Week 4 Quarterback Rankings are in the house, or da house if you prefer.

    1. Peyton Manning (IND @ JAC)
    2. Aaron Rodgers (GB vs. DET)
    3. Michael Vick (PHI vs. WAS)
    4. Drew Brees (NO vs. CAR)
    5. Philip Rivers (SD vs. ARI)
    6. Tom Brady (NE @ MIA)
    7. Matt Ryan (ATL vs. SF)
    8. Jay Cutler (CHI @ NYG)
    9. Matt Schaub (HOU @ OAK)
    10. Donovan McNabb (WAS @ PHI)
    11. Kyle Orton (DEN @ TEN)
    12. Eli Manning (NYG vs. CHI)
    13. Bruce Gradkowski (OAK vs. HOU)
    14. Chad Henne (MIA vs. NE)
    15. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA @ STL)
    16. Mark Sanchez (NYJ @ BUF)
    17. Carson Palmer (CIN @ CLE)
    18. Sam Bradford (STL vs. SEA)
    19. Joe Flacco (BAL @ PIT)
    20. Alex Smith (SF @ ATL)
    21. Vince Young (TEN vs. DEN)
    22. Shaun Hill (DET @ GB)
    23. Seneca Wallace (CLE vs. CIN)
    24. Charlie Batch (PIT vs. BAL)
    25. David Garrard (JAC vs. IND)
    26. Derek Anderson (ARI @ SD)
    27. Jimmy Clausen (CAR @ NO)
    28. Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF vs. NYJ)

      1. Dave says:

        Hey Doc, do you think Farve is drop worthy? Just got Romo and also have McNab. Roster spot would be nice but not necissary if Farve might have increased trade value in the near future.

      2. timSTi says:

        Pick up Henne and start him over Eli this week? I don’t have a backup QB after kicking Kolb to the curb so its a needed pickup.

      3. Dallas4life says:

        I have matt schaub and Vick. i have started vick the last two weeks. Who should i start this week, and should i try to trade one of them for a receiver?

      4. Doc

        Doc says:

        @Dave: I’d take a flier on someone as long as you have Romo and McNabb.

        @timSTi: I’d pick up Henne, but stick with manning.

        @Dallas4life: I’d start Vick, but I like Schaub long term. If you are really hurting at WR I would trade Vick.

      5. ELaw says:

        Dudes McDocs…How do you feel about Palmer for the rest of the year? I was extremely high on him coming in, but now Im at best lukewarm. I had Kolb but dropped him and picked up Vick. I picked up Sanchez too just in case I deal Vick. Vick, Palmer, and Sanchez…Im praying.

      6. Nick says:

        @Doc: Would you pickup Portis off waivers, I have 4/10 and could stash him on my bench by dropping O Daniels (I just heard he didnt practice today due to hamstring). Or take Torain off free agents? I’m thinkin Portis, and then if Torain dominates Sunday I’ll make the switch…

      7. Doc

        Doc says:

        @ELaw: Not liking Palmer at all. I could see dropping him if the right guy came along.

        @Nick: I’d do a preemptive Torain strike.

      8. Hennessey says:

        I was just offered Greg Jennings for my Darren McFadden.
        1 PPR. My RBs and WRs (besides McFadden) are:
        RBs: Gore, Foster, Bradshaw, Charles
        WRs: Wayne, Nicks, Bowe, Naanee

        We start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR. (My usuals are Gore/Foster/McFadden/Wayne/Nicks)

        Right now, I’m leaning towards “no” …the dude actually called me with the offer, so I told him he could offer it and I’d mull it over (ask Doc).

        Essentially I’d be starting Wayne and Jennings at WR every week, Gore and Foster at RB every week, and then it’d be either Nicks, Bradshaw, Charles (come on Haley!), Bowe, or Naanee in the flex, as opposed to McFadden in the flex.

        I’m in first place pretty comfortably, and I’m not sure I really improve with this trade. However, with this trade, I very well could be selling high on McFadden and buying low on Jennings, with Michael Bush looming and Jennings underperforming so far. (Plus, if JC starts getting the 20-25 carries he deserves, I’m on my way to fantasy glory.)

        What do you think about this trade?


      9. hideousmutants says:

        Bengals or Titans this week?

      10. Joe B says:

        @Doc: Who do I start out of these WR this week? I need 4 of them…

        M Colston
        S Smith (Car)
        S Moss
        J Knox
        M Floyd
        T Owens

      11. Calogero says:

        My team is great at presenting weird and unattractive flex scenarios. Here’s this week’s:

        B. Scott

        There’s a decent chance any of these could be the highest scorer (even Torain and Scott have a decent chance to end up with 60+ yards and/or a score). I think the way to go might be to limit the downside. Who is LEAST likely to put up 4 points or less (non-ppr 10 pts per 10 yards, 6 per TD)?

      12. sal says:

        @Doc: like Naanee or DHB in ppr? or Torain over both?

      13. Roger Lodge says:

        Hey Doc,

        I’m in a standard scoring league with limited pick-ups which I mention because I feel as though Torain could be the best long term pick-up. Nevertheless, I’ve got to start either Marshawn Lynch vs NYJ, Kenneth Darby vs SEA or Ryan Torain @ PHI. Obviously we’re assuming that Steven Jackson is not starting or Darby would be worthless. I’ve also got the option of starting Jahvid Best, Maurice Morris or Kevin Smith @ GB though I don’t think that any of them will be a good option against a pissed off GB D. Marshawn Lynch and Jahvid Best are the only options already on my team and I would be dropping Aromashodu if you think any of these other options will outscore Lynch this week. Thanks and sorry about the complicated question.

        – god of love, Roger Lodge

      14. Doc

        Doc says:

        @Roger Lodge: I’d drop Aroma without hesitation. With limited pickups I’d go with Torain. Philly can be run on so there is a shot for a TD from Torain. Lynch will have a tough time against NYJ.

        @sal: I’d lean DHB against Houston.

        @Calogero: I’m going with Torain. Still risky, but I think all of them have quite a bit of risk.

        @Joe B: I’d sit TO and Knox

        @hideousmutants: Bengals

        @Hennessey: Yeah, it would be a bit of a speculative play. In PPR I feel pretty good about DMac even with Bush looming. I’d say no, but it’s interesting.

      15. Hennessey says:

        @Doc: So if JC started getting 20+ carries a game you would do it (He said the trade might be able to be re-visited later if that happens)?

        I’d go from starting:

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