We all knew the NFL was a brutal sport. That’s nothing new. Yet, we’re often so surprised when injuries happen. Guys like Carson Wentz can get molly-whopped all over the field by the Bears Monday and come out totally fine, but shifty running backs like Danny Woodhead can just make a cut wrong and see ya later 2016 season. Yes, Woodhead was lost to a torn ACL on Sunday (and no…you won’t find Kenneth Farrow on this list), but he wasn’t alone. The Jest WR corps all got banged up after lunch, a slew of RB didn’t make it out of their contest in the afternoon (Doug Martin, Thomas Rawls, Ameer Abdullah, Arian Foster (what?!? no way…!)), and then in the evening the machine malfunctioned. When Adrian Peterson couldn’t walk through the food court back to the Vikings locker room every Minnesota and fantasy football owner collectively gasped. “Oh, please no. Not now. Anything but this. First our Twins, then our QB, and now our messiah.” You know, something like that. Freaking injuries… The hits just keep coming for Minnesota, and yet the Vikings keep winning.

For fantasy owners you have to take the injuries in stride, as their bound to impact your team in a negative light sooner or later. So, guess what? That’s where this little article comes in handy! Have no fear, because the next man up in Minnesota is more than capable of carrying the load until the king returns in over a month, and he’s more than capable of slotting into your lineup to bring great value in the interim. And no…I’m not talking about Matt Asiata

Below are the top six targets to, well, target from the waiver wire leading into Week 3!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN.

  • Jerick McKinnon, RB – MIN (ESPN 24.4%, Yahoo 25%) – Alright, don’t every trip over each other trying to grab the top pickup of the week. The Vikings had a ridiculously impressive win on Sunday night vs. the Packers, but the win may have resulted in a net loss due to the torn right meniscus of Adrain Peterson. When Minnesota was without AP two years ago McKinnon and Matt Asiata filled in serviceably, but McKinnon’s the gem to find int he backfield. Asiata may get the goalie carries, but his fantasy production will be as hit-or-miss as Miguel Sano at the plate, to reference another Minnesota slugger. McKinnon, however, is in line for the highest volume, highest floor and, on any given Sunday, the highest ceiling. His career 4.9 YPC on 168 carries is impressive, as are his 50 receptions in minimal playing time, but the biggest reason for hope may just be the emergence and arrival of Sam Bradford to the offense (did I really just type that?!?). Bradford may be an enigma that brings more disappointment than excitement, but there’s an easy argument to him being the best passer Minnesota’s had running their offense since Brett Favre in 2009. After seeing what Kyle Rudolph and Stephon Diggs did on Sunday night, I expect the running game will still be productive with McKinnon carrying the load. A great RB2/Flex option, and that’s more than worth burning your waiver wire claim.
  • Quincy Enunwa, WR – NYJ (ESPN 5.6%, Yahoo 10%) – The top WR target for this week, in my book, resides in New York once again. Did you notice Victor Cruz’s ownership shot up to the 40% mark after Week 1, and after his 4/91/0 game in Week 2 it will likely rise higher. But on the other NY team there was a waiver wire wide receiver (say that eight times fast) who did even better. Quincy put up a 6/92/0 line, catching all six targets. Now, most of this came in the first half before a rib injury took him out of the game, but if it was as minor as I expect, Enunwa could find himself with double the targets next week. The Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are going to sling it around, and with Brandon Marshall potentially out in Week 3 and Eric Decker nursing a sore shoulder, Enunwa is in line for an increase in production. Keep an eye on the rib news for Week 3, but even beyond this week Enunwa could emerge as a 60/900/6 option in this offense.
  • Cole Beasley, WR – DAL (ESPN 7.4%, Yahoo 10%) – I’m not totally sure what to make of the Dallas passing attack, but Beasley seems to be emerging as the Dak Prescott’s Julian Edelman type player. Why do I compare to Edelman? Or Welker? Or Chrebet? Because they’re white? Well, um yes. You can’t escape that. But even more than is pigmentation, the comparison to a highly productive WR has to do with just that: his production. 18 targets in 2 weeks means Beasley’s getting the looks from Prescott, and with both the season and Dak’s career in its infancy, the propensity for check downs and crossing routes will be much higher than trusting his arm for the deep ball. Dez Bryant is the numero uno (clearly), but I’d take Beasley over every other option. Yes, even you Jason Witten. Like the next guy on the list, he’s a great PPR bench option for a bye week, and if he can find the end zone can creep his way into WR3 status. 13/140/0 in two weeks is better than a lot of players drafted in the first 6 rounds (looking at you Randall Cobb…).
  • Jamison Crowder, WR  WAS (ESPN 3.2%, Yahoo 6%) – I promise this isn’t going to become my personal campaign to get Crowder owned in more leagues…but he should be owned in more leagues. The Redskins are clearly an air-it-out offense, and you can argue that Crowder is the third option in the attack. Jordan Reed will sponge up the redone targets, DeSean Jackson is the deep threat, but Crowder proved again in Week 2 to be an incredible across the middle PPR-threat. 6/39/1 doesn’t look as good without that 1 tagged on the end (and he may not get too many more this year), but if you’re looking for a high floor, high volume option there aren’t many better than Crowder. Especially not owned in less than 10% of leagues. 18 targets in the first 2 weeks? That’s the same as Brandin Cooks.
  • Dennis Pitta, TE – BAL (ESPN 10.8%, Yahoo 12%) – Shifting to my favorite position (I’m biased from personal experience), we find arguably one of the greatest security blankets in the NFL. Seriously, you might as well call him Linus because Joe Flacco relies on him so heavily. Mike Wallace may be the resurgent option in Baltimore, Steve Smith may be the grizzled veteran that still somehow commands attention, but it’s Pitta that has supplanted my preseason pick for the top Ravens receiver, Kamar Aiken. As Aiken has faded the first two weeks, Pitta’s exploded back onto the scene now that he’s healthy again. It’s been a bumpy road since 2012 with injuries, but we’ve seen him dominate the passing game in Baltimore. He brings incredible rapport with Flacco (it also doesn’t hurt being his best friend), a decent floor and solid upside, as we saw in Week 2: 9/102/0 on 12 targets. It’s those targets that I love, and I don’t expect them to diminish any time soon, barring another injury. He’s my top Gronk fill-in if Rob Gronkowski is out again in Week 3.
  • Jacob Tamme, TE – ATL (ESPN 10.9%, Yahoo 7%) – Sticking with the tight ends, here’s another security blanket. I can understand Pitta in Baltimore since there’s not all-world WR on the team, but in Atlanta it’s a little silly and confusing. Hey, Matt Ryan…you have Julio freaking Jones lined up outside for you, and you’ve targeted Jacob Tamme (16) more times than Julio (13)? I mean, why the face?!? Well, we can at least take advantage of it. Tamme’s been in the league long enough to know how to get open, and it’s no surprise to see Ryan finding his tight end often. With 8targets in each contest, and a 5/75/1 line at Oakland on Sunday, Tamme’s a sneaky option as a TE1 for Week 3 vs. the Saints.

DROP THOSE COMMENTS! And good luck in Week 3! Here’s to hoping the injuries chill the fork (‘The Good Place’ reference from last night) out so that we can enjoy watching the stars of the NFL rake in the fantasy points!



  1. RotoLance

    RotoLance says:

    Quite a bit of consensus between us writers on waiver claims this week. Who are your “best of the rest” players that didn’t make your post?

    • @RotoLance: GREAT question. I’ll say Davante Adams (13.8% owned on ESPN), Nelson Agholor (9.7%), Eddie Royal (4.0%), C.J. Uzomah (2.5%), and, again, the stash of Dion Lewis (18.6%).

      Who am I missing?

  2. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – Glad you called out Cobb cause I’m trying to trade him right now.

    I am a Woodhead owner and wondering what waiver moves I should make, if any…

    Right now my W3 lineup is shaping up as:
    QB – Bortles
    WR – Green, A-Rob, V. Cruz
    RB – Sims, Bernard
    TE – Olsen
    Flex – Cobb
    WR – Coleman, Torrey Smith
    RB – Matt Jones, Foster, D-Lewis, Woodhead

    I sent out a trade to the Latavius Murray owner for Randall Cobb. My obvious waiver move this week will involve Woodhead. How would you rank the following players?
    -Beasley, Fozzy, Artis Payne, Funchess, Chris Thompson, Kenny Dixon, Dwayne Washington

    • William Hung says:

      Note: I play in a .5 PPR league

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: What can you tell me about Washington? I never heard his name until yesterday

        • @William Hung: DeAndre Washington. Rookie from Texas Tech that carries a lot of upside as a PPR play, but also has the talent to potentially supplant Murray. I don’t think he will this year, but if the current regime isn’t fond of how Latavius is toting the rock, Washington could make it a split backfield.

          • William Hung says:

            @[email protected]: Oh I meant Dwayne Washington – RB for the Lions

            • @William Hung: Whoops. He can be explosive, as he showed with a 96 yard TD in the preseason, but largely went under the radar before, during and after the NFL draft. He’s a big time flier, but has the potential in that offense to do something. However, I’d expect them to rely on other options before leaning heavily on Washington.

              • William Hung says:

                @[email protected]: Interesting… so who do you think is paired with Riddick? Word on the street is that Riddick won’t be the bell cow. Right now you’d go DeAndre Washington > Dwayne Washington?

  3. Vito says:

    Grab D.J. Foster before he goes bananas since lackluster White has been ineffective thus far, or gets injured (it’s coming). Dion Lewis is out 8-10 weeks or even more with his 2nd knee surgery. Grab DJ this week and stash him and reap the rewards later. No one is talking about him so the smart thing to do is acquire him off the waiver immediately

    • @Vito: I loved D.J. at ASU, especially in DFS games, but I’m hesitant to crown him king quite yet. With Jacoby Brisett under center the next two weeks I’d expect the Pats to lean HEAVILY on LaGarrette Blount, as they did Sunday. I don’t know that White, Foster, or any other third-down back will get much play over the next few.

      Yes, he’s a speculative add, but I don’t know that I’d choose him over about 8-10 other RBs right now. And I’d probably rather stash Dion than risk on D.J. right now.

      • Vito says:

        Yes, I see your points & good points, too. Who you think is worth a grab to stash before they become popular? I have Draughn who I wanna drop since there schedule is brutal to even consider starting him if Hyde went down. Dixon, D. Lewis, etc are in the waiver?

        • @Vito: I’d rate all the names you’ve listed:


  4. Old Joe says:

    Could use some help on a trade that was proposed to me:

    1/2 PPR, Superflex league.
    My team here: http://imgur.com/a/xqu8N

    I give Kelce/Goff/Starks for Barnidge/KevinWhite/Foster

    What do you think?

    • @Old Joe: Yes. Do that trade. Unless it s dynasty Goff means nothing, Starks is a deeeeep add, especially in a super flex, and the difference of Kelce to Barnidge may not be that much. Give me the upside of White, and then potential of Foster, over the other options. I’d also consider dropping/trading Romo, sliding Stewart into the IR if he goes there, and finding a better option than Morris as your top bench RB. Solid crew, though, especially with Gordon slated for more touches.

  5. Mike says:

    $200 FAAB, we can start 1 or 2 backs but I own Jennings and Langford, thoughts on $120 on McKinnon?

    • @Mike: Sweet mercy. I don’t think so. Not that much. You may not get him if you don’t, but I wouldn’t spend 60% on someone who may not get more than 5 carries 5 weeks from now. You never know when the next C. West, S. Ware, T. Hightower, D. Johnson, or any other slew of options will become available.

  6. Mike says:

    Also as a Langford owner any reason to think $11 is to much to get Howard, dude looked VERY good in the 4 touches

    • @Mike: I don’t know that you need to spend that much on him yet, after 3 carries, but yes…looked good. If you have a roster spot he’s a great handcuff option.

    • Deck says:

      @Mike: Personally I think Howard will be more valuable ROS and by a lot. The only way he won’t be is if the injured Carey beats him out.

      If you’ve followed the situation Fox has had nothing good to say about Langford since the season started. Next, he starts losing carries almost immediately on Monday night, only to get to be the lead back after Carey goes out. Then after he has a bad game, he fumbles and gets outshined.

      Three carries don’t say a lot but everything else does. Dude has already lost his spot and that doesn’t happen this quick unless they didn’t like him already.

      Do you really think Langford has it in him to “go off” and claim a stranglehold on this job?

      Here’s the proof that I believe me:

      DeAngelo (keeper eligible)
      Michael (keeper eligible)
      Washington (keeper eligible)

      We have a six RB max. I’m here because right now I am a button press away from dropping Langford for Howard. If you wait until it’s obvious you’ll miss out and lose a starting RB.

      If I hadn’t drafted Langford as a starter, it’d be no question who I’d draft out of the two right now. But the human fault of valuing what you already own more than what you don’t makes it hard to click that button.

      I came here looking for someone writing the same things so I can click it.

  7. Ciwa says:

    Who(and if) you drop for Tamme or Beasley? I’m a bit worried with Fleener
    16 team league

    • @Ciwa: I’d rather have Beasley than Wheaton. I wouldn’t drop Fleener for Tamme quite yet. The upside is quite a bit higher for Fleener I’d imagine, but he’s learning a new playbook and new scheme. If you have time to wait, hold tight.

      • Ciwa says:

        @[email protected]:
        I’m sorry,my bad english create a misunderstanding. I meant dropping wheaton for Tamme and owning 2 TEs.

        • @Ciwa: Yeah, not a horrible option right now until Fleener gets it back, and Tamme’s hot.

  8. Luke says:

    12 team PPR league.

    Would you drop Eli Rogers and grab Beasly or Crowder?

    Much appreciated.

    • @Luke: All three are good options. Rogers may have the highest upside (potentially), but I’d rather have Beasley or Crowder than Rogers right now due to their higher perceived volume.

  9. Jameis says:

    Who wins

    Gurley for lacy and Travis Benjamin

  10. Rice says:

    As a backup TE to Gates, would you rather carry D. Allen or Pitta?

    • @Rice: Oooo, why ya gotta do that to me? Haha, I’d probably take Allen over Pitta, just because I trust Luck more than Flacco, and always have a low grade fear about Pitta’s injury.

  11. omar says:

    Thoughts on this trade proposal. 12 team 1pt PPR:

    Willie Snead
    Christine Michael

    Mike Evans
    Gio Bernard

    Trade partner owns Rawls, so CM may be of value to him. Eifert still on the waiver wire. I would play matchups at TE until he comes back (assuming I can pick him up).


    • @omar: It’s hard giving up Gronk, as I believe he’s the best player in this deal, but the way Gio’s playing raises the value of that side. Evans an upgrade, you’re capitalizing on the current value of Snead/Michael vs. what their draft value was just 15 days ago. Can’t believe I’d trade him, but I’d probably do this IF you can get Eifert.

  12. Pavel says:

    My dumbass squad is 0-2 and it’s a .5 ppr please help.
    QB:eli, tannehill
    RB:Duke Johnson, r. Jennings, Leveon bell
    Wr:aj green, alshon, t. Williams
    Te: ebron, cook
    Dst: Houston, Washington

    Any advice to get me out of this mess? Aka trades? Potential pickups? 14 team league

    • @Pavel: Well, you’ll get a HUGE boost when Lev returns in two weeks. You can drop Cook, Tannehill and the WAS DEF to build better depth at RB and WR. Duke/Lev/AJ/Alshon is a great top four to build around, but you could use a better WR3 option. Badly.

      Drop those three for depth at RB and WR.

  13. Pigs says:

    .5 PPR and desperate for RB help.

    Tevin Coleman
    Derrick Henry

    I am thinking of putting in a claim for Reddick and dropping Foster or Ivory (assuming the claim goes through)

    What do you think?

    • @Pigs: Yes, get Theo. I’d play him as your RB2 right now. Dropping either Arian or Ivory is fine with me for him.

  14. Paul says:

    Quincy enunwa the real deal? Is he worth the add over Nelson agolholr or crowder?

    My WR are Marvin jones, Tyler Lockett, Michael Crabtree, Michael Thomas, and Jamison Crowder… So I need be most upside here for WR

    Should I feel that Quincy is be guy I should add?

    • @Paul: I’d grab him over both of those guys for this week with the injuries to the Jest WR corps. I’d rank them for Week 3 Enunwa, Crowder, Agholor. And I’d rather have the floor moving forward of Crowder than Agholor.

      Most upside? Enunwa right now.

  15. JimmySaint says:

    I’m having a really tough time figuring this trade out, could I get your input?

    0.5 point PPR, start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 Flex. I would trade Melvin Gordon and Corey Coleman for Gronkowski.

    My other RBs: CJ Anderson, DeMarco Murray, Jeremy Langford, Rashad Jennings
    My TE now is Dwayne Allen – I put in a claim for Zach Ertz but that’s not a sure thing.

    Would you do it? Gordon looks like he could be a breakout star, and now Woodhead is out. But Gronk is fiesta…

    Thanks in advance.

    • @JimmySaint: Kinda can’t believe this but I wouldn’t do this. Not yet, at least. Let Gordon start and get the primary touches this week to see what he can do. That’s risky, I know, because he could drop an egg, but if he blows up you might be able to swap him straight up for Gronk, who likely won’t play again. Coleman could be a nice addition as the season progresses. I’m assuming he’s your WR4/5 tho?

      I’d rather have Gordon than Murray, Langford for Jennings, so I’m not super strong on dealing that because of Gronk’s injury. If he’d been 100% and balled out already, I’d pull the trigger. Wait one more week.

  16. Justin says:

    Should I Drop ameer abdullah to pick up any of these guys: McKinnon, fozzy Whittaker, or any of the guys you mentioned in your most. It’s a standard scoring league.

    • @Justin: Yes. Abdullah out at least 8 weeks. McKinnon’s the top option now that AP’s getting surgery.

  17. dom says:

    why is ESPN projecting so many points (10.4) for Bengals DST this week vs DEN? You like them better than Jets @KC?

  18. Pu$$y Control says:

    Is Marshawn Lynch still a recommended stash?

    • William Hung says:

      @Pu$$y Control: If you saw Running Wild, I’d say no

    • @Pu$$y Control: Hahaha, Running Wild aside, I’d say yes. But only if you have the room. Don’t go crazy to get him, but if there’s room and you’re looking for highest upside snag him.

  19. Waffalonia says:

    In a dynasty 4 keeper – 1/2 point ppr

    I have
    Qb Wilson
    Rb freeman
    Rb ware
    Wr ab
    Wr Evans
    Te Julius
    Bench – k Benjamin , t Benjamin , Shepard , sims , Jennings , eifert

    Would you drop eifert for Matt Ryan, McKinnon or fozzy?

    • @Waffalonia: I’d drop Jennings for McKinnon. And I’d hold off on Ryan for now to see how well Wilson rebounds. I haven’t lost any faith in him. AB/Evans/Kelvin your top three keeps. Lots of freedom to choose between Freeman/Shepard/Ware/McKinnon for the fourth (should be Freeman….)

  20. Blaster says:

    Christine Michael, Tevin Coleman, or Jerrick McKinnon as the best RB pickup?

    • William Hung says:

      @Blaster: Coleman, Michael, McKinnon

    • @Blaster: McKinnon with the AP surgery news. Then Michael. Then Coleman.

      (Sorry Bill Hung)

  21. irishDude says:

    Great article!

    How much to spend on Duke in a redraft Ppr, $100 budget?

    I love him ros…..

    • @irishDude: How is Duke on waivers, especially in a PPR?!? I’d spend $30-$40 on him. Maybe a little more. That’s silly.

  22. Nightmare says:

    Are TJ Yeldon or spencer ware now droppable?

  23. Wide Right says:

    Giants, Tampa, or Miami.. how would you priority this waiver claim for defense?

    • William Hung says:

      @Wide Right: Miami – stream against the Browns

    • @Wide Right: For this week, yes, I’d take Miami as William said. ROS I may choose the Giants, though.

  24. Frank White says:

    What’s up Man.. Im in complete panic mode already at week 3.. Im in a 12 team PPR, 3 receiver
    Allen Robinson
    Emmanuel S
    Jordan Reed
    Vincent Jackson
    Michael Thompson
    Tevin Coleman
    Isaiah Crowell
    Jesse James
    Treadwell… Who I’m dropping

    I have the number 1 waiver. Do i hold or grab Enunwa or someone else?? Thanks

    • @Frank White: Deep breath. Channel your inner-Aaron Rodgers. R-E-L-A-X. It’s only two weeks in.

      I wouldn’t burn your waiver yet. Not in a full PPR. I like Enunwa, but hold off since there are two better options than him moving forward on his team. You can drop VJax, Michael Thomas (I’m assuming, instead of Thompson?) and Treadwell. In other words, you need better WR depth in a bad way, especially with Moncrief hurt. Love the rest of the squad for what it should do tho. You just need some big names to perform as they should.

  25. I don't want to brag but i have irritable bowel syndrome says:

    the weirdest part on tamme is that he’s been there for a while, and NEVER had 2 good target games back to back, and maybe never even ONE as good as the last 2. did they change O coordinators?

  26. Drew says:

    Roster of starting RB and WR in a .5 PPR League


    Bench: Duke J., Henry, White, and Ivory—Wheaton and Torrey Smith…

    Would you trade Forte and Dez for David Johnson and Ingram… I know it leaves me thin at WR but I can make a trade for one with Ware as bait. What do you think?

    • @Drew: YES! I’d do that fast. Best player in the deal is DJ, and I’d rather have Ingram than Forte ROS (don’t care about his last game). Your bench has enough potential big-time upside RB to hold you down if something happens. Yes, it leaves you thin, but like you said, now you have a ton of trade chips at RB to flip for a solid WR option. Try to buy low on ARob? Or go pickup Crowder? You’ll have options there.

  27. John says:

    This week would you start Tamme or Pitta at te? I’ve got Fleener on the bench until he learns how to catch a football. Week 2 was ridiculous. Breezy threw at least 3 perfect passes to Fleener that the guy managed to mess up.

    • @John: Ugh. Haha, these are tough. I feel like a lot of people are having this dilemma. I’d probably choose Pitta for this week, but just barely.

  28. WillisReid says:

    Thoughts on Rawls? Does he end up the lead back at some point this season?

    I have Miller L Murray Crowell Rawls and just picked up DeAndre Washington as a speculative add. Green Wallace Agholor and Hurns at WR. Thinking of trading a RB for a WR, but without Rawls don’t think I have the depth.

    • @WillisReid: I like those top three options you have besides Rawls. I would definitely try to flip him for a better WR2 than Mike Wallace.

  29. John says:

    Which 3 wr’s would you start this week? Thanks for your help.

    Jordy Nelson
    Brandin Cooks
    Travis Benjamin

    • @John: Well, don’t you have a fun little decision to make. Four great options. Sweet mercy.

      Crazy as it is, I’d probably sit Jordy until I see the Packers offense start clicking. That’s a big risk, though. Benjamin is the lowest floor of the three if you can’t pull the trigger on Jordy.

      I’d go OBJ/Cooks/TBenj. And you never sit OBJ.

  30. arkham says:

    In a shallow PPR league how do you rank these potential pickups:

    Jerick McKinnon
    Stefon Diggs
    Matt Ryan (have Manning)
    Pitta (have Delanie Walker)

  31. friar says:

    Who would you rather have ROS in 12-team 0.5 ppr league: Snead or Cobb? Thanks!

    • @friar: I like Cobb more than Snead, but…right now ROS I think I’d choose Snead. He’s been the better WR for almost a full year now, and Brees seems to be humming at a different pace than Rodgers so far this year. And since last October.

  32. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – with the latest news on Abdullah, I am taking a flier on Dwayne Washington in my .5 PPR league. You down to hop on the bandwagon with me?

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: you think Riddick becomes the bell cow? I think Washington at the minimum gets goal line carries with room for more as Riddick has always been nothing more than a 3rd down back

  33. Runfast says:

    Hello! I appreciate that your article went straight to the point and had very valid points for support.

    I am in a fickle however. In One of my yahoo money leagues: (standard, 10 team), I’m stuck with 2 QBs in Stafford and Eli, I ended up with Kelce and Olsen during the draft at great value. With that being said, I want to take advantage of the league as they don’t appear to be as active: Cmike and McKinnon are still available! I hate carrying 2QBs and hate having 2TE even more, I’ve sent out trade offers but no one is responding lol. Here’s my squad:

    QB: Eli, Stafford
    RB: McCoy, Demarco, Hyde
    WR: Julio, Evans, Dorsett, Sharpe, Enunwa, Sanu

    I went pretty deep at WR looking for value late during the draft since the position dried up quick!

    Notable FA include:
    Golden Tate, CMike, McKinnon, Kevin white, Fozzy, Pitta, Vereen, Hogan, Crowder, Asiata, Washington, Beasley, Dixon and Howard.

    Pretty sure I need to replace Stafford and Kelce?

    Thank you!

  34. Dnthsslethehoff says:

    Waited for waivers to clear and was able to grab Enunwa and Crowder by dropping Stills and Aiken, all without having to lose my waiver claim. Feeling pretty good about my WR corps.

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