? Thanks.

  21. Ian says:

    My matchup this week probably determines #1 seed and I’ve got Big Ben on Bye.

    I have Flacco and Hasselbeck rostered to fill in. Flacco is pretty much unstartable, especially against Cincy. Hasselbeck is OK @ ATL. Or would you rather go with Skelton, Leinart or Palmer? Palmer has a very nice matchup (Minny).

  22. Rob says:

    Need to pick up a WR, think its OK to drop Felix Jones? Can’t imagine them not startin Murray despite what rumors say about Felix gettin his job back.

  23. Steve says:

    Plaxico Burress @DEN or Laurent Robinson @WAS?

  24. stumanji says:

    I can’t believe I’m asking this, but who do you like ROS: Stafford or Eli? I have both and Schaub owner wants to trade for one.

  25. EK says:

    Pls rank TE’s for this week:

    And DEF:

  26. HVP says:

    Pick two as your starters for the rest of the season:

    Antonio Brown, Laurent Robinson, Denarius Moore

  27. HVP says:

    I also have an injured Miles Austin on my bench

  28. AL KOHOLIC says:

    doc, who do you like more going forward edwards or crabtree

  29. Art Vandelay says:

    Prefer L. Robinson to Stevie Johnson or Harvin?

  30. Ed says:

    Matt Hasselbeck or Tavaris Jackson?

    I have Sidney Rice as a WR option.

  31. Cobby says:

    As an Aaron Rodgers owner, am I better off with Matt Flynn or Andy Dalton on my bench?

  32. Anal_yst says:

    Drop Best or Hillis for Ballard (Owen Daniels is TE w/ Bye this week), Bennett, or Kevin Smith?

  33. Richard Brautigan says:

    Need some WR help, what do you think is fair value for Ben Tate?

  34. Nick says:

    Just been offered Phillip Rivers and Miles Austin for Tim Tebow and Manningham. Worried that Austin’s injury hurts his long term value, and really I’d only need Rivers this week since I have Brees on bye. Should I pull the trigger? If I lose Manningham I’d need to count on Julio Jones being healthy this week.

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anal_yst: I’d drop Best for Ballard if that would be your only TE.

    @Cobby: Flynn

    @Ed: Hass

    @Art Vandelay: No

    @AL KOHOLIC: Crabs

    @HVP: Brown, Moore

    @EK: Pet, Celek, Dickson – NYG, Jac

    @stumanji: Very tough, but I’m still leaning Stafford.

    @Steve: Dang. I’m going with Plax even though it pains me.

    @Rob: I’d like to hold just to be sure, but I do believe Murray is the guy. If you need to I can see dropping him.

    @Ian: Grab Palmer.

    @EG: Brown

    @CL: Dump Garcon. If there is no signs of improvement this week from Best I think I’ll start dumping him.

    @jmkobus: Washington

    @Ickey Shuffle: McCoy but it’s close.

    @Howie: I’m leaning Romo but Cam will have more upside.

    @elwood blues: I’d lean the Giants. They are sack machines.

    @Ryan: I’d roll with AJ

    @Rob: I’d drop Fitz for him

    @Scott: Tough call, but I’m sticking with Holmes.

    @Marty Funkhouser: Celek, I’d drop DT, id Palmer available? I’d probably lean Cutler this week if not.

  36. timSTi says:

    Is Ingram droppable? Or should I drop Austin? Putting in waiver claims on Kendall Hunter & D.Moore.

  37. CL says:

    Thanks for the insight, Doc.

    As far as defenses go, my approach for the past few years is to rock a Pittsburgh or stalwart like that. However, I just looked at the amount of fantasy points they have NOT gotten me this year and am wondering if I should reconsider and play matchups moving forward?

  38. stumanji says:

    @Doc: Schaub owner wants one of Stafford or Eli (I agree that Stafford>Eli ROS, but it’s close). I need a WR and will ask for Jennings or Steve Smith. Are you concerned about Jennings sitting during wk 16 at all? The GB starters got pulled in the 4th quarter last night, but they were also up by 30. Who do you like between Jennings and SS?

  39. Jason says:

    What are your thoughts on A. Johnson going forward?

    Do you think McFadden will come back in time for the playoffs and play as good as he has?


  40. Dann says:


    Who do you like better this week in PPR?

    L. Ball or K. Hunter?

  41. Rob says:

    For just this one week – Earl Bennett SD, Vinnie Brown @ CHI, or Damian Williams @ ATL.

    I’m leaning Damian Williams actually – I just dont love spot starting a receiver @ Soldier Field.

    You agree?

  42. would you take Colston/Tebow/BJGE for my Tate/Roddy White

    (I just lost Schaub but traded for Rivers, I also have Foster/Rice as my RBs, but with Foster on bye I need a replacement …so BJGE? theres dog shit on the WW. Would you accept?

  43. MrHappyTime says:

    Should I dump Owen Daniels and Pickup Olsen with the news of Schaub going down for the year?

  44. Clueless says:

    PPR – I need to fill my Flex spot, how would you rank the players on my bench, need 1 for my Flex

    QB – Stafford
    RB – R Rice
    RB – M Bush (if McFadden is out)
    WR – Jennings
    WR – D Moore
    TE – Finley
    Flex (WR or RB) – ?

    VJax – not too thrilled about him playing IN Chicago
    S Greene
    M Morris
    E Bennett
    Kendal Hunter
    Lance Ball


  45. ergot says:

    I was offered McCoy and Vick for Rodgers and Ryan Mathews. I also have Eli. I would love to have Mccoy but am I giving up too much?
    Thanks a bunch

  46. genghis chone says:

    Thoughts on Nicks for Rivers/Newton and Denarius?
    2 QB, PPR league, starting 2 RBs, 2 WRs, one RB/WR.
    My team is
    QB: Vick, Fitzpatrick
    RB: Forte, Murray, Helu, Ingram, Kendall Hunter, Javon Ringer
    WR: Nicks, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown
    TE: Gronk, Celek

  47. Randy says:

    Palmer is now my QB1 for the ROS. Bradford is my back-up.
    I have Hernandez and F Davis at TE.
    I could probably trade 1 of my TE’s for Fitzpatrick.
    Should I try or just hold and roll with Palmer?

  48. Jeremy says:

    I really can’t stand cedric’s lack of production at this point, but I don’t have a lot of options for 2nd rb. I could go tolbert but now that mathews is back he’s not really getting the touches. Monitoring their situations do you think I should possibly go with Hunter or Jones over ceddy?

  49. Jeff says:

    Doc, who do you like ROS week 11-16 in standard league

    Antonio Brown or Denarius Moore

  50. paulzone says:

    would you unload stafford for which of these wr’s:

    or pass?

  51. paulzone says:

    @paulzone: or lloyd?

  52. barker says:

    12 team league trade ( deadline fri. )

    i give vick colston graham i get eli fitz jacobs ingram was offered to me

    i offered vick manningham hern for eli boldin jacobs

    QB schaub ( donesky )
    RB rice jstew felix
    WR harvin manningham decker vin brown ford
    TE hernandez gresham

    just traded CJ williams TB garcon last week for vick and harvin and got some really bad luck

    one other offer is colston for benson which really is no good even with the context of my team right?

  53. barker says:

    also is going for jacobs smart Ie will bradshaw possibly come back??

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timSTi: I’d probably drop Ingram first

    @CL: It’s always a hard question to answer. I am strictly a matchup guy myself, but that’s not based on any hard evidence. I think both ways end up being comparable. With so few games left I’d take a close look at the matchups here on out. I hope to do something like that for the site, but not sure if I’ll have time.

    @stumanji: I’d lean Smith just to be safe.

    @Jason: I think AJ will be valuable once he gets back. I am a little worried about DMC, but his talent trumps those worries a little. I’d take a risk on him.

    @Dann: Really depends on McGahee. I’d lean Hunter if McGahee looks like he’ll play.

    @Rob: If Floyd is out again I’d go with brown.

    @Peaches and Greene: I’d go for it. I doubt BJGE helps that much, but I like the trade anyway.

    @MrHappyTime: They’re close, but I’m going to give Leinart a shot.

    @Clueless: With LT most likely out I could see going Greene.

    @ergot: Interesting. It’s risky, but I could see going for it. If you are in first I could see holding steady though.

    @genghis chone: I like the Moore/Newton side

    @Randy: I think I’d hold

    @Jeremy: I wouldn’t.

    @Jeff: Brown will be safer

    @paulzone: I could see going with lloyd if you have a good QB already.

    @barker: I like trying to get Jacobs with Bradshaw not 100%, but I don’t like giving up Manningham. Since you are trying to unload Vick since he might not play and you don’t have a backup it makes it tough. I’d probably do the Eli trade if they go for it.

  55. Nick says:

    @doc: start L Robinson as wr3 and helu at flex over t.smith, damien williams, and james starks? Got j best still out and starting sanchez over tebow. Do you agree wih my roster set…also do you like Bennett or V. Brown over T Smith, Damien Williams or Starks…maybe even Leinart over Tebow/Sanchez

  56. barker says:

    so youd rather do the one where i get ingram is fitz that much of an upgrade over colston

    i guess it breaks down like this vick for eli colston for fitz and graham for the RBs

    you like manningham that much?? im trying to switch harvin for him in that one which would make it vick harvin hern for eli boldin jacobs
    would you possibly switch graham for hern and boldin for fitz??

    this is my only money league and dont want to make a panic trade and graham has been my best player so its tough to let go of him

  57. ergot says:

    Thanks doc
    I declined the McCoy and Vick for Rodgers and Mathews.
    I’m in 1st by 2 games so will hold tight
    Thanks for the advise

  58. ringo says:

    I need to drop someone in my 16 teamer for a TE this week… Should I drop Philadelphia? (my backup DEF to San Francisco), or should I drop one of Maurice Morris, Chris Ogbonnaya, or Lance Ball (my backup RBs)… no matter who I drop someone will pounce on them so any help would be appreciated

  59. atcdav says:

    Santana Moss was dropped. is he worth a grab? looked pretty meh this year so far

  60. george says:


  61. george says:


  62. EH says:

    PPR league.
    Would you trade McFadden for Ryan Mathews and Stafford? I am in a 2 qb league and have Cam and Hasselbeck right now. 2 RB league and I have Jackson and McFadden right now. I am a lock for the playoffs at 7-3 right now. What are your thoughts?

  63. Cracker Baggins says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    Which side would you want, Vincent Jackson and Ogbonnaya or Shonne Green and Holmes?

  64. Jeff says:

    Hey Doc, streaming def this week who do ya like?
    Jacksonville/Clev or Pats/Chiefs

  65. Kevin says:

    Looks like no Vick this week.

    Should I go Vince Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, or Tyler Palko?

  66. JP says:

    Need to grab a Vick replacement. Considering I’m not making the playoffs and playing up to wk 13, who would you drop: P.Hillis or Jacoby Ford? Thanks!

  67. atcdav says:

    Doc, I just as this on Twitter but I want to ask again with more backround. I am in 1st place 8-2. 2nd/3rd are tied at 6-4, they both have a tie breaker over me if it comes to that. Our 3rd playoff spot is a wildcard to the team with most points after 1st and 2nd place have been seeded. I am 4th in points right now.

    Do I trade Ray Rice for Foster, giving up potential points this week for a stronger playoff team? I do not like how BAL has played these last 2 weeks. I dont have Tate if Foster gets hurt but I have Ricky to cover Rice. Trade deadline this week. It sounds like Leinart doesnt hurt Foster to much if at all. I would start Kev Smith this week if I make the trade…

  68. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: I’d lean Starks over Helu to be safe.

    @barker: I’d try my hardest to keep Graham. He’s insanely reliable. I’d want this — vick harvin hern for eli boldin jacobs

    @ergot: Hope it pans out!

    @ringo: I’d drop Og

    @atcdav: He’s worth a grab

    @george: Celek

    @EH: I think it’s worth the risk

    @Cracker Baggins: Greene side

    @Jeff: Pats

    @Kevin: I’d lean Smith

    @JP: Ford

    @atcdav: It’s very close, but Foster has such a nice schedule I am still leaning his way.

  69. Kyle says:

    Damian Williams, Mike Williams (TB), David Nelson. Pick 2.

    Vernon Davis or Jermaine Gresham.

  70. Rodney says:

    Couple of quandaries.

    First, is Tebow against a tough Jets defense really a better play than Vince Young vs. a susceptible Giants defense? All prejudices aside?

    Second, I think Carson Palmer is a better play against a very bad Minnesota secondary than Philip Rivers (@ Chicago) and Tim Tebow. Agreed?

    Finally, I’m starting Roy Helu over the likes of LaGarrett Blount (don’t think he’ll be a factor for long vs. Green Bay), Ahmad Bradshaw (not sure he’ll play), and Willis McGahee (gimpy). Am I asking to lose?

  71. gino says:


    Foster’s on bye.

    So which 2 RBs do you suggest this week – Gore, Blount or Tolbert?

  72. gino says:

    Or Marshawn Lynch?? He’s on the wire as a possibility.

  73. Kiss tha Baby says:

    @Doc: hey man, trade deadline is tonight at midnight. I’m playing for next year. Who do you like next year as a keeper more: Jordy Nelson or Demarco Murray?

  74. barker says:

    i am playing the kid i am tied with in third place ( he has more points ) this week and there are 4 5-5 teams behind me so i figured if i don’t win this week i may greatly decrease my chance of making the playoffs. so i couldnt afford vick not playing or playing half a game and also a skeleton lineup with vin brown and decker on revis island

    there are not many teams with spare RBs — so in my view this trade breaks down as vick for eli not as much upside but steady as any qb fitz for graham almost an even swap and colston for jacobs and ingram its hard finding RB and jacobs should at least hold the fort this week

    my only other offer was colston for benson which really didnt help me this week and i would be out a #1 WR

    please tell me i’m not crazy for making this trade…

  75. Jeremy says:

    Would you drop Kendall Hunter for Jhavid Best? My other backs are Frank Gore, Matt Forte, and Beanie Wells.

  76. Brian says:

    You’re a goddamn genius. Thanks to you and Kevin Smith (and a few weeks ago, Demarco Murray), my fantasy season is saved. I’ve got a winning record for the first time since week 3 after losing JC, Britt, Hightower, Gates being out, and Reggie Wayne suddenly sucking at football. Thanks again for keeping me competitive.

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