Here are your Week 2 Quarterback Rankings.  Love them, live them.  — For every position click it or ticket.

  1. Peyton Manning (IND vs. NYG)
  2. Drew Brees (NO @ SF)
  3. Aaron Rodgers (GB vs. BUF)
  4. Philip Rivers (SD vs. JAC)
  5. Tony Romo (DAL vs. CHI)
  6. Tom Brady (NE @ NYJ)
  7. Matt Schaub (HOU @ WAS)
  8. Jay Cutler (CHI @ DAL)
  9. Michael Vick (PHI @ DET)
  10. Brett Favre (MIN vs. MIA)
  11. Eli Manning (NYG @ IND)
  12. Matt Ryan (ATL vs. ARI)
  13. Donovan McNabb (WAS vs. HOU)
  14. Kyle Orton (DEN vs. SEA)
  15. Joe Flacco (BAL @ CIN)
  16. Carson Palmer (CIN vs. BAL)
  17. Chad Henne (MIA @ MIN)
  18. David Garrard (JAC @ SD)
  19. Alex Smith (SF vs. NO)
  20. Jason Campbell (OAK vs. STL)
  21. Josh Freeman (TB @ CAR)
  22. Vince Young (TEN vs. PIT)
  23. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA @ DEN)
  24. Derek Anderson (ARI @ ATL)
  25. Matt Cassel (KC @ CLE)
  26. Dennis Dixon (PIT @ TEN)
  27. Matt Moore (CAR vs. TB)
  28. Sam Bradford (STL @ OAK)

  1. hideousmutants says:

    Damn I hope Vick comes through on waivers tonight. Otherwise I’m making a desperation trade or going with Bradford. Posted this question in a more garbled form on another thread. This one makes more sense.

    What three do you start on this list (I can start 2RB and a flex)

    SJax (vs. Oak)
    Turner (vs. Ari)
    McCoy (vs. Det)
    JC (vs. Cle)

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    Ugh, nice choices. Wow! I like them all, but I think I have to go McCoy, but barely. Watch SJax’s knee.

  3. trick dad says:

    i have vick too and was going to start him over cutler. Passing TD’s=4 pts rushing TD’s=6 pts, INT=-1
    considering this scoring, would you rank vick higher this week? what are your thoughts on cutler for the rest of the year?

  4. UNcle MOwglie says:

    hey Doc.

    last week i started Arian Foster over D’Angelo Williams and people thought i was im thinking of starting Williams over Foster this week…would u agree with this move? or am i crazy benchin foster after a franchise week 1.

    i also have Jackson startin..(keeping an eye the knee)
    and McCoy keepin the bench warm as well..


  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trick dad: Yeah, I think Vick is fairly safe with his running ability.

    @UNcle MOwglie: Yeah, I have Williams ahead of him, but it’s close.

  6. DSimms says:

    Doc who do you like more as a keeper? Dez as a rd. 6 next year or ahmad bradshaw as a rd. 4

  7. slamman says:

    Kyle Orton or Carson Palmer for week 2? Leaning toward Orton but don’t know if Seattle is for real or not.

  8. hideousmutants says:

    Well, didn’t get Vick…

    You have Carolina ranked top 5 in the Pass D schedule grid but have Freeman way above Dixon and Bradford (those are my three waiver choices for the week). Is that a big vote of confidence in Freeman?

    I was leaning Dixon given Tenn’s propensity to give up big pass plays and their good Run D (based on last year) but it is an away game for Dixon, he’ll be w/o Starks’ protection on the line and the Steelers are 1-6 @ Tenn.

    Other option is trading for Vick since he’ll sit on his owner’s bench but would have to give up Colston or McCoy which seems like a desperation move until Vick claims the starting job for real.

  9. hideousmutants says:

    Also, waiting on the VJax news today at 9am. If he’s reinstated for week 4, who (if any) would you drop to get him?



    Michael Bush (but dropping him would leave me with only one backup RB)

  10. trick dad says:

    PPR league…i have arian foster, should i try to trade him for d. williams or another early 2nd round draft pick? or should i just hold him? my other RB’s are pierre thomas, JC, best, felix jones.

  11. dingo says:

    who is the better rb roster stash, dixon, gerhart or kuhn? Not for a handcuff

  12. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : I see your list but would you giving the nod to Vick over Cutler or Ryan?

  13. andrew says:

    got two trade offers

    Rothlisberger and Jacoby Jones for Gerrard and Mike Williams (seatle)


    Rothlisberger & Keading for Eli & folk

    or just hold onto rothlisberger?

  14. jaw says:

    @ doc, just grabbed Vjax, need to cut someone (dropped him for my kicker but need a kicker for sunday)

    10 team .5 PPR league
    QB Rivers
    WR roddy, maclin
    RB CJ2K, Matthews
    WR/T Garcon
    WR/RB J Stewart
    Bench – TO, Caddy, Forsett, Mike Williams TB, Cutler, VJAX

    Thinking Cutler, Forsett, or Mike Williams


  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @slamman: I like Orton

    @hideousmutants: I’d drop Collie for him.

    @trick dad: I’d want more for him. Maybe pair him up with a receiver for a top 5 back?

    @Mr2Bits: I would

    @jaw: I’d say Williams, but you need him for your bench. Probably Cutler even though I like him a lot!

    @andrew: I’d hold unless you really need a QB.

  16. Hugh says:

    Pick 2 to start (non-ppr, WR and Flex):

    Tony Gonzalez, Peyton Hillis, Johnny Knox, Mike Wallace, Willis McGahee, Jacoby Jones, Leon Washington

    I have a claim in on B-Jax (for Leon) and Naanee (for Tony G) – If I don’t get Naanee, should I grab Clayton, Aromashadu, or Williams (SEA), or Zach Miller for Tony G?


    Hugh (I know, similar question every time…)

  17. Hugh says:

    Last one.

    If I don’t get B-Jax, would you drop Leon or Tony G for Naanee? or for Clayton, Williams, Aromashadu, Miller, etc…



  18. djbooyah20 says:

    Picked up Vick, Start him over Romo this week?? I’m really tempted..

    Also, need to choose 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and a Flex out of:
    D. Mason

    Felix the Cat

    Defense..NE vs. NY or MIA vs MIN? Or pick up Atlanta?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hugh: I’d go after Aroma and Naanee for Leon and Tony

    @djbooyah20: I’d go with Romo, BMarsh, DJax, MJD, McFadden, Caddy, NE

  20. Angelo says:

    Last question….. Who would you start this week Tom Brady going against a tough Jets D, or Brett Favre going against the Dolphins?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Angelo: Brady.

  22. MsThrasher says:

    I have both Romo and Cutler… leaning towards Romo as my pick for the week. What do you think Doc?

  23. jaw says:

    Doc, need some help with who to start tmrw

    pick 2
    J Stewart

    steve smith nyg
    d jax
    mike williams TB
    mark clayton

    mike williams tb
    lee evans
    mike thomas


  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jaw: Caddy/Garcon, Williams/Bowe/DJax, Naanee/Maclin These aren’t cut and dry by any means.

  25. jaw says:

    thanks doc. i was kinda torn between caddy vs J stewart. no carries last week but he tore up TB in the two games last yr.

    would you start TO or maclin if you had to choose one?

    No love for steve smith NYG?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jaw: Yeah, I like Stew more, just worried about his carries. I’d lean Maclin. If it’s a PPR league and/or Nicks doesn’t play Smith gets a boost, but otherwise I see Manningham taking some work from him.

  27. Quik says:


    I disagree with Doc. Go with Favre, he went against the Saints in week one and made it a close game. He will find his groove against Miami. In my opinion the Jets will shut down the passing game so Brady will not be too much of a factor. Favre all the way

  28. Quik says:

    What do u think Doc? Vick vs Det or Romo vs Chi. I’m leaning towards vick because i dont think the Det def will be able to hand the deversity Vick has to off…on the other hand Romo has a good pass protection and Chi might give him plenty of time to throw.

  29. Quik says:

    Ok Doc… I got Braylon Edwards agains NE on the bench and Brandon Jacobs against IND

    Should i put Edwards in and bench Devon Bess against Min
    And put in Jacobs and bench shoone green against NE since he might have lost his starting job to LT because of the fumbles or do u think he will start? Or take out Meachem and leave Bess in

  30. DMamma says:

    who would you start tony romo or tom brady

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Quik: I like Romo at home after a loss. Vick is a great play, but just a little more risky.

    @DMamma: Romo

    @Quik: I’d probably go with Jacobs and Meachem.

  32. DMamma says:

    Hey thanks Doc, I’ll be back with more questions as the weeks go on.

  33. Quik says:

    good call Doc thats what I was thinking too

  34. DMamma says:

    Nice one Doc, got the most points in the league.

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