I’m up in the woods, I’m down on my mind
I’m building a sill to slow down the time.

Bon Iver penned the words and performed it first, then Kanye West went and blewed it all up with a dope remix for his ‘Lost in the World’ track a few years ago. Now, when I’m in the woods, I’m not sure that I pull Chris Pine in Into The Woods like you see above (sorry for that?), but I know it’s definitely a place to reset your thoughts and re-aim your efforts.

Nine weeks into the fantasy football season we could all probably take a little trip up in the woods. Whether it’s readying yourself for a playoff push, climbing out of the middle…

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • Robert Woods, WR – BUF (ESPN 15.0%, Yahoo 11%) – The Bills wide receiving corps is relegated to essentially Robert Woods and…Percy Harvin? Haha, I mean, seriously…it was so bad that they brought Percy Harvin out of retirement to fill in their gaps. Woods, however, continues to impress, with a 10/162/0 effort against the stout Seattle secondary. I don’t expect Woods to develop an incredible ceiling, but he has solid potential. Tyron Taylor’s gonna throw the ball around, and tosses a good deep ball, but he’s not worth the burn. If he can give you at least 8 targets for 5-6 catches with 60 yards as a floor he’s worth the roster. If only he could find the end zone a few times. It’ll be interesting to see how Woods value changes if/when Sammy Watkins returns in a few weeks.
  • Marqise Lee, WR – JAX (ESPN 3.3%, Yahoo 4%) – Yet another game with 7+ targets for Lee as the Jags continue to throw the ball for days, this time producing a 4/84/0 line. With Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson in tow he won’t receive the most targets in a game, but running across the middle from the slot there will be plenty of opportunities for him to repeat this. If you got a 4/84/0 line from your WR2 you’d likely be ok with that. Often times the difficult part of gauging value for waiver options is that it takes far more for them to impress and change perception than those already deemed great. Like Woods above him, if he added a touchdown he’d look so much better, but read through the stats, assess the consistent amount of targets and volume, and Lee gives you a borderline WR3.
  • Paul Perkins, RB – BUF (ESPN 4.3%, Yahoo 6%) – I didn’t think it would take nine weeks, but we saw in Week 9 the rookie Perkins finally split time with Rashad Jennings. Through all the Giants RB injuries and horrible play, Perkins never really got a shot. Until now. Well, most likely. Perkins has great speed, and flashed the ability to carry a heavy load in his time at UCLA, but this offense rests on the shoulder and right arm of Eli Manning. Don’t expect more than 15 carries per game, but if Jennings gets hurt again (which is bound to happen) and Perkins can establish himself in the passing game enough, 20+ touches may be in the forecast for him (11/32/0 rush., 3/15/0 rec. in Week 9). He’s a better candidate than the next two RB’s for his potential shelf life, but still not worth the burn.
  • Peyton Barber, RB – TB (ESPN 12.1%, Yahoo 19%) – Third week in a row mentioning Barber here. He’s no Jamison Crowder (gosh, y’all remember that run of highlights to start the year?), but Barber still holds value for another week in the Tampa backfield. Well, as of Tuesday he does. With Jazquizz Rogers and Doug Martin nursing injuries, Barber was serviceable last Thursday night against the Falcons. No more than a decent flex play, especially in PPR formats, but with BYE weeks that may be just what you’re looking for.
  • Kapri Bibbs, RB – DEN (ESPN 4.5%, Yahoo 6%) – The new backup in Denver saw his ownership go up a tick leading into this past weekend. Somehow. Devonte Booker didn’t exactly take the world by storm in Week 9, but he’s the lead horse of this pack still, making Bibbs nothing more than speculative add in the event of a Booker injury. He may get a few touches per game right now, but really you’re targeting him for the potential of his influence come playoff time if Booker’s hurt.
  • Lance Kendricks, TE – LA (ESPN 19.1%, Yahoo 15%) – When a TE gets 12 targets it should turn heads. Similar to the Marqise Lee mention above, if this was Jimmy Graham instead of Lance Kendricks you’d just call him elite. However, Kendricks is no Graham, so when he gets 12 targets it’s more of the anomaly than the norm. Still, 7/90/0 after going 7/55/0 right before the BYE may mean Kendricks is emerging as a viable threat for the Rams anemic offense. It should come to no one’s surprise to no one, but Case Keenum’s still poop, haha, so temper the expectations a little. If you’re looking for a TE because of BYEs or injury, though, you can do a lot worse than a guy stringing together 7-catch performances.
  • Colin Kaepernick, QB – SF (ESPN 22.0%, Yahoo 19%) – I targeted him in a few dynasty leagues just waiting for games like this to come along. Facing the Saints on Sunday, Kaepernick reminded us of what he can do in the fantasy game. Throwing for 398 yards and two scores, while rushing for another 23 yards, Kaepernick finished as a QB1 in Week 9. Again, it was against the Saints, but Kaepernick brings the potential to put up numbers as impressive as this any given week. As he gets more comfortable in the Chip Kelly system and continues to recover to full strength from his offseason surgeries, there’s an outside shot he’s a top 10 QB the rest of the way. He won’t repeat in Week 10 against the Cardinals, but he has some tempting matchups as the fantasy playoffs approach if you’re looking for a stream.

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! Good luck in Week 10! No players on Burn Notice this week, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll find some gems to set on fire next week. Check back on Tuesday!

  1. Jedimasters says:

    Week 10 is bye week hell for me. In my 12 team standard league please help me pick three WR from this group.

    Davante Adams (on my roster)
    John Brown (on my roster)
    Tyler Lockett
    Brandon LaFell
    Davantae Parker
    Eli Rogers

    Thank you

    • @Jedimasters: Haha, it’s awful for a lot of people. I’d take Adams/Brown/Rogers. Just don’t trust the others enough, while ROgers showed what he can do with Ben back. But that’s tough. If you don’t like Rogers, I’d go Lockett next.

  2. Chunk says:

    Corey Coleman or R Mathews?

  3. Maver1ck says:

    I need assistance Razzball nation…

    PPR league – Offer my Dez Bryant for his Jordan Reed?

    Rationale : my current mix of waiver wire du jour TE’s aren’t getting it done (Rudolph, Z Miller, Doyle). And my WR/Flex spots are stacked so I don’t see a huge drop-off (Zeke, DJ, Landry, Jeffrey, J Matthews, Moncrief).

    Also, having Zeke + Dez on the same team makes me feel exposed.

    Am I over-thinking this or is it a solid, based-for-needs trade?

    • @Maver1ck: I actually wouldn’t do it. Reed, when he plays, is just as, if not even more, valuable than Dez, but I don’t trust him to keep playing. For TE I don’t mind the Rudolph/Miller double up. And for your WR, There’s actually a big gap from Jeffrey/Matthews/Moncrief to Dez. I’d hold.

      • Maver1ck says:

        @[email protected]: Thank you for the advice! I am holding.

  4. Ted says:

    World Wide FAAB article this week advocates blowing your budget for Gibbs….

    • @Ted: He’s dangerous, and highly capable of some electric moves, but Booker’s been just as impressive. I’m not blowing everything on him…

      …assuming you mean Bibbs and not Gibbs. Haha.

      • RotoLance

        RotoLance says:

        @[email protected]: Yeah, I literally see no other players right now that are out there in 12 team leagues with as legit a chance to make a difference this year. It’s a combination of how much time is left (not enough time for things to change much) and how few RBs are sitting there in 12-team.

        • @RotoLance: Yes, no real options that seem to make a big difference, but you never know. Can’t say you don’t see them yet with 40% of the season left. No one would have ever thought Ty Montgomery a few weeks ago. Or Adams one week earlier. Injuries can play a BIG part in shifting perceptions and results.

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Ted: I would no longer advocate that for one reason. The market. Other people aren’t as high on him as I am, so there’s no reason to blow the budget. I’d still target him.

    • Alex Prado says:

      @Ted: Treggs?

  5. Badonkagronk! says:

    Add sproles, D Lewis , J white, or p Perkins in 10 team standard? Looking for high upside for playoffs rather than someone to play this week.


  6. William Hung says:

    Barber plays on Thursday night, but I’m debating on whether to play him over DuJuan Harris. If Hyde stays down, Harris becomes a pretty nice play based on volume alone.

    • @William Hung: Yes, Harris could be a great add if Hyde’s out, but I think Hyde plays. And Barber was Thursday last week, he’ll be Sunday this go ’round.

        • Scott says:

          @William Hung: Wait, you’re cheating on us with other websites? ;)

  7. Scott says:

    I streamed Colin last week because Tom Brady was on a bye.

    Is it back to waiver wire with him or do I keep him around for future trade bait?

    Another scenario: I streamed Colin over Phillip Rivers, because I needed the upside. Do I keep Colin? Do I trade one? Which one?

    • @Scott: Well done on the Colin stream! Hope it led to a win for ya!

      If yo have Rivers and Kaep, trade one. And to be honest…trade any QB on your roster that you have now not named Tom Brady. You won’t play anyone over him, so the rest of them are wasted bench spots. Use them as an asset to deepen your bench. Pair him with a WR or RB to a team that could use a QB stream or upgrade, and upgrade yourself at RB or WR.

  8. RePete says:

    I’m sitting in 3rd at 6-3; would you drop Adams to stash Watkins in a 12-Team 0.5 PPR H2H League with this roster?

    QB – Luck, Flacco
    RB – Ware, Booker, Bernard, Martin, Coleman, Lewis
    WR – Beckham, Dez Bryant, Moncrief, Adams
    TE – Gates

    We start 2 RB and WR with 1 Flex; I doubt I will start Adams anytime soon with my top 2 WR locked in with their byes out of the way. I also think as my RBs get healthy, they will dominate my flex spot as well.

    • @RePete: I’d drop Tevin Coleman or Dion Lewis over Sammy Watkins if you’re looking for the WR stash. I’d also consider dropping Moncrief over Adams. I like what he’s done, and don’t see a massive drop-off, even if he won’t get 12 catches/game anymore.

      I’d definitely get Sammy for the upside, but I wouldn’t drop Adams for it. I’d rank the drops as:


      You’re never playing Flacco over Luck. Just drop him. Stream a backup if you need later on.

      • RePete says:

        @[email protected]: Yeah, I only have Flacco for the Luck’s bye this week. Just worried Watkins will be gone if I wait till next week to drop Flacco for him. Thanks for the insight.

  9. omar says:

    12 team 1pt PPR.

    Currently rostering Gronk and Eifert. Thinking about making the following offer:

    Nuk Hopkins

    AJ Green
    Delanie Walker

    Current Roster:
    QB – Big Ben
    WR – A-Rob
    WR – Nuk
    RB – Lamar Miller
    RB – Ajayi
    TE – Gronk
    Flx – Diggs
    Bn – Eifert
    Bn – Dion Lewis
    Bn – Tyrell Williams
    Bn – R Kelley
    Bn – Deangelo Williams
    Bn – Prosise

    Rationale: Got a feeling Eifert will go off ROS, and I don’t trust Hopkins or A-Rob (well, their QB’s at least). Love Gronk, but I feel like I could maximize my potential by moving one of my TE’s. Walker would give me some security and be a solid contributor should Eifert go down.

    Thoughts? Should I switch A-Rob for Nuk in the deal? I trust A-Rob a little more based on volume alone and the hope that Bortles can show some of that 2015 productivity.


    • @omar: I’d rather hold onto Gronk than risk Eifert. Don’t outthink yourself. Effect’s an asset. As is Hopkins (still with big name value). I’d rather trade Hopkins and Eifert for a WR upgrade and hold onto Gronk.

      If you do your deal you’ll be playing the guessing game at TE every week.

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