Positional flexibility is so incredible. It gives you so many options, and shallows out the need for your bench. Targeting players that carry multiple positions is a sneaky tactic to winning your fantasy league. In baseball.

But would ya look at that…here we are in Week 8 of the fantasy football season and it’s the positional flexibility that’s adding value to players, and elevating a certain someone above the rest of the Pack (pun intended) as we look for targets leading into the second half of the season. Having troubles at the RB position due to the overall suck of the position, the quagmire that is timeshares in the backfield, or the myriad of injuries that could have ravaged your squad? No fear, Green Bay’s providing all the assistance you’ll need by getting creative with their own backfield problems. And giving us something we haven’t had in three weeks as we work the wire…

Here are the top targets to, well…target for Week 8!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • fireTy Montgomery, WR/RB – GB (ESPN 20.4%, Yahoo 62%) – FINALLY! We got one! After his second straight double-digit reception game, the Stanford product Montgomery has more than earned his Burn Notice emoji. He was already up 20.2% ownership in ESPN leagues from Week 6 following his 10/98/0 performance, but after following it up with a 10/68/0 receiving and 9/60/0 rushing, he’s sure to at least match that Yahoo numbers. I’m assuming it’s high due to pick ups after Thursday (somehow), but either way he’s my top add for the week. He’s like the modern day Larry Centers (Yes, I’m a Millennial and know who Larry Centers is. Thank you, Madden 98!). Lining up all over the field, Aaron Rodgers proved he found another weapon in his two year campaign for finding receivers he can trust. The 13 targets are incredible, but gaining the RB status is also a huge bonus moving forward. He’s a possession receiver that may not provide the ceiling of the next guy, but gives a solid floor that can be trusted for weeks to come. And I believe the touchdowns will start to show up…just wait.
  • fireDavante Adams, WR – GB (ESPN 17.2%, Yahoo 18%) – Let’s make it TWO! Fresh off being dropped in ESPN leagues at a cool -5.2% clip (and for good reason) Adams reversed course in a big way this past Thursday night. Taking advantage of Aaron Rodgers 55+ pass attempts, due to the total lack of RB’s, Adams found himself receiving 16 targets and posting a massive 13/132/2 line. For the four of you that actually started him, congratulations. For the rest of you, don’t trip over each other burning your waiver for him; I’d still prefer Montgomery. Give me high floor over high ceiling every day when it comes to the waiver wire. Adams won’t repeat this, but could settle around a 8 target, 5 rec for 70 yard guy. Definitely worth the add.
  • Anquan Boldin, WR – DET (ESPN 21.6%, Yahoo 26%) – Obviously less sexy in comparison to the two predecessors, and even the young’n coming up next, Boldin is ol’ reliable. With touchdowns in four games, a great catch % (of course), and more than 6 targets per game over the past six games, Boldin can provide double digits as a BYE week fill-in. You can’t really ask for more than that if you’re hit hard by the BYEs, like many owners will be this week. The Lions and Matt Stafford are going to sling it around as much as possible, and while Marvin Jones receives the main attention of the secondary, Boldin’s quietly emerged as the most reliable option in the offense (same receptions as Jones, 11 less targets), especially since Week 4. Don’t burn for him, but add him late while everyone else focuses on the two above…
  • Marquise Lee, WR – JAX (ESPN 1.5%, Yahoo 2%) – …Or just get really cute and target the post-hype sleeper that is Marquise Lee. Dude’s as talented as they come, which we’ve known since he was a 5-star recruit in high school and torched the scene at USC. However, his NFL days haven’t lived up to the hype, primarily because of injuries. Say what you will about the Jaguars disappointing season, including Blake Bortles, but they still throw the ball a ton (7th in pass attempts per game), and Lee is emerging as a strong third option behind Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. He has at least 7 targets in each of the last five games, giving him good opportunity every week. He’s a sneaky add in a  week where everyone else will be clamoring for different WR’s.
  • Chris Thompson, RB – WAS (ESPN 14.1%, Yahoo 14%) – With his second appearance on the list, Thompson may finally be emerging as a viable candidate to slide into your starting rosters, not just your bench. Matt Jones has been as hit-or-miss as it comes at RB this season, with a big miss in Week 7 (10/28/0, 1 FL for a whopping .7 its in standard scoring). Meanwhile, Thompson’s the steady horse who brings value both in the rushing game and the passing attack. With his 12/73/0 rushing and 7/40/0 receiving he showed the flash of what he can do with the touches. He’s not supplanting Jones as the starter in Washington yet, but he’s going to cut into his volume, meaning he’s worth the pickup for the second half of the year.
  • Peyton Barber, RB – TB (ESPN 0.0%, Yahoo 1%) – Now we move into the deeper diving of the wire. The next three names are al speculative, but one small turn of events could turn them into great additions, so get them now while you can. Starting with Barber, do I love these names? Am I willing to drop, say, Derrick Henry, for them? Nope. But, if you’re looking for a prospective boost, guys like Barber can give that. The Tampa rushing attack in Week 7 went bananas with Jaquizz Rogers carry the load, and new backup Barber getting 12 carries. Boosted by a 44 yard TD romp at the end of the game, the stats look impressive, but it’s the path to more carries that makes him a speculative add. Doug Martin’s out indefinitely, Charles Sims is on IR, and Quizz isn’t exactly the bastion of NFL stardom. One injury, or bad outing, could catapult an upstart Barber into 15 touches per game.
  • Damien Williams, RB – MIA (ESPN 0.2%, Yahoo 0%) – Similar to Barber above, Williams is one injury away from significant touches. With the retirement announcement of Arian Foster (goodness, he was a stud for those 4 years), Williams is the de facto backup to the emergent and (now) explosive Jay Ajayi. The Dolphins may have found a new formula on offense by riding Ajayi seemingly into the ground, and, listen, he’s not the biggest dude in the world. Williams is already getting some goal line looks to provide current value, but roster him now if you’re looking for a flier, especially if you’re an Ajayi owner.
  • Kenneth Dixon, RB – BAL (ESPN 23.6%, Yahoo 14%) – Perhaps the most exciting of the deep dives, Dixon has quietly cooled off from the hype he was receiving a few weeks back. He’s still done relatively nothing in terms of fantasy, but his potential is massive in Baltimore. Terrance West was an awesome option to start the year, but his 8/10/0 performance in Week 7 is leaving a lot to desire. Dixon is the more dynamic player, with the potential to add a lot in the receiving game, as well. The Ravens are on BYE this week, meaning he won’t be added used on any ‘projected points,’ so go add him for next to nothing and reap the benefits come playoff time.

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! Good luck in Week 8!

  1. JT says:

    Should I drop Jerrick McKinnon for Devonte Adams?

    I’ve got McKinnon, Charles, Ware, Booker, Elliot, and Howard for RBs.

    I’ve got Baldwin, Cooks, Bryant, Montgomery (flex), and Robinson (take a seat, loser) for WRs.

    • @JT: Given your team, yes. The ceiling of Adams with your WR is much stronger than McKinnon as your RB6.

  2. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – this is a 911 call and Jay can tell you all about the questions I peppered him with, haha

    I’m currently 2-5 after my latest back breaking loss. Overall I continue to score points, but my opponents continue to have career weeks.

    I have my waiver claim in for Thompson (Jones owner), but I need another add this week for my FLEX. I currently have Knile Davis there, but due to his unknown role and my situation, I need someone who can get me points for sure… Here are the options I’ve been looking at:

    – JJ Nelson, Jeremy Langford, Justin Forsett, Dwayne Washington, Marquise Lee, Marquis Goodwin, Ricardo Louis, Ka’Deem Carey

    I’m thinking with the decrease usage of Jordan the past few weeks, Langford gets another look and could do something, or maybe Carey is the most stable since he’s the 3rd down back and will definitely get his share of touches playing a tough Vikings D…

    This is the team I’m rolling out this week so you have an idea of what I’m working with:

    QB – Stafford
    WR – AJ Green, Ty Montgomery, Julian Edelman
    RB – Jeremy Hill, Matt Jones
    TE – Greg Olsen
    FLEX – Knile Davis
    BYE – Jarvis Landry, Rashad Jennings, Kenny Britt, DeVante Parker, Dion Lewis (cause he’s always on bye with his injury)

    2 plays to drop: Cameron Brate and Knile Davis

    • JT says:

      @William Hung:

      I’m no Jay, but I like Knile there, who’s 25 and speedy. Ty and Davante will get passes, and Knile will get carries. My guess. That’s not a bad lineup for having 6 on the pine.

      • William Hung says:

        @JT: I can’t take the risk if Knile doesn’t get more than 10-15 touches because my opponents are somehow avg. an obscene 130 points. I play in a 12 team PPR league.

        I’m 3rd in points and 2nd in PA with a rough 2-5 record.

        • JT says:

          @William Hung: That’s terrible, and that’s typically my fate for this sport.

          Brate could go for Forsett as a cover ’til we know what the GB RB situation is.

          • William Hung says:

            @JT: Well my #1 add is Chris Thompson so if I get him then I’ll have to either roll with Knile in the FLEX or add someone else.

            Jeremy Langford is looking like he will play this week, so I might roll with him and see if I catch lightning in a bottle or go with Marquise Lee since he has a pretty decent floor. Anyway, I listed the rest of my roster above, so if you see a better drop, let me know. I asked Jay and he prefers that I hold both Jennings and Parker and see how they perform out of the BYE

            • @William Hung: 911, what’s your emergency? Oh, you’re having incredibly bad luck in fantasy football? Haha, I’m so sorry man. That’s how the cards fall some times. One year in a 12 team the guy with the lowest overall points finished 8-3 and in 1st place. It happens. Don’t overreact, just keep playing the smart decisions.

              I’m not high on Knile. I’d go Lee, Langford, Nelson first of the three mentioned. Drop Brate and Knile for Lee and Langford (because your RB are weak). Play Lee at the flex.

  3. Timm says:

    Hey there! Waiver wire time!!

    based on my record I’m last in the line for the waiver order (10/10). I’m not even going to mention top adds I doubt I’d get them. However I’m going to try for Peyton barber,Knile Davis, Thomas Rawls, Terrence Williams, cordarelle patterson , Smallwood, DGB & Dwayne Washington. What order would you put those players?

    Next at D/st. With Baltimore having a bye I’m dropping them. Available are.

    Eagles D (@ Dallas)

    Jets (@ Cleveland)

    Bucs D (vs raiders)

    Raiders D (@ TB)

    Are the Eagles the best D based on what they have done & look what they did vs the Vikings on Sunday , or the jets with them facing the Browns?


    • @Timm: Timmay!

      Rawls, Davis, Barber, Williams, Patterson, Smallwood, Washington, DGB

      Gimme that Jets D all day long. Even in DFS I’d roll with them. Eagles are the better D, but the matchup’s too good rather than PHI on the road at a great Dallas offense.

  4. Bryce Krispie Treats says:

    I own derrick henry in my expensive league…

    Do you see any opportunity for him outside of murray getting injured?

    I can also keep him next year. Is there anything in the future after this year that will give him a starting spot??? Im not exactly hurting for an open roster spot, but if I needed to, he would probably be 3-4 on my drop list…

    Thanks for the info!

    • @Bryce Krispie Treats: Outside of a Murray injury…no. He’s not going to start getting 10+ touches.

      I actually love him for the future, though. Murray’s getting older, and has never been incredible with his health. Don’t keep him over surefire options, but if you have space, or are in a dynasty format, Henry’s a great stash.

  5. Mike says:

    Great stuff [email protected] your are beast!

    Full PPR. I own Fiederowicz and starting him vs DET this week but thoughts on dropping Julius Thomas for Pitta?

    Bortles is an azz clown.

    • Mike says:


      Also is dropping Bilal Powell for Thompson smart or sideways? might cost me 5-7% of my budget

      • @Mike: Bilal and Thompson are pretty equal. The current temp may be hotter for Thompson, but Bilal has a great path to some legit stats. He’s just gotta get the volume. I’d probably go with Thompson, because both are likely your flex/bench options, and take the hottest player in those situations.

    • @Mike: Haha, thanks Mike! Love the mustached love.

      Haha and so is Flacco. I’d prefer the passing attack of the Jags (7th most pass attempts) to the spotty option of Pitta. Start Fiedo, keep Julius.

  6. omar says:

    12 team 1 pt PPR:

    Which side would you rather have ROS:



    Antonio Brown
    Carlos Hyde


    • @omar: ARob, Ajayi, Gronk. Too many injury questions with Hyde and Eifert, and while Brown’s incredible, the Landry Jones effect affects him. You get the hottest player in Ajayi, the arguable best player (Gronk) given the Big Ben injury, and the best buy low of the bunch (ARob).

  7. sh says:

    [email protected] Week 9 sucks for me. RB I have Howard, and D.Johnson out. I have McCoy hopefully he will be good to go, and K.Davis,How do you think Asiata will fair for the next few weeks.?

    Do you think Alshon will pick up more points seeing how Cutler in the QB again?

    • @sh: Yep, Week 8’s hitting me hard with the Gurley and Lev shares on BYE.

      I’m not crazy about Asiata, but over the next two weeks he could give you a great week if he finds the end zone. The Vikings offense is sputtering, so maybe he can give a spark like he did last year. At least until Week 10.

      Yes, I think Alshon will bounce back. He and ARob are two of the best buy low WR options.

  8. John says:

    Thanks for the article. Would you rather have Cameron Meredith, Ty Montgomery, or Thomas Rawls on your bench? I’m leaning toward Rawls. Hoyer is gone, which hurts Meredith. And I already have Jordy Nelson on my team, and I hate having teammates start the same week. What do you think?

    • @John: Montgomery as of now. Rawls may have the highest upside, because of what he’s done (but Michael’s been more than serviceable in his stead), and Meredith needs to prove he has rapport with Cutler coming back, but the floor of Montgomery with Rodgers going his way often is too much to pass up. Without seemingly any viable RB (I don’t believe in Knile), I think Montgomery keeps getting touches.

  9. Reynaldo says:

    .5PPR 12T Booker Latavius or Thompson ?
    And Gates vs Vernon Davis?

    • @Reynaldo: Gimme Gates because if/when Reed comes back Vernon’s relegated to almost nothing.

      And I’ll take Booker ROS. Murray has the best current path, Thompson some flashy potential, but Booker could be a star second half, especially after getting so many touches in Week 7.

      But if you’re trading Latavius for Booker, you should be able to snag a little something else on top with him.

  10. William Hung says:

    Doesn’t look like we Yahoo guys are going to get Ty as a RB – they are taking a “stand” if you will…

    • @William Hung: Stupid. I know we use Yahoo for the RCL’s, but it’s an awful site and interface, imo. Been preaching on that stump for years now.

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @William Hung: stand equates to the same shitty inertia when it comes to player eligibility they’ve always had (NOT including baseball, where they at least MOSTLY us an ACTUAL objective system of 5 games started/10 games played). it’s much worse in hockey, a guy can actually NEVER ONCE have played a certain position and ONLY have that position for ENTIRE SEASONS, at least 2 examples of that from last year.

  11. Scott says:

    In 10 team STD, would you drop Jacquizz, JStew, or Gore for Montgomery?

    • @Scott: Ugh. To use him as a RB? I’m probably not dropping any of them for Montgomery. If you’re just really struggling at WR, and must drop a RB to pick him up, I’d drop Gore.

  12. David says:

    Looking to add Adams, Thompson, and Fitzpatrick this week. I think they are must grabs. I have $54 left in FAAB and I think I should consider going for broke. My reasons:

    Adams – this week looking at starting Cameron Meredith in place of my starter Sterling Shepard in my #2 flex spot. Definite improvement talking upside with CHI QB in limbo. I’m budgeting $25 (close to 50% of remaining FAAB). May have to consider going up to $34 since the lowest competitors budget is $33.

    Thompson – simply because I own inconsistent Matt Jones as my RB2 and being in a PPR league I think right now Thomp is a better option ongoing with potential increased touches. I’m thin at running back depth (Powell, Rainey, Perkins). Zeke is my #1 though. My team is built on WR so I don’t need a lot of production at this position. Budgeting $15.

    Fitzpatrick – in a 2 QB league, waiting on ben to come back, I need to improve on Wentz as my current backup. Fitz has a plus matchup and decent ones after until ben comes back. My other QB is Cam BTW. I’m budgeting $5, but can go up to $14 for either of them.

    That would break the bank. I don’t foresee any big time acquisitions left out there for remainder of season. If i sustain any injuries I can then look to trades.

    Current week 8 lineup:
    QB’s: Cam, Wentz (looking to improve w/ Fitz)
    RB’s: Zeke, Jones
    WR’s: Jones, Cooper, Demaryious
    TE: Rudolph
    Flex: Kelvin Benji, Meredith

    Bench: Kessler (dropping of course), Ben, Morris, Perkins, Powell, Rainey (will be dropping), Shepard

    BTW, this is also a keeper league. I can retain Wentz ownership off the active roster (practice squad) since I won him in auction. He’s my 3rd drop.

    Thoughts? I know your not the FAAB guy so your input otherwise on strategy helps.

    • @David: Alright. There’s a lot. First, don’t drop Wentz if he’s essentially a free keep. Now onto the three pickups…

      Adams. I agree, you can go big for him, but be prepared for a pretty low floor on some weeks. Week 7 came out of NOWHERE. 50% would be ideal, but as a keeper he holds some extra value. Not afraid of going up to $30 or so.

      Thompson. He’s a great add with Jones on your squad, but I wonder if you can get him for less than $15?

      Fitzpatrick. Yes, he holds value in a 2 QB, but I wouldn’t go for broke to add him. Wentz can be fine as your QB2 until Ben is back.

      Bottom line: it always looks like there’s nothing at all left on the waivers, and then Davante Adams and Ty Montomgery happen out of nowhere, or Thomas Rawls emerges in Week 12 from the bleak nothingness. Be careful when blowing your budget half way through the year. You don’t know who can surprise when an injury happens.

      Lastly, yes…Rainey’s the drop.

  13. Cheese says:

    16 team 0.5ppr league. I am 2-5 so bye weeks are big for me right now.

    I give Ty Hilton and Matt Forte
    I get Ezekiel Elliott and either Theo Riddick or Adam Humphries

    My other wr are Evans and sanders
    My other rb are quiz Rodgers, Jennings and ivory


    • @Cheese: YES!!!!!!! Do it fast. You can afford to lose Hilton with Evans/Sanders on the squad, but adding Elliott to Quizz/Jennings fills out your roster much better. I’d try to pull something better than Theo or Humphries out of his hat, but would lean Theo because of what he ‘should’ do in a PPR when healthy.

  14. Josh says:

    Is it time to start considering dropping Allen Hurns for Thompson or maybe Crowder?

    I have Jordon Matthews, Mike Wallace, Moncrief, Crabtree and D. Johnson, Booker, Bernard, West at RB

    • @Josh: I’d drop Hurns for Crowder. No problem with that. You don’t need Thompson really with those 4 RB on the squad. I’d try to trade Matthews or Wallace with Gio for a better WR, though. Then use the extra spot to pick up Thompson, if possible.

  15. whattodo says:

    what side of

    matt forte, kadem carey, devanta parker for demeryius thomas, big ben, jordan reed

    • @whattodo: DT, Ben, Reed. I know the injuries are there, but Forte/Carey/Parker all incredibly inconsistent. When Reed’s back he’s better than all three of those others, and DT probably already is. Ben for the playoffs could be massive.

  16. whattodo says:

    trying to sell christine michael before rawls returns (i feel a sell high moment with michael, i know the last couple weeks have been tough matchups but seahawks are a different team without rawls)

    would you deal a $7 christine michael for matt ryan, julian edelman, tyler effect?

    I don’t plan on keeping michael, and i need a qb, wr, and te

    current qb- derek carr
    current wr- antonio, alshon, d. parker
    current te- cameron brate

    i don’t need michael as a keeper or rb…

    • @whattodo: So, a $7 Michael for ALL THREE? If so, then yes. If just for one of them, I’d do Edelman, because your WR3 needs an upgrade. Not afraid to do it for Ryan, but Carr holds similar upside (despite Ryan’s strong first 7 weeks). I wouldn’t do it for Eifert straight up.

  17. helo says:

    christine michael for dez bryant?

    • @helo: I’m so hesitant to take Dez, but if you have the surplus at RB, Dez could be a great buy low option. His ceiling is still massive, but the rapport with Dak isn’t there. The offense is moving in a different direction than just highlighting Dez through the air. That said, he’s still the greatest ‘value’.

  18. Brian says:

    Just traded James White and Vikings D for Stafford and Maclin my QB situation was horrible and I believe that Maclin was a great buy low candidate do you think this was a good trade ? TY

    • @Brian: Love that, because White may low touches as the team keeps getting healthier (Lewis). The MIN D has been incredible, but flipping a DEF for a potential Top 20WR holds value.

  19. Nick says:

    Would you pivot from streaming Mariota (has Thur night game-makes me nervous), to a plus matchup for Palmer (albeit with thin WRs), Osweiler or Dak?

    • @Nick: The Thurs night games make me nervous, as well. I’d go with Dak over Mariota or Palmer this week. He’s coming off his bye and is at home, even if the PHI D has played well lately.

  20. Pishposh says:

    Christine Michael for dez bryant?

    • @Pishposh: I think you just gave away your double avatar…sneaky sneaky. (Read three comments above)

  21. Sano Chance in Hell says:

    PPR trade offer:

    Deep at RB (Gordon, Ware, Michael, CJA) and just lost Hunter Henry to concussion.

    Offered CJA for Jimmy Graham, your thoughts?

    • @Sano Chance in Hell: I think that’s a good offer for your squad. I may try to sell high CJA at the last opportunity for a better TE, but Graham’s solid. Especially in PPR.

  22. Eric Rodaman says:

    Just made a trade because I was so fed up with Osweiller/Hopkins…

    Full point PPR league.

    I traded DeAndre Hopkins for Devonta Freeman and Terrance West

    Did I give up too much?

    • @Eric Rodaman: If you just crippled your WR then maybe. I like Freeman a lot, but this may end up looking like Freeman for Hopkins straight up. Not crazy, just risky.

      • Eric Rodaman says:

        @[email protected]: Im ok at WR without him – Marvin Jones, Willie Snead, Tyrell Williams, Jordan Matthews, Ty Montgomery….

  23. What about WR issues? 10 team standard; 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR,/TE). I’ve got Julio & Cooks, but after that it is DeSean Jackson, Travis Benjamin & Sterling Shepard. Jackson has been a train wreck. He hasn’t topped 55 yds in the last 4 weeks. Benjamin is the guy, but the ball gets spread around a lot & keeps him with a WR2 ceiling. Shepard looked like a steal in the first 3 weeks but his production has come back down and no big plays. Are any of those droppable to take a flyer on Corey Coleman? He could still be a legit third option for me in the coming weeks.

  24. Nightpandas says:

    Crowder or DJax moving forward…12 team .5ppr

  25. William Hung says:

    My Week 8 lineup currently stands as .5 PPR:
    QB – Stafford
    WR – AJ Green, Julian Edelman, Ty Mont
    RB – Jeremy Hill, Chris Thompson
    TE – Greg Olsen
    FLEX – Marquis Lee

    Bench – Matt Jones, Dion Lewis
    BYE – Landry, Jennings, Britt, Parker

    Tyler Lockett and Jeremy Langford are both available – do I pick either of those up for any of my players?

    Also, as my team currently stands, I will need to pick up a RB next week with only Rashad Jennings available. Depending on how Sunday shakes out, if Thompson and Lee continue to perform well, is my drop either Jones or DeVante Parker?

    • Cram It says:

      @William Hung: Is this your 2-5 team? I wouldn’t be dealing in hypotheticals beyond Sunday because your season is over if you don’t win this week!

    • @William Hung: Haha, I agree with Cram It…you can’t hold back when you’re 2-5.

      Given your team, next week you may be looking at dropping Britt, not the others. Team should look like:

      Stafford/Green/Edelman/Landry/Whichever RBs have the best matchups?/Olsen/Montgomery

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: The following teams have a BYE next week: Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington

        So Green & Edelman are out which is why I’ll need to play 2 among DeVante, Britt, and Marquis Lee and whoever it is I do not roll with will be dropped for a RB. And if the recommendation is to drop either DeVante or Britt then I’d drop them now and pick up a RB for next week to avoid taking a chance on waivers since I have the last waiver priority right now.

        • William Hung says:

          I’d be looking at the following RBs for a potential Dart throw Week 9 play: Peyton Barber, Dwayne Washington, or Damien Williams. All other viable RBs in Week 9 are rostered – I really missed the boat on Devontae Booker

          • Cram It says:

            @William Hung: In the words of Third Eye Blind, “I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend….”

            Throw the dart dude!

            • William Hung says:

              @Cram It: Who am I throwing it at? I’m guessing it’s Peyton Barber or Damien since Theo started practicing today

              • Cram It says:

                @William Hung: Idk, who cares at this point? You’re 2-5, and asking about incredibly dart throwy moves for week 9. None of this over analysis is going to matter when you’re 2-6.

              • William Hung says:

                @[email protected]: You and Jay both still love DeVante Parker, but the numbers have been pretty poor in .5 PPR – what are you seeing that gives you hope he will be a better asset than Britt?

                  • William Hung says:

                    @[email protected]: I feel like you are multiplying by zero there… hahaha, ok I’ll make – Britt for Barber or Williams.

                    Is Barber a viable play for me this week? I’m rolling out Jeremy Hill, Chris Thompson as my RBs and Marquis Lee in my FLEX.

  26. Cram It says:

    Melvin Gordon seems to be a sell high. Would you take Jordy for him? He doesn’t seem to be the ball hog anymore in GB.

    • @Cram It: Man, I’m not sure that I’d do that. Unless Gordon’s my RB3 and I’m really weak at WR I may actually hold off on this. Yes, he’s a potential sell high, but who else is gonna steal his touches? He’s a lock for 20+pg, which is rare given the nature of RB right now.

  27. Rondo says:

    I HATE owning both A. Rob and D. Hop but I need to play one of the 3 guys listed below for this week. Who you like best?

    A. Rob vs TEN on Thursday
    D. Hop vs. DET on Sunday
    D. Adams @ATL on Sunday

    • @Rondo: Haha, I feel the pain. I’d still go Hopkins this week. Adams can’t be trusted like those guys, Robinson needs to win me back over, and the Lions secondary is HORRIBLE.

  28. Josh-NYC says:


    Had a question about a trade.. do you trade Jacquizz Rodgers and Demaryius Thomas for Larry Fitzgerald? I figure Jacquizz Rodgers is only relevant for another week or 2.. and I have Devontae Booker, who I wouldnt want to double up with Demaryius. Let me know.

    0.5 PPR, 12 team league
    QB: Brees
    WR: Cooper, Thomas
    RB: Elliot, Freeman
    TE: Rudolph
    Flex: Ty Montgomery, Devontae Booker
    K: Vinateri
    DEF: Carolina
    Bench: Jacquiz, Floyd, Riddick, Coates, Yeldon, Morris
    IR: Watkins, Corey Coleman


    • Josh-NYC says:


      New development..

      Demaryius Thomas and Riddick for Kelvin Benjamin.. thoughts?
      I just don’t like doubling up on Thomas and Booker.

  29. Johnny Hammershanks says:

    Looking for some trade advice. 12 team league, .5 PPR. My squad:

    Gore, Jacquizz, Latavius, Deandre Washington, Asiata, Knile Davis, M. Gillislee
    AJ Green, Marvin Jones, ARob, Moncrief
    Julius Thomas, Ertz

    I’m miraculously 6-1 and in first place. The offer is trade away Asiata and Moncrief and get Maclin and Doug Martin. Maclin is terrible so far and Dougie may finish strong when he returns.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    • @Johnny Hammershanks: Yes. Do it. The upside’s too great with Martin and Maclin, and you could use the potential of a RB1 with this squad. Even though Maclin’s struggled, he’s slotting into your WR4 just like Moncrief.

      • Johnny Hammershanks says:

        @[email protected]: Thanks man, I made the trade this morning. I was also offered to give up Jaquizz and get Ajayi (who is on bye). I’m 6-1 and pretty sure based on match-ups I’m going to lose this week, so would you do that deal? I appreciate the help!

        • Johnny Hammershanks says:

          @Johnny Hammershanks: Alright, last one for now. I have Ajayi now. Would you trade ARob and Gillislee for Doyle and Landry? My TEs are Julius and Gates. Reminder, rest of team now:

          Latavius, Deandrew Washington, Gore, Knile, Gillislee, Martin, Ajayi
          AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Maclin, AROB
          Gates and Julius

          Any thoughts would be helpful as I prepare for the playoffs.

  30. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    ah yes, larry centers, on ARI in techmo super bowl on SNES.

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: PHX/ARI same thing to me. if they even moved stadiums for that name change it’s new to me.

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: techmo super bowl predates 98, thus no multi positions for him in that.

        • @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: Haha I know. I was more referencing the receptions for a RB with the Centers stuff. I’m an 80’s kid, so I get the Tecmo reference, too. Juuuust before my time, but let’s be real…Bo was the only thing needed in that game.

  31. Johnny Hammershanks says:

    I’m back with another request for trade help. I have solid RB all of a sudden and looking to trade away Brees, Gore and Gates (who I just got on FA) for Luck and Olsen. No brainer, right?

    • @Johnny Hammershanks: I actually like Brees over Luck, but the Gates to Olsen jump is pretty nice. I’d probably do it for that, even though you’re potentially giving up more than equal value by ‘throwing in’ Gore.

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