Yo Razzballers.  I’ve got my own special league (you have to be special to get in) on FanDuel.  It’s capped at ten teams, 5 dollars to enter 45 dollar prize pot.  It’s weekly so we can duel it out with new teams each week.  You can see my team already in my old post here.  Well, I may change something, but maybe not, I dunno.

I love the instant gratification of FanDuel and the small league feel.  Oh and the ability to pick players that you didn’t draft in your season long leagues.  You can make it to where every player that touches the ball at some point could be making points for one of your teams! Anyway, join up and as a-ha said, take me on, but I’m guessing in a completely different context.

Clickety-click Razzball Week 3 FanDuel League and we’ll see if you can hang with the ‘pert.  That’s me by the way.

And also don’t forget to enter our Weekly QB/RB/WR Contest.  You’ll be sad if you don’t!

  1. G.O.B. says:

    Hey Doc, I need some advice. In one of my leagues (standard scoring), somebody just dropped Michael Bush for Jason Snelling. I figure Bush is worth a pickup, right? On my bench I have Moreno, Crabtree, Felix Jones, Hakeem Nicks, Derrick Mason, Malcolm Floyd, and Demaryius Thomas. Who of those fellas do you think is worth dropping for Bush?

  2. Evan says:

    I got offered Desean Jackson and Chris Cooley
    Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, and Fred Taylor
    Should I do it? Can Forte continue his pace most of the year?

  3. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    Looks cool Doc. I received a $10 sign-up bonus and $5 for being referred by you. So, $25 for a $10 deposit. I set up a couple of teams for the late baseball games to see how it plays out.

    Should be a nice balance between the desire to make a bunch of small bets and the control (relative to betting against a spread) of setting a fantasy line-up.

  4. Penguin says:

    Hey Doc,

    Got a question for ya for sit/starts.

    Out of these 3 RBs, who would you sit this week (pick one)? MJD, Moreno, McFadden

    Out of these 3 WRs, who would you start (pick one)? Royal, Dem. Thomas, Driver

    I’m leaning towards sitting MJD (ugh) and starting Royal, whattaya think?

  5. Calogero says:

    Doc – already got an opinion from mark, but I wanted to run it by you as well:

    Pick 1 RB2:

    F. Jones

    Pick 1 Flex:

    The 2 left over from Greene/Hightower/Jones
    Johnny Knox
    Demaryius Thomas
    Mike Wallace

    A lot of mediocre options, but there’s gotta be at least 2 that produce this week. Whaddya say?

  6. alex says:

    Can only start 2 of Malcom Floyd, Hines Ward, Louis Murphy and Shiancoe who do i go with?

  7. Calogero says:

    Also, who is more worthy of a flier – Keiland Williams or BenJarvus? Would you add either at the expense of Tashard Choice at this point?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G.O.B.: Mason

    @Evan: I like Forte. I’d hold.

    @DonSlaughtOnslaught: Yeah, I got addicted to the baseball game earlier in the year. But I think i need the week breather the NFL schedule brings!

    @Penguin: McFadden, DT

    @Calogero: Greene/DT

    @alex: Floyd/Shiancoe

    @Calogero: Williams. I would drop choice for him.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: Gore/Best Moss instead of TO. You need to trade one of those RBs for a top WR. Just too many when you can only start 2.

  10. mark says:

    I figured since I drafted so well on WRs, I would just only get 2, and get 3 running backs in case any didn’t turn out great. Which RB should I trade?

    Don’t you think Gore is setup for a huge game vs KC?

  11. mark says:

    Also, ARI has a super bad run defense and Minnesota has a good run defense, so I figured McFadden who is hot, over Best

  12. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Who do you like better for the whole year…. Demaryius Thomas or Malcom Floyd?

  13. Don says:

    Need to start 2 of the following receivers for week 3:

    S Smith (NYG)

  14. Fresh says:

    I’m in!

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joe B: Floyd but it’s close.

    @Don: Welker, Floyd

    @Fresh: Cool!

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