These are the week 2 Tight End Rankings.  You can now breathe again.  For every position click it or ticket.

  1. Antonio Gates (SD vs. JAC)
  2. Dallas Clark (IND vs. NYG)
  3. Jermichael Finley (GB vs. BUF)
  4. Vernon Davis (SF vs. NO)
  5. Jason Witten (DAL vs. CHI)
  6. Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN vs. MIA)
  7. Zach Miller (OAK vs. STL)
  8. Chris Cooley (WAS vs. HOU)
  9. Tony Gonzalez (ATL vs. ARI)
  10. Heath Miller (PIT @ TEN)
  11. Brent Celek (PHI @ DET)
  12. Kellen Winslow (TB @ CAR)
  13. Jermaine Gresham (CIN vs. BAL)
  14. Owen Daniels (HOU @ WAS)
  15. John Carlson (SEA @ DEN)
  16. Greg Olsen (CHI @ DAL)
  17. Dustin Keller (NYJ vs. NE)
  18. Jeremy Shockey (NO @ SF)
  19. Tony Scheffler (DET vs. PHI)
  20. Marcedes Lewis (JAC @ SD)

And the Week 2 Kicker Rankings.  Nobody cares.

  1. Mason Crosby (GB vs. BUF)
  2. Nate Kaeding (SD vs. JAC)
  3. Stephen Gostkowski (NE @ NYJ)
  4. Rob Bironas (TEN vs. PIT)
  5. David Akers (PHI @ DET)
  6. Robbie Gould (CHI @ DAL)
  7. Ryan Longwell (MIN vs. MIA)
  8. Neil Rackers (HOU @ WAS)
  9. Jay Feely (ARI @ ATL)
  10. Nick Folk (NYJ vs. NE)
  11. Garrett Hartley (NO @ SF)
  12. Matt Prater (DEN vs. SEA)
  13. Dan Carpenter (MIA @ MIN)
  14. Lawrence Tynes (NYG @ IND)
  15. Jeff Reed (PIT @ TEN)
  16. David Buehler (DAL vs. CHI)
  17. Joe Nedney (SF vs. NO)
  18. Adam Vinatieri (IND vs. NYG)
  19. Josh Scobee (JAC @ SD)
  20. John Kasay (CAR vs. TB)
  21. Olindo Mare (SEA @ DEN)
  22. Mike Nugent (CIN vs. BAL)
  23. Graham Gano (WAS vs. HOU)
  24. Matt Bryant (ATL vs. ARI)
  25. Connor Barth (TB @ CAR)

And your Week 2 D/ST Rankings.  All is right with the world.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (PHI @ DET)
  2. Green Bay Packers (GB vs. BUF)
  3. Dallas Cowboys (DAL vs. CHI)
  4. Minnesota Vikings (MIN vs. MIA)
  5. Denver Broncos (DEN vs. SEA)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (BAL @ CIN)
  7. New York Jets (NYJ vs. NE)
  8. Tennessee Titans (TEN vs. PIT)
  9. New England Patriots (NE @ NYJ)
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT @ TEN)
  11. San Diego Chargers (SD vs. JAC)
  12. New Orleans Saints (NO @ SF)
  13. Oakland Raiders (OAK vs. STL)
  14. Kansas City Chiefs (KC @ CLE)
  15. Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. TB)
  16. San Francisco 49ers (SF vs. NO)
  17. New York Giants (NYG @ IND)
  18. Atlanta Falcons (ATL vs. ARI)
  19. Arizona Cardinals (ARI @ ATL)
  20. Miami Dolphins (MIA @ MIN)
  21. Cleveland Browns (CLE vs. KC)
  22. Chicago Bears (CHI @ DAL)
  23. St. Louis Rams (STL @ OAK)
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB @ CAR)
  25. Cincinnati Bengals (CIN vs. BAL)
  26. Houston Texans (HOU @ WAS)
  27. Seattle Seahawks (SEA @ DEN)
  28. Indianapolis Colts (IND vs. NYG)
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC @ SD)
  30. Washington Redskins (WAS vs. HOU)
  31. Detroit Lions (DET vs. PHI)
  32. Buffalo Bills (BUF @ GB)

  1. mark says:

    Hey, can you tell me how you feel about my receivers?

    Also, I keep getting a lot of offers on Brandon Jackson. How much is he worth? Would you trade him upfront for P Thomas? I just feel that he has a lot of false hype and maybe I should trade before it deflates.

  2. mark says:

    Also, do you think I got a good draft? I followed your guide pretty closely I feel.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: yeah, looks good. I’d keep an eye out for WRs on waivers. Your bench is a little thin, but your starters are good.

  4. stumanji says:

    @mark: I would trade him for PT. Jackson might pan out and he might not; PT is a safer bet.

  5. mark says:

    Really? My bench looks thin? I thought I had a really good bench.:)

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: Oh whoops. Yeah, PT is a good trade.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: You do, just the WRs on the bench look thin.

  8. mark says:

    Any good pick ups you recommend?

  9. mark says:

    Im trying to trade BJAX for PT and Gaffney. Should I get clayton off waivers?

  10. Scott says:

    So I’m not the only one worried about Tony Gonzalez, eh? Only 5 targets last week. We’ll see if Ryan starts coming back to him.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: yeah, I would

    @Scott: Yeah, a little worried. He should be solid enough, but his upside isn’t that far up there anymore.

  12. Worried says:


    If Nicks sits, who do you like better? Bowe or H Ward ?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Worried: Ward is safer, but Bowe has more upside. I’m leaning Ward.

  14. Worried says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc! Sorry but 1 more ques. What about between Ward and Knox??

  15. Calogero says:

    I just got offered Nicks for BJax. This seems like just the type of mind-blowing offer that fantasy ‘perts were born to opine about.

    My roster:
    QB: Brady
    RB (start 2): Greene, Forte, BJax, Felix, Hightower, B. Scott, Choice
    WR (start 2): Austin, Wallace, Knox, Mason
    TE: Finley
    Flex: Usually a few decent options from RB/WR ranks

    I think the real questions with this trade are:
    1. Is Nicks a legit WR2 option week-in, week-out? and
    2. Is BJax going to remain a 3-down back for the rest of the season or will GB bring in Lynch or someone else to split carries?

    BJax upside is Ryan Grant (2nd/3rd round value), but the chance that BJax loses his exclusive job to Lynch or someone else means that if I don’t take this trade, I could lose almost all of the value BJax has now (which is apparently around the 4th round, where Nicks was taken).

    If I DO take it now, I’ll have Nicks, who at worst is looking like he’ll be a solid WR2/Flex and probably an equal or better option than Wallace or Knox. I transfer a high upside/low downside player into a high upside/quality baseline player.

    If Shonn Greene were looking right, I’d do this trade without hesitation. But I’m a little afraid of going forward with Greene/Forte/Felix as my top 3 options. One other plus is that it wouldn’t go through until Week 3, which I like because I get BJax vs. Buffalo this weekend

    What do we think? Any opinions welcome

  16. Pepe Silvia says:

    If it’s not going through the week anyway, I say just stand pat. If Jackson has a good game that will only drive up his value and maybe you can get someone even better for him. Also, Nicks has some injury concerns right now and a few extra days would allow you to get a better feel for how seriously he’s hurt.

    I do think you need more help at WR than RB though. I don’t think Knox or Wallace are good enough to be consistent WR2s.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Worried: I’m going with Ward to be safe.

    @Calogero: Yeah, doesn’t fit your team. I still would be a little worried even if it did. I usually favor the RB and I see them as pretty even.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    New post up. Throw your questions up that way.

  19. Dad says:

    @Doc: Non-ppr flex spot: Forsett, Crabtree, Hillis?

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dad: Hmm, going with Crabs

  21. Luke says:

    In a ppr league, wr/te spot, do I sit nicks and start z. Miller, or hope nicks feels better come game time. Also, in a league where special team yards count with defense. Do I start cleveland, or new england. Seems to me clevelands return game will round out to be better than ne, but the patriots do play the jets horrid offense. Thoughts?

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Luke: I’d go NE and risk Nicks.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: I think you are stacked once again. I’d keep the starters as is.

  24. lewyatt says:

    non-ppr league with standard scoring. Need help at Flex:

    Caddy at Carolina
    Harrison at KC


  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @lewyatt: Harrison has more upside. Caddy might be a little safer. I’m leaning Harrison though.

  26. lewyatt says:

    Thanks Doc! I am getting mixed signals on this one. I guess they are somewhat close, but I hear that for some reason the Mangenius does not seem to like Harrison. Also, do you think that the Chiefs defensive might key on him? I am in a close head-to-head this week, and this could be the one that could define it.

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @lewyatt: Yeah, I hear you. A lot comes down to how Mandingus uses him. You’d think after the 200+ yards he put up on KC late last season he’d have a shot to do it again, but it’s hard to say. Caddy will get his 20 carries and is safer, but I just like Harrison’s big play potential. I wouldn’t fault you for playing it safe with caddy.

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