Few things make me excited to wake up. Haha, I mean, I love life, but I also love my sleep. And I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think I’m alone in that. However, one day a week I am genuinely excited to wake up the moment my alarm goes off. And it’s not because doing the grown up in the morning (although always fun).

Nope, it’s Tuesdays. Because Tuesday means I can check the updated standings in my fantasy football leagues, see the new point totals within the standings (the true measure of how well you’re actually doing), start setting my lineup for the next week, and give my first glance at how I need to work the waiver wire. Does that make me weird? I’ll vote no. And I’ll imagine that a lot of you feel the same. Tuesdays…the best non-football day of the week.

This Tuesday was no different from any others. At first. I woke up before the sun, walked over to grab my phone and began scrolling through all my leagues to see the updates now that we’re four weeks in. So much anticipated joy was shortly replaced by an increasing disappointment. Sure, I didn’t do wonderful in Week 4 (went against Julio Jones in 3 leagues, and Matt Ryan in another 3…including one where my opponent had both. Ugh.), but the real cause for disappointment was found in the LACK OF ANYTHING TO WORK WITH ON THE WIRE! Haha, ok…now I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s examine just whom is actually worth targeting, and see if any deserve a dope emoji next to their names. Here’s how you can work the wire for Week 5.

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • Sammie Coates, WR – PIT (ESPN 11.5%, Yahoo 17%) – Can somebody please take the reins of the second spot in this Steelers offense? Wait, let me rephrase, can some WR please take the reins? Right now Ben Roethlisberger has Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell, a splash of Jesse James, and then even more AB. Hopefully Week 4 acts as a boon for both the offense and for Coates: the Steelers scored 29 points in the first half against the Chiefs, and Coates ended with 6/79/0 on 8 targets. Not other-worldly, but significant enough to show what Coates can do on this team. Week 1 I highlighted Eli Rogers, but it’s clear he’s not the answer, and I’m still really down on Markus Wheaton. I know Coates has the ability, he just needs to emerge and prove to his QB he can be a reliable option. When he does that, he’ll be reliable in fantasy, too. He’s arguably the best option in working the wire for Week 5.
  • Eddie Royal, WR – CHI (ESPN 9.1%, Yahoo 12%) – How is he still doing this? Haha, it feels like I was in college when Eddie Royal came out of VT with an awesome return game and sporadic WR production. While the return game may have ceased, his sporadic value as a WR still remains. I don’t know what to make of the enigma that is the Bears offense, but if Week 4 provides a roadmap for future weeks with Brian Hoyer at QB, Royal is worth a prospective add. His catch rate (18/22) will likely drop, but his targets may not. 7/111/1 on 7 targets is the top of the line for Royal, but it’s a lot better than some other more-owned options on team’s benches.
  • Robert Woods, WR – BUF (ESPN 10.3%, Yahoo 7%) – Talk about untapped potential. Robert Woods should be a great fantasy asset, but he’s been wildly inconsistent and unreliable so far in his career. I’m hoping (big time) that this year may turn the corner for Woods. With a 7/89/0 line on 10 targets Sunday, Woods should plant himself as the #1 option in the Bills passing attack. I mean, with Sammy Watkins on IR for a while, who else is Tyrod Taylor gonna throw to? Charles Clay? GTFO. Taylor’s big arm can stretch the field as the Bills likely run the ball even heavier than they did before, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Woods get double digit targets often over the next two months. He’s not on burn notice, but one more week of this and he could be.
  • Fozzy Whittaker, RB – CAR (ESPN 32.8%, Yahoo 24%) – The most owned of the group, and most likely to not be eligible come next week, Fozzy’s emergence in the passing game was a nice addition for those who took a flier on him in Week 4 against the Falcons. However, it may be a little misleading. The Panthers played from behind in a big way all game, and the 9/86/0 receiving line on 9 targets was likely more a result of the score a flow than a trend moving forward. First off, he’s not catching 100% of the balls thrown his way, but he’s also not going to be as prominent when the Panthers are playing from the lead (which surprisingly hasn’t been much this year). The entire Panthers rushing attack has struggled this year in comparison to last year, but with Jonathan Stewart still banged up (surprise, surprise) there’s a window for Whittaker to bring some sleepy value, especially in PPR formats.
  • Josh Ferguson, RB – IND (ESPN 0.7%, Yahoo 1%) – Take a wild guess at the top targeted receivers for Andrew Luck and the Colts? Yep, T.Y. Hilton is #1. Next on the list? Ferguson. Not a chance you would guess that off the top of your head, but with 21 targets this season, including a massive 10 targets in Week 4, Ferguson is establishing himself as a weapon in the Colts offense. Donte Moncrief’s been injured, and will certainly attract the second-most targets once he returns, but that’s still a few weeks away. Already a deep option in PPR leagues, Ferguson is one 33-year old (albeit a remarkably reliable one) Frank Gore injury away from being relevant in all leagues. Add him to your watch list if nothing else. 7 receptions from a RB is hard to come by.
  • Cameron Brate, TE – TB (ESPN 9.0%, Yahoo 10%) – Don’t worry, he’s not getting into Jamison Crowder territory (more on him in a second) even though this is the second straight week getting highlighted. The TE landscape is quite bleak, and heavily TD dependent. I just don’t enjoy relying upon TD’s for scoring, because they’re so volatile in predicting. So, someone like Zach Miller is fifth in TE right now, but with only 156 yards. Why? 3 TDs. Instead, go for someone like Brate who’s garnering a higher volume (8th among TE with 25 targets), but still finding the end zone (2 scores). The Bucs offense is taking its lumps, but I see Brate growing up with Jameis Winston and evolving into a great low-end TE1. He’s worth the add for BYE weeks, if nothing else.

As you’ve seen…not a single person to put on burn notice. Seriously, with the return of some suspended players in Week 4, and coming up in Week 5, there aren’t many options as of now. Some deep fliers, sure, but nothing worth using your waiver on. AND WE DID IT!!!! Jamison Crowder’s officially ineligible for this series with an owned percentage of right at 50% on both sites. (Insert @JB slow clap here)



DROP THOSE COMMENTS! And good luck in Week 5! Maybe we’ll see a little more parity as we enter into the second quarter of the season!

  1. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – i’ve vented to Jay enough times, so it’s your turn. I’m 4th highest in points scored in my league and sit at a pretty 1-3… how frustrating!

    I have bye week problems with Bortles and A-Rob on byes. One move Jay is saying I should think of is dropping Bortles for Wentz. Wanted to know if you concur.

    I am also thinking of making the following moves if the players are FAs, else I stand pat:
    1. Drop Bortles for Wentz or Bradford – whoever is a FA tomorrow morning
    2. Drop Adam Humphries for Robert Woods – this is a move I wanted to make last week and it cost me a win for not doing it.
    3. Drop Dwayne Washington for Corey Coleman – he’s coming back in 2 weeks, i think

    I just traded Gio Bernard for DeVante Parker

    My WRs are now: A-Rob, AJ Green, Parker, Cruz, Cobb, and Humphries
    RBs – Foster, Jennings, Matt Jones, Sims, D-Lewis, and Washington

    • @William Hung: Haha, that’s fantasy football my friend!

      Yes to all three. Bortles is better than Wentz, but there are so many QB’s that unless you have one of the very top options there isn’t enough separation between the other guys to not make that move. So…


      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: How about Chris Hogan? Do you think he’ll provide good value with Brady back and Gronk hurting?

        • @William Hung: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days.

          No, I’m not a fan of Hogan that much. There are a lot of other weapons in tow for Brady to turn to before Hogan could really emerge.

  2. MP says:

    Someone just Dropped Derek Carr in my 12 team league. I have Luck, but no back up. Worth burning my #1 WW spot for Carr???

    • @MP: In terms of his true value, yes. Worth the burn. Since you have Luck and he’d just go on your bench, no. Not worth it.

      Unless you can clearly and easily use him for trade bait, I’d wait to burn it on someone that could easily start for you.

  3. Rasta says:

    10 team standard league. I’m dropping Dwayne Washington for 1 of these options (Looking to fortify for the ROS):
    1. Moncrief.
    2. Corey Coleman.
    3. Steve Smith Sr.
    4. John Brown
    5. Terrance West
    6. Kenneth Dixon


  4. Somebody offered me Brandin Cooks for Jarvis Landry.

    .5 PPR league.

    Should I take this deal and get Cooks? I don’t think it’s a good trade for me since Landry has been so consistent and is a target monster. Just wanted to confirm this or tell me otherwise.


    • @[email protected]: Can’t go wrong either way, really. Cooks has a higher upside, but the volume of targets in a .5PPR is a big boost for Landry. I’d probably hold tight.

  5. Comatose says:

    Diggs for Forte, in a vacuum?

    • @Comatose: I’d take Forte. Diggs is more volatile, even if his upside is slightly higher.

  6. Rice says:

    Drop Tate for Coates?

    • @Rice: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet? I wouldn’t do that quite yet. Just want to see if Coates can string together a few good games.

      • Rice says:

        @[email protected]:

        I made the move but no one has jumped on Tate (I should have noted this is a 10-team league), so I can still reverse it.

        The other pickup option now (with the Latavius news) is Richard but I’m deeper there.

        My other WR’s are Julio, Demaryius, Enunwa, and Moncrief.

        My RB’s are Devonta, Forte, Gore, Ingram, Sims, Dwayne Washington, Abdullah (IR spot)

        • @Rice: I’m not super high on Richard, and would rather gamble on Washington if Latavius is out. But yes…you’re deep at RB. I think you’re good right now. Hold tight.

  7. Nick says:

    in a 10team standard, would you grab Ertz dropping Pitta for next week? I have Graham on bench as he has bye. I’d have to put a low FAAB bid in as someone needs a TE due to bye…

    • @Nick: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet?

      Yes, I’d take Ertz over Pitta.

  8. Hugh says:

    Jaron Brown with a pick up…got more snaps than Floyd

    • @Hugh: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days.

      I wouldn’t take Jaron over Floyd. Don’t care about the snaps. The entire Cards offense besides DJ is wonky right now.

  9. Tiki tom says:

    Aloha man!

    .5 ppr league

    My team:

    QB: rivers

    RB1: David Johnson
    RB2: Melvin Gordon

    WR1: Hopkins
    WR2: Shepard
    WR3: fuller

    TE: Rudolph

    Flex: Jordan Howard

    Not mentioning d or kicker

    Bench: Hyde, Derrick Henry, Chris hogan, Jordan Howard, Dwayne Washington, Witten

    IR: moncrief
    IR: Watkins

    Hold onto Dwayne Washington or drop him for James white, Powell, Deandre Washington, josh ferguson, Paul Perkins

    Next hold onto or drop Witten for either Sammie Coates,
    Inman, kerely, Brian quick, Terrence Williams?

    With Chris Johnson on IR is Ellington now David Johnson’s cuff?

    Lastly- based on my team above trade my Hyde for either TY Hilton or Brandon Marshall?

    • @Tiki tom: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet?

      I’d rather have DeAndre, Ferguson or Perkins than Dwayne.
      I’d rather have Coates than Witten. Rudolph is fine.
      I guess Ellington is? But I’m not really searching for any non DJ RB.
      I would trade Hyde for Hilton in a .5PPR.

      Good luck!

  10. Slimbo says:

    C.J. Prosise worth holding onto in a keep forever dyno with no cost?

    could grab coates or woods


    • @Slimbo: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet?

      I’d rather have Promise right now in a true dynasty.

  11. G says:

    In PPR would you drop Tavon Austin for Coates or hold? Austin is been frustrating as a boom or bust player

    • @G: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet?

      I’d hold on Austin. Yes, he’s boom or bust, but you should have expected that coming into the year. And you’re getting no different in Coates right now.

  12. G says:

    A second question if you don’t mind. In PPR how would you rank Smallwood, Powell, Dixon this week. Between injuries and buys I’m A little desperate.

  13. Whatyeahok says:

    Hey I like Dixon, but I’m a freeman and Michael owner and I want to handcuff one of them.. Sell john brown and Kenneth Dixon for either tevin coleman or Thomas Rawls?

    I could swap john brown for devanta Parker in the above deal..

    • @Whatyeahok: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days. Have you made the move yet?

      I wouldn’t move Brown or Parker for Coleman or Rawls right now. It’s risky because you could get greater value if injury occurs, but I’d rather take the higher ceiling now than wish an injury happened.

  14. RotoLance

    RotoLance says:

    “see the new point totals within the standings (the true measure of how well you’re actually doing)” LOVE IT

    I always do that too. I’m 1st in points in 2 of 3 leagues I’m playing in. My Writer’s League team is a total fraud though, even though I’m up by 50 in points scored. DeAngelo Williams helped me get there despite losing Watkins and Moncrief. When Moncrief gets back my team might be good again but it’s not good now.

    • @RotoLance: Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a FULL two days.

      Haha, yep! I wonder how many teams near the top of the standings are inflated because of DeAngelo’s stellar first two weeks.

  15. friar says:

    I’m in a 10-team 0.5 ppr league and, between byes, injuries, and the fact that it’s a 10-team league, some juicy options were dropped to waivers yesterday. My team is pretty weak at RB, so I’d like to make a move for some of the RBs who recently became available, but I’d love your advice on which ones to grab (and how many).

    The 3 I’m looking at are Foster, Ware, and DeAndre Washington. With Latavius reportedly sitting this week, I might want to grab Washington to plug in as a starter in Week 5, but the upside of the other two is pretty enticing.

    Current roster:
    QB: Cousins
    RB: Miller, Bernard
    WR: Kelvin, Landry, Diggs (flex spot)
    TE: Gronk
    Bench: K. Dixon, Charles (bye), D. Lewis (injury), Maclin (bye), Delanie Walker, Eifert

    I plan to drop Eifert for a RB. Is Washington a big enough upgrade this week over Gio that I should prioritize him as the pickup? If not, I’d probably go with Ware (RB3/handcuff). I could also drop Dixon if you think any of these RBs (Foster?) represents a better bench stash.

    What would you recommend?

    • @friar: Wait, Spencer Ware is available? Grab him. Hold him. I think he holds value all year. Washington’s a good addition, too, and love his upside; he just needs the situation to play out for him. I’d rather have Arian or Washington than Dixon, also.

      • friar says:

        @[email protected]: Thanks! I’m dropping Eifert and Dixon for Ware and Washington. Would you also recommend dropping someone else for Foster?

        • @friar: No, I worry about his health to really drop any of your guys for him.

        • friar says:

          @friar: The RBs keep coming: Yeldon was dropped this morning. Where does he fit into this list in your mind?

          • @friar: Ugh, haha. He’s worth rostering, but I’m not high on him at all. I’d probably take him over Foster due to the injury thing, but I don’t know that I’d take a shot on him, given your RB stable, over either of the other two right now.

            • friar says:

              @[email protected]: Haha, that’s kind of how I feel about him. It seems like he really should be owned…I’m just not particularly excited to be the one who owns him. Thanks for all the help!

  16. FrogRockets says:

    12 team league…and I see Sammie Coates sitting there, available in FA staring back at me. I’ve grabbed Royal and Wood and have Coleman sitting at the end of the bench till he returns. The potential breakout of Coates has me itching to make a move.

    With Nelson, Baldwin and Shepard, I feel solid week to week, so there’s room to spare at the WR spot. Mostly I’m hurting at RB, so I guess I’d be stashing for potential trade bait.

    That was long winded… ;)

    Would you drop any of these end of the bench guys to pick up Coates?

    QB: Brady
    RB: Ingram, T Coleman, Deandre Washington, Bilal Powell, Dwayne Washington
    WR: Nelson, Baldwin, Shepard, Royal, Woods, Corey Coleman
    TE: Reed
    K: Tucker
    D: Vikings

  17. renegade says:

    would you trade Jordy and Maclin for Beckham? 1/2 ppr, I have a lot of WR depth, 14 team league

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