Here are your Week 14 rankings ladies and germs —

  1. scott says:

    ppr flex, rank these guys
    run dmc, bradshaw, fred jackson, forte, starks, mike williams tb, nicks, TO

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    @Doc and @Everyone:

    Hello all… It is week 1 of the playoffs and I need serious help. In the opening round I’m facing my “rival” who’s already swept me (2-0) this year!

    QB Matt Ryan, Atl QB
    RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB Q
    RB Tashard Choice, Dal RB
    RB/WR Malcom Floyd, SD WR
    WR Calvin Johnson, Det WR Q
    WR Greg Jennings, GB WR
    TE Vernon Davis, SF TE
    D/ST Eagles D/ST, Phi D/ST
    K Nate Kaeding, SD K
    Bench Ronnie Brown, Mia RB
    Bench Dwayne Bowe, KC WR
    Bench Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB
    Bench Jacob Tamme, Ind TE Q
    Bench Josh Freeman, TB QB
    Bench James Starks, GB RB

    Areas of concern: QB, RB2 and RB/WR positions

    QB: Obviously Doc likes Ryan just slightly better. I tend to agree.
    RB2: Doc likes Starks. I like Choice. No one likes Lynch.
    Flex: I’m worried about Croyle in KC… the choice is between Bowe/Floyd/Starks/Choice/Lynch.

    Thanks for all the help this year (to everyone but especially Doc)!

    – Roger “Love Guru” Lodge

  3. Roger Lodge says:

    P.S. @ Doc… I think the link to this article’s comments section leads to the comments section of the previous article.

  4. Bandit says:

    So, according to the rankings, I should go M. Floyd over H. Nicks (to go with Roddy, Santonio and Stevie J) and Schaub over Matty Ice. Agree with that logic, Doc?

    Tough call in a playoff week.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    Celek or Cooley this week?

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @scott: run dmc, bradshaw, fred jackson, forte, starks, TO, mike williams tb, nicks,

    @Roger Lodge: I can easily see going with Choice. That’s a pretty close one. I actually just moved Choice up. Not sure how he snuck down that far. I’d go Bowe.

    @Roger Lodge: Think I fixed it for now.

    @Bandit: Yeah, Floyd looked healed last week and VJax isnt back.

  7. Freddy 4 Fingers says:

    Wow, Doc. That is a lot of faith with Nicks who is coming off a serious injury. You really trust he will get enough snaps? This is the playoffs and playing him is quite a gamble.

  8. Nate says:

    Start 1…starks, westbrook, or dixon?

  9. DP says:

    so what’s your take on Nicks vs. Bowe this weekend? Not sure who to trust.

  10. CL says:

    Doc: I’m back to rockin Flacco for the foreseeable future. 12 team PPR. I grabbed Roy Williams and dumped Cutler (after 1 week) because I don’t have room for both, and don’t trust Fitzgerald to see me through to the promised land. You feel good about that? I have a bye this week of playoffs. My WRs are AJohnson, Maclin, Fitz, Floyd, and now Roy Williams for 3 slots.

  11. Wilsonian says:

    Kubiak said Owen Daniels is good to go. How does this effect his value? Snag him for round 2 of the playoffs (should I make it)? I currently have Watson in.

  12. Craig says:

    Pick 2: garcon, fitz, welker.

    Also, starks over LT?


  13. Swizz says:


    First thanks for all your help couldnt have made it into the playoffs without your insight and knowledge!

    My question is would you bench Benson for Dixon, Choice or Stark for a flex?


  14. BAM says:

    with VJax a surprise participant in practice today, how far down does that drop seyi?

    with Obamanu out, how do you feel about D.Butler as a WR3 w/ upside this week?

  15. Doc, PPR league. Woodhead is WR eligible. Do I go Woodhead or Floyd this week? I like Woodhead because the Bears like to give the underneath pass up, but I know Floyd prob has the better chance to score. Win and I’m in the playoffs so a big decission.


  16. Junker23 says:

    Should I be concerned about Andre Johnson’s ankle? Could play Colston instead.

  17. Nick says:

    @Doc: Choice or Westbrook at flex? I don’t want to see Westbrook flop again or get hurt, then again who knows if Choice will get the bulk of the carries…

  18. Nick says:

    Re-above- nervous about Westbrook facing Seahawks who are getting DL Cole back which rotoworld posts as a deceiving matchup for 49ers backfield…

    also saw a report that VjaX practiced today, so if he were to get the start, do put him in over my 3WR T.O. or at flex over Westbrook/Choice…?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Freddy 4 Fingers: Last time I said to sit him off his injury and he went off for 100 yards and 2 TDs. He has a good matchup in the dome. As long as he goes I’m willing to take a risk on him.

    @Nate: Westy in PPR, Starks in non

    @DP: I’d go bowe

    @CL: Can’t say i love it. Could have some bad weather games in Balty and Cleveland weeks 15/16. Cutler gets Minny in the dome next week.

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, I’d grab him and see how he does this week.

    @Craig: garcon/Fitz and Starks.

    @Swizz: I would bench him for Choice/Starks. I am back and forth on both. I’ve been leaning Starks, but it is pretty much a toss up.

    @BAM: That would kill Seyi. Butler will have some WR3 Upside.

    @Coff16: I like Floyd

    @Junker23: I wouldn’t worry just yet.

    @Nick: I’d lean Choice.

    @Nick: It would be risky to put VJax in there. I want to see him play a full game.

  20. elwood blues says:

    Which injured WR3 to start this week–

    Britt or Marshall..

    or neither and pick up
    Bennett or S.Smith (the panther)

    PPR League

  21. Black Beard says:

    Doc, just out of curiousity, how do you assess kickers on a week to week basis?

  22. elwood blues says:

    throw in another name
    A.Armstrong for WR3 over any of the above??

  23. Black Beard says:

    Hightower, Edwards or Driver at flex?

  24. Black Beard says:

    @Black Beard: Non PPR.

  25. sal says:

    @Doc: who is the safer play- dickson or Boss? I have both and I am mulling over who I should roll with.. Would Nicks be a deciding factor?

  26. Richard Meadors says:

    So is there no weekly contest this week? or no colts or titans elligible?

  27. elwood blues says:

    so I passed on Britt.. which means he’ll light it up tonite.,

    Now need help with
    Marshall/Bennett/ or Armstrong for WR3

  28. Roger Lodge says:

    Quite a bit is being made of WAS’s D having lost LaRon Landry and Carlos Rogers being injured this weekend. Does this affect your rankings with regard to Josh Freeman (specifically with regard to Matt Ryan) or should I still plan to use Matt Ryan?

  29. John says:

    Hey I need help with my Flex Spot non PPR similar to other questions:
    Starks, Choice, Torian, or Crabtree?

    Right now i have choice slotted in but im torn on all cause there’s not a lot of guaranteed carries for anyone on the list.

  30. Demetrius says:

    Hi Doc…Helped me out each week. Which do you like better:
    a.) Roddy White, Harvin, Nicks, Welker
    b.)White, Harvin, Nicks, VJax
    c.)White, Nicks, Welker, V.Jax
    d.)White, Harvin, Nicks, Welker

  31. paul says:

    Hey Doc, looking for your recommendation for my flex spot once again.

    Jacobs, Choice, Brown, James Jones, Mason?

    Also would you roll with Blount + Starks in the 2 RB positions? Or swap one of them from the list of RB I just listed available for my flex?

    Thank you

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: You really can’t with much accuracy. I play matchups. If it looks like a high scoring game I’ll go with a kicker from that game if he’s available, the weather is ok, and he’s not horrible. And I do like playing kickers against Arizona. It’s been odd how many points they’ve been giving up.

    @elwood blues: I like Armstrong’s upside, but he is risky.

    @Black Beard: Hightower

    @sal: Yeah, with Nicks and Smith back I’d sit Boss.

    @Richard Meadors: It’s up now. yeah, we’re just going to use the Sun/Mon games.

    @elwood blues: Armstrong

    @Roger Lodge: I think they will run with Blount. They win when they run, lose when they throw.

    @John: Yeah, I’ve been back and forth on that one, but keep leaning to Starks because I feel a little bit safer with his workload. But he could lose goal line carries which Choice might get. It’s not an easy call.

    @Demetrius: The team with White? This decision might be made for you if Nicks or VJax sit, but I’d lean the team with Nicks over VJax.

    @paul: I’d go with Choice and keep Starks and Blount in there.

  33. Kasey says:

    who do I start at QB = Eli manning or matt schaub? (-1 point for a sack)
    which 2 do I start at RB = Knowshon, Peterson, Ray Rice, or Tashard Choice?
    which 3 do I start at Wr = Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Sidney Rice, or Wes Welker?

  34. Craig says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great call on garcon. I didn’t expect a game like that!

  35. cruisinkc says:

    Who to start this week…..Orton or cutler and j-stewart or James Starks?

  36. Wilsonian says:

    Two Questions:

    1) If Buc Williams doesn’t go, should I play Hines or pick up either Ford, Danario, Seyi, or Armstrong to play in Buc’s spot?

    2) Are you worried at all about Bradshaw and his injured wrist? Would you play Westy or Choice in his place if he shouldn’t go or isn’t near 100%?

  37. Wilsonian says:

    Oops, three questions:

    3) I have Denver’s D in for this week, should I pick up the NYG for just this week?

  38. Nate says:

    Doc, who do you like better as a flex play out of Choice, Woodhead or Law Firm in a PPR league? They all have tough matchups, so I’m not sure who to go with.

  39. TDCC says:

    Got a couple question for you-

    1. First round of playoffs and need a flex if Hakeem Nicks is unable to go this week. Anthony Armstrong or Brian Westbrook. Definitely leaning Westbrook as hes the safer player here and love his matchup.

    2. Then in my PPR League I have a chance to finish in first if I win this week (Get $ for finishing first regular season). Can’t decide a flex between Floyd, Knox, Crabtree (with A Smith back), or Westbrook. And it’s PPR. Not having Gore is killing me here

  40. brad says:

    effing fantasy football. . .

    I outscored the 2nd place team in total points by over 200. But now the 8 seed in the playoffs will beast this week with hillis and cj.

    I need big performances, and can start 3 of these 5 wrs: Megatron, Colston, Bowe, Floyd, Buc Williams.

    Calvin and Colston seem like locks, but I am worried about Bowe after his goose egg last week and his QB’s appendectomy this week. But I’m probably overthinking this, he still has the most upside this week, right?

  41. Mario says:

    First time advice needed.I have plenty of not so great options this week and It’s making my head spin in every direction. Which two would you start from this WR group? Ward, Amendola, Britt, or Fitz? And for RBS which one would you choose? Choice, Starks, Best, or Torain?

  42. Mario says:

    First time advice needed.I have plenty of not so great options this week and It’s making my head spin in every direction. Which two would you start from this WR group? Ward, Amendola, Britt, or Fitz? And for RBS which one would you choose? Choice, Starks, Best, or Torain? Thanks for my playoff hopes…

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kasey: Eli, AP, Knowshon, White, Rice, AJ

    @Craig: Glad it worked out!

    @cruisinkc: Orton/Starks

    @Wilsonian: I’d play Armstrong, but Williams did practice today. A little worried, but I’d still lean Bradshaw. Choice if he were a late scratch.

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, Favre is hurt and TJack is TJack.

    @Nate: I think I’d go with the upside of Choice, but the Law Firm is a little safer.

    @TDCC: Agree with Westy. I’m liking all those guys in PPR. Probably Westy. Smith likes to checkdown.

    @brad: Yeah, it’s close, but I think Croyle gets him the ball.

    @Mario: Tough call. Britt already played so that narrows it down. I’d still go Fitz and then Amendola. The RBs are between Choice and Starks for me. Choice has more upside, but Starks is a little safer. Leaning Starks

  44. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks for the advice. So would you wait and see if Williams is a go or just go ahead and stick Armstrong in there and assume Buc is not gonna be the Buc we’ve grown to know and love?

  45. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: oh, and I could grab Bennett on Sunday morning if he clears waivers. Would you play him over Armstrong or Buc? It’s a 0.5 ppr, as well.

  46. Josh says:

    How worried about this weekends weather should I be? I have Schaub and Freeman to pick between, and I was leaning toward Freeman @ WAS until I saw the forecast for DC this weekend

  47. Joel says:

    i have a similar question to one of Wilsonian’s: I need to choose between Nicks and Buc Williams for my WR2 this week. The injury reports obviously are confusing. Bottom line, if Nicks and Buc both play, which one should I start? I guess I’m leaning Buc, cause things seem so iffy with whether hakeem is gonna be on a snap count, etc.

  48. el gaucho insufrible says:

    Hola Doc! Would love a little playoff advice.

    I’ve got 5 positions to fill, two RB, two WR, and one RB/WR.

    I’ve got Uncle Ray Rice, JC Superstar, and Mendenhall for RBs.

    For WR I’ve got Greg Jennings, Bowe, Nicks, and Floyd.

    I assume I should start the three RBs and just two of my WRs, one of which should of course be Jennings. So for the last spot would you go with Bowe, Nicks, or Floyd? I’m thinking maybe Floyd since Bowe has a tough matchup. Muchas gracias!

  49. batman the horse says:

    10 team PPR. 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, 1 Flex.

    I need a big week because I’m facing a monster team of [Vick,Megatron,Wayne,Chris Johnson,McCoy,Jennings, Marcedes]

    I’ve got [Schaub or Kitna, A Johnson, Welker or S.Rice, JC, Turner, Blount, Tony Gonzo]

    Do I go all-in with Schaub and hope for a huge game with AJ. I feel like BAL’s run D might give Foster some trouble, so they’ll have to air it out vs. some vulnerable CBs? Or do I play Kitna?

    I feel like Welker’s a better play that Rice, since NE excelled with the short passes last week, and they’ll have to do it again this week.


  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I like Williams if he goes.

    @Josh: I like Schaub either way.

    @Joel: It is a tough one. Nicks has more upside, but Williams is a little safer. If your matchup is tough and you need to max out point potential I’d go Nicks and then vice versa

    @el gaucho insufrible: With VJax back I think I’d still go with Bowe.

    @batman the horse: With Harvin out again Rice should get lenty of looks and he catches the ball even double teamed. I like Kitna.

  51. Dabeej says:

    Got a RB question, Non-PPR, start Felix, Choice or James Starks. I have Rodgers and I think they’re gonna tear the Lions up one way or another so I want to make sure I get it. Thanks!

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dabeej: I’m leaning Starks, but it is risky.

  53. DJSatane says:

    beating dead horse but it seems every sunday that rankings applet is dead, i may have to take snapshots next time earlier in week to use them on sunday since i often try to.

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