With all the byes the rankings look slim, but there are some decent matchups out there.  Mike Hart and Deangelo Williams both look like they won’t play so you have to bump Stewart and Brown up even though they’ve been sucking.  Austin Collie practiced in full and AGonz is gonz again.  As tight ends fall to the wayside it is getting a little harder to pick them.  Both Gates and Miller are doubtful so I have removed them from the list.  So let’s get going!  Football!  Rarw!!

  1. Professor Chaos says:

    @Doc: Guy just offered me T.O. for LDT. I’m thinking of countering with me giving LDT, Best, and Bowe for his T.O., Bradshaw, and M. Bush. Right now I have JC Superstar at RB #1, Bradshaw would be my #2 and Mathews or F. Jones at #3. Thoughts?

  2. Rabbit says:

    Hey, Kicker app isn’t working on your rankings box thingy–how will I know which of my many rostered kickers I should start this week? How will I know?!? HOW WILL I KNOW!?!?

    Just kidding; I will start the one kicker I have, Footy McKickstein, or whatever his name is. But it is true that your kicker app isn’t working. Or maybe it’s just my computer doesn’t like kickers.

  3. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Hey Doc,

    Out of curiosity, what do see in Blount’s future regarding this season and next?


  4. matthew says:

    whens statistical strategery coming?

    and why so low on fred jackson?

  5. Rookie Season says:

    Hey, Doc, what do you think about this trade?

    Get: Terrell Owens, Brandon Lloyd, Michael Turner (or Matt Forte)
    Give: Reggie Wayne, Santonio Holmes, Joseph Addai (or Moreno, Blount)

    He also has Maclin, S. Rice
    I also have V. Davis, Heap

    Any other combos you can see out of this?

  6. Jason says:

    Great job as always…..

    2 questions. 12 team non-ppr
    My RB’s are cj, well, reggie & mike bush. I’m starting wells and mike bush. However, donald brwon, choice, sproles are available. I know donald brown will be upgrade this week over m.bush but i’m concerned i would be giving up too much value ROS & obv brown will take back seat to addai & hart once they get better. I’m 4-4 . About 6 others have same record.

    2nd question, going forward how would you rank: winslow, watson, pettigrew and olsen? I have winslow and pettigrew. Was thinking of dropping maybe for watson but his situation is a bit scary. sit tight? thanks so much

  7. DeepThreat says:


    Out of these four which 3 would you keep going forward (playoffs) in Non PPR?

    Beanie / S. Greene / J. Addai / R. Mathews

  8. Trevor

    Tggq21 says:

    Survivor Pool Question:

    who do you think has the best chance of winning in week 9

    Minnesota over Arizona
    Atlanta over Tampa Bay
    NYJ over Detroit

  9. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Doc. To fill out a flex spot would you put Donald Brown or Mario Manningham in. Between byes and injuries those are really my only two choices this week. Thanks!

  10. Leroy says:

    which 2 of these 3 you like this week for ppr… j best, d brown, woodhead?

  11. Jason says:

    just thought of possible other option. instead of dropping mike bush for donald brown could drop mike williams (sea-tough sched ros) or breaston? breaston starting as my flex. other wr’s are roddy, bowe and rice.

  12. Nick says:

    @Doc: Is asking for Moreno in exchange for Torain asking to much? Who should I look to move Torain for?

  13. SDPete says:

    Doc, for these positional rankings it would be cool to see a “flex” option so we could compare WR to RB to TE.

  14. Matt Leinart says:

    Your computer doesn’t like kickers, and I don’t like them either. The last two weeks, my kickers have gotten me 2 points each week. Last week, my opponent had Carpenter, so I was outscored in the kicking department 18-2. I’m ditching my strategy of picking a kicker who is supposedly good and I grabbed Longwell from the depths of the kicking rankings. No one likes him, so maybe that will work for me. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll grab one who is currently on the IR for next week.

  15. Pacman F. says:

    Crazy trade, all thoughts welcome:

    12 team Keeper league, IDPs

    MJD for JCharles, Sidney Rice and Chris Long

    Who wins?

  16. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : News about Britt’s hams is not looking promising. Should I keep burning a bench spot or cut him loose?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Professor Chaos: It’s pretty close. I think it works for you as long as TO really boosts your WRs.

    @Rabbit: Hah, Footy McKickstein is a beast. Set it and forget it.

    @Cheese: Hard to tell. He has the ability, but I worry about his Marion Barber style. But as it it he has a lot of value on a team that is improving.

    @matthew: It’s up now. Have a decent feeling about the Bears D coming off the bye.

    @Rookie Season: I like it for you as is

    @Jason: I’d drop Reggie Bush for Brown this week. I’d stick with who you have –winslow, pettigrew, watson, and olsen

    @DeepThreat: If you are looking for upside I’d say Addai is the least favorable with that nerve injury. Hard to know how that will play out.

    @Tggq21: Full disclosure, I suck at this — I’d lean minnesota

    @Nuke LaDouche: I’m leaning Brown with Hart and Addai hurt.

    @Leroy: Brown/Best

    @Jason: I could see dropping Williams.

    @Nick: Probably. I would try for someone like Greene.

    @SDPete: Agreed. With this widget I can’t do that, but I’ll make the suggestion.

    @Pacman F.: Charles side

    @Mr2Bits: I’d drop him

  18. PB&J says:

    I’m torn between Starting Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger, and your ranking them side by side doesn’t help a ton. I’m leaning Big Ben, but I also Think that Ryan can break out in a big way against the Bucs pass D. What should I do?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @PB&J: Yeah, it’s very coin flippy. I’m leaning Ben.

  20. BAM says:

    Hey Doc,

    At my flex spot, should i play James Jones, Felix Jones or Aaron Hernandez?

    With CJ on bye this week, my current lineup looks like this:

    F. Jones
    N.O DEF

    I’m playin’ the number one team so I need all the points I can get…



  21. BAM says:

    ^ – also, if there’s anyone in my current lineup you’d replace with one of the guys I’m considering, that’d be helpful too….

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: Since Jones seems to be ok I think you have to go with him.

  23. Pacman F. says:

    Same deal above, give up MJD or RRice?

    Thanks for the help…Most entertaining fake sports site on the interweb!

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Pacman F.: I’d give up MJD. Gracias sir!

  25. Anon. says:

    I have the fortune of having

    Adrian Peterson MIN vs. ARI
    Arian Foster HOU vs. SDC
    Rashard Mendenhall PIT @ CIN and
    Jamaal Charles KC @ OAK

    on my team this year (12 team league). We can start one RB and have two flex spots.

    Most weeks, I start AP, Foster, and Mendy, and leave Charles on my bench. While this is a good problem to have, I am hating more and more to let Charles be the odd man out.

    In week 9, would you keep AP, Foster, and Mendy in, or would you put Charles in for any of those?


  26. Nate says:

    All knowing one….Should I even think about starting vick over brady?

  27. Professor Chaos says:

    @Doc: As a follow up to my previous question, my receivers would be T.O., Megatron, Nicks. RBs would be JC, Bradshaw and a flex of Mathews/F. Jones/Mike Williams (TB)/M. Bush.

    So you don’t have to scroll up, the trade in question is…

    Guy just offered me T.O. for LDT. I’m thinking of countering with me giving LDT, Best, and Bowe for his T.O., Bradshaw, and M. Bush. Right now I have JC Superstar at RB #1, Bradshaw would be my #2 and Mathews or F. Jones at #3. Thoughts?


  28. Mike A says:

    PPR 14 team league. I’m 7-1

    Have Gates but no backup TE. Do I drop Sidney Rice to pick up Celek / Heap / Olsen for a two-week stint?

    Loathe to drop Rice after keeping him all season – could be good come playoff time, and someone will pick him up if I drop him I’m sure.

    Only other option for a drop is Ivory.

    Alternative strategy is go with no TE. I’ve actually played short-handed for last two weeks (no defense / no flex), and still won. But not sure that strategy is going to continue to work!

    But at 7-1 can afford a loss…

    Rest of starters: Rodgers / McCoy / Woodhead / Roddy / S Johnson / Knox / NYJ / Vinatieri


  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anon.: That’s tough. I’d probably stick with them.

  30. frolfer says:

    league which counts RB carries and PPR. which two of:

    Thanks in advance!

  31. Kevin K says:

    I have Santana and Sjax on bye so I need 3 WRs:
    Austin Collie
    DeSean Jackson
    Steve Breaston
    Wes Welker

    Welker’s been going steadily downhill even with Moss, but the WR rankings place him above Collie and Breaston. Card’s too shifty and Collie’s thumb + Tamme/Garcon means less targets?

    Also, at TE I have Hernandez and Daniels, but Sidney Rice is looking to return. Would you drop any of the WRs or either of the TEs for him?

    Thanks a lot!

  32. Kevin K says:

    Ah, sorry. SJax was mentioned because I play in a 2RB / 2WR / 1W/R Flex league and I don’t exactly have an RB other than Reggie Bush on the bench atm.

  33. Overpaid Felons says:

    Doc, I am playing the league deuchebag this week I I need this win. Please advise.
    Pick 2 RB to start. I started that hack J.Stew last week and got burned bad.
    Beanie Wells
    Ricky Williams

    In league #2
    B.Jax or Fred Jax?

    Thanks agian,

    The Felons

  34. cruisinkc says:

    Which side do you like better for this proposed trade?

    A) W. Welker and Marshawn Lynch


    B) Austin Collie and Brandon Jackson

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nate: I would

  36. Chris says:

    Got offered best for stafford & Ronnie brown. My other qb is Matty Ice. Seems like a good deal just looking for a 2nd opinion.

  37. Brian says:

    Interesting trade:

    Ray Rice and Wes Welker for Arian Foster.

    Any suggestions?

  38. paul says:

    Hey Doc, which 2 RBs out of Blount, Donald Brown, Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs should I start this week for a standard league? I’m thinking Blount and D. Brown?

    From the remaning RBs + James Jones, who should I then slot into my flex? Thanks

  39. Dan says:

    Hey doc, ppr league with .2 per rushing attempt, would you start Danny Woodhead, Steve Breaston, James Jones, or Lee Evans? Also if you had to drop one, which would you get rid of? Thanks!

  40. romoshomos says:

    In a PPR league..Who is a better start this week? Charles or Forte

  41. LionDen says:

    PPR…….I give Donald Brown + Deion Branch for Mike Williams (TB). What about Blount and Branch? thanks a bunch

  42. BAM says:

    I have both Eli and Kitna at QB. My opponent this week has Miles Austin and I also have Dez Bryant. In addition to Dez, my #1 WR is Hakeem Nicks.

    If I play Eli, I get the benefit of him connecting with Hakeem

    If I play Kitna, I somewhat negate his Miles Austin and get the benefit of a hook up with Bryant.

    What do I do?

  43. Sunny says:

    Should I start Danny Woodhead, James Jones, or Brandon Tate?

  44. surfmonger says:

    I really like your stat design for pass and run D. But I’m curious about you how combine it for your D rankings. or do they have nothing to do with each other? Specifically, I’m surprised at how high you rank the Jets. Yes, they have a good D, but they’re not putting up huge fantasy points.

    also Min is ranked 8 and 22 on the stats page, but 4th on the overall rankings. seems like they really jumped up. is there additional analysis or projections going on here?

    the difficulty with rankings is not knowing how much separation there is between a couple of ranks. in other words, should I spring for Min or stick with NYJ? is it a diff of fractions or some serious points?

  45. Gamecocks says:

    Doc, which Def do I start?

    Buffalo or KC?

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gamecocks: I’d go with KC

    @surfmonger: Here it’s mainly the product of Derek Anderson for Minny. With the Jets it’s Revis having a bye and matching up with CJ. If he can return to form they should be able to shut down CJ while the running game for Det is pretty bad. I can see Stafford needing to throw a lot and turning it over a lot. I think Minny is the safer lay though.

    @Sunny: Jones has the most upside.

    @BAM: I think you have to go with Eli.

    @romoshomos: Very tough. I am leaning Forte, but JC does have more upside.

    @paul: I agree, and for flex I’d roll with Jacobs.

    @Chris: It’s pretty close. Best is worrying me and I’d hate to give up Stafford and go with Ryan as the sole guy.

    @Brian: I think I’d lean the Foster side.

    @Dan: woodhead and probably breaston

    @LionDen: I’d do it for Brown/Branch

  47. Hitts1 says:

    Roethlesberger or Vick this week? Also…at flex, start Blount or J Stewart?

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