It’s time for Week 11 to fire back up after the TNF (Tebow Night Football) appetizer between the Broncos and the Sanchizes. I will be filling in for Doc this weekend, as he is currently in the midst of a long road trip. I think he’s trying to find a White Castle. Just kidding…he could be looking for a Carl’s Jr, I’m not sure. In any case, Doc will return on Monday with a full belly and all the waiver goodness you could ever ask for.

Before you fire up the Red Zone channel and get your fourteen pounds of cheese deep ready for Sunday’s NFL games, make sure you enter our weekly Lineup Challenge. The Lineup Challenge has added an awesome prize this week: A My Playbook Season Pass from Fantasy Pros. Also, check out this Friends Of FanDuel Freeroll and this 20 game league if you want some more sweet NFL action.

Let’s get this party started with some player updates and all the hot links you can eat. Get out the ‘kraut.

Player Updates:

Willis McGahee: He is active but DON’T play him! He’s going to get you negative points! Aw damn, I should’ve posted that one on Thursday morning. Hopefully the old man didn’t hose too many of you out there.

Michael Vick/Jeremy Maclin: Both birds have been ruled out this week. Stay away from VY, and although Maclin’s absence opens up opportunity for the other Eagle receivers, I wouldn’t roll any of them out this week with Young under center.

DeMarco Murray: Felix Jones makes his much UNanticipated return this week, but have no fear, Bill’s brother DeMarco will still be the main man for the ‘boys.

Beanie Wells: Beanie is questionable but expected to play. If you have other options, go ahead and use them, as Wells will struggle mightily with the 49ers stingy defense.

A.J. Green: The Green Machine is now listed as doubtful for Sunday’s matchup against Baltimore. As a result, Jerome Simpson should get more looks this week. Although it’s a tough matchup, you could do far worse for a plug-in WR.

Dan Carpenter: A kicker is a kicker is a kicker….just don’t play this one and end up with a goose egg in your “K” spot this week. Carpenter is now officially “out,” so cut him loose. Shayne Graham will be taking over kicking duties for the Dolphins this week, in case you’re just dying to own the Dolphins kicker.

Running Backs McFadden/Bradshaw/Best: Out, out and still out. Roll out Bush and Jacobs with confidence. Maurice Morris and Kevin Smith should split the work in a good matchup for Detroit if you’re desperate.

Frank Gore: Gore is questionable for the 49ers game against Arizona this week, though he’s expected to play. Arizona’s run defense is nothing fancy, so if he is indeed active, play him as normal. Even a partial workload should still be productive enough for a start. Grab Kendall Hunter if you haven’t already, as he should be heavily involved this week and in the future as Gore rests up for the real playoffs (as opposed to our fake playoffs).

Stevie Johnson/Julio Jones: Both questionable, if you have healthier options, roll them out. If not, follow the Sunday a.m. inactive reports closely. David Nelson/Harry Douglas get extra love if they’re out.

Carson Palmer: No injury news here, but Palmer has a great matchup this week @Minnesota and would be an excellent replacement for those who are missing a QB due to bye or the unstoppable plague of injuries circulating around the NFL.


Sizzlin’ Hot Links:

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Good luck this week, and feel free to bust out all your lineup conundrums in the comments below!

  1. Spike says:

    10-team Non-PPR

    QBs: Newton, Vick
    WR: AJ Green, Colston, Holmes, D. Moore, A. Brown, L. Robinson
    RB: MJD, SJax, Murray, Mathews
    TE: Gonzalez
    K: Crosby
    DEF: NYG

    Need a fill-in for Green now that he’s not going (Brown/Colston on bye and didn’t start Holmes b/c he sucks) but don’t know who to drop… Crabtree/V. Brown would be my pickup most likely. Need this week to feel more secure about my playoff spot. Thoughts?

  2. hideousmutants says:

    Help talk me out of my tendency to trade myself out of contention! I’ve got Romo and Cam and I hate having so much talent tied up at one position. I’m also a lock for the playoffs and I like my depth. I think it’s possible to trade Newton and CJ0K for Fred Jackson. I already have Ray Rice and DMC at RB and CJ0K will be out of my starting line up when DMC is back. Do I trade away all my depth or just figure I’m sitting on a pretty strong team and roll with it?

  3. Josh T says:

    Need 2 of 3 for non-ppr: Cruz, DJax, LRobinson. Thanks

  4. Mungfisher says:

    Manningham or Steve Johnson? PPR. With Johnson dinged up and the Buffalo offense stuttering, I’m leaning Manningham, but I’m not in love with Manningham’s match up.


  5. jake says:

    Should I start Brandon Jacobs or Reggie Bush? Other starters: Stafford, V. Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Jermichael Finley, Michael Bush, Marshawn Lynch. 0.25 per catch.

    With Vick out, Jacobs may get lots of carries if Giants get ahead, also he’s basically the primary back. Reggie has been doing well, playing at home, and points associated with receptions, but who knows which Buffalo team shows up, and whether Daniel Thomas might get more carries again?

  6. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @spike: Wow, thats tough. If that’s your entire roster, I dont think there is a “dropable” player in there. For the pickup, I would go with V. Brown. I guess, if I had to choose one to drop in this situation, it would be Antonio Brown since he’s on bye, although I like him a lot.

    @hideousmutants: I would stay put. I’d rather start Cam than Romo down the stretch. Maybe see if the deal can be done with Romo in there instead.

    @Josh T: Cruz and Robinson. Im not confident in VY.

    @Mungfisher: I agree with you. Johnson seems like he may be playing at less than 100%, so I’d go with Manningham, who is less likely to turn in a 2 pt performance in my opinion.

  7. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @jake: Im not sure of your lineup structure, so I dont know who you’d be starting him over, but I really like Jacobs this week. I think NYG will hammer on Philly and Jacobs should be getting lots of work.

  8. Chris says:

    Vick is out and Big Ben is on BYE, I need help at QB for this week only….

    Bradford vs SEA
    A Smith vs ARI
    Skelton @ SF
    Dalton @ BAL
    Palko @ NE

    Currently have Bradford, but I am second guessing myself quite a bit.

  9. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Chris: I like Bradford. The only other one I would consider is Skelton, but I wouldnt argue with Bradford at home. Seattle’s run D is good but they can be thrown on.

  10. Chris says:

    @Jeff Brubach:

    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I think I’ll roll with Bradford and hope he can muster up 250 yds and a td. I like him, but with only 200+ yds in 3 out of 8 games played, and no more than 1 td in any game, my expectations are not high.

  11. Chris says:

    Also, in a +1 PPR league where I own DeMarco Murray, but also seem to be running subpar FLEXs out there the last few weeks (Helu, Garcon, Decker…etc).

    Better to hold Felix Jones as insurance, or should I pick up Kendall Hunter now while I still can? Felix is the only droppable guy on my squad (Decker is already gone).

  12. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Chris: I would go with Hunter. I think they have even value right now (probably edge to Hunter actually), and Hunter has a far better chance to be the featured back in a game or two down the stretch as the 9ers wrap up the NFC West.

  13. Rags says:

    Posted elsewhere, but I want as many eyes as possible, if you don’t mind.

    Thoughts on battle in my flex? They might run to try and protect Palko, but he tends to come out as soon as they’re down, which could be quickly, against the Pats. I also have Obie, but he’s meh and the Jags can stop the run.

    Other options on the wire include Doucet, Bess, Pettigrew, Gresham, Avant and Ochocinco. Non-PPR.

  14. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Rags: In a non-PPR setup, I think you go with one of those backs…less chance of a complete flop probably. Predicting which one of those WR/TE will produce is tough. I would go with Battle, for the reasons you stated. I dont expect them to let Palko throw it too much. If you feel like getting a little risky, I think Pettigrew may be a decent optioon of the others, but I’d stick with Battle.

  15. Jake says:

    need a 3rd wr in a 14 team/0 ppr. got a few guys out on bye.

    steve smith (phi), legedu naanee, or andre caldwell w/ aj green out?

  16. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Jake: Yikes. I’m going with Naanee, simply because he had a decent week last week and I expect that CAR/DET game to be high scoring. I’d rank them Naanee, Caldwell, Smith.

  17. SmokeTNT says:

    Stressing over Hunter v Battle.

  18. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @SmokeTNT: Funny you bring that up…I was just thinking about plugging Hunter in my flex spot over Benson vs the Ravens. It really feels like the 49ers are going to pound the ball against the Cardinals and Hunter should be a good play no matter how much Gore is in there. Consider my vote for Hunter, but I am going to try to wait and see if anything comes out of SF tomorrow a.m. regarding the plan for Gore’s usage.

  19. tourinct says:

    Tight ends:
    Hernandez or F Davis .5 ppr
    Gronkowski or Finley 2 ppr
    Hernandez or Celek 1 ppr

  20. Jason says:

    Got another Hunter question –

    12 team PPR-
    with Arian on a bye, I have Gore and plan to start him.
    I need an RB2 from these:
    Hunter, J Stewart, Deangelo and Hardesty (probably won’t play but latest is game time decision)

  21. timSTi says:

    . 5ppr:

    Celek, Dickson, Chandler, Gresham, or Ballard..

  22. AdamH says:

    If Beanie sits, who you start? You start any of these guys over Beanie anyway?

    Larod Stephens-howling
    Javon Ringer
    Bernard Scott
    Kevin Smith

  23. myheadphones says:

    Greg Olsen or Fred Davis this week?

  24. Cole says:

    i need to start two in a 1 ppr league. Beanie, Jon Stewart, Helu, or Jackie Battle. Thanks for any help!

  25. shippity says:

    Is there no Razzball Fanduel league this week?

  26. sawx10 says:

    Who to start for flex:

    J starkes
    E bennett
    S rice… Or
    D baldwin


  27. danielle says:

    I have beanie wells, should i pick up someone like k.hunter, c.ogbannaya, mccluster, barber, woodhead?

  28. david says:

    i need a flex, L.Blount, R.Helu, or B.Lloyd? thanks

  29. paulzone says:

    start cam or stafford this week?

    if it makes any difference, i have megatron too…

  30. Aaron says:

    Starks or L. Rob in a 1.0 ppr league?

  31. Boog says:

    Need an RB2 this week with Foster out… Hunter or Beanie?

  32. Dr. Pumpkin says:

    Here’s my conundrum:

    Fighting for a playoff spot this year and currently Julio Jones is my 3rd active WR this week in a keeper league even though it looks like he won’t play.

    My bench is currently Vick (out), Jimmy Graham (bye), Colston (bye), Austin (out), Wallace (bye), and Ingram (bye). The other RBs on my roster are AP, McCoy, and Starks.

    Do you think it’s worth dropping Ingram for a 1 week fill-in at WR or will taking a goose egg benefit me more in the long run by getting to keep Ingram?

  33. TheRealTaz says:

    Two questions:

    1. For flex today: Blount, Sid Rice, or Kendall Hunter?

    2. Flex ROS: Blount or Earl Bennett?

    Thank you!

  34. CD says:

    Non PPR. Need to start 2 of the following:

    Brandon Jacobs v Phi
    Denarius Moore @ Min
    Vincent Jackson @ Chi
    Chris Johnson @ Atl

  35. Jim Parkey says:

    Tolbert or Starks (or Beanie Wells)?

  36. I Am Become Death says:

    In a spot and in need of a BYE week fill in for Graham at TE. League is fairly deep and these are some of the guys who are available: Gresham., Lewis, Shiancoe, Watson, Cook, Dickson.

    This question is for anyone. Any sleeper TE picks for this weekend?

  37. Public Enemy #1 says:

    Jeff, I play in a league where we get bonuses for going over 100 yards, a point-per-reception as well as a 1/2 point per rush attempt along with the regular bevy of points traditional leagues use.. I have to play three of these four:

    Benson, RBush, Starks, Manningham

    Who would you go with if this was your team?

  38. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @tourinct: I’d take the Patriot in all three.

    @Jason: Tough spot there. Hardesty is now out, so its down to the Panthers…I wouldn’t play Hunter and Gore at the same time. I’d go with Stewart.

    @timSTi: Either Celek or Dickson. I’d lean Celek.

  39. Singapore Dave says:

    I’ve got Bennett at WR2 but I’m nervous. Stick with him or go with Breaston, S Rice, or D Nelson?

  40. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @AdamH: I wouldn’t start any of them over Beanie if he goes. If Beanie got scratched for some reason, I’d play Smith.

    @myheadphones: Toss up. Go with Davis.

    @Cole: I would leave Helu out due to the instability of that WAS situation. I’d play Stewart for sure this week and then I’d lean Beanie, even though he has a terrible matchup. I don’t know how KC’s offense is going to react with Palko in there…NE will be able to stuff the box.

    @shippity: No Razzball fanduel this week, but we do have the Lineup Contest going again.

    @sawx10: I like Bennett, especially if you get ppr at all.

    @paulzone: Personally, I like Stafford to bounce back and have a good game at home and Carolina’s D isn’t the best. Roll with Staff.

  41. kurtg says:

    Need help in an important week. I already started Shonn Greene so I am in a bit of a hole. I need to start 1 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex in a 1 PPR league out of: Forte (obvious), Matthews, Brandon Jacobs, Larry Fitzgerald (Obvious), Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe. Was leaning with Forte, Matthews, Jackson and Fitzgerald. Torn between Bowe with a new QB and Jacobs against the Eagles wide open 9 defense. Any thoughts? Playing the two division leaders and need to win to make playoffs. Thanks

  42. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Boog: I would go with Beanie as long as he is active. Both are in that late game so make sure to check the inactives reports.

    @Dr. Pumpkin: Now THAT is a tough question. If it’s a league where you keep everyone, I guess I’d take the goose egg. Ingram hasn’t been great this year but I wouldn’t give up on him for the long run just yet.

    @TheRealTaz: 1. I would go with Rice. The STL D sucks, so he should be ok this week. If TB gets down to GB quickly, Blount is useless and Hunter is still risky with Gore active. 2. I would still go with Blount ROS.

    @Jim Parkey: I like Starks this week.

    @Public Enemy #1: I would roll with the last three. Leave Benson out…his matchup scares me.

  43. Van Haggard says:

    Who to start at my flex? Daniel Thomas, kevin smith, or jacquizz rodgers?

  44. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @danielle: If Beanie is active, I’d still take him of those choices.

    @david: I LOVE Brandon Lloyd this week, go with him.

    @Aaron: Robinson with the PPR booster.

    @CD: Jacobs and CJ

    @I Am Become Death: I’d give Dickson a shot. See if he can build off of that nice performance last week.

    @Singapore Dave: I think you can stick with Bennett this week.

    @kurtg: I really like Jacobs this week. I think he’s gonna pound on the Eagles. I’m a little frightened of Bowe’s situation right now in KC. I like that lineup you have there plus Jacobs as your 2nd flex.

  45. Pepe Silvia says:

    better flex play: Ogbonnaya (vs. Jax) or Vincent Brown (@ Chi)?

  46. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Van Haggard: I would go with Thomas. Hasn’t been great as of late, but he got lots of carries last week. Seems like the safest bet of those.

  47. Deez says:

    Can’t decide between 2 WR in a non PPR:

    Denarious Moore
    Vincent Jackson???

  48. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Pepe Silvia: Go with Brown while Floyd is still out.

  49. Singapore Dave says:

    I’ve got more if it’s okay (8 teams, all of them on the bubble) …

    1) McGahee screwed me this week. On the bubble and I need a winner: a healthy Boldin or Manningham vs. Philly?
    2) Greene hurt me on another team. Should I gamble on Welker playing or should I play it safe and start Bennett? Alternatively, I could play Welker ahead of Hunter?
    3) Cedric Benson or LaGarrett Blount?
    4) The “experts” are saying to sit Roddy White. If I do that, I can play Benson, DHB, Jenkins, or T Smith. What should I do?
    5) Stevie Johnson or Harry Douglass?
    6) Another bad play, Mark Sanchez. I need to make up that one. Another Welker gamble. Should I start Breaston or V Brown in his place?

  50. david says:

    Brandon Marshall always screws me, im thinking about starting Danarius Moore instead, what do you guys think?

  51. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Singapore Dave:

    1- Boldin
    2- Welker is probable, I’d stick with him
    3- Blount
    4- Play Roddy
    5- Douglas, I think Stevie is risky this week
    6- Stick with Welker as long as he remains on track to play

    @david: I dont think it’s crazy, Moore has been great lately. Either of them should be good options this week.

  52. Singapore Dave says:

    Thanks, Jeff.

  53. zaj says:

    hey man. need a rb2 this week. 1 pt PPR league.

    have benson, but was thinking woodhead was a better upside play. thoughts?

  54. herschel says:

    @Jeff: ppr league, bjge or k smith? Thx.

  55. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @zaj: I dont know if I would go quite that far. He does have some PPR upside for sure, but I think I may stick with Benson there.

    @herschel: I’d give K. Smith a run.

  56. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @deez: Tough one. Give Jackson another shot.

  57. Antonio Romonio says:

    Non ppr. Just got offered McFadden, Stevie Williams and Jordy Nelson for my Darren Sproles and Dez. Do I accept?

  58. Mr2Bits says:

    Glad to see Marion Barber and Cutler can punch it in from the 1 but Forte can’t…….can;t catch a freaking break!

  59. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Antonio Robinson: Ya, I’d take that.

    @Mr2Bits: I agree, SO ANNOYING.

  60. Mr2Bits says:

    @Jeff Brubach:

    I have M Forte, M. Vick, A. Johnson, S Holmes, DMac and A. Bradshaw to start the season only to have a sub .500 record while not scoring a non QB TD in 2 weeks now….really starting to piss me off.

  61. Mr2Bits says:

    Ahhh great another Bears TD. You’d think between Earl Bennett and Forte I’d at least be able to get one TD between the 4 they have scored but alas, another 7 points come and gone

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