This could go one of two ways. That smug look on Colbert above is one trajectory: pride. Last week’s Working the Waiver, beyond featuring a GIF and link to perhaps the funniest six minutes on the internet (thank you, Eastbound and Down), couldn’t have been more accurate. Okay, fine, it could have been without the Tajae Sharpe egg, but seriously…you could/should have rostered every name on there. But instead of puffing up my #dadbod chest for the masses to gawk over (eat your heart out, Tehol), the prevailing emotion is the second option: desperation. Seriously, I ain’t to proud to beg.

It’s Week 13. For all you non-math majors, that’s a bakers dozen. And in the fantasy world, you know what that means: One. More. Week. It’s the final week before playoffs begin. If you’re still reading this I assume you’re in the race for a playoff spot. And if you’re not, well…you’re the best kind of person. Thank you. Keep fighting even though the ship is now sunk (I’m doing this in a staff league. Gotta get as many points as possible to make my case that fantasy football involves incredible luck. Fourth most points in a 14-team league but miss the playoffs? Wasn’t my fault.). So, as we prep our playoff rosters, there are plenty of targets to either deepen your bench or shore up your FLEX spot. And guess what? A lot of the names are the EXACT same as last week. I TOLD YOU SO! Pick them up! I beg of you.

Here are the top targets to, well…target heading into Week 13!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • fireColin Kaepernick, QB – SF (ESPN 22.8%, Yahoo 24%) – Damn it. He’s not moving until his ownership goes up. 296/3/1 with 10/113/0 rushing against the Dolphins. How many more ways can I say that he’s a top 10 fantasy QB?!? And if you’re not picking him up because of personal bias for his personal stances, get over yourself. Pick him up, start him unless you own Drew Brees, and go win some fantasy…
  • Taylor Gabriel, WR – ATL (ESPN 3.6%, Yahoo 6%) – Here is most likely the highest added player for Week 13. Is he on Burn Notice? Nope. For that you’d go after someone like Tyreek Hill, who has also been mentioned here plenty of times, but just misses the 25% threshold. So, for the third straight week I’m highlighting Gabriel after he proved to be worth the post-BYE add. His speed is so incredible that the Falcons creative offense continues finding ways to get him the ball. His 27 yard rush added a valuable 2.7 points to his total without adding another reception, an important stat to consider come playoff time. But don’t worry, he did it through the air, as well. Again. He doesn’t need a high volume to make a big impact, which he proved with 4/75/2 on 5 targets. Those two touchdowns were unexpected, but going into Week 13 they shouldn’t be. I doubt he does it twice, but the Chiefs have surrendered the most points to opposing WR in all of fantasy, so Gabriel’s a safe play for at least 5 targets with a ceiling of repeating his Week 12 performance. Such a dangerous weapon.
  • Dontrelle Inman, WR – SD (ESPN 6.5%, Yahoo 5%) – And wouldya look at that…here’s another repeat name. For the third straight week Inman follows Gabriel as a great WR addition. Never shy to throw it around, the Chargers and Philip Rivers may have found an answer to their injury woes with Inman. After garnering 9 targets in his two games before the Week 11 BYE, Inman followed up the rest with a 6/119/1 effort, hauling in all 6 targets. It’s his best game since Week 4, but it came against the toughest defense vs. WR (HOU) rather than one of the worst (OAK in Week 4). Six targets is likely his floor, and he has enough big-play ability to stretch the field and score from distance. But against the Bucs this week, and with Tyrell Williams potentially injured and out, he could easily see double digit targets and another big afternoon.
  • Marqise Lee, WR – JAX (ESPN 6.5%, Yahoo 10%) – I mean, haha, it’s like I just copied over last week’s post! The new record holder for most appearances in Working the Wire, Lee finds himself unable to jump that ownership number significantly. Maybe it will take a Pierre Garcon type effort for it to happen, but if Tyler Boyd can rise to nearly 50% owned, Lee should easily break the 40% mark after another 6 targets and a 4/37/1 line. He’s been one of the most consistently targeted WR in the game this year with only two games under 6. Sure, he’s not hauling in a bevy of opportunities, but I’d rather play Lee than Allen Hurns or, at this point, Allen Robinson if I’m rostering a Jags receiver. He has some tough matchups coming up in his next three (DEN, MIN, @HOU), but Jacksonville should be playing from behind in all three games, meaning Blake Bortles will be throwing it like crazy to catch up in the second half. As always.
  • Anquan Boldin, WR – DET (ESPN 23.3%, Yahoo 22%) – And if I’m mentioning Marqise Lee, I need to put Boldin in here, too. He’s not going to blow you away with a massive ceiling at this point in his career, but Matthew Stafford clearly trusts him enough to look his way often through the game. Two straight games of 9 targets led to Boldin producing a 7/69/1 line on Thanksgiving. He’s not going to find the end zone often, and this line is probably close to his max, but I’d rather have the safety of those targets if I needed to get creative with my flex than someone like Sammie Coates. Yes, you need to play for the win at this point in the season, but some reliable points are just as valuable as the boom-or-bust guys. Actually, I’d argue that starting someone like Boldin could free you up to play more home run threats. Pair him with Sammy Watkins and you could move into the next round. Oh, Sammy…how glad I am I stashed you.
  • Malcolm Mitchell, WR – NE (ESPN 2.7%, Yahoo 3%) – Ha! And you thought I was done with the repeat names. Likely to be one of the top pickups this week, I’d proceed with a little caution on Mitchell moving forward. Worth the add? Absolutely, just like he was last week, but his snap count brings the concern. With Rob Gronkowski out Mitchell garnered more targets than normal, but his was in for essentially half the snaps that both Julian Edelman (of course) and Chris Hogan were. Still, when Tom Brady’s slinging the ball around, the 3rd/4th option can elevate to WR3 status because Brady will find the best matchups. Mitchell didn’t just beat up on slow LB’s, though. He burned Revis (the shell of him, at least) for a TD in the red zone. He was one of the top performers at the combine, was a 5-Star WR coming out of HS and has the potential to be a diamond in the rough for the Pats that actually sticks.
  • Dorian Green-Beckham, WR – PHI (ESPN 5.3%, Yahoo 5%) – I turned down multiple offers to get DGB earlier int he year for essentially nothing in a dynasty league. I may be regretting that moving forward. He’s by no means reliable enough to trot out there each and every week, but that may have to do more with his rookie QB than his ability. This dude’s an athletic freak that can absolutely dominate a secondary, as he showed flashes of against a porous Green Bay secondary Monday night for 6/82/0 on 10 targets. He’s sporadic with his production, but worth the deep add after getting 18 targets in the two games since the Eagles bye. Maybe they shifted something in their scheme to include him more often. Pick him up and hope that’s the case.
  • Kapri Bibbs, RB – DEN (ESPN 8.4%, Yahoo 11%) – Continuing the trend of basically zero RB worth anything being available for pickup, here’s this week’s speculative add. Again. Bibbs carried the ball 9 times in the Denver loss Sunday night, but only for 22 yards. Devontae Booker still holds the reins, and I don’t think Bibbs can take them barring an injury. Which is why this is speculative. Hopefully you’ve locked in your RB at this point…

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! Good luck in Week 13! Last push to make the playoffs! So for all you 6-6 teams out there, hopefully you’ve followed along and this is helpful. Time to pull out all the stops!

  1. Chad Bowling says:

    Week 13 must win non-ppr….pick a 3rd WR/TE (rank top 3 plz).


    • @Chad Bowling: If Week 13 isn’t a must win you’re either really good, really lucky or really bad. So, welcome to the reality of fantasy football!

      Tyreek Hill

      Good luck!

  2. John says:

    Thanks for all your help, I am heading to the playoffs! This is my first year playing, and I keep reading/hearing about getting RB handcuffs for the playoffs. Can you explain why this is important? Is it simply to have a backup if someone gets injured, or to have the backup if the starter rests the last couple weeks of the season? I’m trying to decide how many of my current players to drop in order to get these handcuffs. Looking at my roster, I only see one guy I would hesitantly drop, but if it’s important enough I’ll bite the bullet and get 2 or 3 handcuffs.


    • @John: Yeah! Congrats on the playoffs in Year 1! Now the season really begins…

      I’m not a huge proponent of having handcuffs. Hardly ever. Unless it’s a clear situation where someone is always hurt, or someone is starting the year on suspension (Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams), I’m not looking to roster someone that doesn’t get any carries or touches. If a team is running away with their division then *maybe* you add a backup RB in case, but, honestly, I don’t know why someone would hype stashing them for the playoffs. If anything, as the real season comets a close NFL teams should be playing their starters more often to secure needed victories, mitigating the need for backups.

      Don’t go crazy dropping productive players for speculative ones.

  3. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    burkhead probably nearly the same ownership (or maybe less) than bibbs. i’d bet money he’ll do better in PPR.

    • @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: Probably, but the path to Bibbs having legit value is much wider than the one for Burkhead. If Hill goes down the Bengals aren’t giving Burkhead 15+ touches per game, but if Booker exits, Bibbs could get near 20. That’s the only reason why I’d take him over Burkhead: the prospective ceiling.

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @[email protected]: oh yeah the ceiling is better, but if you actually need to start this person it’d be burkhead (but of course which guys would’ve had to have gotten hurt on your team for this to be true, for normal sized leagues, but for like a 20 teamer i’d go burkhead (and did last week over du harris, not starting him though))

  4. Rice says:

    Keep Two:

    Tyreek Hill
    Tyler Boyd

  5. John Deere man says:

    Howdy man!
    Gearing up for waiver wire Wednesday

    .5 ppr league

    Here’s my team

    QB: matt Ryan and Dak Prescott on bench

    RB’s: David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Jeremy hill, Smallwood, Ellington (DJ cuff), farrow (gordon cuff)

    My WRs we start 3 : Hopkins, Dez, Doug Baldwin, Emmanuel sanders, Sammy Watkins, moncrief & Sterling Shepard.

    TE I have Rudolph & Witten

    D/St I need one Titans have a bye plus they let me down week 12

    Kicker Crosby

    Available at RB: burkhead, Perkins, Derrick Henry, CJ Anderson (I could put him on IR slot we have 2 slots for IR), Abdullah?. Or look to add one of the league mates cuff to their star RB Alf Morris , Akeem hunt , Powell , turbin, or d Angelo Williams? Also just saw Bibbs is there too

    Available WRs but I think I have enough lol: I lost a couple here, Taylor Gabriel, Malcom Mitchell, and Inman.

    Available TEs: the two worth adding that are available CJ Fiedorowicz & hunter Henry

    Available D/St’s:

    – Raiders D (vs bills in the black hole)

    – Chargers D (hosting Bucs)

    – Ravens D (hosting tannehill & fins)

    – Colts D (at Jets)

    – Bucs D (@ SD)

    – Jets D (hosting colts)

    Based on record /points For I’m last for the waiver order, that being said what should be my order? Or just target a defense and call it a day?

    Hold onto both Rudolph & Witten ROS? Or drop one for Fiedorowicz or hunter Henry?

    Thanks again!

    • @John Deere man: I’m a little late to this for your waivers. Sorry about that.

      I would drop Witten for Fiedo.
      Drop Farrow for Henry (much better handcuff option)
      And go with the Bucs D this week. If you need to drop one, just drop Ellington, too.

      Good luck! Hope this is helpful still!

  6. Dak&Zeke says:

    Winning anything with piece of shit kaepernick would be like getting a gallon of cold water on a hot day with a tiny speck of poop at the bottom. It might look small, but is actually revolting.

        • I don't want to brag but i have irritable bowel syndrome says:

          @Dak&Zeke: wow, everything’s ok as long as it’s “according to the plan”. if dozens of unarmed black guys get offed by cops it’s ok since it’s all part of the plan. but if one little QB makes takes a different type of body posture when a song plays everybody loses their minds!

  7. Timmah R says:

    Great write up. All I can say is thank our future robot overlords that I have Drew Brees and don’t need the QB who shall not be named :-) and even if Bree’s goes down I can put in Ryan… ahhhhh

  8. Chad says:

    Have cam but keeping a backup to complement or start if he gives up on season…which should i get?


    • @Chad: Kaep. Even with the tougher matchups he’s my choice. Close second is Jameis.

  9. Frank says:

    I am 6-6 in a 12 tm full ppr after starting 1-5. Need a win and a little help to clinch this week. I am out of faab $ – I lost Keenan, Sammy, and Rawls.. so you know what happened there. I got Marquise Wilson his morning for $0.. but Sims is out there. Debating whether to pick up Sims (we have IR spot) and drop Wilson. Here”s my roster, in order of depth / startingright now. We start 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, Flex W-R-T. My thinking is I would prob start all of my WRs over Wilson the rest of the way,.. this week and if I make the dance. And if that’s the case, the extra RB is better to have? Thx

    Ben, Luck
    Gurley, Howard, Kelley, Dixon
    Ty Will, Crowder, Tate, Warkins, Wilson
    Reed, Ebron

    • @Frank: Well done getting to 6-6! That’s incredible!

      QB is solid. Choose the hot hand.
      Howard/Kelley/Gurley give you two good options at RB
      I don’t think Wilson means much to your team. The other 4 WR are great, but I’d still keep Wilson over Sims.
      You need Ebron because Reed is injury prone

      Good luck!!!

  10. Scott says:

    Crap. Desmond Trufant done for season. Great CB and class act.

    • @Scott: Yeah, that blows as a Falcons fan. Hopefully he recovers fully.

  11. Steve Stevenson says:

    Standard dynasty, I’m out of the playoffs and looking to next year. Lacy and CJ Anderson both on waivers.

    1) who do you add 1st?
    2) if you’re adding both, who do you drop for the 2nd out of Rishard Matthews, Tyrell Williams (I also own K Allen), Hightower and Dion Lewis? We start 2RB, 2WR and a flex, these guys are my #5-6 at both positions. Overall I’m weaker at RB for next year.

    • @Steve Stevenson: Love me some dynasty!

      1. CJ First. I just can’t trust Lacy to get back on track and motivated.
      2.I’d rather have Lacy than Tyrell Williams. I may be alone on that island, but that’s where I’d lean. I’d keep the other three.

  12. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    reason for those ownership % on these guys is that many aren’t the “best” kind of people.

    • @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: You mean Kaep and DGB? First off, who cares. Not me. I like winning. I leave fandom and personal bias at the door when it comes to receiving points from their production. My favorite fantasy baseball player of all-time? Barry Bonds.

      And all the questionable character flaws of this list are evenly matched by guys like Malcolm Mitchell. Go read up on his story. People will DEFINITELY want to pick him up then if they have a problem with how others act off the field.

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @[email protected]: no no, i was refering to this:
        “And if you’re not, well…you’re the best kind of person”

        meaning if the best kind of owners try to win all year, the other kind would be those that give up before season is over, and thus don’t add players playing very very well like kaepernicking/inman/lee etc. those 3 have been valuable for quite a while now.

  13. Dimah says:


    Need help on starting:
    RB’s (need two):
    Gurley | Booker | Rawls | Stewart | Gore | Lewis
    (I’m going with Gurley and Booker, any better choices than these two)?

    WR’s (need two):
    Evans | T Hill | T Williams | Watkins
    (I’m going with Evans & Hill , Watkins in Flex if he plays, Else T Williams in flex if he plays. If neither play then a third RB from above list)

    Newton or Kaep? (I’m going with Keap so far)

    as always thanks for the advice!

    • @Dimah: Yep, Gurley and Booker for me. Then Evans and Hill, with Watkins in flex. Agree all the way. If you go with the 3rd RB, I’d play Gore. And for QB, crazy enough, I’m taking Kaep again this week rather than Cam on the road at Seattle.

      Good luck!

  14. William Trill Cauley-Stein says:

    [email protected] could you please help me set my line up for week 13? I would appreciate it. I am in a ten team 0.5 PPR league.

    QB1- Kap
    RB1- Dixon OR Ajayi OR J. Hill OR J. White or Rawls OR L. Miller?
    RB2- Rawls OR Ajayi OR Dixon or White OR J. Hill OR L. Miller?
    WR1- T. Hill OR A. Boldin OR D. Inman?
    WR2- Boldin OR Hill OR Inman?
    D- Dallas
    K- Hopkins or Lutz?

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