Welcome to what I am going to call the greatest week of football ever conceived by the football Gods!!! Well, that’s what I call every week, but what’s it to ya? I usually get all serious on Sundays, but I know y’all are already wasted and trying to get a hold of your bookies and by bookies I mean your aunt who is a big Seahawks fan but she’s on a whale watching tour and you’ve got nobody to wager with.  Well, I’m so addicted to daily fantasy that I’ll be fighting my computer to make a hundred teams while answering who do I start questions all while consuming an alcoholic beverage of my choice. It’s not antifreeze mixed with Dr. Pepper. And no, that’s not why they call me Doc! But my tongue is bluer than normal and why are neon turnips with legs and top hats crawling all over my face!!?

Ok, I’m back. We are officially bye weekin’ it now and I’m pretty sure there is someone out there starting Big Mike Williams. Yeah, he’s hurt. And not good. I picked up Randall Cobb in a league and am starting him and his 2 targets a game or whatever miniscule number it is. I’m too busy to even mess with waivers on all my teams so I probably have the #1 waiver priority in most of them! Woo hoooo! Suck it Trebek! I think I’d be good at fantasy football if I had time to fake manage my fake teams. Anyway, I’ve got a whole slew of links below that I think are neat and or keen. So check them out if you would. If not, well, I don’t know where you live. Well, except you, yeah, you know who you are.

Clint is updating the Injury Report as we speak. So check it out and throw some questions at him in the comments of that post. He needs some well earned harassment.

If you missed it a new dude stepped up with a pretty bad ass matchups post. Mike’s his name and fantasy football is his name. He just changed it while I was typing that.

We have a $250 FanDuel Freeroll that is free and somehow also a roll. And I have a couple 10 team leagues I created if you want to try them out here and/or here.

And here’s the rest of the story:

Jim Brockmire is a legend and you must watch this or you are not a true football fan. NFL.com doesn’t let anyone embed their videos so I usually tell them where they can embed them, but this is too good.

Evan Silva is up to his old tricks with his Weekly 5 Matchup article.

GoAheadScore has some cool, funny, interesting and depressing football stats from this season so far.

Can the Patriots be playoff contenders with such a God-awful defense?

Luis DeLoureiro tells why Dan Marino’s total passing yards record will fall this season.

Jeff Ratcliffe takes a look at every game this week from an IDP’ers point of view.

I’ll give The Barbarian a .35 for the dismount:

Matt Bowen gives us 5 Things To Watch today.

The Fantasy Douche takes a look at Matt Hasselbeck for the rest of the season and doesn’t like what he sees.

What’s wrong with the Eagles’ pass defense? Doug Farrar takes us in-depth.

Why do we have an insane amount of passing yards this season?

Terez Owens Fantasy Football has 5 Myths and Facts that you should take a gander at.

A quick and entertaining look at today’s games over at Shutdown Corner.

Carl compares Bill Belichick to Jeffery Dahmer and comes up with a bad ass new Monday Night Football intro song:

Eric Yeomens gives some IDP players for today.

How do you compare Wes Welker and Calvin Johnson, the two best receivers so far this season? The Fifth Down Blog takes a crack at it.

My Target Watch post over at Rotoworld and my Passing and Rushing posts at FanDuel Insider.

  1. friar says:

    Who would you recommend I start as my flex in a .5 PPR league: Hernandez, Ridley, or Jared Cook? Thanks!

  2. Marquoos says:

    Hey Doc, you’ve made Fantasy Football sites cool. Impressive.
    But that stuff your drinking sounds alot like Romulan Ale.
    I’d be careful with that.

  3. Matt B says:

    In a 12 team non ppr 2RB/2WR starters:

    Is trading Bowe (my WR2-3) and Best (RB3 behing DMC & McCoy) too much for Roddy White and Bernard Scott? White would shore up my WR and I could use Scott & Tolbert for bye week replacements. I couldn’t get him to add Addai, Ingram, DeAngelo & Torrain as the RB to throw in instead of Scott.

  4. How am I supposed to get pumped for Monday Night Football without someone asking me, in song, whether I’m ready for Monday Night Football?

    haha classic

  5. Chunk says:

    .5 PPR, addai or ridley in my flex?

  6. Chunk says:

    or starks

  7. Los says:

    Hey Doc, I got 3 spots for a bunch of RBs–Bradshaw (SEA), Ridley (NYJ), Redman (TEN), Starks and Grant (ATL). I’m going with Bradshaw for sure, but what other 2 to fill in the roster? Thanks

  8. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    whats goin on Doc….great posts this wk from all you guys.

    anyway,just wondering,are you concerned that Jahvid Best’s touches have gone down each wk so far,or is that just because they have been behind the past couple wks?would it be a good time to buy low?

    also,for this wk in a 8 team ppr points league,would you start Best ahead of Maclin at flex?


  9. The G says:

    Im stuck in a pickle…start Cam Newton vs the Saints or Tom Brady vs the Jets? And…start Tolbert or Mendenhall if he plays….thanks Doc!

  10. principal blackman says:

    Please rank the following players for a Defensive Flex this week.

    Curtis Lofton
    Jason Pierre-Paul
    George Wilson

  11. CL says:

    Yo Doc! 1pt PPR, for my flex… Titus Young or James Casey?


  12. timSTi says:

    Two last minute decisions in a .5ppr:

    2 of : Blount, Beanie, Starks, or Ingram

    2 of : Meachem, Thomas, & Manningham

  13. elwood blues says:

    Another Best question, in a .05 ppr league, you see any reason to start Ridley over Bradshaw or Best this week?

  14. papafrog says:

    @Doc Good morning, 12 team .5 point PPR league. Which 2 to start among Mike Thomas, Antonio Brown and Denarius Moore. I’m leaning Thomas and Brown. Thanks in advance!

  15. Nick says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, I picked up Redman (dumped A Brown) in 10 team to start Redman at flex. Keep him in over Starks, right? & then I dumped Bradford (backup) for Sanchez. Do I start Schaub or take high risk/high reward Sanchez for the start? I’m a die hard JET fan but if that O-Line can’t handle the Pats, Sanchez will be screwed

  16. Matt B says:

    Hey Doc, Ridley or Shonn Greene in a PPR today?

  17. Chris says:

    Need 2: Harvin, Decker, or M. Williams (TB)
    Also do i play SD or Tenn on defense

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @friar: Ridley

    @Matt B: In non-PPR it’s tough. both Best and White lose some value. I could see doing it, but it’s not a home run.

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: I think this was his best one. No pencil neck!

    @Chunk: I’m leaning Starks

    @Los: Ridley and Starks

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I think I would lean Maclin because I like his matchup, but it’s really close. I’d buy low on Best in PPR.

    @The G: I’d lean Tolbert and Cam. I know that’s crazy talk.

    @principal blackman: I’m not n IDP’er, sorry.

    @CL: Young is safer

    @timSTi: Beanie, Ingram, Manny, Thomas

    @elwood blues: Nah

    @papafrog: They are probably safer. Moore has more upside.

    @Nick: Sanchez’s upside is much higher than Schaubs this week, but his downside is pretty down. I’d lean Sanchez if you’re feeling risky this morning. Same with Redman vs. Starks. I l ike Starks upside, but Redman is safer. Maybe mitigate risk and go Sanchez/Redman.

    @Matt B: Rifley

  19. paulzone says:

    who would you pick for te this week (0.5 ppr):

    winslow, clark, cook, mcmichael, heap, casey, shiancoe, boss

  20. PF says:


    could you suggest 3 of the following for non-ppr?

    J Stewart(I have Cam, does this matter when evaluating Stewart?)

    Appreciate the feedback.

  21. Hey Doc, PPR league with return yards. Pick two. Devin Hester, Antonio Brown, and Michael Bush.

  22. Dr. Pumpkin says:

    In a 6 point passing TD league, I’m rolling with Kolb over Schaub today. You think that’s the right play?

  23. SAM says:

    Non PPR would you start Mike Thomas or Denarius Moore

    Also, who has higher upside this week, Cam or Matt Staff.?

  24. Andrew says:

    Start which guy? Big ben or alex smith?

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Andrew: Ben

    @SAM: Moore, Staff

    @Dr. Pumpkin: They’re pretty close. Go with your gut

    @John H: Hester, Brown

    @PF: I’d sit Stew in non ppr

    @paulzone: Cook

  26. Ryan says:

    Great as always Doc, Jahvid Best or Isaac Redman (Non-PPR)?

  27. Nick says:

    @Doc: Not feeling risky. I think I’m going with Schaub (not Sanchez) and Redman…forgot to mention I have LT on my bench. Probably not worth a start over Redman or Starks but he could have a big week…

  28. Art Vandelay says:

    No survivor picks this week or did I miss it?

  29. Jim Parkey says:

    Doc, start S. Greene or Hernandez in flex spot?

  30. Ickey Shuffle says:

    Doc, help!!

    Choose three of the four to start today, non-PPR

    Eric Decker, Jordy Nelson, Marques Coston, Isaac Redman

    Thank you!!!

  31. topps says:

    Any change in your rankings opinion for WR if PPR for Colston vs Manningham?

  32. Kevin says:

    James casey or jared cook? PPR

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kevin: Cook is a little safer

    @topps: I’d go Colston

    @Ickey Shuffle: I’d sit Colston

  34. Mike says:

    Would you start Isaac Redman over Willis McGahee as a flex?

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: yeah

  36. Jay says:

    Would you accept a trade that gives me Roddy and J. Cook for Daniel Thomas and Gronkowski? I have Andre and Steve Johnson as other wr’s, along with Mendenhall, Forte, Greene, Ridley as my rb’s.

  37. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    A team is trying to move Moore and needs a TE. Who would you pair with Gresham to try and get a deal done (Ridley, Hunter, Spiller, Titus Young)?

    QB- Eli
    RBx2- Best, Gore
    Flex- Felix Jones
    WRx3- Welker, Vincent Jackson, Brandon Lloyd
    TE- Witten

    BN RB- Ridley, Hunter, Spiller
    BN WR- Titus Young
    BN TE- Gresham

  38. Timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Hi, who do you prefer as WR3 .5ppr: colston or mccluster?

  39. bobbo says:


    Which 2 do you start in a 1ppr, 1pt per 20 yds rec, +5 bonus at 100:

    VJax, AJ Green, Percy Harvin, McCluster

  40. Chris says:

    Harvin, Decker, or M. Williams (TB)
    I need 2
    SD or Tenn on defense

  41. Chris says:


    Non-PPR, start two:

    Starks, Ridley, Redman

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris: Redman, Starks

  43. Jay says:

    Oh forgot a detail, I still have Gates on the bench. Is it still a no?

    “Would you accept a trade that gives me Roddy and J. Cook for Daniel Thomas and Gronkowski? I have Andre and Steve Johnson as other wr’s, along with Mendenhall, Forte, Greene, Ridley as my rb’s.’

  44. Project badass says:


    Lance Moore

  45. Nick says:

    @Doc: Mike Thomas is killing me at WR3 in my 10 team league and my backup of Lance Moore is not any more reliable…I picked up Redman to use this week at flex, didnt work out to well but I can drop him (no value w/ Mendenhall back nxt week) and make a quick pickup of Breaston or Heyward-Bey now. Would you make a move or wait till 4PM games to see who might emerge…

  46. and1mcgee says:

    do I trade hakeem nicks for jimmy graham in a ppr league? Tired of eli not throwing to Nicks. my TE is fred davis.

  47. Nick says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, dump Sanchez or LT for Tebow??!

  48. Nick says:

    leaning LT

  49. exactly says:

    please rank these WRs ROS: mark clayton, g. little, m. floyd, r. meachem, d. baldwin, heyward-bey, d. moore, l. robinson, and breaston

  50. Nick says:

    @Doc: Sorry to clutter the feed but i ended up dumping J Stewart for Tebow in a 10-team league. Leaves me with Schaub, Sanchez, Tebow. For WR my last question is should I let LT, Sanchez, L Moore or M Thomas for Breaston or Hey-Ward Bey. Thanks Doc, hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Really depends on your needs, but I’d do either.

  52. Nick says:

    @Doc; so is Breaston or Hey-Ward Bey the better choice in 10team non-ppr? & let go LT, Sanchez or Lmoore,mThomas. Just tell me the worst guy of those 4, dont have a dire need in either WR or RB

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @exactly: Bey, Floyd, Meachem, Moore, Little, Baldwin, Clayton, Robinson, Breaston

    @Nick: I’d probably drop Moore for Bey.

    @and1mcgee: I wouldn’t

    @Nick: I’d go after Bey

  54. Richard says:

    Hey Doc who do you like for the rest of the year: r. bush or battle?

  55. exactly says:

    @doc: thanks, do your rankings (Bey, Floyd, Meachem, Moore, Little, Baldwin, Clayton, Robinson, Breaston) change at all if PPR?

  56. Howie says:

    @Doc: non-PPR waiver wire scramble– Garcon or J. Jones after tonight?

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