Welcome to the Week 4 Rankings. I will continue to update these as injury news and any winds of change come in on the tide. I also add comments for a lot of the players as I think more about their matchups and their hair styles. So be sure to check back as the week progresses.

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  1. Lubey says:

    @Mr. G


    Manningham @Ari or Thomas vs. NO……Im leaning Thomas. Who ya got?

    Thanks brotha

  2. superfly says:

    1 point pot need one do i start manningham sydney rice or e. Decker thanks

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lubey: My rankings tell me I’m picking Manningham! I like Thomas, but I’m just worried about Gabbert. I have them 29th and 30th so it’s almost a coin flip. Just think the Giants will have an easier time moving the ball.

    @superfly: I like Decker

  4. Lubey says:


    I see you have Manningham higher for standard scoring. You feel the same as far as PPR goes?? My thinking is JAC will be down and needing to throw so Thomas will be racking up those receptions and target.

    Still Mario if PPR?? Thanks again

  5. sos says:

    Seriously considering starting Denarius Moore over Brandon Lloyd. .5 ppr Should I go for it? Also, in relation to that question, pick two of felix jones, denarius moore, aj green, and brandon lloyd…

  6. Lou says:

    for flex position do I go mark Ingram julio jones or David nelson?

  7. meximus says:

    You have Shaub at #8 on that list against PIT, but what do you think about starting Josh Freeman against an injured Indy secondary instead? Standard scoring, non-ppr.

  8. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Which side do you like in a Forte + Blount for Foster + Ryan Matthews trade?

  9. Marty Funkhouser says:

    …I was offered Mendenhall instead of Matthews but at this point I’d rather own Matthews.

  10. Spuds says:

    Doc, LOVE your stuff !! – My gut tells me to start Kyle Orton this week – I also have Matt Ryan and Kevin Kolb – who would you start???

  11. Daniel says:

    ‘mornin, Doc,
    I need a fill-in for Britt, but assuming Miles Austin comes back after the Bye, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an every-week starter like Britt was.

    That said, in a non-ppr, who do you like the best of this group for the next 2 games?: L. Moore, Washington, D. Moore, Mike Thomas, Decker, Torrey Smith, Nelson

  12. t2green2 says:

    Doc, At Flex would you go with – PPR – 10yrds per 1pt

    D Thomas vs SD (Already have Marshall in lineup)
    Lloyd vs GB
    Bowe vs Minny
    Washington vs Cleveland

  13. robert says:

    @Doc- the last place team in my league has Chris Johnson & Hillis at RB and Andre Johnson, R. White, Devery Henderson at WR. He is 0-3. If I can trade my R. Matthews & Steve Smith(Car.) for his CJ and Roddy White is it worth the risk for CJ? Or should I stand pat? I would still have McFadden/F. Jackson at RB and VJack/Wallace at WR. Thanks.

  14. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:10 team ppr keeper….better p/u for rest of the season,Hunter or Ridley?

    also,I like to choose my defense on a wk to wk basis,but this league has a moves limit and I cant waste moves on DEF,so….if you had to stick w/ one going forward….DAL,ATL,TB,TEN,NYG,and I currently own AZ.


  15. genghis chone says:

    Would you drop Chad Henne or Bernard Scott for Jacoby Ford? point-per-25-return yards, PPR, 2 QB league. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a RB/WR too. My QBs are Vick, Fitzpatrick, Henne and Grossman; WRs are Nicks, Dez Bryant, Denarius Moore, Julio Jones; RBs are Matt Forte, Tim Hightower, Felix Jones, Ben Tate, Mark Ingram, Roy Helu. Thanks!

  16. Child Please says:


    Who would you start this week at WR/TE, McCluster or Sidney Rice?

  17. CL says:


    For my flex, 12 team, 1 pt PPR: Daniel Thomas or Sims-Walker?

    PS: I shopped Stafford, and got Fitzgerald from the guy starting Henne over Peyton Manning. I start Rodgers. I’m patting myself on the back this morning…

  18. Plainview says:

    Who do you like for a flex play this week:

    Lance Moore
    David Nelson
    Mike Tolbert
    Shonn Green
    Roy Helu

    Thanks as always.

  19. trick dad says:

    12 team non-ppr, here is my team:

    QB: Romo
    RB: Foster, McFadden
    FLEX: Ingram
    WR: Marshall, D. Moore
    TE: Graham

    BN: Cam Newton, Tate, Moreno, Ridley, Bernard Scott, Sidney Rice, P. Burress, David Nelson

    I need to drop someone to grab a D/ST, who gets the boot?

  20. Gavin says:

    Who do like at the WR/RB flex? McCluster, Plax or Nate Washington? Thanks.

  21. Kiss tha Baby says:

    I have another McCluster question… I’m contemplating starting McCluster over Shonn Greene due to the matchup, Baltimore only gave the Jets 6 first downs last time they played, and they’re great at bottling up the run. LT is there for the passing downs. This would be at my flex position. I was a Jamaal Charles owner, so i don’t really have a #1 back, I’m rolling with Beanie and Best as my 1/2 punch.

    Also, I see you have Percy Harvin ahead of Lance Moore. Is that because Colston is possibly coming back?

    Thanks Dr.

  22. Steve Stevenson says:

    Drop D. Carter for Ridley? Also thinking of offering Carter for J. Ford – what do you think?

  23. Art Vandelay says:

    Hey Doc, a few WW questions (PPR league):

    1) Sadly, I own Dallas Clark. I feel like I have to roll with him for a little longer given the draft pick I spent on him, but there are non-terrible options: along the lines of Dickson, Watson, and Greg Olsen. Hold tight with Clark for now?

    2) Any thoughts on Thomas Jones vs. Reggie Bush? I feel like Bush is droppable, but I’m a bit hesitant particularly in PPR. Would you drop either of them for Kendall Hunter?

  24. Jon says:

    Need some trade advice in a 14 team non PPR:

    I get: Nicks & Bradford
    I give: Cam & D Thomas

    My Starters:
    QB Vick
    WR Megatron
    WR Dez
    RB Blount
    RB D Thomas
    TE F Davis
    Flex Harvin

    Bench: Moreno, Mike Thomas, Lance Moore, Cam, Amendola

    Any help is appreciated.

  25. Jim Parkey says:


    I was offered the following trade:

    A. Foster, D. Bryant and Chandler for

    F. Jackson, S. Greene, A. Johnson and A. Hernandez.

    What say you? Thanks!

  26. friar says:

    Hey Doc. I’ve got 3.5 great running backs (MJD, McFadden, Best, Tolbert) and no elite WRs (Manningham, Washington, M. Thomas, L. Moore), so I’m looking to make a trade. Someone offered me Maclin and Helu for Best. Should I…

    A) Take the trade since it upgrades a weakness
    B) Counter with Best for Maclin and Ingram
    C) Reject. Best is too good to trade for an injured WR2

    Thanks for the great columns and the dedicated advice!

  27. Kiss tha Baby says:

    Buy low on Frank Gore? Or are you thinking he’s done this year? Got some pretty decent matchups these next 2 weeks.

  28. JP says:

    hey doc, are you assuming Maclin is a no go this weekend?

  29. Ryan says:

    Who do I start? Jahvid Best or Felix Jones? Non-PPR

  30. JP says:

    @ryan: are you kidding me? you have the rankings right here on this page. LOL

  31. Project_badass says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    Would you trade Gore for Steve Smith (CAR)?

    My team:

    QB- Eli, Flacco
    RBx2- Gore, Best
    Flex- Felix Jones
    WRx3- Vincent Jackson, Welker, Lloyd
    TE- Witten

    Bench RBs- Spiller, Ridley, Hunter
    Bench WRs- Donald Jones, Titus Young

  32. Derrick says:

    Denarius Moore or Mike Tolbert in the flex? .8 PPR.

  33. Rosie says:

    PPR League:
    Felix Jones vs. McCluster

    Likelihood of Felix getting a TD
    Likelihood of Dexter getting 5 rec for 60 yds plus 30 rush

  34. Stink Nuggets says:

    Hey Doc – what do you think about this trade?

    My: Ray Rice/David Nelson
    His: Felix Jones/Santonio Holmes/Cam Newton

    I’ve got some RB depth with Beanie/Gore/Starks but my WR core is awful (Fitz/M. Thomas/Branch/Gibson) and my starting QB is Big Ben who loves to turn the ball over to the other team however possible.

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks as always.

  35. HotRod says:

    Please rank ROS:


  36. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Stink Nuggets: Don’t do it!

  37. Random Collmenter says:

    1. Was offered Roddy and Daniel Thomas for Calvin and Reggie Bush. .5 PPR league. Should I take it? my other RBs are CJ2K, McFadden, and Beanie. My other WRs are Percy, Nelson, and Antonio Brown.

    2. I’m 0 – 3 and panicking. Thinking about dealing Gates for Witten or Graham straight up. Please talk me about of this.

  38. Champ says:

    Would you make the following trade… Eli Manning and Brandon Lloyd for Daniel Thomas? I have Stafford at QB, and depth at Wr w/ Roddy, Wayne, L. Moore

  39. Steve Stevenson says:

    @HotRod: Sanchez has some tasty matchups coming and has been throwing a ton.

  40. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Random Collmenter:

    1. I think I’d hold Calvin. Your RBs are fine.

    2. Gates for Witten in a .5 PPR isn’t bad at all, especially since you need to win some games now.

  41. Random Collmenter says:

    @Steve Stevenson, thanks for the advice.

    re: your question, I’d drop Carter for Ridley, personally. More upside. Even if (when) Addai gets hurt, Carter is still on a terrible offense and won’t see the end zone very often. Ridley could easily become last year’s Green-Ellis.

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @HotRod: Grossman, Sanchez, Freeman, Henne, McNabb

    @Stink Nuggets: Close, but I’d keep Rice there

    @Rosie: Jonesy

    @Derrick: Close, but Moore’s upside is too good.

    @Project_badass: No, because you have no backups who are for sure going to get carries.

    @JP: I was, but it’s looking better for him. Will update.

    @Ryan: Best

    @Kiss tha Baby: I’m not buying low, but always for the right price.

    @friar: I’d look to trade Best straight up for a better WR. 2 for 1 trades are usually in the favor of the 1.

    @Jim Parkey: Close, but I’d want the AJ side

    @Jon: I don’t like it for you. I’d want a better backup for Vick.

    @Art Vandelay: I would drop Jones for hunter. TE’s at the tier are a bit of a crapshoot right now. Olsen has the most upside of that group though.

    @Steve Stevenson: I would do either, but leaning for Ridley.

    @Kiss tha Baby: I can see giving McCluster a shot there. Colston + the Jags probably won’t score much and the Saints won’t need to pass as much.

    @Gavin: Tough, but Nate

    @trick dad: Scott

    @Plainview: Moore

    @CL: Thomas. Good trade.

    @Child Please: Rice

    @genghis chone: I’d probably hold Henne in a 2 QB league there.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Ridley and NYG (but I haven’t researched D/ST schedules much.

    @robert: If it’s PPR I would

    @t2green2: Lloyd

    @Daniel: I’m leaning Decker, but that’s a tough one.

    @Spuds: Thanks. I like Ryan against the poor Seahawk secondary.

    @Marty Funkhouser: PPR?

    @meximus: Freeman is going to have to show more for me to want to start him.

    @Lou: Jones

    @sos: GB has been really bad against #1 WRs so I’m sticking with Lloyd. Felix

    @Lubey: I could see it in PPR

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Random Collmenter: I’d hold Calvin, but would trade Gates for Witten

  44. Chris says:

    Flacco and Hasselbeck…you have them ranked 18th and 19th respectively. But if you had to start 1 on the chance of a BIG game, who would it be?

  45. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: .5 PPR. I’ve settled on countering with Hillis + Blount for his Mendenhall + Ryan Matthews. Thoughts? The prospects of a timeshare plus the Browns brutal (fantasy) playoff schedule make me want to sell Hillis now. And I figure Blount and Mendenhall are at least interchangeable parts, assuming Mendy ever gets it going.

  46. B.o.B. says:

    @Doc: 10 team, non PPR league…My RB are Mendenhall, S Jax, & F Jones; my WR are Calvin, Stevie Johnson, A.J. Green, Nate Washington & Mike Thomas. With 3 WR, 2 RB and 1 flex, who do I plug in at each spot this week? Thanks!

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B.o.B.: Mendenhall, S Jax, & F Jones, Calvin, Stevie Johnson, A.J. Green

    @Marty Funkhouser: Works

    @Chris: Flacco

  48. Michael says:

    Hey Doc,
    In a PPR league. I can start 2 WR VJAX/Manningham 1-Flex TE/WR/RB Nate Washington. Should I flip any of these for Julio Jones or Mark Ingram?

  49. Michael says:

    Also having a hard time between picking Grossman or Schaub as a starter this week. Grossman has the matchup, but I think Schaub could throw up some points.

  50. debar says:

    verdict on this trade: i give up hightower & greg jennings for mcfadden.

    we start 2 rbs, 2 wrs & a flex

    i also have ap, blount, meachem, sidney rice, burleson

    would probably pick up antonio brown or jacoby ford with my spare spot

  51. b-mad says:

    i’m in a ppr league, what are your feelings on trading a johnson and a bradshaw and getting djax cjohnson and ryan grant in return? thanks

  52. DWRlovesKAR_OLR says:

    Hey Chet
    We start:
    PPR1(standard scoring)
    Got offered this trade
    I get: MWTB & B Jacobs or D Moore
    She gets: L Moore & K Moreno
    Roster after trade
    Ur thoughts would be appreciated
    Yay or nay?

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Michael: I’d put Jones ahead of Nate

    @Michael: Leaning Schaub even with the tough matchup

    @debar: Like it

    @b-mad: tough call there. I really hate to give up AJ in PPR.

    @DWRlovesKAR_OLR: I like it for you.

  54. chivas_irons says:

    Hi Doc,
    I agree with you, great matchup for J. Cambell coming up.
    I really want to grab him and throw him in but, Its Jason Cambell “P”. I have to win this week.
    Only have Scatt Flyan, Sexy Rexy, or could pu Henne, Orton, McCoy or Cutler.
    Any thoughts?

  55. chivas_irons says:

    10 team -1 int -2 fmbl

  56. kiss tha baby says:

    Doc am i crazy for offering Shonn Greene, Percy Harvin, and Josh Freeman for Felix Jones and 2 garbage players?

    My thought process is i’m not starting harvin, (i have VJAX, moore and McCluster), I’m starting Cam Newton at qb (and can grab grossman off the WW tonight), and Greene is my flex play, which i think Felix will be an upgrade.

    pull this deal? or WAAY to much?!?

  57. robert says:

    @Doc- Steve Smith vs Chi or B. Lloyd vs GB?

  58. a1rfann1ng says:

    i trade: tolbert and jacoby ford
    i get: knowshon moreno

    who wins this deal?

  59. emceeperiod says:

    Doc doggy dog! Here’s the deal. 2 RB league. I flipped Reggie Bush and Carolina Smith after week 1 for Turner. My weak spot is my 3rd WR. My other 2 RBs are DMC and Best. I like playing matchups but hate sitting one. Would u trade Turner and Eli for Bradford and right coast Mike? I know I’d be losing value but I’d shore up my WRs. Currently my 3 WRs are Dez, Desean and Denarius Moore. Wouldn’t mind adding Williams to the WR mix IF u think he’ll turn it around. My other QB is Ryan. Thanks!

  60. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: Not a fan of it. I don’t mind selling Turner, but not for Williams and Bradford. I like Williams to rebound some, but I don’t see that offense becoming consistent enough for him to be enough for Turner.

    @a1rfann1ng: Mathews is hurting a little right now. I think Tolbert could continue to have value. I don’t mind buying low on Moreno right now, but I think your selling too low on Tolbert.

    @chivas_irons: If Scatt Flyan is Matt Ryan I like him against Seattle.

  61. friar says:

    @Doc: Should I trade away Best for Maclin and Graham?

  62. Jon S says:

    Cam Newton or Matt Ryan / Matt Ryan or Cam Newton who to start?
    Newton is due again and did well on the road but Chicago will throw the kitchen sink at him. Ryan is in Seattle but has been beat up and his timing is off…Suggestions?

  63. Damion says:

    Yo Doc,

    Im having trouble on who to start at the flex

    I have mccoy and felix at RB , Megatron and Deshaun at WR

    Who do you recommend at the FLEX: Steve smith(car), torry smith, mccluster, mcgahee?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  64. Eric from Kzoo says:

    Hey Doc,

    I need some assistance please. I am in a PPR league and my receivers are Calvin J, Miles A, Reggie W, Steve S(CAR), Torie Smith
    RB McFadden, Best

    I have been offered Hakeem Nicks for Best.

    I don’t know if I can find another RB to help my team if I let him go.
    I am a little undecided on this one. Best is an injury risk and does pretty well at catching out of the backfield. Nicks is a stud with a streaky quarterback and has some injury concerns. I am usually very decisive but I am stuck on this one. Please help!

  65. Reggie says:

    QB: Vick and Stafford
    RB: Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells, Cedric Benson, Starks, Brandon Jacobs
    WR: Brandon Marshall, Desean Jackson, Steve Johnson, Nate Wash…
    TE: Antonio Gates

    Who should I drop to pick up at tight end? And, should I go with Fred Davis or Randy McMichael?


  66. @Doc: Jordy Nelson vs. DEN or Nate Washington @ CLE or Lance Moore @ JAC

  67. huckleberry says:

    i don’t even start working until 2 hours in the morning after i’ve started my fantasy research, usually ending with your commentray (love doc holiday btw) .

    did you hear about danny thommos hammy in practice thurs? it really skewed his preseason perception/performance. in a standard league, i was starting cj2k and d.thom over hillis, best, and kendall hunter. i wanna start hunter over thomas.

    and how do you feel about steve slaton?

  68. Doc

    Doc says:

    @huckleberry: Right now I’d lean toward starting Hunter over Thomas, but it’s hard to truly know how much all the pieces will play. I don’t love Slaton. I think he can be useful, but Bush will still see more work.

    @Chicago Mike: Leaning Moore

    @Reggie: Ouch, that’s tough. I’d drop Nate for Randy

    @Eric from Kzoo: I think you need to keep Best there

    @Damion: Smith

    @Jon S: Ryan might be safer, but I’m leaning Cam.

    @friar: It’s fairish if it works for your team.

  69. Trick dad says:

    Trade my cam newton and sidney rice for his greg jennings and cambell? Romo is my starter, he also has mike williams bucs i could try to give ingram for.

  70. herschel says:

    @Doc: ppr league. need to start two of the following:

    julio jones @ sea
    reggie wayne @ tb
    percy harvin @ kc
    denarius moore vs ne

    thoughts? thanks.

  71. chicken coop says:

    SchuAb over Fitzpatrick. hmm. I’m worried Hou red zones r gonna be all Foster.

    do u see Fitzpatrick ove 300 yards ?

  72. Damion says:


    at flex, which smith???? steve or torry?

  73. Jeff says:

    Hey Doc,

    I’m looking for more RB depth, should I try to get DeAngelo Williams for one of my mid-lower end WRs? Who would you shop?

    I’ve got:
    RB: Turner, Hillis, Ingram, Helu
    WR: C Johnson, Santonio, Denarius Moore, Mike Thomas, Sidney Rice, Antonio Brown

  74. joel says:


    In non-ppr, would u trade Gronk and jacobs to get Fred davis and Blount?

  75. joel says:


    in non-ppr, would u trade Gronk and jacobs to get Olsen and Ryan mathews? THANKS!

  76. Doc

    Doc says:

    @joel: Hmm, interesting trade. I think I’d go for it. Mathews is a little risky due to injury past, but his upside is great.

    @Jeff: I could see going for that, but I wouldn’t give up more than Rice.

    @Damion: Torrey as long as you are talking about Philadelphia Steve.

    @chicken coop: Tough call of course, but I like Cincy’s pass D and I don’t see Cincy scoring enough for it to be a shootout.

    @herschel: Jones and Moore

    @Trick dad: Hmm, it’s ok, but not great. If you really need Jennings I’d go for it.

  77. Damion says:

    doc, I walking about carolina smith? so carolina smith mccluster or torry smith?

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Carolina Steve for sure

  79. joel says:

    Doc: what about trading Jacobs and Gronk for Hillis and Fred davis?

  80. joel says:

    also, would u do it for Blount and Fred davis? Obviously, i’m struggling a bit with how to value Gronk with Aher coming back soon. THANKS!!

  81. Doc

    Doc says:

    @joel: I like Blount more than Hillis. Would probably do that.

  82. joel says:

    Thanks Doc!

  83. Alexander says:

    Should I start Mark Ingram or Denarius Moore in my flex spot?

  84. Mark says:

    I gotta do something about my Qb situation. I have 3 studs (Stafford, Romo, Newton) and only 1 spot to play them. Romos value is down and I like Stafford over Newton, so I’ll likely be looking to move Newton. What should I be trying to get back? Is DeSean Jackson for Manningham and Newton enough? How about Bradshaw for Hightower and Newton? It’s a 0.5ppr league. Manningham is my WR3 and Hightower is my flex when Arian is healthy.

  85. sal says:

    @Doc: ditch helu, collie or hardesty for amendola? PPR

  86. surfmonger says:

    Hey Doc,

    I’ve got two spots on my bench for speculative RBs (currently K Hunter and B Scott) and one for a spec TE (Chandler). down the stretch who do you like better than Scott? Ridley, Hardesty, D Carter?

    I’m facing a tough wk5 matchup and will need a bye week replacement for Ray Rice and TE Fred Davis. (I thought B Scott might have a good shot here, but…) none of the available RBs seem to have a good wk5 matchup. is it worth it to try and make a trade (get Turner for a WR?), or just risk it with what I’ve got? apart from this wk5 bye problem, I love my team.

    Thanks bro!

  87. Sam says:

    Having a tough time coming down to my last WR decision….12 team PPR…should I start Sanzenbacher or Jacoby Ford as my 3rd WR?

  88. Hitts1 says:

    Doc…..For RB2, I’m thinking about benching Gore in favor of Starks. Or should I go with a flex this week and start three WR’s? If so, must choose 3 between Hicks, Holmes, S Moss, and Harvin?

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