Welcome to week 15 Razzballers. We are here to console those that no longer have their draft and trade teams going with a Friends Of FanDuel Freeroll and for those lucky few with life still left I’ll answer your start/sit questions as best I can!

I’m sure all of us will at least have half an eye on the Tebow vs. Brady happenings. I’ll admit Mr. Tebow has won me over to a degree. I think it’s that off-kilter nose and lack of a neck. But I am of the firm belief that the Patriots will eat the Broncos for lunch and then poo them out on the plan ride home over Chicago most likely and onto my house. I’m guessing Vince Wilfork and company don’t have your run of the mill crappers on those charter planes. I nearly broke my femur the last time I had to use the little boys room on a flight. Anyhow, if the Broncos defense can hold down Brady, Welker and Gronk enough for Tebow to win this one in the 4th quarter I’ll be shocked and will once again be eating crow or some sort of corvid, maybe a nice crispy Blue Jay.

Before we get to that you should make sure you check out these links and notes! Or not, it’s a free country.

Our own Mike Braude and Asher Molk have yet another top notch Matchups Post for Week 15 and you should be reading it!!

Beanie Wells: I have him pretty high in my rankings which may have something to do with my Beanie love but the Cleveland Browns are the perfect team for him to face this week. Seneca Wallace will be the quarterback and will have trouble moving the ball against the Cardinals who have been improving on defense and are at home. Plus the Browns pass defense is by far their strong suit so the Cardinals who are still in the playoff hunt should have success and plenty of opportunities to run the ball.

Where will Peyton Manning end up playing next season? Bill Barnwell of Grantland takes a shot at answering that question.

NPR takes a look at Tebowmania.

Pierre Garcon: I have a good feeling about Garcon this week. Dan Orlovsky has targeted him a ton since becoming the starter and against the Patriots he had a great game and then against the Ravens a down game. That makes sense. The Titans pass defense has been giving up a lot of receptions to wide receivers. They rank 29th in the last 8 weeks and they rank 27th in DVOA against #1 receivers. I love the sheer number of targets he gets and I think Orlovsky is better than Painter.

Ray Rice is pretty damn awesome.

Mike Silver takes a look at today’s big Tim and Tom Terrific Tilt.

Damian Williams: The Colts pass defense is the worst in the league. If they could score any points other teams would have to throw on them like they do the Packers and the Patriots and we could actually see just how horrid they are.  They are giving up over 71.9% pass completion rate and even though I can’t find anywhere that shows me the exact record I’m going through each year and have only found one other time a team pass defense has allowed over 70%

CBS’s Pete Prisco takes a look at Denver’s defense and has some other notes after watching the tape from last week.

Kevin Hall over at The Fake Football has a good Start/Sit article.

Kevin Smith: I’m starting Kevin Smith and happy that I have him. The Raiders are giving up 5.5 yards a carry and 123 yards rushing a game in their last 5 games and you’ve seen what Smith has done when on the field both in the running and passing game.

Evan Silva’s Matchup Post as you know is awesome.

Carl is not happy with James Harrison’s suspension:

  1. zoe says:

    Here is my Starting Roster: (PPR league, returning yards)

    QB: Tim Tebow
    WR: JOrdy Nelson
    WR: Antonio Brown
    RB: Ray Rice
    RB: Michael Bush
    TE: Jermichael Finley
    W/R: Larry Fitzgerald???
    K: Dan Bailey
    DEF: CIN

    Bench: Brandon Marshall, C.J. Spiller, Ben Tate, Ben Roethlisberger, and Aaron Hernandez

    I have Fitz in my W/R spot atm but I really like Tate and Marshall’s match-ups. What do you guys think? Thanks for the input mates!

  2. barker says:

    hey doc — having a problem with my wr3 and flex spots

    QB eli WR fitz harvin ??? RB rice kevin smith TE a hern flex ???

    Options for wr manningham torrey smith decker simpson

    Options for flex jstew jacobs manningham smith decker simpson

    also im a little concerned about eli for next week ( NYJ ) can i drop ingram for one of these backup QBs in anticipation of next week ponder @ was smith vs sea moore @ NE grossman vs min yates @ ind

  3. teddy ballgame says:

    I see you like Smith… do you like him enough to start over Antonio Brown and/or Rashard Mendenhall? I know Ben’s health is a factor…

  4. Jeff says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but the iPod version of the site is awesome! Nice work. You should be promoting the heck out of it.

  5. Anthony says:


  6. D Fresh says:

    playoffs against the most explosive team,, td league

    td = 6pts, 100+yds= 3pts

    marshall @ buf


    smith @ hou

  7. paulzone says:

    last call – cam or stafford?

  8. Vince says:

    Mike Wallace vs SF or Stevie Johnson vs Mia? Gone back and forth all week. Thanks!

  9. eltoo says:

    PPR League. Pick 2 (one has to be a RB)

    Ben Tate
    Peyton Hillis
    Antonio Brown
    Lance Moore


  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @eltoo: Brown, Hillis

    @Vince: Wallace

  11. Robert says:

    Hey Doc…I’m looking to get a little advice on a few of roster spots…

    — Need 2 of these at RBs: R. Bush, K. Smith, McGahee, SJax

    — Need 1 of these at Flex: Gates, VJax, S. Moss, [any of the RBs above]

    — Defense: CHI or ARI (return yards league…1pt/10yds, 6pts/TD)

    So, what do you think? I’ve been getting a lot differing opinions on these spots, but you’re the final say-so. Thanks.

  12. paulzone says:

    @Doc: just so hard to sit cam! okay thanks.

    the last one i’m struggling with is: antonio brown or moss. you still leaning moss? i know big ben is still up in the air…

  13. DDT says:

    Doctor, Doctor, give me the news: Jordy Nelson or VJax for my last WR slot?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paulzone: I think Ben will play. I’m going Brown.

    @Robert: Bush, Smith, Gates, Arizona

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: Jordy

  16. Zaj says:

    Spiller or Brandon Marshall?

    .5 ppt


  17. Matt B says:

    In a bad spot for RB2 non-ppr.
    Chris Ivory, Tolbert, LT, or Maurice Morris?


  18. nick m. says:

    Who do you like for D/ST next week (week 16) – Skins vs. Minny, Vikes @ Skins, Raiders @ Chiefs, Panthers vs. Bucs, or Jets @ Giants (I currently own the Jets D)?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: Tough one. I’m leaning the Jets just based on ability there.

  20. batman the horse says:

    I can’t believe that I’m thinking of starting Rexy over Rivers, because the Ravens D scares me. Is this crazy?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @batman the horse: I’d still go with Rivers. Worried about the Giants pass rush.

  22. EK says:

    Grossman or Rivers?

  23. EK says:


  24. batman the horse says:

    one more. Brandon Jacobs or James Jones in Flex?

  25. beardown says:

    PPR league, pick two….thanks a bunch

    DeSean Jackson (NYJ)
    Dwayne Bowe (GB)
    Demaryius Thomas (NE)

  26. jeffito says:

    Santonio Holmes or Brandon Lloyd?

  27. jeffito says:

    Also DS/t question SF or ARI?

  28. EK says:

    Pls pick one for the flex (non PPR)


  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @EK: I’m leaning Garcon for upside but I think Spiller is safer

  30. Joe from pt pleasant says:

    grant or tate in a ppr

  31. Haley Joe Osmond says:

    Do I roll the dice with Wallace tomorrow? Or start Santana Moss in his place today?

  32. Steve says:

    How’s your Def-IQ, doc? Big one here!

    Polamalu is probable. Should I trust him (or just wait until it’s sure he will play/miss and add Whitner then) or add C.Godfrey, E.Smith, K.Phillips, B.Scott or K.Coleman for example?

    Also, is Haden a good play by covering Fitz? Assuming Skelton throws a lot to Fitz, and Haden covers him. Got McCarthy/Kerrigan knocking on Hadens door!

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Steve: Sorry. I’m IDP deficient

  34. Chunk says:

    .5 PPR, Antonio Brown or Kevin Smith at flex?

  35. Cheeeeeze says:

    Hey doc…. who will do better if big ben is out? antonio brown or wallace? I have to decide between the two.

  36. bobbo says:

    @Doc: 1ppr, 1pt per 10 yd rush, 1pt per 20 yd rec, +5 bonus at 100yd

    I am losing by about 30 with him having Gronkowski and Balt D/ST (tough spot, I know)…

    I can start 3 of the 4 + Jason Hanson in the hopes to mount a comeback:

    Beanie Wells, Kevin Smith, Ryan Mathews, and Vincent Jackson…

    Who rides the pine? I guess I need to go big or go home (the 100yd bonuses are HUGE at this point)

  37. bobbo says:

    @Doc: Scratch that, I’m now down 60… thanks Aaron Rogers and Reggie Bush. Guess I’m screwed.

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