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NFL Network gets a great game with the undefeated Bears going up against the Dan Marino led Dolphins.  Are you ready!? What’s that? Cutler vs. Thigpen, and Cutler is afraid of lights?  Oh, um, at least we get to hear the dulcet ruminations of Matt Millen and Joe Theisman!  Hmmm?  They are like listening to Snookie sing that song from Bodyguard? Oh, well, at least everyone gets to see NFL football tonight! Huh? You say that not every cable provider carries NFLN?  That doesn’t make sense.  Ok, well, at least we can bask in the warm glow of the love between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria!

We also have our Weekly Contest and our FanDuel Leagues that need filled and prognosticated (we are sorely behind in getting them filled so we can play!) — League 1, League 2, and League 3.

  1. Wilsonian says:

    0.5 PPR…

    Play one of Colston or Boldin?

    Play one of Felix, McCoy or DMC?

  2. Mo says:

    Dang, Doc. Every week my WR3’s are bunched all up together. Essential info: PPR league. Who do I start?

    Nate Washington, Breaston, Danny Amendola, Mike Williams (SEA, unfotunately)

    Just got Amendola and Michael Turner for MJD.

  3. Harley says:

    @ Doc: Rank for rest of year, .5 ppr league – Mendenhall, Charles or McFadden. Thanks.

  4. Steve Mc says:

    Need 1 WR and 1 Flex in a PPR league. Who would you go with?

    F Jones
    R Moss
    James Jones

  5. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Cutler is my main. Worth it to drop Fitzpatrick for Kitna?

  6. jish says:

    Do I start k. Boss or d. Keller?

  7. Joel says:

    I posted this elsewhere as well: 1) if Collie is out, would you start Kitna or Peyton? 2) If Schaub is out, would you start Felix Jones, Blount or Foster vs a jets team that can put 11 in the box? (non-ppr)

  8. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Boss has a nice matchup but with Best hurting or possibly out does that make Pettigrew even better?

    I have Ravens D in 2 leagues and I break out in a laughter every time I think of it.

  9. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Also how far would you move up McMichael if Gates doesn’t play?

  10. Derrick says:

    I have SJax, Chris Johnson, Blount, FJax, Stewart and Williams at RB.

    I am thinking about sending Blount, FJax and Sydney Rice for Ray Rice. Is that too much to give up?

  11. Wilsonian says:

    Would you drop Buc Williams for Santonio, or hold tight? (0.5 PPR)

  12. nostrathomas says:

    Ok, tough question time. I’ve got 1 WR, 1 RB, and one RB/WR Flex position to decide. Who to play in each out of the following:

    L. Blount, R. Moss, M. Floyd, M. Lynch, M. Forte, K. Williams, M. Sims-Walker

    I’m leaning toward just starting Blount and Hillis at RB and then play all 4 of my receivers, with one in the flex (R. White, D. Bowe, M. Floyd, R. Moss)

  13. LacWilliams says:

    Flex position in a non PPR league: Would you start LaDainian Tomlinson, Brandon Lloyd or Larry Fitzgerald?

    Can’t believe I have to bench two of those guys.

  14. TDCC says:


    Is Ronnie Brown still someone you would target? I know he has that favorable schedule we have all been anticipating, but man is he playing awful. Plus now the Dolphins are with Thigpen at QB and considering Long’s injury issues, I don’t know if it’s a such good idea to try and make a move for him. Was wondering what your thoughts were on how he finishes out and rank Ronnie Brown against Beanie Wells and Torain for rest of season.

  15. Pepe Silvia says:

    Flex question – start B Marsh tonight or sit him and go with Keiland Williams on Sunday? I also have Bernard Scott, who looks like he could be a really good play if Benson gets held out.

  16. Tom Brady says:

    Pick 3:

    Jamaal Charles vs AZ
    Forte @ MIA
    Bush vs SEA
    Keiland Williams @ TEN

  17. Matt P says:

    James Jones or Louis Murphy for the rest of the year?

  18. Nate says:

    Addai all the way at the bottom against a bad Patriots defense? Surely if he can go it’s a better matchup than that…

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Colston/McCoy

    @Mo: I’m leaning Amendola

    @Harley: After this week, McFadden, Mendy, JC

    @TheEvilEmpire: I would

    @Steve Mc: That is horribly tough. I am leaning Jones/Knox

    @jish: Keller

    @Joel: I’d stick with Peyton and it looks like Schaub will go.

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah, I’d lean Pettigrew.

    @MJD Took A Knee: I think his value is mainly with Gates owners. Gates is good enough to wait on the Monday night game and if he doesn’t go, go with McMichael. And since we won’t know Gates status by Sunday there’s no way you can play McMichael if you don’t have Gates.

    @Derrick: No, I’d do that.

    @Wilsonian: I wouldn’t. I like them about equally, but MW just a hair more.

    @nostrathomas: I agree.

    @TDCC: He has lost the value i was hoping he would have, but I still rank him ahead of Wells and then Torain.

    @Pepe Silvia: That’s tough since I’m not sure about Torain/Portis. If I had to bet i would say Torain doesn’t go and Portis is a GTD and gets limited work. I like BMarsh’s upside, but I think Williams will end up being the safer play.

    @Tom Brady: It’s between sitting Forte or Bush for me as long as Torain doesn’t play. I’d lean toward sitting Bush.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nate: I don’t think he’ll go.

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt P: Jones

  22. Nate says:

    As for the advice I need…

    I’ve got gold in my pocket this week with Frank Gore as my RB 1. My RB 2 situation, though, is more shaky…I’ve got LeGarrette Blount, Beanie Wells, Ronnie Brown or (if healthy) Joseph Addai. I’m not really thrilled about starting any of them.

    Should I move Danny Woodhead from my WR 3 spot into my RB 2 spot and slot in Jordan Shipley (it’s a PPR league) or Steve Smith (CAR), or should I bite the bullet, leave Blount as my RB #2 and hope he can beat San Francisco’s tough run defense?

  23. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Lol thanks Garcon I totally forgot SD played Mon night. I just read about Ocho being hurt too so I might wait till SUN to decide. Boss Pettigrew Greshem I wouldn’t mind starting any one of them. They can’t do worse than Hernandez 0 which has left me scarred.

  24. Dan says:

    I’m in a league where we start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, and 1 RB/WR flex. We score 0.5 ppr.

    My goal this year was to establish a strong receiving corps, as that has been a weakness in the past. Also, this is a keeper league where we keep 3 players where they were originally drafted. If he’s undrafted, we keep him as a 19th (final round) pick. This is my roster with applicable keepers:

    QB Aaron Rodgers (2)
    QB Matt Ryan (5)
    Bench QB Troy Smith
    RB Stephen Jackson (1)
    RB Ray Rice (8)
    Bench RB LeGarrette Blount (undrafted)
    Bench RB Ryan Torain
    WR Calvin Johnson (6)
    WR Dwayne Bowe
    WR Buc Williams (undrafted)
    Bench WR Jeremy Maclin
    Bench WR Malcolm Floyd
    Bench WR Vincent Jackson
    Bench WR Deion Branch

    I’ve been starting Blount in the flex spot.

    My question is this: There’s a guy in the league who has Arian Foster (6th round) and Chris Johnson (12th). His 3rd RB is either Lynch or Moreno. His WR are Greg Jennings, Lance Moore, Amendola, Randy Moss, and Steve Breaston. His QB situation is even worse than that: Brett Favre, Tyler Thigpen, and Jason Campbell.

    I’m considering trying to trade for either Chris Johnson or Arian Foster. He’s said he needs a big deal, but I figure I can offer him upgrades at all 3 spots with something like Troy Smith, Stephen Jackson, and Floyd (or Maclin, or VJ, or Bowe) for Foster. Is that worth the haul I’d have to drop to land him?

    How do you see Foster going forward? Am I stupid not to offer that right away? Given Vick’s connection with Desean, is Maclin the guy to give up here?


  25. crewsilini says:

    Nice one Chet…Yahoo! had a YouTube feed of Frank Gifford before the ’85 game.

  26. struggler says:

    A couple of who to start questions in my ppr league:
    qb: kitna or ben?
    flex: manningham or malcom floyd or best or reggie?
    (currently starting mendy, DMC, nicks, dre johnson)
    te: tamme or zach miller?


  27. Commish Cauda says:

    Aaron Hernandez or Gresham this week only?

  28. Bluety says:

    in a 12 team keeper/ppr Have M. Vick and D. Brees. Need RBs I have been offered Gore, Dixon, Mason and his 5 round pick for Vick, Tolbert, Dez and my 3rd round. Currently My team is Brees, vick, Best, Tolbert, Ricky, Barber, D. Jackson, Wayne, Dez, Wes, Witten, Hart. Please help

  29. Keeper question: I’m out of the running this year, so I’m looking to move Andre Johnson (first 2 round picks can’t be kept) for a good keeper. My options are Jahvid Best (kept in the 3rd round, AKA I lose that pick next year), Knowshon Moreno (3rd round), or Joe Flacco (18th round). Our league is transitioning to 2 QB’s next year, but I already have intriguing pieces there (Matt Ryan and Matthew (if he can just stay healthy) Stafford). I’m very weak in RB (Beanie Wells anybody? Spiller?). Who do I pull the trigger on? I lean towards Best, but I’m not sure. Thanks for the help.

  30. schlitzy says:

    I was offered ray rice for my JC. What do you think?

  31. Um, excuse me Doc, but this chart needs to be updated so it includes Brian St. Pierre starting for the panthers…

    …does that make Goodson an autostart because he’s going to get 50 touches, even against pissed off Ravens?

    Also have SJax, BJax, Keiland Williams & Bernard Scott.

    Yes, my team is THAT bad.

  32. swingkungfu says:

    these positional rankings basically answered the question i’ve been debating all week, which is whether to start dez bryant over boldin or buc williams. looks like he’s going to make his way in there. now, that leads me to a new question, which is for my last receiving slot, should i start boldin, williams or zach miller(oak)?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Flutie Flakes: I think it makes Mike Goodson a good candidate for the IR, but he will get plenty of touches for a flex spot. Can’t really count on a TD since they took him out at the goal line last week. I would play SJax and Williams for sure and if you need a third I’d lean BJax.

    @schlitzy: I like them about the same.

    @PureBwa: Agreed, turf toe is hampering him. He should be ready to go next season.

    @Bluety: I wouldn’t do it. Dez and Vick are elite and Gore probably only has another year of eliteness.

    @Commish Cauda: Tough. I’m leaning Gresham.

    @struggler: Kitna, Manningham, Tamme

    @Dan: If you could get that deal with Floyd I’d do it.

    @Nate: I’d roll the Blount.

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @swingkungfu: Leaning Buc Williams.

  35. Adam says:

    Pick two for WR/Flex: Marshall, S. Moss, J. Jones, Best?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Adam: Julius Jones? I’d go Marshall, Best

  37. Adam says:

    Sorry, forgot he even existed…James Jones

  38. Adam says:

    Also, for my brother’s team…

    QB: Schaub @NYJ,

  39. Adam says:


    QB: Schaub @NYJ, Orton @SD, or go to the FA pool and grab Garrard vsCLE or Kitna @DAL?

    WR: AJ on Revis Island, Maclin vsNYG or snag Malcolm Floyd vsDEN off waivers?

    Would probably drop NYG defense if I need to go to the FA list for any of the above, or else Torain/Keiland if that situation sorts itself out at all by Sunday

  40. Adam says:

    @Adam: Sorry, third time is the charm…make that Hill @DAL

  41. Suck It Cutler says:

    @ Doc: I know I know, you have Hill ranked above Cutler in the positional rankings this week…and so I’m taking your advice…but please reassure me, I’m getting nervous before TNF starts!

  42. Shippity says:

    where does woodhead fall in your WR rankings? thanks

  43. PaulR says:

    big Mike Williams (SEA) or Goodson at flex?

  44. yuppie says:

    well 9-1 rolling with Freeman as my flex option every week. Going to change it up and stick Dez Bryant in there over Freeman and Bowe. PPR league is this a smart move?

  45. yuppie says:

    Qb get 4 points for thrown tds receiving and rushing tds 6 points

  46. Matt says:

    Why is Cedric Benson ranked so low?

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt: He does have a great matchup, but had one last week as well. It’s hard to sit him of course, but I’m lowering expectations.

    @yuppie: Hard to say for sure. I love Dez, but it’s also nice to get a QB in the flex since he touches the ball so much. But we are also hearing the Williams might not play which would make your decision much easier.

    @PaulR: Goodson

    @Shippity: He should be in the high 30s. He’s borderline flex.

    @Suck It Cutler: Hope you stuck with Hill!

    @Adam: I’d say the same

    @Adam: I like Kitna and Floyd,

  48. Matt says:

    I agree that benson underperformed last week, but it was under circumstances of his team falling behind.
    I have options- my RBs are Steven Jackson, Rashard Mendenhall, Knowshon Moreno, Matt Forte, and Cedric Benson.

    So I start sjax and mendenhall of course, but in the flex spot I have to choose between Benson and Moreno (or Maclin/Welker). Thoughts?

    Thanks again for the help.

  49. Tommy says:

    Would you go with Fred Jackson or Mike Tolbert in my flex position. now that im hearing Tolbert is looking to get the start.

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt: I like Moreno

    @Tommy: Tolbert

  51. Damion says:

    got vick at QB
    Trying to pick 2 wr out of bowe, m.williams(tb), m.thomas(jax), floyd, and austin
    also 2 rb out of mccoy, rice, blount, and tolbert
    thinking about using tolbert as my flex

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Bowe/Austin


  53. ballsdeep says:

    Doc pick 1.

    Miles Austin or Dwayne Bowe

  54. Jonathan says:

    LT or Nate w at flex?

  55. Jeremy says:

    Tolbert or Felix Jones? Standard Yahoo league.

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