With the bye weeks finally behind us, now all you have to worry about are injuries.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few of those which makes week 12 an interesting one, especially when looking at the waiver wire.

Remember Beanie Wells?  Although he wasn’t all that fantastic before his injury this year, he still has enormous potential and The Arizona Cardinals certainly know that.  However, in his last two starts anyway, LaRod Stephens-Howling has been a suitable replacement.  With Wells’ return and Stephens-Howling’s continued display of ability, look for this to quickly turn into a time share.  Both of them should be owned in almost all leagues with some bench room, but both RBs are risky starts this week with so many question marks.  Keep in mind they play Seattle in two weeks so the last week before the playoffs for many of you will be another benching situation for both of these RBs.

After a few lackluster performances from Rashad Jennings, Mike Mularkey decided to roll with Jalen Parmele.  If you’re wondering who that is, so is everyone else, but against The Titans this week, I like his chances to succeed.  Unless Maurice Jones-Drew makes some miraculous comeback before Sunday, look for Parmele to carry the heavy load for The Jaguars this week.

Bryce Brown is another tempting pickup this week.  Seeing LeSean McCoy carted off the field with a concussion and The Eagles’ season in a downward spiral, there’s no reason not to give Brown some reps and see what he can do.  This is a Monday night game, however, so if McCoy manages to recover rapidly, he’ll have an extra day to do so, but it doesn’t look likely.  Against The Panthers, he has an excellent shot at success, but there’s only so much you can expect from any Eagles RB in their pass-happy offense.

Believe it or not, we’re not done.  The Broncos lost Willis McGahee this week, opening the door for Ronnie Hillman to take over the bulk of carries.  Although The Chiefs are actually alright against the run and he’ll have to share some of the running responsibilities with Lance Ball and Knowshon Moreno, Hillman also has the most potential for long-term success based on his schedule and competition.  McGahee is expected to miss 6-8 weeks so Hillman is an investment for the remainder of the 2012 fantasy football season.

Although the Lions will give him plenty of touches, Mikel Leshoure’s matchup is not an easy one.  The Packers are decent against the run, but The Texans are even better.  Drop him down to a flex play in your expectations.

The same can be said for Trent Richardson who has failed to find the endzone in his last two games and has also had a little more trouble holding onto the ball.  Pittsburgh held Ray Rice to just 40 yards on the ground and Rice is on a much more talented team.  With his receiving ability, he’s still a reasonable start, but don’t expect more than 8-12 fantasy points.

Finally, The 49ers are playing The Saints this week.  If this doesn’t instantly tell you to bench every Saints RB, I don’t what will.  If Darren Sproles comes back this week, he has some potential in 12-team PPR leagues, but that’s it.

  1. Velocity_X says:

    I have a couple of dilemmas in who to play this week, which is only made worse by the 3 Thursday games:

    Sit one: Aaron Hernandez, Owen Daniels or Denarius Moore.

    Start one: Felix Jones, LSH or Beanie Wells.

    • aaron says:


      provided hernandez plays, go with him and daniels. reasons: gronk down, lloyd demoted out of 2-side sets (edelman will see bump up to that role); hernandez has been practicing plenty; daniels gets steady targets and likely TD (g graham stole his catches and TDs last week as Daniels was working back from injury – he’s fully healthy and practiced all [short] week); DET D stinks esp vs. TE’s and Houston will have to score some to win, which they will do. denarious is very boom/bust.

      start LSH
      felix unlikely to play or if he does, less than 100% and ‘boys have been and will continue to throw tons until demarco back
      beanie just back and was not much when he played. Cards will need to throw and LSH will get the RB targets plus couple of decent runs. only way beanie is better than LSH is if he gets a goal line TD and with Cards that is not likely.

      you’d be far better to get if available: jalen parmele RB/JAX, bryce brown RB/PHI, ronnie hillman RB/DEN or even vick ballard than felix, LSH or wells

  2. Johnny says:

    What’s happening lads?? I picked up Russell Wilson to back up Sheli Manning for the ROS.. now I can’t stop thinking about Chad Henne (I know, it’s fucked up!)
    Please tell me I did the right thing and ride it out with Manning and Wilson. I missed on Kaepernick.. and I am not even sure that he will play. So, do you think I should try to get Henne or leave him on the wire?
    As always, thanks a million and bring on the hot stove action!!!

    • Loudon

      Loudon says:

      @Johnny, Henne is decent, but he still plays for the Jaguars. Don’t let one week dictate what you do for the ROS. I would say you did the right thing.

  3. CHill says:

    I have a big game this wk vs one of the other 3 teams vying for the last playoff spot in my one and only league.

    I have Stafford, Martin, Reece, Decker, Nelson, Graham.

    My dilema is flex this week, Bryce Brown, Beanie Wells, Edleman.
    The problem is edleman is tomorrow, and brown’s game in mnf.
    If I go w. starting brown, and mccoy is stupidly playing monday,
    Im screwed. Its beanie’s 1st game back, so who knows what’ll truly happen w. LSH playin well of late. And Edleman is tomorrow in that Belicheck game to game madness… Also have Mike Williams and Malcom Floyd as flex, but both have let me down too much this year.

    Please give me a little insight and resolve to my dilemma.

    • Loudon

      Loudon says:

      @CHill, Of all of those options, I like Brown the best. Followed by the two receivers who have let you down. McCoy is already unlikely to play, but with The Eagles’ season in shambles and McCoy under contract for quite some time, The Eagles would be foolish to start McCoy even if he could play. Riddled with injuries, The Eagles will likely run the ball a little more than usual which gives Brown some definite upside. Being on Monday night, I understand your concerns, but in a big game, you need as much upside as you can get. Neither Floyd not Williams have favorable matchups this week so Brown’s both the safest and the most upside of your options.

      Good luck!

  4. Tyler says:

    hey i need help deciding who to start in a PPR league. ive been getting killed because a majority of my stars are hurt for

    WR:Julio Jones, miles Austin, Anquan Boldin, Edleman, mike Wallace and Cecil shorts

    RB:Mcfadden, Bryce Brown, Felix Jones, and Ronnie Hilman.
    If i lose this game i wont make the playoffs. Please help me!!!!
    Thanks Tyler

    • Loudon

      Loudon says:

      @Tyler, I’m just gonna ranks these guys since I don’t know how many you need to start or the number of flex players you have.

      Bryce Brown
      Julio Jones **WATCH HIS STATUS**
      Miles Austin
      Ronnie Hillman
      Cecil Shorts
      Mike Wallace
      Felix Jones

      __________________Drop off line
      Anquan Boldin
      Julian Edelman
      Darren McFadden (unlikely to play)

      Best of luck this week.

  5. Andy says:

    I need some advice for my flex play tonight. I am down 4 points to the #1 team in the league. All his players have played. I have J. Stewart and B. Brown. Who would be the better player tonight?

    • Loudon

      Loudon says:

      @Andy, If you’re down 4 points, Brown is the slightly safer choice. Stewart is still sharing some of the load in Carolina and with the exception of last week against Tampa Bay, Stewart is really only getting about 4-6 fantasy points per game. Brown got 3.5 points last week in VERY limited action. McCoy has been officially ruled out so roll with Brown and knock that #1 team off his/her pedestal.

    • Loudon

      Loudon says:

      @Andy, Can’t say I expected Brown to do anywhere near that well, but I hope you won this week because of him.

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