Hey! Heeeeeeey! Put on your parachute pants, kids, it’s time to take a trip back to years gone by and reminisce of what used to be and what can be. But before you get carried away thinking I’m discussing something from the early 90’s (current Millennial fashion is bringing that back up quite enough), pump the brakes a bit once you get to 2010.

Pump the brakes. That’s what I need y’all to do for me. Just a little bit. Because, see, back in 2010 we saw a ‘breakout’ occur for the one Kenny Britt. What did that breakout entail? 73 targets in 12 games for a 42/775/9 line (18.5YPC) when playing for the Titans. I remember Britt then bring primed for further ascension into the upper echelon of WR tierdom before the 2011 season. However, if you didn’t pump the brake you were duped when he produced a 17/289/3 line in just 3 games. Which leads us to how you should work the waiver wire heading into Week 7 of the 2016 fantasy football season!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • Kenny Britt, WR – STL (ESPN 13.3%, Yahoo 10%) – His season line of 30/492/2 is just a hair under his season totals in 16 games from 2015. He’ll easily break those numbers, but I don’t know that I’m confident enough in his reliable production to burn the waiver for him. Now, as I say that, he has thrown up double digit points in 4 of 6 games this year, and will clearly be the most added player this week after going 7/136/2 against the incredibly porous Detroit secondary. Looking forward Britt will face a few more susceptible secondaries (NYG, CAR) in the next three weeks, but listen…as much as I’m hesitant to trust Britt, I’m even more hesitant to trust anything Case Keenum throws in the air. He’s absolutely worth the add, and should be the most added player based on his semi-reliable numbers so far, but don’t make the mistake of burning the waiver on him. Could you not easily see him putting up 6 catches for 80 yards and no scores in the next two games? After all, those two TDs on Sunday were his first two of the year. He’s a huge threat for the deep ball, but the only Ram I trust on my fantasy squads is Todd Gurley, and every week that looks sillier and sillier (somehow).
  • Robert Woods, WR – BUF (ESPN 21.9%, Yahoo 22%) – I actually prefer Woods to Britt, though neither of them actually get the burn notice this week. If you’re in deep need of a WR, though, I like Woods’ situation much more than Britt. Namely, Tyrod Taylor over Case freaking Keenum. 5/44/1 in Week 6 makes it four straight weeks of 6+ targets since Sammy Watkins went down. He’s the defect #1 WR in Buffalo, and as they continue figuring out this new run-heavy offense the lanes should open up for Woods to haul in a similar line to last Sunday as a floor. Not a burn, but worth the add.
  • Terrance Williams, WR – DAL (ESPN 18.2%, Yahoo 9%) – Williams shouldn’t be surprising anyone with what he’s doing. This is the guy that should have been the compliment to Dez Bryant for the past three years. But we all know that hasn’t happened. However, this year he’s emerged as a solid option in the Dallas pass attack with Dak Prescott under center, hauling in receptions at an 83% catch rate. He’s not getting a ton of targets (4-0-4-6-5-5), but he’s putting up solid yards on the minimal work. Williams is essentially a less threatening, but safer version of Sammie Coates. A lot of variables could diminish his value (Dez return, Romo return, Williams being Williams…), but four straight games around 10ppg in standard scoring is solid production.
  • Ty Montgomery, WR – GB (ESPN 0.2%, Yahoo 2%) – Who knows what’s going on with Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers will ride his arm into the ground, especially given their laughable stock of RB now. In Week 6 Montgomery emerged as a target monster for Rodgers while they played from behind against Dallas. His 10/98/0 line will likely be the apex for catches, but he’s talented enough to reach triple digits. Randall Cobb needs to stay inside (and may even line up in the backfield more), which means a spot is open for Montgomery to emerge as a reliable pass catcher for Rodgers while Davonte Adams is out (and potentially even when he’s back), something he desperately needs. Thursday night’s matchup against the Bears makes him a sneaky, early option to FLEX, and potentially get in early on Ty if he has another great game.
  • Zach Zenner, RB – DET (ESPN 1.5%, Yahoo 1%) – I really wish I could highlight Dion Lewis here, especially given James White’s production in the Pats offense with Brady back, but he’s not practicing this week, increasing the path to him not playing at all this season. In the wake of that news, I’ll give Zenner the nod for the deep RB add on the week. After getting the main carries for Detroit against St. Louis (14/58/0), he doesn’t have a long shelf life as a nice pickup, but for Week 7 he could bring some value. Justin Forsett is figuring out the playbook, Theo Riddick is recovering, and Matt Stafford throws it far more than they run, but…if he gets the lead again there’s potential for some points. The ‘Skins defense is the 8th-worst against fantasy RB on the season, meaning with 15 touches Zenner could reach 70 yards and, potentially, a score. That’s worth an awful lot for someone owned at only 1%.
  • C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE – HOU (ESPN 1.1%, Yahoo 1%) – Consistency is so difficult to come by when working the wire, but especially when it comes to TE. They’re typically so sporadic and difficult to project from week-to-week, in terms of usage. That doesn’t mean consistency doesn’t exist, though. Look no further than the emerging TE1 in Houston for occasionally inept QB Brock Osweiler. Every good QB has a blanket option, and when DeAndre Hopkins is shaded by the entire defense, Fiedorowicz has proved a capable back up option. 6/85/1 makes it three straight weeks of valuable production at a really weak position (4/48/1 and 4/61/0 in Weeks 4 and 5, respectively). After the first few options and names, I don’t see any reason why this guy couldn’t get the nod to be the top stream TE for the next few weeks.

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! I know that makes it three straight weeks without a burn notice, but there just hasn’t been anyone fully worthy of that’s owned in under 25%. Slow clap to Cameron Meredith for breaking the threshold, because he certainly would get my fire this week had he remained available for this.

Little tip: don’t pick up Landry Jones. Ok. You’re welcome. And good luck in Week 7!



  1. William Hung says:

    Thoughts on Ajayi?

    • @William Hung: I like Ajayi, he was just owned too highly to highlight. I think we just saw his ceiling, and he won’t approach it again. Worth the add, and potentially the burn, but don’t expect more than a flex.

      • CMUTimmah says:

        @[email protected]: I don’t think all of a sudden he’s awakened like CMIKE.

        Temper expectations… Arian Foster is healing up, and he’s the best all around back in that system still. There’s a reason Ajayi was a healthy scratch earlier this year.

        Don’t get Matt Flynn’d by one big game…

  2. HolyGhostClaw says:

    Pigskinonator has Fiedo at 2.42 pts under half-ppr projections.

    Donnell and Clay (both on waivers) are much higher at 9.54 and 9.23 respectively. Would either of those be the better call? Or do you think Fiedo has more upside across the next few weeks?

    Thanks for the write-up.

  3. Son

    Son says:

    Good stuff [email protected] I was going to write the exact same thing about Britt, with the same title and picture and everything. Very well done

  4. cory says:

    no knile davis, especially after lacy news?

    • @cory: Well, I posted this JUST before the Lacy news came out. He’s the top RB add (over Zenner), but don’t go crazy to get him. New offense. New playbook. Perennial backup.

  5. Brett says:

    How much Faab would you bid on Montgomery with Lacy out? Thoughts on Davis?

    • @Brett: Read on Davis above. I wouldn’t spend a ton on Montgomery, but you could go up to 5-8%. Worth that low risk.

  6. Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

    should mention r.kelley (but NOT the one who likes pissing on people, well probably anyway), in deep leagues were you don’t need to start a RB this week i’d go kelley ahead of zenner (and did early last week in a 20 teamer PPR). DET’s got all of these that will (or likely will) eventually play ahead of zenner in some shape or form: d-wash, abdullah, rid dick, forsett. and at least 2 of those DET guys are ahead of zenner very quickly. ahead of kelley is ONLY at most m.jones.

    • @Mantis Tobaggan MD: True, the path to carries when the stable is fully healthy is smoother for Kelley, I’m just not sure I believe he can produce in a great manner. Zenner hasn’t either, yet, but his oath to carries is current. Both truly deep fliers, tho.

      • Mantis Toboggan MD says:

        @[email protected]: in last few weeks in a 20 i’ve gone from zenner (before his decent game of course) to kelley (after it announced he’d get more carries but before his decent game) to kniles.

  7. Tu-Flock says:

    I have Reed as my TE and Gurley, Charles, West, Crowell as my RB options. Burn my waiver on Hunter Henry or Jay Ajayi??

    • @Tu-Flock: Yes. Get Henry. Gurley/West/Crowell strong enough (Charles a big +), but Reed’s head is scary.

  8. William Hung says:

    hopefully you are still around – do your thoughts change on ty montgomery with the lacy news that he’s out multiple weeks?

    I currently have Ajayi and Montgomery 1/2 as my waiver claims – should I change that?

    Other players I am looking to pick up but not use a waiver on in order – Jacquizz Rodgers, Terrance Williams, Justin Forsett, Kendall Wright, Torrey Smith, Devontae Booker, and Adam Humphries (Vince Jackson IR)

    What are your thoughts on how I should approach my waiver wire?

    • William Hung says:

      .5 PPR btw

    • @William Hung: Sorry for the delay in the post this week. I’d still go Ajayi over Montgomery.

      And for the list, I’d move Booker over Quizz and Humphries behind Williams.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: I almost forgot about Kniles Davis – where does he rank in that list? 1st one?

        • William Hung says:

          I picked up both Ty Montgomery as a waiver and Davis as a FA.

          • @William Hung: Nice adds! I would have placed Davis at the top, most likely, just because of his immediate opportunity.

  9. omar says:

    How much better will Gronk be than Olsen ROS in PPR?

    Thinking about offering Gronk & a WR (Diggs or Tyrell Williams) for Olsen and Spencer Ware. Really need RB help. Only options now are Lamar Miller, Kenneth Dixon, and the Lions dumpster fire (Forsett and Washington). Stashing Dion Lewis, and really need an RB2 a holdover until he he’s back. Trying to pull Ajayi and D. Booker off the wire tonight.

    Also thinking about offering Gronk & Lamar Miller for David Johnson and CJ Anderson (or Tevin Coleman). Stashing Eifert and could shore up RB a bit while streaming TE until Eifert is back.

    Thoughts? Giving up too much?

    • @omar: I wouldn’t do that. Love Olsen, but the ceiling Gronk brings is a full tier, if not 2, higher than Olsen. I’d instead just try to trade Diggs straight up for Ware. Given the weekly stats they’ve both produce that’s quite equal.

      I also wouldn’t move Miller and Gronk for DJ. DJ’s incredible, but that’s borderline two 1st rounders for a high 1st round pick. Even with Eifert coming back, I’m keeping Gronk. Trade Eifert away for a flex RB.

  10. jayhawks24 says:

    Trade question & wanted you thoughts
    Start 3 wr 2rb te flex
    QB- Brady, Kap(He’s got NO on Brady’s bye)
    WR- AJ Green/BMarsh/ Hilton/ Evans /Ty Williams/ Moncrief
    RB DMurr /Howard/ McKinnon/ Coleman/ D Henry/ Dion on IR
    TE Walker/ Eifert

    I give howard williams and coleman for gurley and clay
    drop eifert and pick up britt or corey coleman or I can try to package him with moncrief for a tate or smith sr. type

    • @jayhawks24: Ok, first…yes to the trade. Get Gurley. Your top 4 WR are incredible. But because they’re do incredible, I wouldn’t drop Eifert for Britt. You have 3 TE to play with now, and I’d trade Clay or Walker once they have another nice game. Effect’s ceiling too high for the TE position, which has been really weak.

      And if you really want Britt, just drop Kaep to get him. You’re never using him except for 1 week, and on that 1 week you can find another great option if he’s been taken (which he likely won’t be taken).

  11. Jose says:

    They offering me antonio brown for melvin gordon and michael thomas or antonio brown for lesean mccoy….should i accept one of thows trades? Or antonio brown value is down for the rest of the season because of big ben injury?

    • @Jose: Gordon and Thomas for Brown. I’d do it. Landry’s awful, but Brown will still get targets. AND…you just made yourself better for the weeks that actually matter: 13-16.

      • Jose says:

        Do you think big ben will be back for those weeks?

        • @Jose: I do. I read 4-6 weeks, which puts him back Week 12. Give a little wiggle room and you still have him 14-16.

  12. Blake says:

    ok – 14 team ppr league with small bench. I was wondering if I should add T Montgomery?

    QB: T Taylor
    WR: J Jones
    WR: J Nelson
    RB: D Johnson JR
    RB: G Bernard
    TE: D Pitta
    Flex: C Merideth
    B: G Olsen
    B: J Ajajyi
    B: T Benjamin

    I would really hate to give up Benjamin as there are no other people really left on SD


    • @Blake: No, I wouldn’t drop TBenj for Montgomery. If you do anything, drop Pitta for him, but that leaves the TE gap this week.

  13. Oranje says:

    Pick up either Cousins or Winston to start this week over Flacco? Newton on bye.

    • @Oranje: I’d rather have either of them than Flacco. Give me Cousins first.

  14. Centerfield_Ballhawk says:

    Half point PPR. McKinnon, Montgomery or The Duke of Cleveland as a flex roll this week?

    • William Hung says:

      @Centerfield_Ballhawk: McKinnon is guaranteed higher floor than those 3, but the ceiling isn’t there with Asiata vulturing. I’d go Duke for the upside.

    • @Centerfield_Ballhawk: Well said, William! I’d also choose Duke over the other two. Montgomery too volatile to trust (only done it once) and McKinnon, while safer, doesn’t bring as much excitement.

  15. shaggybevo says:

    STL…haha old habits die hard.

    • @shaggybevo: HAHAHA! I just noticed that! Haha, that’s great. Didn’t even have a second thought about writing STL instead of LA, either.

      • What's a Drexl? says:

        @[email protected]: football outsiders for the first 2 weeks didn’t even have the snap counts for LA since they had some sort of software glitch in that you could input LA but stats didn’t come out since i think they were still linked to STL somehow in the code.

  16. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – would you do the following trade for a RB needy team like mine:

    .5 PPR

    I send Allen Robinson for Julian Edelman and Jeremy Hill
    Julian Edelman and Tevin Coleman
    OR both are good trades for me OR none of those options and I hold

    Current RBs are: Rashad Jennings, Matt Jones, Arian Foster, DeAndre Washington, Dion Lewis, Knile Davis

    • @William Hung: I’d prefer the Coleman/Edelman to Hill. Not opposed to this since you need the RB. I like Edelman in any PPR format.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: He wants to unload Hill instead so I went for that. I figure I don’t lose too much in point differential with Edelman and Hill instantly gives me someone who can get me 6-7 points IF healthy… and who knows, maybe he repeats his end of 2015 surge.

  17. Jerry says:

    Hey, Ma! Doyle, Gates or Fiedorowicz? Thanks!

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