The point of this article is to provide you with likely waiver wire options for your week 8 line up, hopefully lessening the blows of injuries or the week 8 bye.  Like the majority of articles, this one is relative.  Assess the depth of your fantasy league and act accordingly.  Good luck!

Shaun HillDET QB

I would bet my life (err… 5 bucks) that Stafford plays this week.  An MRI showed that Stafford avoided both a break and the dreaded high ankle sprain leaving him questionable on the week.  Based on the severity of the injury and the fact that the Lions lost two straight, I see Stafford playing this week and securing a win against a porous Broncos pass defense before the Lion’s bye week.  However, the Lions may want to play it safe with Stafford with next week’s bye, giving him two weeks to recover.  If this is the case, pick up Shaun Hill!  Denver’s pass defense allows the most fantasy points against opposing quarterbacks, and Megatron and company will make up for any shortcomings that Shawn Hill has as a quarterback.  Hill is a very solid pickup for week 8 if Stafford sits.

A.J. Feeley – STL QB

There is rumor that Bradford may need another week for his high ankle sprain to heal, giving Feeley his second straight start.  I know what you’re thinking, but he’s not THAT bad.  He completed 61% of his throws, just missed the 200 yd. passing mark and was only dropped once by a Cowboy’s defense that is around the top 10 in sacks.  With a game now under his belt he is playing a much easier Saints defense that has allowed the 5th most fantasy points against opposing quarterbacks.  It’s not that I love him this week (if he plays); it’s just that I don’t hate him either.  If you’re in a deep league and need a QB, take a chance.

DeMarco MurrayDAL HB

Chances are you now know who Murray is.  If you don’t, he’s just the guy who broke the Dallas Cowboy’s single game rushing record rushing for 253 yards and a score on 25 carries during the Cowboy’s week 7 romping of the Rams.  While I fully expect Murray’s stock to rise, this statistic is for all the Murray haters.  Before last week, the Eagles were one of two teams who allowed more fantasy points to opposing running backs than the St. Louis Rams.  The Cowboys play the Eagles this week.  Will Murray run for back to back 250 yd. games?  Probably not.  But do count on him having a solid game against the Eagles especially now that Choice blew any chance of a split backfield after last week’s abysmal performance.

Roy Helu – WAS HB

The name Mike Shanahan brings both terror and hatred to fantasy football owners.  The guy is about as unpredictable as they get.  Now with Hightower out for the season with a torn ACL, you have a 50/50 shot at guessing who the Redskins will feature in the running game for any given week.  Good luck figuring it out; I tried and only managed to get a headache.  Ryan Torain is the bigger name and is more likely to be owned in your fantasy league, but Roy Helu has just as much of a chance of gaining the reigns.  Helu is averaging around 5 yards a carry and with the Redskins playing a below average run defense in the Buffalo Bills, he is worth a look.  Either one of these running backs is capable of making a splash in any given week.  Just hope Shanahan is in a Helu kind of mood come game day.

Alfonso Smith – ARI HB

I hope your fantasy team isn’t this desperate.  The Cardinals average under 100 yards rushing per game and face off against a great Baltimore Ravens defense.  However, if you really are this desperate, take this as a small form of consolation – it looks likes Smith will be the featured back on Sunday.  Alfonso Smith was the only running back to receive carries after Wells exited the game with a knee injury, so it seems he is the favored back among the Cardinals coaching staff.  Regardless, LaRod Stephens – Howling and Chester Taylor can’t be too far behind.  I’m afraid that the slightest mistake will rid Smith of his edge, and this week he faces off against a Baltimore defense that can’t help but create mistakes.  Add Smith if you’re desperate, but do it at your own risk.

Demaryius ThomasDEN WR

Like any wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas’s success is based on his quarterback and whether you should add him or not is dependent upon which Tim Tebow you believe in.  Did you look at the first three quarters of the Broncos/Dolphins game and lose all faith in him, or did you keep watching through his resilient fourth quarter comeback and eventual overtime win and salvaged some of that faith?  Personally, his first three quarters scared me enough that I wouldn’t add Demaryius Thomas or Tim Tebow until after seeing how Tebow fares against a much tougher (See: Ndamukong Suh) Lions defense.  However, if you are a believer in Tebow, note that Demaryius Thomas was targeted 10 times last week, meaning he could be a prominent fixture in a Broncos offense going forward.

Jabar Gaffney – WAS WR

Maybe I just have a man crush, but I’ve always liked Jabar Gaffney.  Weird crush right?  When Santana Moss left with a broken hand, I saw this as a great opportunity for him.  The Bills pass defense is on a lower tier than last week’s Panthers and now that Beck has a game under his belt, I feel a good week coming from Gaffney.  Not to mention that last week he was tied with Fred Davis for the team high in targets with 8.  Gaffney has had at least 50 yards in every games he’s played in, so while I certainly expect a big game, he shouldn’t hurt you with a goose egg on Sunday if I’m wrong either.

Michael Jenkins – MIN WR

Ponder looked pretty good against the Green Bay Packers last week and one of the biggest beneficiaries of his success was Michael Jenkins.  Now that Percy Harvin is questionable for week 8 with a rib injury, one should look to add Michael Jenkins for a desperate WR2 , flex option.  In week 7, Jenkins tied for the team lead in targets with 8.  While some of that can be contributed to Harvin’s absence, Jenkins connected on a 72 yd. touchdown with Harvin still playing.  I’m not saying Jenkins is a definite buy since he is playing a difficult Panthers passing defense, but his new rapport with Ponder could be just what he needed to be a serviceable fantasy option.  Harvin’s week 8 questionability doesn’t hurt either.

Jake Ballard – NYG TE

New York Giant’s Jake Ballard has been quietly producing a solid line the last three weeks.  With 186 yards and 2 touchdowns in his last three games he sets off to face a Dolphins defense that has allowed the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing tight ends.  It seems like Ballard and Manning are meshing well together as of late, and there is no reason to think it won’t continue again this week.

Daniel Fells – DEN TE

Tebow and company are playing the Detroit Lions this week.  There is nothing in this world that Ndamukong Suh would rather do than to hit Tebow… hard.  I’m looking for Tebow to get nothing but pressure from the Lions blitz packages and one of the best front lines in football, and as a result, I am expecting a lot of dump-offs and short passes from the Broncos offense.  Fells was targeted 4 times last week, but I expect that to increase significantly against the Lions.  Don’t count on the Broncos seeing a lot of red zone on Sunday, but Fells could quietly be a good source of catches and yards.  Add in 12 team leagues or leagues featuring two TE’s.

Check out these dudes. Some are owned already, but all have upside due to injuries, suspensions, or getting betterness.


Tim Tebow

John Beck

Running Backs

Michael Bush

Mike Tolbert

Knowshon Moreno

Ryan Torain

Delone Carter

Bernard Scott

Brian Leonard

LaRod Stephens-Howling

Chad Spann

Kregg Lumpkin

Taiwan Jones

Javon Ringer

Chris Ivory

Leon Washington

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown

Roy Williams

Greg Salas

Plaxico Burress

Tight Ends

Visanthe Shiancoe

Evan Moore

Jeremy Shockey

  1. ringo says:

    are those rankings at the bottom in order of who to pick up first?

  2. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    No, the players at the bottom are in no particular order.

  3. p0rk burn says:

    You have Ballard listed on the Suckfins.

  4. barker says:

    trade offered to me 12 team league

    i give cj2k i get vick

    my RBs rice cj2k jstew hardesty felix
    QB schaub

  5. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I wouldn’t do it. You would essentially be benching Schaub and giving yourself fewer options to chose from for a RB2/flex play roster spot.

  6. barker says:

    but what if i flip vick i could theoretically get more for him no?

  7. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    That’s your call dude. Theoretically, anyone not named Aaron Rodgers can be flipped for someone better. If you think you can flip Vick for a profit, do it, but that’s totally a judgement call that only you can make. Good luck.

  8. MattW says:

    Shaun Hill vs. AJ Feely, which is more likely to play?

  9. CL says:

    With Stafford possibly hurt, which QB this early in the week to speculate on:

    Dalton, Beck, Cassel, Smith, Painter, McCoy or Hill?


  10. gino says:

    PPR and 2 QB league.

    Do you suggest starting Dallas Clark or to pick up one of your TE suggestions Ballard or Fells this week? I have Finley on bye.

    Also, all my QB’s are on bye. Picked up Matt Moore, but for my flex should I pick up Shaun Hill (all that’s left on the wire that might play) or put in Sidney Rice or Jackie Battle?

  11. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    A.J. Feeley.
    Stafford avoided serious injury and is only listed as day-to-day, while Bradford remains in a walking boot. Also, at this point in the season, a week 8 win means a lot more to the (5-2) Lions than it does to the (0-6) Rams. The Rams have a reason to be more cautious, making Touchy Feeley the more likely to play.

  12. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    You’d want to speculate on all of them, but if you are asking me who I would pick up/start, I’d go Beck in a tough call. Doc posted his week 8 fantasy football rankings, so you may want to look at those as well. Good luck.

  13. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’d probably go with Ballard if you can afford to drop someone. Ballard has a slightly better match up and has been more consistent.

    There’s a good chance Hill doesn’t play. Sidney Rice has been awful and is facing a tough Bengals defense. Play Battle. However, Hill would be the best of the three if he were to play, so if I were you I would monitor Stafford’s situation very closely and maybe even chance an early pick up (if possible) just to be safe. Good luck.

  14. tgerk says:

    start tebow or stafford? I know it depends on which tebow we get, but the lions are weak against the run, which is half of tebows play

  15. Jay says:

    12team, 1pt PPR, 6pt TDs

    I give MStafford and SGreene
    I get Tom Brady

    My team after trade would be
    QB TBrady, RB AFoster, JStarks, KMoreno, BScott, BTate, WR MWallace, MAustin, JulioJones, TE FDavis, Flex AHernandez

    But I’d rather trade for a better #2 RB, does Austin + Starks get me Peterson?

  16. Jason says:

    I’m deep with rb’s (Peterson, Gore, S. Jackson, D. Thomas, D. Murray, J. Battle, M. Morris). What is D. Murray long term value? And With my depth would you flip him?

  17. exactly says:

    dealing with a bunch of byes in PPR and need to start 4 out of:

    l. moore
    m. thomas
    damian williams
    d. carter
    dickson (can start 2 tes, already starting hernandez)

    Who would you choose?

  18. tgerk says:

    Also I have Gaffney, Cruz, and Garcon. Which two should I start?

  19. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Even if you get a pretty good Tim Tebow Sunday, Stafford’s matchup (if he plays) is too juicy not to exploit. Go with Stafford if he plays. Another week to assess Tebow won’t hurt.

  20. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I probably wouldn’t take the trade. Brady and Stafford are pretty similar from a fantasy perspective, plus the addition of Greene makes it a little off in my opinion. I would rather keep Stafford and Greene and play the match up game with the RBs.

    No idea about the trade. I’d probably keep Peterson, but that’s me. I don’t know your other manager. Go for it and see what happens. Good luck.

  21. Fernando says:

    Last week, I was close to closing a deal for Hernandez. I would get Hernandez and give up Gresham and Murray. After an explosive performance by Murray this deal can still happen. However, has the landscape changed with value and terms? Basically, should I finalize the deal?

  22. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Murray’s going to start for this week, and maybe next week. Then Felix Jones returns from injury. Even if DMac plays well, Felix Jones will get SOME carries. With your RBs I would definitely flip one, and Murray seems like a logical choice based on your situation. Good luck.

  23. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Moore, Damian Williams (if he plays), Carter and Thomas with Salas filling in for Williams if he’s out. You might want to take a look at Doc’s week 8 ratings as well. Good luck.

  24. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I would start Garcon and Cruz. Their upsides are a lot higher than Gaffney’s. Take a look at Doc’s week 8 ratings also. Good luck.

  25. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Tough call. It depends on your RBs. When Felix Jones comes back Murray will still be a decent RB option, assuming he’ll get something similar to a timeshare. If you could use another decent RB option to play using match ups each week, or if the other manager would be a juggernaut if Murray continues to produce, I might hold off. If you are set on RB and aren’t overly threatened by how good the other manager’s team is, I would consider it. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  26. Jason says:

    Would you rather S. Jackson or M. Forte? I might have a chance to get Forte on a trade. Forte is on bye and may go for S. Jackson against NO run def. Is it an upgrade or too even to be worth the attempt? I’m only worried about Forte in playoffs wk 15 against sea and wk 16 gb. Thoughts?

  27. Fernando says:

    I wrote note #21. So, I have good rb’s Gore, S. Jackson, etc. I have depth. So, go ahead and trade Murray and Gresham for Hernandez?

    His team:
    Qb newton and Ryan, wr Torrey smith, p. burress, meacham, Victor Cruz, rb r. Matthew, mcgahee and moreno, Forte, b. Tate, te Hernandez

    My team: Qb Romo, Big Ben, Tebow; wr R.White and Manningham; rb Peterson, S. Jackson, F Gore, Murray, D. Thomas, Battle, M. Morris, te gresham

  28. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    If you have solid filler options for this week, then sure. I believe Forte will be more valuable than SJax going forward. Concerning weeks 15-17, I actually think SJax plays tougher run defenses in the Bengals, Pit and the 49ers compared to Forte and the Seahawks, Packers and Vikings. Again, it all depends on your filler options for this week, but if you have one go for the trade. Good luck.

  29. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Yeah, I’d probably follow through with the trade. It may sting this week because Murray is starting again against an awful Eagles run defense, but I see it paying off in the later weeks. Good luck.

  30. dani says:

    i have tebow and stafford…should i look to trade tebow for a running back or wide receiver? RBs on roster: Beanie Wells, Maurice Jones-Drew, Rashard Mendenhall, Legarrette Blunt…WRs on roster: B Lloyd, E Desker, P Harvin, James Jones, R Wayne, Steve Smith. Do I need to keep Tebow, or is an RB or WR a bigger priority? I can’t stay conservative- I’m 2-5!!!! a 10 person league with 6 playoff spots, but still….

  31. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Rough record, but there is definitely time to turn that around, especially given your league’s lenient playoff qualifications. Your RBs seem fine. Maybe pick up a RB for this week with Wells doubtful and Blount on a bye week. I would probably try to package Tebow and one of your WR not named Steve Smith for another, more consistent WR to place in your WR2 slot. However, I would also wait on trading Tebow until we are 100% sure of Stafford’s health. Good luck.

    *Assumed it was Steve Smith from Carolina.

  32. MAthias says:

    Help. Would u do this trade?

    R. White & Starks for R. Mende & B. Lloyd?

    I have currently have
    WR: White, S. Johnson, Manningham, G. Little, L. Moore, N. Burleson
    RB: Starks, F. Jones, Ridley, M. Morris

  33. James says:

    CJ Spiller is on my waiver, and not much else… should I grab him before B. Scott?

  34. Eric says:

    Here’s my team 1QB,3WR, 2RB 1FLex, 1p PPR:
    QB: Matty Ice, Tebow
    WR:Megatron, Larry Fitz, K Walter, E Decker, D Nelson
    RB: Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, Demarco Murray, B Jacobs, J Best, Addai
    TE: Hernandez

    Eli is available as is Bernard Scott. Due to my RB injuries and byes, i’d like to pick up Scott for a flex this week but also want to grab Eli since he’s around a top 10 QB. Which WR do i drop for Scott and is Matty Ice or Tebow dropable for Eli? Thanks in advance.

  35. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Tough one. I would probably keep White and Starks in a close call. I project White and Lloyd to have similar stats and upside for the rest of the season with the bigger name going to White (in case of a future trade). Who swayed me was Mendenhall. I really don’t like him too much going forward. The Steelers offensive game plan is usually to pick on the other teams weaknesses. 5 of the Steelers next 6 games are against teams that are in the top 12 in fantasy run defenses. Putting 2 and 2 together, I don’t see Mendenhall outproducing Starks. For a difference of opinion you can check Doc’s rest of the season rankings. Good luck.

  36. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Depends on what you are looking for. For this week, grab Scott. For the rest of the season, add Spiller, even though neither have much long term value.

  37. Mathias says:

    Kevin, thanks for the response. Does it change much that Roddy and Starks are both on bye and I am sitting at 3-4 in what I would call a must win situation?

  38. fleet says:

    12 team league, must roster 4, u start 2. (10 pt. rushing td)

    My running backs:

    1. AP bye 9
    2. McFadden bye 8
    3. James Starks bye 8
    4. Felix Jones (Injured)

    I’m struggling for a rb. On the waivers we have Morris, Helu, K. Williams, B. Scott, Ringer, and lower rbs. If I hold, I only have one rb this week and maybe next.

    Would you hold? Drop? If so, who for who

  39. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    If I had to drop one, it’d be Decker. I just don’t trust the Bronco’s Tebow-run offense yet.
    And yes, I would actually drop either one for Eli. Picking just one: Matty Ice. Ryan has only thrown for more than multiple touchdowns once this season. He is in some type of funk. Luckily for Tebow, when he’s in a funk, his legs can get him out of it in a way that Ryan’s can’t. Slight edge on Tebow, drop Ryan. Check Doc’s rest of the season rankings for a second opinion. Good luck.

  40. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Since it sounds like you don’t have solid fillers, yes. It was a close call to begin with but if you are in a must win situation grabbing Mendenhall against the Patriots and Lloyd against the Saints doesn’t hurt. Just be weary of Mendenall’s rest of the season schedule. Good luck.

  41. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’m a little confused. If you are in a customized league where your roster only consists of two starting RB and 2 bench RB, hold your 4. If you are in a more standard league, try dropping a lesser WR or backup for Helu (first choice) or Scott (2nd choice). Hope that helped.

  42. fleet says:

    yeah, it’s a 12 team custom. i will hold those 4. thanks.

    one more question, in the same league I must roster 2 qbs and start one. here are mine:

    1. stafford (9)
    2. palmer (8)

    would you drop palmer for Dalton, Ponder, Beck or T. Jackson because of staffords injury status

  43. fleet says:

    thanks again!

  44. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I would wait until Stafford’s injury status becomes more clear until I thought about picking up a QB. If Stafford is out, you need to assess the situation. By only starting 1 RB (A.P.), based on your match-up, you need to decide your game plan for this week. If you want to look towards throwing this week for future potential, keep Palmer. If you think you can compete this week with only 1 RB, drop Palmer for Beck. It’s really a decision only you can make. Good luck.

  45. JJ says:

    Would u give Mendenhall to get Chris Johnson?

    Too high of a price for CJ2k?

  46. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I don’t love Mendenhall’s rest of the season schedule. He plays some pretty decent run defenses. Chris Johnson on the other hand has a much easier schedule the rest of the way. I, personally, would do the trade and pray that Chris Johnson can return to form. However, check Doc’s rest of the season rankings for a difference of opinion. Good luck.

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