Sorry, Aaron Rodgers owners, this week he goes to 11.  Now I get it, you drafted him in the first round and ‘gosh darn it, he deserves a better ranking than that!’ is what you’re thinking.  Ok, you were thinking of other four letter words than ‘gosh’ and ‘darn’ but that’s besides the point and I’m sure I’ll see them in the comments.  Something about this matchup just has me worried and I’m sure Tony Romo owners from week 2 can attest to this: it’s hard to play in Seattle as Yahoo’s week 2 scoring leaders can show you.  If you can’t see Romo, you’re looking to high.  Have you seen the name Jake Locker yet?  Good, you’ve reached the bottom of the page.  Now look up two guys and there he is.  In Romo you had a top 8 QB, possibly top 6, not even playing as a startable option in a standard format.  Now put that in perspective and realize I’m calling Rodgers a low end start in standard leagues and it should make more sense.  Well, at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  For those of you who take offense, I say unto you with complete respect: Lick My Love Pump.  Of course, this keeps Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson down on my list for the week but they’re still guys to start in most formats.  I think the only other zigs in the WR department I can see is my Brandon LaFell belief as a solid WR3 this week, but I’ll admit it’s not a groundbreaking call.  On the TE front, I have Heath Miller in my top 15 while he’s ranked 21 on the consensus.  Is this the same TE with a touchdown in each game?  Is it the same one with 4 Redzone Targets in week 1 and 5 total for the season?  Is this where I should stop asking questions?  It is?  Ok good.  So now you know why I have him where I think he should be.  And finally in the RB world, Kevin Smith is getting underappreciated.  Or maybe Mikel Leshoure is getting overappreciated.  Hard to say.  In either case, I have him as a solid RB2 this week.  Only way I can’t see that working is that Detroit has it’s secondary players in by the 2nd Quarter.  Yes, Tennessee looks that bad so far this year.

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