‘I can feel it all the way down in my plums.’ I bet you did, Ashley Schaffer, but if you’re name A.J. Green you felt it a little lower down in your hamstring…

Week 11 was highlighted by nothing more than injuries. A.J. Green, LeSean McCoy, Giovani Bernard, C.J. Prosise, Jay Cutler all suffered big injuries that will at least cost fantasy owners their services for the next few weeks, if not the whole season. Or, in the case of that final name that I will not write again, the rest of fantasy football ever. See ya later Cutler! For real, though, these big injuries open up some big windows for new players to step in. However, when examining the positional situation behind the injured stars there’s not a lot available. That is, unless your name is Tyler Boyd.

The rookie was a dark horse, late-round flier in draft season, primed to take the reins as the second option opposite of A.J. Well, that didn’t exactly pan out, and Boyd’s ownership is now under 1%. As of Tuesday morning. I’d imagine 24 hours from now his number jumps significantly after Green’s injury took him out for most of the game and Boyd responded with a 6/54/1 on 8 targets. You can go for Brandon LaFell all you want, but if I’m targeting some Bengals receivers I’d target the two Tylers the most: Eifert and Boyd.

So, it’s those two (Eifert as a trade option, obviously), and here are the other top targets to, well…target heading into Week 12!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • fireColin Kaepernick, QB – SF (ESPN 17.0%, Yahoo 18%) – Yep. Two in a row. I’m not gonna highlight him again (click that little hyperlink below to see what I said on him last week), but I’ll point out that Kaep’s floor is what makes him so attractive. He’s a top 10 QB option ROS. On a horrible week when the team was crushed and he didn’t play particularly well he still put up 19.44 points in RCL leagues. You dreamed that Tyrod Taylor could do that. Still worth the burn.
  • firePierre Garcon, WR – WAS (ESPN 29.9%, Yahoo 23%) – I TOLD YOU SO! I mean, I couldn’t have called it any better for Garcon heading into Week 11, and now you’ll really have to pay to get him. The Redskins blitzed the Packers secondary, and Garcon led the way with a 6/116/1 effort. He found the freaking end zone! Now, granted, the Washington offense was about as efficient as possible Sunday night, but I’d rely upon them airing it out more consistently than running with Fat Rob. Even though that dude’s a dope pickup.
  • Tyler Boyd, WR – CIN (ESPN 0.7%, Yahoo 6%) – Nope, not worth the burn, but definitely worth bidding for and racing to add as a high end flier to finish out your bench. As I mentioned above, he was viewed with a lot of potential heading into the year, he just took the normal rookie WR path, as opposed to the 2014 route. 5+ targets should be an essential lock moving forward, and even more if Jeremy Hill and the running game can’t establish itself early.
  • Malcolm Mitchell, WR – NE (ESPN 0.7%, Yahoo 1%) – Go Dawgs! Haha, sorry…I’ve been waiting and wanting to say that at least once this year as a UGA grad, but it hasn’t been the kindest year of football fandom for a UGA grad. Mitchell emerged in a big way Sunday night, though. At UGA he was the most consistent option in the offense, and was a 5 Star WR/CB coming out of high school. His talent’s immense, and he plays with the greatest QB of all time. His 4/98/1 line was padded by his 56 yard TD catch in the second half, but he was on the field for 66 snaps and Brady’s talked very highly of him. Rob Gronkowski’s return will likely decrease his opportunities, but he could easily be the second WR option in this offense moving forward. He’s worth the flier. And in case you didn’t know…his story is one of the best in the past few years. He’s going to be a mainstay in New England, even if right now’s a tad early.
  • Tajae Sharpe, WR – TEN (ESPN 14.8%, Yahoo 12%) – Marcus Mariota forgot that he wasn’t supposed to ascend quite yet and is now currently running around the NFL doing whatever he wants like Frank The Tank running through the Quad. Naked. Rishard Mathews has emerged as a great option for Mariota, but Sharpe has the potential to become the most reliable weapon in the Tennessee offense. He’s averaging over 6 targets per game in the past three, and has tallied 68 yards and a touchdown in two straight weeks. The ceiling isn’t massive, but the potential, in an offense that’s rolling, is worth the deep flier. He’ll be a great option to snag in the 8-10 round range in 2017.
  • Marqise Lee, WR – JAX (ESPN 4.4%, Yahoo 6%) – I’m just beating a dead horse now. I get it, too. You’re not going to start Lee over bigger names, but at this point it may be your fault if you don’t. Take away his dud in Week 8 @ TEN and he’s averaging 11.24 ppg. That’s more than restorable, and borderline startable. Every week. The Jags have been a massive disappointment, but Lee’s emerged from the abyss of disappointment and ascended to the levels his talent would designate. That owned number probably won’t jump into double digits, but after a 4/52/1 effort, it should. I’ll probably just have him in this dang thing the rest of the year…
  • Wendell Smallwood, RB – PHI (ESPN 2.4%, Yahoo 5%) – The production’s not necessarily there yet, but the volume is. And with RB that’s the big thing to find. 13 carries in his second straight game, and yet another Ryan Mathews injury, may have cemented Smallwood as a weapon in the Philly offense. He’s not really there yet, but he’s the type of young player that could explode in the playoffs and take you deeper than you expected. Keep an eye on him if nothing else, but I’d rather have Smallwood than options like T.J. Yeldon, Shaun Draughn, or Jeremy Langford sitting on my bench.
  • Taylor Gabriel, WR – ATL (ESPN 2.9%, Yahoo 3%) – I’m leaving Gabriel and Inman on the list for this week because they were highlighted leading into a BYE week. Nothing’s changed. They’re both still great speculative adds for the playoff run.
  • Dontrelle Inman, WR – SD (ESPN 7.8%, Yahoo 4%) – Same. As. Above. Well, and last week.

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! Good luck in Week 12! It’s the home stretch towards the playoffs, and these pickups just may be what the doctor ordered for your mediocre team. Or, if you’r like, you’re incredible team that still somehow manages to go 6-5 despite having the first or second most points in the league. Aaah, the luck of fantasy football.

Oh, and I’m aware that RotoLance just highlighted Tyler Boyd, too. EVEN MORE REASON TO GET HIM!



  1. CMUTimmah says:

    Burn a 5 waiver priority for Smallwood (dropping Perkins) or wait for something better?

    McCoy (Gillisslee handcuff), Fat Rob, and Ivory are by backs without him, only have to start two, PPR.

    • CMUTimmah says:

      @CMUTimmah: Side note – it’s 14 teams, I’m in first. So the panick button isn’t being hit at all here…

      • @CMUTimmah: Is drop Perkins for him, but I don’t know that I’d burn the waiver. ‘It sure how much more will become available better than him in the next few weeks, tho. Kind of a preference call. I may start him over Gillislee.

  2. Carmichael Show says:

    Would you trade OBJ for Brady and either Diggs or D. Thomas? Single-QB, 14-team PPR league and my current QB is Stafford. I have a feeling Odell will go off ROS but Stafford is THAT frustrating.

    Thanks and I love your work every week!

    • CMUTimmah says:

      @Carmichael Show: If you can get Diggs AND Brady, yeah, I’m in to trade OBJ. Not for Thomas though.

    • @Carmichael Show: I actually may do this. Diggs and DT are a pretty big step down, but have enough potential to match OBJ any given week. In PPR I’d take Diggs with Brady.

  3. Teddy says:

    Howdy! Crazy it’s week 12 waiver wire day based on my team who are you looking to add? Keep in mind I’m in 2nd place .
    .5 ppr league

    QB Matt Ryan (on the bench I have dak Prescott)

    RBs: David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Jeremy hill, andre Ellington, Kenneth farrow

    WRs we start 3: Dez, sanders,Doug Baldwin, moncrief, Shepard, amendola (who I’m dropping)

    TE: I have Witten, Rudolph & CJ Fiedorowicz

    D/ST: Miami D, this week they face Niners in Miami

    Kicker : Crosby

    IR: Watkins
    IR: hogan

    Available RBs: Smallwood, Dwayne Washington, burkhead, Derrick Henry, Powell.

    Available WRs: desean Jackson, Michael Floyd, JJ Nelson, lafell, Tyler Boyd, sharpe, Marqise lee, ted Ginn jr, Taylor Gabriel

    Available TE’s : cook, hooper, Pitta.

    To activate hogan I’d have to drop someone do that or just drop hogan?

    Thanks man!

    • @Teddy: You have a lot of help available. I would:

      Drop: Farrow, Ellington, Amendola, Witten.
      Add: Smallwood, Henry, Boyd, Powell

      Don’t need 3 TE. Don’t need Hogan (drop him).

  4. Robert Closson says:

    Starks or Hill?

    • @Robert Closson: Jeremy Hill? If so, it’s Hill and it’s not close. Hill’s a top 10 RB ROS with the Cincy injuries from Sunday.

  5. Dimah says:

    Need help with this week starter decision:

    Pick 3 RBs from:
    Rawles, Gore , Gurley , Booker , Stewart , Lewis

    2 WRs from:
    Evans , Pryor , Moncreef , T. Williams

    1 TE:
    Doyle , Green , Fedrowicz

    Non PPR league.

  6. Chicken Dinner says:

    Drop Lewis or Starks for lil dick?

    • @Chicken Dinner: Sweet mercy. Haha, Lil’ Dick? I’m searching for answers. Help me out…

      I’d keep Lewis over Starks.

        • @Chicken Dinner: There we go. I had a good chuckle and then couldn’t formulate what that meant.

          Yes, I’d take Smallwood over Starks or Lewis, even though Lewis still has the greatest upside. I just don’t know how healthy he truly is.

  7. Frank says:

    Lost Luck for Thurs. I’m 5-6 in a 12tm half ppr. Need to win to stay alive. I was offered Mariota and Demaryius for Cooper. Tannehill (vs SF) is on the wire, I have $563 FAAB left. My team:

    Cooper, Diggs, Ty Will,

    • @Frank: I wouldn’t drop Cooper. Don’t know that you can afford it. Is Kaepernick available? What other QBs can be had?

  8. Frank says:

    Lost Luck for Thurs. I’m 5-6 in a 12tm half ppr. Need to win to stay alive. I was offered Mariota and Demaryius for Cooper. Tannehill (vs SF) is on the wire, I have $563 FAAB left. Make the deal or go for Tannehill?

    My team:

    Gurley, Howard, Riddick, Dixon, C-Mike, Cunningham
    Cooper, Diggs, Ty Will, Britt
    Olsen, Ebron

  9. American Patriot says:

    I would never pick up Kaepernick just on principle. My whole league agrees. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Great stuff though, as always.

    • @American Patriot: It’s fantasy football. Totally understand your position, and you have every right to say that, but…it’s fantasy football. In my opinion, who cares.

      And as for Kaepernick, he’s doing the same thing you’re doing. It was a peaceful protest (even though I’d never do it, and don’t love it).

  10. JohnRamboJr says:

    I had Z. Miller as aTE…12 team .5 ppr. Outside of a trade the only worthwhile wire additional are Brate from TB and Jones from GB. Which one do like best ROS? GB schedule looks pretty bad.

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Steve Stevenson says:

    Must-win game this week as I’m in the last playoff slot and playing the team just above me, 0.5 ppr. My lineup is fine, but I have higher waiver priority than my opponent and he’s hurting due to last week’s injuries, starting Starks at RB2 and Moncrief (without Luck) at flex.

    For my waiver claim, should I prioritize Smallwood (likely the most helpful guy for my opponent) or Watkins (likely the best play for me should I make the playoffs)?

  12. Dawg says:

    Absolutely loved the bit on Malcom. I want him to be so great in NE man. We’ve spoke before on the baseball side of Razzball, and as always, I love the write-ups!

    Graduating in May from UGA! Go Dawgs!

    • @Dawg: Thanks man! And congratulations! From my experience, do you college’s graduation walk. You’ll regret missing the smaller ceremony. It’s also inside, and the giant one with your class in Sanford will be hot. as. balls. in mid-May.

      We’re not too far from Athens, but man, do we miss it. Soak up the final season!

  13. friar says:

    I’ve held Dion Lewis on my bench (well, in my IR slot) all year, but now that he’s healthy, I’m not sure I’ll ever play him. His schedule for the rest of the fantasy season is @NYJ, LA, Bal, @Den, NYJ, which is a pretty terrifying slate for a part-time RB coming off injury (even one with the talent and strong supporting cast of Lewis).

    Should I trade Lewis for A.J. Green? Green would go into my IR spot until healthy giving me a potential game-breaker in the playoffs (I currently have Peterson in that spot, but I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d feel comfortable playing him over my other starters). After dropping AP, I’d then also have the option of picking up another player, so would likely grab Garcon or Gillislee.

    On one hand, I think the trade would give me players who I’m more likely to actually use. On the other hand, it feels ill-advised to give up some of my limited RB depth (and a player with great upside) in exchange for an injured WR who might well not play another game this year. What do you think I should do?

    12-team, 0.5 ppr league (start 2RB, 2WR, flex):
    RB: Bell, Ingram, Hightower, Lewis, Smallwood
    WR: Hilton, Marshall, M. Thomas, D. Adams, J. Matthews
    IR: Peterson

    • @friar: Agree on Lewis unfortunately. I was really high on him coming into the year, told everyone to stash, but now it’s not looking like he’s gonna run full steam this season, especially with those opponents.

      I really like that idea. You’re trading for the highest playoff upside possible. Trade Lewis for Green, IR Green, drop Ap, pick up Garcon. Your other 4 RB are good enough to roll with the rest of the year.

  14. Matt, Drop Ryan Mathews and pick-up Wendell Smallwood? Thanx!

    • @madden_curser: Yes. I know the Falcons made Mathews looks incredible, but I’d lean on Smallwood’s upside over Mathews right now.

  15. Jdubs says:

    The Minnesota DST cleared waivers, and I’m thinking of dropping Alf Morris or Dixon so that I can hold them for the playoffs. What do you think? Standard scoring

    Current RBs: McCoy, gillislee, Martin, Lewis, Dixon, Morris
    Current DST: Miami

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Brian says:

    ppr…jeremy hill @ bal or james white @ nyj? with gronk unlikely to play i wonder if pats go with a rb centric short passing attach again this week but obv nervous that lewis phases out white even more

    • @Brian: I’d still go jeremy Hill. Don’t outthink ourself. Sure, White could go off if he gets 15 touches, but Hill seems a lock for those touches. Give me the assured volume over the reach.

  17. MAGA says:

    who would you start?

    I need 3 players out of: Dez Bryant, Pierre Garcon, Devonta Freeman, Rob Kelley, Matt forte… 1 has to be a WR

    Pittsburg D or Tennessee D?


    • @MAGA: Dez, Freeman, Kelley. Tough not going with Garcon.

      PIT Def

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. For an Armenianless vacation come to Akron says:

    m.lee has destroyed the “allens” as a tandem (a-rob is fine of course), and is the epitome of the usually often true “WR often take 3 years to meet their draft grades”. those of us in dynasties now what i’m talking about, in one i drafted m.lee in his draft year, early last year dropped him (this is a deep league). now am waiting on agholor (drafted in real life and by me last year), and treadwell/doctson (the 2nd gets a pass completely from injury, but i bet it delays his progress too long term) this year. and could’ve gotten him back this year (lee) even in the deep league, but stupidly didn’t (albeit the team that did needed WR much more than me)

      • For an Armenianless vacation come to Akron says:

        @[email protected]: his draft grades were worse than all those mentioned, but they were comparable with m.thomas/brax miller (agholor’s i mean)

          • For an Armenianless vacation come to Akron says:

            @[email protected]: not right now, i’m saying it’s too early to determine much of anything about how good they might be in their 4th seasons. m.thomas also has brees, that’s worth much more than probably any level of draft grade.

  19. Frank says:

    Need 2 of these 3 in a full ppr…


    • @Frank: Just seeing this. Sorry. I blame the ham.

      Did you go with Kelley?

      I would have chosen Freeman and Gordon. Three solid choices either way.

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