There are some decent waiver wire dudes out there this week. I think I’ll be putting in quite a few claims so I can wake up to my, sorry but you got shizz emails on Wednesday morning. It always warms my cockles.

UPDATE of the UPDATE: Ronnie Brown has NOT been traded to the Lions for Jerome Harrison and some Cornflakes because the Cornflakes couldn’t pass the soggy cereal test. Maurice Morris will be the lead back while Best recovers from his concussion.

UPDATE: Jay Glazer is now reporting that it is likely that Carson Palmer is going to the Oakland Raiders. Palmer is not as good as he once was and he won’t be up to NFL speed, but he has a ton of weapons to use in the Raider offense. He is a for sure back up in 12 team leagues and his ceiling is as a QB1 in fantasy.

Demarco Murray: Felix Jones has a high ankle sprain and will be out 2-4 weeks. The Cowboys get a good rush defense schedule with STL, @PHI, SEA, and BUF  in the next 4 weeks. Seattle is the only defense there with a strong rush defense and then you are scraping the bottom of the barrel with the rest of those scrub Ds. Murray looked quicker and more decisive than Tashard Choice and also didn’t fumble. Murray will split time with Choice but should see the majority of the carries while Jones is out and his matchups make him a premium add.

Montario Hardesty: Peyton Hillis is hurting with a hamstring injury and Hardesty will take over as the main guy if he is out for any time. So far Hardesty hasn’t really flashed any play making ability, but a starting running back is a starting running back is a starting running back.  He wouldn’t have anyone really cutting into his looks which is good but the next two opponents he faces are Seattle and San Francisco.  Those are both stout run defenses. He’s a for sure add in most leagues, but keep expectations lowered.

Maurice Morris:  (UPDATE: The Lions traded for Ronnie Brown.) Jahvid Best has had concussion problems in the past and had his second of the season on Sunday. This is not the best news you’ll ever hear if you are a Best owner, but them’s the breaks I suppose. After Best left the game Morris received the lion’s share of the carries and was on the field for 22 plays compared to 2 for Keiland Williams. He’ll most likely be more helpful in PPR leagues than non but he should be the main guy with Atlanta on the horizon. They have been weak against pass catching running backs.

Michael Crabtree: If he’s out there he is a must add at this point. He’s the #1 receiver and got half a billion targets against the Lions on Sunday. As long as the 49ers are moving the ball he’ll have value.

Eric Decker: He should be the receiver that benefits the most from Brandon Lloyd’s departure. He’s shown more ability than just being a possession receiver and has the height and hands to help Tim Tebow out. He should be the most targeted receiver by far until Thomas or Royal step up, if they do.

Jake Ballard: He’s not getting a ton of receptions, but he continues to do good things with them. He’ll be on a bye this week, but if you need a TE and have the room you should be able to get him fairly easily. And they get Miami and New England off the bye. I like those matchups.

Roy Helu: Yes, the Redskins backfield is a crap festival of gargantuan proportions, but last week they sure weren’t helped by Rex Grossman giving the ball away over and over. Helu is still my favorite running back and could easily emerge from the cluster-eff, but I do hate that I have to pay to watch my stories now.

Greg Little: The Browns wide receiving corps isn’t really one that I like to mine for fantasy purposes, but the Brownies have been throwing more and Little has gotten 8 and 11 targets in his last 2 games. He gets Seattle next week which will be a nice matchup for him and help us gauge how well he can exploit good matchups.

James Jones: He only had one catch, but it was for a touchdown and the Packers had the game in hand before it started. He’s not going to be consistent, but he keeps on getting fantasy points so maybe he will be. But probably not. But maybe.

Steve Breaston: Dwayne Bowe is playing some outstanding football right now and will continue to get more coverage pushed his way and as that is happening Breaston is building a rapport with Matt Cassel.

Doug Baldwin: He is looking like a solid player for the Seahawks and should continue to see targets, but will be inconsistent just like the Seattle offense. I’m liking his overall ability and he has ability to fight for the ball and eat up some yards after the catch.

Damian Williams: He’s scored in his last two games and in the right matchup should have value with Hasselbeck throwing to him.

Torrey Smith: His upside is worth a bye week play for sure. He will get his deep targets and has looked light years better than Lee Evans. He’s a home run hitter, but sometimes we need to swing for the fences.

Greg Salas: He had 10 targets and 8 receptions and redeemed himself after a horrid debut a few weeks back. In full PPR leagues he’s worth a look for sure. He’s young and will have some down games, but I like his situation with Lloyd coming in to help open up the underneath routes for Salas even more.

Demaryius Thomas: With Brandon Lloyd getting shipped off to St. Louis and Thomas expected to be back in week 7 it might be time to do a preemptive strike and add him. We have absolutely no clue how he is health wise and if he has the upside he had before his injury, but he did have upside. The main problem of course is Tim Tebow’s lack of accuracy, but if Thomas can be the deep threat like Lloyd was he could have value.

C.J. Spiller: Against the Giants C.J. Spiller was on the field for more snaps (35) than his previous 3 weeks combined. He is being used as a receiver and needs to be on PPR radars, but don’t add him on name alone. We really need to see if this will keep up before going all nutso crazy.

Donald Brown: Well, Donald Brown may not be the worst running back on the Colts. At this point I’m not sure that means much at this point, but he looked quicker than Delone Carter and ran for a touchdown. He’s starting to look like the better backup to Addai. Joe may be back next week so don’t lose your mind trying to pick up Brown, but in deeper leagues he might be a good add.

John Beck: The Redskins aren’t as horrid as Rex Grossman makes them look. If Beck can keep from throwing 4 interceptions he will be an upgrade and worth an add in 2 QB leagues.

Christian Ponder: Ponder didn’t look like total crap during garbage time on Sunday night and is worth a preemptive add in 2QB leagues. He hasn’t been named the starter but he will eventually.

Adds if they happen to be out there: Earnest Graham, Jackie Battle,  Marshawn Lynch, Jay Cutler, Tim Tebow, Matt Cassel

Drops: Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Jason Avant, Rex Grossman, Cadillac Williams, Plaxico Burress, Davone Bess, Robert Meachem, Antonio Brown, Lee Evans, Pierre Thomas

  1. elwood blues says:

    My backfield is a mess. Bradshaw(bye) Best (hurting)
    We start 2 RB (.05 ppr).
    I have s-Jax in as a starter.
    The rest of my bench.. Ridley, Helu.

    Murray, Choice, Morris, T-Jones, and Tate are on waivers.

    How would you rank ’em? Murray 1, Morris 2?
    and I was going to drop Helu for whomever I get .. should I? or Ridley
    or drop a WR on my bench, D.Alexander?

  2. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    What happens to Brandon Lloyd’s value now that he has been traded to the Rams? Any chance that he returns to being a top 10 fantasy receiver now that he is back with Josh McDaniels?

  3. Random Collmenter says:

    u like hardesty over morris for the upcoming week? thx.

  4. Cullen says:

    Is Mark Clayton still worth holding onto even with the Brandon Lloyd trade? Thanks!

  5. trevor says:

    This is a bit more of a stretegy question as i feel its a fair trade offer. THis is a 2 quarterback league also so keep that in mind.

    What I am looking to do is trade Colt Mccoy and I was offered Santana Moss and Daniel Thomas. The guy I am trading to is in the running for first place with me and we are way ahead of the pack. Winner of the regular season wins column gets $800 and same with the high point total. He needs a QB to fill his roster for week 7 (theres some on waivers) and his only other running backs on his roster are Micheal Turner, Earnest Graham, and Brandon Jacobs.

    Should I take his Daniel Thomas and leave him with those 3 to fill his roster for the rest of the season? I have John Beck and Matt Cassel to rotate at my QB 2 spot if I get rid of Mccoy

  6. trevor says:

    I cant really get too much better of an offer as nobody is deperate enough for a QB but I haven’t exactly tried to offer any of these guys who are somewhat settled at QB but could maybe use one

  7. trevor says:

    Another thing is that my roster for week 7 has just about everyone on a bye and Andre Johnson is still hurt (presumably) so I am severely lacking talent for week 7

    The other thing I didnt make so clear is the fact that he needs a qb to compete week 7 and a loss is almost guaranteed if he leaves the slot empty. I just checked waivers and hes dead last.

    Should I let him roll with 1 QB or should I take his deal?

  8. trevor says:

    Nevermind all that I declined his offer.

  9. Megatron Lives says:

    Hey Doc, who are your initial Def. favorites for Week 7?
    Den @Mia, SD @Jets, Car vWash, Oak vKC, Jax vBal, KC @Oak, AZ vPitt, Cle vSea, Sea @Cle, Mia vDen. Thanks!

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trevor: Hah.

    @Cullen: I wouldn’t at this point unless you have a deep bench.

    @Random Collmenter: It’s close, but I’d probably lean Morris in PPR and Hardesty in non.

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: There is a chance. I like his situation more now.

    @elwood blues: Yeah, Murray then Morris. I’d feel ok with dropping any of those guys for those two right now. Kind of depends on what you need more. Helu and Ridley are nice lottery ticket types. DA will lose value with Lloyd there now.

  11. Pat P. Patterson says:

    You turned down McCoy for Thomas/Moss? That seems like big overpay by the other guy to me. I moved those same 2 guys fir DeSean Jackson in a 16 team league, and DeSean’s got way more value than McCoy.

  12. and1mcgee says:

    jackie battle or demarco murray? ppr

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Megatron Lives: Dang, none of those stand out. If Boller is QB I could see KC maybe, but they should be able to run on them. Miami looked horrid so I could see Denver coming off the bye and Miami having just played on MNF. I guess that’s where I’m leaning right now.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @and1mcgee: Long term I’d probably lean Battle. Next week, Murray.

  15. and1mcgee says:

    I dropped Battle for Murray. I was concerned that Battle didn’t make it into the endzone vs the Colts, the Chiefs suck, and maybe I could pray for Feliz Jones to have a lingering injury?? thanks for the quick response… ughhh i guess both options aren’t great help.

  16. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: hi, who do you like better as WR3 next week and howd you rank the following for the rest of season (.5ppr)?
    little, baldwin,breaston,damien williams


  17. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: fred davis or jared cook ROS .5ppr? thanks

  18. hankg says:

    Who would you drop to pick up D. Murray? Ridley, Tomlinson or Torain? Thanks.

  19. Scott says:

    Need 2 of 4 to start this week
    Decker,little,Holmes ,or torain in standard league

  20. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:10 team ppr,which RB would you grab right now?

    Murray,Morris or Brown?

    same league,Little,Breaston or DHB?


  21. Adam says:

    Would u drop torain and add Murray ? Standard league

  22. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…grabbing Lynch after Hillis injured his hammy. Also, need a receiver and my choices are DHB and Decker. What’s your take?

  23. Nick says:

    @Doc: pickup Kendricks, Cook, Miller or Dickson for a bye week fill? Also do you like D Thomas or DHB over D Moore?

    with Tebow and Schaub in 10 team im also going to drop Sanchez and pickup either another wr (the other from above) or J stewart (who i dropped a few weeks ago)…torrey smith and james jones also available, what you think? I have Torrain to let go as well…

  24. MJD Took A Knee says:

    12T Nonppr QB/2WR/2RB/Flex

    QB: Stafford – Eli
    RB: AP – Gore – McGahee – Ingram – Starks
    WR: Wallace – Manningham – N.Washington – Garcon
    TE: Gronk

    I was planning on dropping Garcon for my BYE week TE but not sure if I should do that now with all the targets he is getting. And puke in mouth wire options with Watson vs SEA / Dickson @ JAC as my best options. And what to do with Starks? Is he a better hold or are Murray/Morris/Hardesty better pick ups?

    Thanks Doc

  25. Dann says:

    Hey chief!

    I have Flacco as my QB in 12 team ppr league with .25 points per pass attempt. Should I pick up Palmer or Hasselbeck and keep them over Flacco?

  26. Gavin says:

    Drop Spiller for D Murray?

  27. Plainview says:

    I have Bowe, Little and LLoyd as WRs – would you drop Little/Lloyd for:
    Eddie Royal
    Demaryius Thomas

    Also have Roethlisberger and Cassel – drop either for Tebow?

  28. Pound Sand says:

    Jamaal Charles is/was my #1 keeper heading into this season. Where do you see him headed in the future, is he still a #1 keeper? Just not sure how to value a RB like himself gonig forward after his knee injury.

  29. Dad says:

    @Doc: I love these lists. Thanks Doc.

    Would you drop Torain or B Scott for Murray?

  30. Cracker Baggins says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    Would you trade Flacco and Gore for Daniel Thomas and Jermey Maclin? I have Tebow and Eli. Maclin would be my Flex

  31. stumanji says:

    I’m looking pretty far ahead here, but need an opinion on pre-emptive pickup for a Week 9 D/ST:
    Texans vs CLE
    Titans vs CIN
    Falcons @ IND
    Cards vs STL

  32. Megatoad says:

    Non ppr standard scoring.

    Trade away shonn greene (who is my current flex option) and Garcon for Miles Austin? If he wont let go of austin i might be able to get desean jackson instead? Good Idea?

  33. charlie batch says:

    greg little or sanzenbacher?

  34. anthony says:

    Hey doc.

    Is beanie wells for roddy white straight up a fair deal? Who has more upside?
    My 2 other running backs are arian n mccoy.

    I’m giving up beanie n getting white.
    Non ppr league.

  35. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Is Jermichael Finley a buy or a sell after his somewhat disappointing season so far? Apparently he had a bruised arm in the game this week and had a lot of random drops the week before so he could have easily done better in both games. Would you trade Owen Daniels for him?

  36. Rob says:

    Is DeMarco Murray worth burning #2 out of 14 WW priority?

  37. Greg says:

    I have a poo-poo platter of mediocre RBs (mainly due to shairng situations). Have Felix Jones, James Starks, Daniel Thomas, Tolbert, and J. Battle. Worth dropping one for Demarco Murray, Hardesty, or Morris? Which one?

  38. lone wolfpack says:

    dudesir, I have Brady on Bye this week and my worst nightmare has happened… I had Fitz and Alex Smith on my Dynasty roster last year… All three are on bye this week, so I have traded Fitz and Smith (thought I sold high on Fitz after week 1… ouch). So I have Tavaris, Beck, and Grossman on my roster. The only waiver pick up who will be starting is Boller. Eeeeesh… I have to start Beck, right?

  39. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…one more thing. Been trying to do some wheelin n dealin. I have Brees & Staff in 2 QB league. McFadden & Hillis (u know the deal) and the Law Firm. I have Schaub on the bench. Been offered Shonn Greene for Schaub. I need some RB help. Would you take this? Life’s a garden, dig it.

  40. Howard says:

    @Doc Would you drop Lance Moore for either Salas or Baldwin? Thanks!

  41. Gavin says:

    Which side do you like better? Chris Johnson or Steven Jackson and Brandon Marshall?

  42. Guy Jantic says:

    I have Welker, Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss, and Tebow. Would you trade Brees for Megatron straight up?

  43. I was offered Garcon, Starks, and (Felix Jones or Tolbert) for Mendenhall. I have McFadden and Beanie. I need help at WR DJax, Lloyd, Holmes. Would you take the trade? If so Jones or Tolbert…ps im 0-6 in this league.

  44. DDT says:


    Would you drop Felix Jones for Marshawn Lynch? Looking @ this from a ROY production stand point.

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chicago Mike: I wouldn’t.

    @Guy Jantic: Only if your record is really bad.

    @Gavin: SJax/Marshall

    @Howard: In PPR I’d drop him for Salas

    @HotCorner306: I really wouldn’t want Greene.

    @lone wolfpack: Yep. I think he’ll be ok.

    @Greg: I’d probably do Tolbert for Murray if you need him this week. But long term I would hold.

    @Rob: If you need him, yes.

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: It’s close, but I would.

    @anthony: It’s a fair deal. If it works for your team I’d do it.

    @charlie batch: Little. With Bennett coming back soon Dane will probably hit the bench.

    @Megatoad: I like it

    @stumanji: I’d probably lean Houston.

    @Cracker Baggins: I think I’d want to keep Gore there.

    @Dad: Tough call. I’d probably drop Scott for him.

    @Pound Sand: Yeah it’s tough to know how he will come back. He loses value for sure so it will depend on who else you have.

    @Plainview: I’d hold on the WR but drop Cassel for Tebow.

    @Gavin: Yeah

    @Dann: They are pretty close, but I’d probably stick with Flacco

    @MJD Took A Knee: I’d like to keep Starks if you can. Any chance to make a 2 for 1 trade? I’d probably drop Garcon for Dickson if it comes down to it.

    @Nick: I’d go with Cook and probably go DHB.

    @HotCorner306: I like Decker

    @Adam: I’d stick with Torain

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Murray, Little

    @Scott: Probably Decker and Holmes, but I need to look at the matchups more closely.

    @timmy riggins: Davis

    @timmy riggins: little, breaston, baldwin, damien williams

  46. Clueless says:

    I’m looking to make a trade with a team (PPR) who only has Blount and Starks as his RB’s, his WR’s are Jennings, M Wallace, Burress and D Moore.

    I would like to make an upgrade at my WR position as I have Vjax, S Moss, V Cruz, DHB

    My RB’s are Rice, Sproles, Tolbert, Greene

    what would be a good trade I could offer for Jennings or Wallace that would also include Greene?

    Greene is worthless in PPR and because I’m in a Yahoo league he is on the Can’t Cut List so the only way I can get rid of Greene is through a trade

  47. surfmonger says:

    Hey Doc,

    I only have one of those WRs (crabtree) on my wiaver pool. other options are jerome simpson, A Benn, & Jason Hill. how do you like these guys ROS?

    my drop fodder includes: Torrain, H Douglas and Ridley


  48. DDT says:


    Need two out of these three for ROY: Mike Thomas, Lance Moore, or Crabtree. Thanks!

  49. surfmonger says:

    I’m running with Schaub and Freeman (yeah!) in a stndard 12 team league. maybe I should torrain or ridley for palmer? when should we expect palmer to get up to speed?

  50. fred haase says:

    Can I drop Felix Jones? Out 2-4 weeks, shoulder is still effed up, and possibly a committee with Murray when he returns…

  51. fred haase says:

    Oh…and should I drop Knowsho too. PPR league, Know looked great in the preseason and Tebow was at least throwing him the rock. Magahee will eventually get hurt, won’t he? Need a TE for the bye and like that otherwise boring DET RB Maurice to get 15 pts this week. I wish Jerome Harrison was the backup…

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @surfmonger: Tough call, but I’d probably hold.

    @DDT: Crabs and Thomas

    @surfmonger: I’d go Douglas for Crabs

    @Clueless: I guess you could try Tolbert/Greene for him. I would do Sproles/Greene for him, but that would leave you pretty weak at RB.

    @DDT: Really depends on how much you need someone for the next 4 weeks.

  53. fred haase says:

    PS…and I love this site. Always good, entertaining analysis!!!

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @fred haase: If you need to it’s not a huge loss, but I’m holding.

    @fred haase: Moreno is worth holding onto, but more for the end of the season than immediate help.

  55. HotRod says:

    I know this may be asking a lot with Palmer not playing a down yet, and in a new system, but please rank ROY.


  56. Cracker Baggins says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    Would you trade Flacco, Gore, and Hunter for Maclin, Daniel Thomas, and Ryan Torrain?

  57. Ethan says:

    At RB2, WR2 and Flex (Pick 3) Jackie Battle, Earnest Graham, Jordy Nelson, DHB and Brandon Lloyd (PPR)

  58. Guy Jantic says:

    I guess the real question is you don’t see Tebow and Megatron outscoring Brees for the rest of the season?

  59. stumanji says:

    Best pickup between Damian Williams, Salas, or Demaryius Thomas? Drop Lance Moore or Hines Ward?

    You have an opinion about starting two WR from the same team (right now I’m starting Wallace and Ward next week)?

  60. Van Haggard says:

    I am stashing kendall hunter on my bench. Should I offer him to a leaguemate who has Gore (as an insurance policy) for Joseph Addai? So trade Hunter away for Addai? Its a non-ppr.

  61. daniel says:

    ponder, palmer, or beck at qb this week in 16 teamer with brady on a bye. thanks

  62. Random Collmenter says:

    Currently in 1st in a .5 PPR league and looking to capitalize by dealing Cam or Stafford. Thinking about offering one of them for either CJ2K or McFaddy (and picking up Dalton, Palmer, or Cassell as a backup).

    My other RBs are McCoy, Best, Beanie, and Blount.

    Thoughts? You think this would be a wise trade or am I deep enough at RB? If you like the trade, you like either Cam/Stafford for CJ or McFad?

    BTW I’m thinner at WR: Calvin, Marshall, Little & Washington… should I try to deal a QB for another stud WR?

    OR… should I just stay put?


  63. stumanji says:

    Clayton is reporting that Benson’s suspension was reduced to 1 game (prob week 8 @ Seattle). So much for holding on to Scott all this time…

  64. Howie says:

    @Doc: So should one claim all the Raiders’ WRs on the waiver wire or is this Palmer addition much ado about nothing and the results as obtained with J. Campbell should continue to be expected?

  65. Jason says:

    Standard league scouring: qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def. My question is, “Should I target te Hernandez or stay with J. Gresham?”. If yes how would you go? I would have to give up a rb. My rb’s are A. Peterson, Gore, S. Jackson, D. Thomas, Battle, D. Murray, R. Grant.

  66. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damaryius thomas ?thoughts on him going forward,he cant really go any further backwards

  67. StirHouse says:

    Best owner here. Is it worth dropping Jackie Battle or Mike Thomas to pick up Brown?

  68. Mungfisher says:

    How do you rank these WR waiver wire gems: Doug Baldwin, Titus Young, Nate Burleson?

    Also, I’m 6-0 and will need to drop Roy Helu to pick one of them up. If I don’t, I take a goose egg at one of my 3 WR slots this week (Manningham and Steve (don’t call me Stevie) Johnson on bye). Is it worth it to make a move at all?

  69. MrJuly says:

    Should I accept manningham for battle??? I have Ingram, DMC, Beanie, MoMo and M. BUsh at Rb and Calvin, Steve Smith (good one) and Julio at WR… Whats you thoughts? Non ppr

  70. rascal says:


    I’m almost dead @ 1-5 after losing to the highest scorer. My team:

    Rivers, Ryan
    DMC, Mendenhall, McGahee, Torain, Ridley, and Igram
    Dez, Steve Johnson, Lloyd, and Holmes
    Bills D (probably dropping for dallas)

    We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, and 2 RB/WR flex spots. I’m torn on what to do. I’ll be dropping Ridley, but either way I don’t see it helping my team. It’s a general question, but thoughts on what I should do?

  71. ergot says:

    PPR this week, Lloyd or Sidney Rice? Andre is still hurt and Welker on bye so I have to pick one of the two.

  72. rascal says:

    Continuing my previous post.

    It’s a 10 team league with yahoo scoring. I think I’ll be adding Murray and Manningham (dropping Torain and Ridley).

  73. Randy says:

    My RB’s- Best, Mathews, D Williams, Torain, M Morris
    Ridley, M Bush, Moreno, and Scott are available
    Thinking about adding Ridley.
    Do you stlll like him?

  74. Eng says:

    Drop Gresham or hold through the bye week? Only other droppable players would be if I went with one-less IDP this week, what do you reckon? I’m also a Jared Cook owner.

  75. emceeperiod says:

    Which side do you take Doc?
    1 PPR

    MJD, Roddy, M. Ryan


    Sproles, Nicks, Rivers



  76. Mike T. says:

    Looking to bolster my WR spots by giving up one of my 3 stud RBs. I have Rice, Forte & Fjax and LFitz, bmarsh, little & d Alexander. Can start 2 RBs & 3 WR. What do you think of the following trade:
    Give up Fjax, LFitz & DMoore for Welker, AJohnson & torain.
    Also I’m in 1st place so can weather AJohnson being out another 2 weeks or so.

  77. farcus says:

    how do we feel about a benson/vernon davis for felix/witten trade? both witten and davis would be kept for one more year.

  78. Jason says:

    What should be done about R. Grant? I find myself unable to drop him and hoping for some way he’ll turn it up. Would you drop him for DHB, Little, or Manningham?

  79. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Eng: I’d drop him if it means you would be without a starter.

    @Randy: If you don’t need Morris next week I’d drop him for Ridley.

    @ergot: Lloyd

    @rascal: I’d do that.

    @MrJuly: I like Battle’s schedule enough to say no.

    @Mungfisher: I’d lean Baldwin then Young, Burls

    @StirHouse: I’d drop Thomas for him

    @AL KOHOLIC: Since we haven’t seen him play it’s really hard to tell. I liked him before he got hurt but it will be tough for him to make a big impact soon.

    @Jason: I would target AHer. I could see giving DT for him, but would rather give Battle if possible.

    @Howie: There are just too many options there and they should remain run first.

    @stumanji: Yeah that’s horse doo

    @Random Collmenter: With Best’s concussion it might be worth getting a solid guy. I’d trade either Stafford or Cam for McFadden in a heart beat. CJ is a little iffier. I think I’d try for a top WR instead.

    @daniel: Beck

    @Van Haggard: I’d do that for Addai.

    @stumanji: If Bradford is healthy and it’s a PPR league I’d go with Salas. I’m fine with starting 2 WR from the same team if they are your best options.

    @Ethan: The first 3

    @Cracker Baggins: Really depends on how much of an upgrade those 3 are for you. Gore is the best of the group, but if those 3 fit well they could upgrade your whole squad.

    @HotRod: Freeman, Palmer, Sanchez

  80. Clueless says:

    I was just offered this trade in a PPR- would you take it?

    I get Greg Jennings, he gets S Greene, M Tolbert & V Cruz.

    His only RB’s are Blount and Starks so he is hurting at RB, If I took this trade it would leave me thin at RB, but I think I could use some of my other players to trade for an RB better then Greene and Tolbert or grab D Murray off waivers.

    My current Roster

    S Moss
    V Cruz – I had planned to drop Cruz to get G Little off waivers

    D Sproles
    M Tolbert
    S Greene

    J Finley

  81. Randy says:

    Oh Thomas Jones was just dropped.
    Do you like Ridley over him as well?

  82. exactly says:

    in a ppr/idp league, which side:

    m. thomas
    l. moore
    cameron wake


    navorro bowman?

  83. stumanji says:

    Do you know what it takes for Spiller to get WR eligibility? Do the Bills have to officially switch him on the depth chart or how does that work?

  84. Eng says:

    Thanks, Doc. Basically my roster is full as I can’t bare to part with Peyton until they IR him. Should I give up and drop him or lose Gresham? (12-team 2QB redraft league). Apologies in advance for this as I’m sure your sick of PM queries.

  85. Spliff says:

    Should I do this trade?
    Frank Gore
    Ed Dickson

  86. Eng says:

    Also, just as a spot start for week 8, would you rather play Bernard Scott or DeMarco Murray?

  87. Rocky says:

    Hey Doc, just wondering who’s the better waiver wire pickup, Jacoby Ford or Damian Williams? I like Damien’s targets, but Ford has a lot of upside now that he’s healthy and a small chance of Palmer playing as well.

  88. Spliff says:

    Should I do this trade?
    Frank Gore
    Ed Dickson
    R. Gronkowski
    T. Tebow

    12 team (ppr)
    Romo, White, S. Johnson, DMC. F. Jones, my flex is either Mike Thomas or Meacham(who both are terrible)

    The only TE’s on the waiver are Ben Watson and Jake Ballard


  89. DWU BWEEES! says:

    Drop M. Thomas, Starks or Tolbert for Decker in PPR league? Starks and Tolbert are my 4th and 5th RB’s in a 2rb league.

  90. Mark says:

    Hightower completely droppable right?

  91. Dan says:

    hey doc,
    ive got peterson, beanie and hillis in a 2rb league. whos the better add, demarco murray or hardesty?
    also, my league has a wr/te flex so would you drop lance moore for one of: dallas clark, damian williams, jacoby ford, jake ballard, jacoby jones, greg salas, dustin keller, demaryius thomas, eddie royal? its 1 PPR but 20 yards receiving per point. im probably leaning thomas right now…
    as always thank you!!

  92. Dan says:

    same Dan as above, sorry, one more question, ive got tebow, big ben, and philip rivers at qb. would dropping big ben be a good move to grab another upside wr or hardesty/murray? thanks!

  93. Wilsonian says:

    Have Rivers at QB. I could have either Cam or Vick for Roddy.

    My WRs are Roddy, VJax, Smiff (CAR), Holmes, AJ Green.

    If I dealt Roddy, I could pick up Crabtree.

    It’s a 0.5 PPR, and I like the idea of having both stud QBs to play the better matchup. Do I do it, or let it be?

  94. fleet says:

    Got F. Jones, Starks, AP, McFadden RBs, with jones hurt and byes drop Starks for Murray? (Have only 4 RBs rostered, start 2)

    AP bye week 8
    Starks 8
    McFadden 9
    Jones done

    Will F. Jones be back week 8?

  95. rascal says:

    Earlier I said I would drop Torain and Ridley for Murray and Manningham. Murray is already owned. So who would you choose between Crabtree, Little, Breaston, Baldwin, and Walter. They would be competing with Lloyd for a starting spot next week.

  96. fleet says:

    drop alex smith for palmer (qb #2), Stafford bye week 9

  97. Big Nate says:

    Trade away Bowe for Roddy?

  98. McBainus says:

    Doc – Drop Mike Thomas to pick up Steve Breaston?

  99. McBainus says:

    Doc – or Torrey Smith?

  100. Doc

    Doc says:

    @McBainus: Tough call. I’d probably Breaston a shot.

    @Big Nate: I would.

    @fleet: I think so

    @rascal: I think I’d give Torain one more shot against Carolina.

    @fleet: If you need to yeah.

    @Wilsonian: Tough call. I think Roddy turns it around so I’m going to say I wouldn’t.

    @Dan: I’d do it for Murray. No need to have 3 qubes

    @Dan: I like Murray and Williams, but Thomas is close and I could see going with your gut there.

    @Mark: Ugh, probably. Harder in PPR.

    @DWU BWEEES!: I’d drop Thomas for him

    @Spliff: You probably need to with Jones injury.

    @Eng: Murray

    @Rocky: Yeah, Williams is a little safer, but Ford has the upside. I’d lean Williams because Raiders WRs besides DHB are killing me!

    @Eng: Lose Peyton

    @stumanji: They’d have to do that and they aren’t going to

    @exactly: Probably the Hillis side

    @Randy: Yeah

    @Clueless: Go for it

  101. fleet says:

    sorry to ask again….just have a hard time dropping Starks. 12-team league, everyone must roster 4 running backs.

    My backs are:

    1. AP bye week 9
    2. McFadden bye week 8
    3. Starks bye week 8
    4. Felix Jones (Injured)

    Should I drop Starks for a waiver (Murray, Hardesty) because of Felix’s injury?

    Or should I just take the hit and only start one rb for week 8 if felix is out still?

  102. Mike T. says:

    Looking to bolster my WR spots by giving up one of my 3 stud RBs. I have Rice, Forte & Fjax and LFitz, bmarsh, little & d Alexander. Can start 2 RBs & 3 WR. What do you think of the following trade:
    Give up Fjax, LFitz & DMoore for Welker, AJohnson & torain.
    Also I’m in 1st place so can weather AJohnson being out another 2 weeks or so.

  103. TheHighlander says:

    Which RB should I cut? Reggie Bush, Ridley or Helu. thanks

  104. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: damn, well I already did it before I got a response from you. I’m debating on trying to deal Rivers to someone that needs a QB for another WR. If not, I think I can weather the storm. Thanks for your help, as always.

  105. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…Was able to grab Lynch, Murray and Battle. I have an offer on the board that may give me Mendenhall for a QB on my bench and if I can swing that, I’ll start him in place of Hillis. Three flex positions on my roster and my options are the three above named RB’s and Brandon Marshall. I have to sit one. PPR league

  106. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cassell or alex smith this week

  107. Nick says:

    @Doc: I have Best, and intend on benching him this week if he does not play…then i have Forte & Starks at RB and Murray at Flex. At this point, should i dump Torain for R Brown or just stay put since I have starters for this week to fill Best? 10 team league BTW

  108. McBainus says:

    Doc – You prefer Romo (STL) or Cassel(@OAK) this week?

  109. daniel says:

    battle or james starks this week? thanks

  110. daniel says:

    also which 2 of these wrs to start? lloyd, jordy nelson, garcon. thanks again

  111. needhelp says:

    Felix Jones, Jahvid Best, Maurice Morris, Ronnie Brown
    Mike Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Early Doucet, Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin

    My RB1 is McCoy who is on Bye this week so I dropped my D to pick up both Morris and Brown to cover this week and the future. Now I have to pick up a D. Who would you recommend dropping? I’m leaning Mike Thomas but I may be overvaluing Early Doucets role as the WR taking advantage of single coverage due to Fitzgeralds double teams.

  112. debar says:

    need to start 1 rb, 1 wr, 1 flex from the following: battle, torain, hightower, sidney rice, mike williams

  113. Jeff says:

    Hey doc,

    I’m thinking of picking up either Breaston or Baldwin (non-ppr, standard scoring) as a free agent. Should the fact that I own Bowe influence my decision between them?

  114. battlerags says:

    Need some advice on a very tough bye week. Comes down to deciding on my 2nd receiver and then flex.

    WRs: Colston, Garcon, L. Fitzgerald, Darrius H-Bey.

    For my 2 starting WRs, I was thinking Fitzy and Colston but Fitzy has an awful matchup against the Steelers. Do I actually bench him for Garcon or DHB (who have much better matchups) this week?

    Secondly, this leaves my flex with some options

    Flex: DeMarco Murray, Marshawn Lynch, ?Garcon?, ?Fitzy?, ?DHB?

    Starting RB are Shonn Greene and Earnest Graham. So who’s my best flex option after WRs are settled? Montario Hardesty is still a free agent in our league…who’s got the best chances this week?

  115. battlerags says:

    Sorry for repost! Non ppr league, standard scoring.

    2 WR
    2 RB
    1 Flex

  116. Nick says:

    @Doc: Brown gone, other options include David Nelson or Nate Burleson, dropping Torain cause he seems like hes not worth a bench spot in my 10-team

  117. Nick says:

    I also have Ridley to dump…pickups include both guys above (Nelson, Burleson) as well as Scott (anticipating Benson suspension in week 8), D Thomas, Baldwin, T Smith. 10 teamer…

  118. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    I have Gore and need to drop either Hunter or Ridley…who would you drop?

  119. Mike T. says:

    It’s a .5 PPR.

  120. billy ray says:

    non ppr, please rank following backs for ROS:

    battle, starks, graham, murray, mcgahee and ingram, thanks a bunch

  121. bELIeve says:

    Brown to Detroit deal is off-Harrison didn’t pass a physical. Still makes you question the Lions’ faith in Jahvid “not always his” Best

  122. tony says:

    Hey should I drop Hightower for battle in a ppr and points per rush attempt league?

  123. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tony: I would

    @bELIeve: He is risky now with his 2nd concussion

    @billy ray: ingram, mcgahee, starks, battle, murray, graham

  124. mGEEZYY says:

    Hey I just traded tebow for washington. I have VJax, Percy, Dallas Clark, Ahernandez, and lance moore. 2 WR/RB/TE flex. What side wins in this trade. I Send VJax and AHernandez for JimmY Graham, Decker, and lloyd. Or should i replace lloyd with magahee? PPR 1 point

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