While everyone is clamoring over Westworld (and for good reason…including our weekly Football Podcast!), a show with a little less fanfare, but just as intriguing of a plot, made its debut last year: The Man in the High Castle. Amazon’s alternate universe time piece won’t get the hype of Westworld, but the premise, the acting and the twists are just as dynamic. Before Season 2 debuts in December, it’s worth the binge.

Binging before December should happen every year. And no, not just through the gluttony of Thanksgiving. The weeks leading up to December are the final week of the fantasy football regular season, and now that we’re officially into November that means we’ve hit the home stretch of making your squad better. Can you recover from 2-6 to make the playoffs? Yep. In 2013 I began 2-6 and then rode Jamaal Charles greatest season to five straight wins for the 7th seed, then three more through the playoffs for the belt. I don’t see Jamaal doing that this year, as he’s visiting the three worst words in sports this week: Dr. James Andrews. But in his stead, There’s a New Chief in Westworld (the other title for this article I almost went with) that you can binge before the playoffs. Or…like last year you can ride a player into December that coincides with a certain Amazon show. From now until early December, it’s more than worth your time to stream The Man in the HighCastletower.

Here are the top targets to, well… target for Week 9!

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday. fire= BURN NOTICE…it’s worth burning your waiver for the player.

  • fireTim Hightower, RB – NO (ESPN 1.9%, Yahoo 4%) – The man, the myth, the 2015 legend. If The Man in the High Castle is built upon an alternate universe where someone from the norm usurps power, the same thing’s playing out in New Orleans right now. Well, kinda. Tim Hightower’s not an axis of evil, and I on’t believe Mark Ingram is related to the shadows, but even Head Coach Sean Payton referenced yesterday in the post-game presser after the Saints huge home win vs. the Seahawks that Hightower has ‘definitely’ earned more playing time. Ingram’s costly fumble put him in the doghouse Sunday leading to Hightower’s out of nowhere 26/101/0 line, but this isn’t a new thing or the Saints. Last season Hightower, as I mentioned above, was one of the most owned players on Championship teams. He could easily get 15 touches going forward, or even more given the right matchup. I don’t think 26 is in the cards unless there’s an injury, but enough value lies here to give ol’ Timmay the Burn Notice.
  • fireCharcandrick West, RB – KC (ESPN 7.3%, Yahoo 7%) – I mean, I was this close to leading with an allusion to West rather than Hightower. Similarly, Charcandrick also steps into a role without cemented volume, but enough upside, potential and history to provide a worthy burn of the waiver. Spencer Ware left concussed and Jamaal Charles visited Dr. Sports Death DJA a few days ago, leaving the door wide open for West to shine in upcoming weeks. He wasn’t spectacular on Sunday (14/42/0 rush., 2/8/0 rec.), that wasn’t with a full week’s prep as the #1, nor a full game’s snaps as the bell cow; both could be present for this week. West was solid last season spelling the injuries in Kansas City, and I see an improving Chiefs offense giving him enough grace to do some damage in the open field, where he’s best. He’s an incredible flex play with 20 touch potential, and could hold even greater value if the injuries to his counterparts are in any way sustained.
  • Peyton Barber, RB – TB (ESPN 4.2%, Yahoo 7%) – Once again just want to add in here that Barber’s a great speculative RB add in Tampa. Jaquizz Rodgers, while playing admirably, isn’t a #1 RB in the NFL. Add in his injury this past weekend and the door opens a little for a diamond to lay in the Thursday rough named Peyton. The Thursday games are always tricky, but as we get more info tomorrow from practice, Barber’s ownership could spike heading into a matchup against a ‘meh’ rush defense in Atlanta.
  • Kenneth Dixon, RB – BAL (ESPN 11.8%, Yahoo 12%) – Like Barber above him, here’s the mandatory Kenneth Dixon mention once more. We’re looking at a potential fantasy playoff hero right here, and he’s worthy of the deep stash if you have a spot now that the Ravens are past their BYE.
  • Tyreek Hill, WR – KC (ESPN 1.5%, Yahoo 3%) – The only WR on the list this week, Hill had another dominant game in Week 8. Missing only his fourth reception (19/23) on the year, Hill took advantage of his 6 receptions by approaching 100 yards and finding the end zone. If Julio Jones put up a 5/98/1 line, you wouldn’t be mad at it. When Hill does it, you realize he’s worth the pick up. He’s a Sammie Coates-esque player that’s a boom-or-bust candidate, but when he’s on he’s solid. He drips speed, is strong for his wiry frame, and is emerging as the deep threat in Kansas City. With more volume he could emerge as a WR3 candidate. Even in KC.
  • Percy Harvin, WR – BUF (ESPN 0.0%, Yahoo 1%) – HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Seriously, I’m not sure why there’s a 1% ownership rate for him, but the newly minted Buffalo Bill is none other than out-of-retirement Percy Harvey (Go Gator!). I don’t know if anything can actually one of this, but there’s a wide open road for him to come in and do something. The WR core in Buffalo is abysmal with Sammy Watkins on IR, so after a few practices and games, Harvin could be highlighted as a weapon in an offense looking for a spark. I wouldn’t spend anything crazy on him, and certainly wouldn’t burn the waiver for him, but he’s a fun, speculative add. One that could also lead to nothing but being waived two weeks later like Knile Davis. Here’s to overreactions!

Now…DROP THOSE COMMENTS! Good luck in Week 9! A few BYE week options, in case you’re trying to sneak in some bench depth, are TE C.J. Fiedorowicz, RB Robert Kelley, and WR J.J. Nelson. Beyond that, we’re creeping closer and closer to the playoffs! Last year that man named Hightower was paramount for many teams claiming the belt. Could it happen again? Get ready folks…



  1. William Hung says:

    Sammie Coates or DeVante Parker ROS? I’m leaning Coates but wanted to get your opinion

    • Cram It says:

      @William Hung: Ha. I was so right! Still asking about it the next week. Unreal!

        • Cram It says:

          @William Hung: 2-7’s coming anyway.

        • @William Hung: Haha, it’s alright Cram It. You can still hold the belt while William asks.

          My man Bill…I’d probably lean Parker, actually. Coates has just as much upside, but the Big Ben injury mitigates his ceiling, while Parker could come on to close the year like last season. No real math in that decision. Just my preference and opinion.

            • Cram It says:

              @William Hung: You said ROS. Obvi he will be back ROS. I would think he knows that.

              • @Cram It: I just don’t think he’s back under center enough of the season to make a difference. With WR so much of it comes down to QB play, as well as their talent, and it can really mitigate a WR value (like DeAndre Hopkins this year). If it were straight up Coates vs. Parker with their starting QB’s, give me Coates. With it being Jones v. Tannehill, I’ll take Parker.

      • The Harrow says:

        @Cram It: do we get points if we “call it” now when we say
        “bet ya cram will be harassing will hung’s next post. ”

        do i have to lay odds here too?

  2. Cheese says:

    I was thinking of making a waiver claim on one of the RB you mentioned (Hightower/West), but an offer just came my way in my 16 team 0.5PPR.

    I give – Ezekiel Elliott
    I get – Lamar Miller and Greg Olsen

    I’m 3-5 and sitting in 9th, (8 make the playoffs) so bye weeks are pretty important for me. However, I think this is a no brainer for me. Thoughts, am I missing anything here? Here is my team.

    QB – Carson Wentz
    WR – Mike Evans
    WR – Emmanuel Sanders
    WR – Marqise Lee
    RB – Ezekiel Elliott
    RB – Theo Riddick
    TE – Zach Miller
    W/R/T – Rashad Jennings
    Q/W/R/T – Josh McCown
    BEN – Chris Ivory, Jacquizz Rodgers, Russell Shepard
    IR – Cody Kessler, Charles Sims

    • @Cheese: I know it’s a 16 teamer, but you need to upgrade that 2nd QB if at all possible for your super flex. As for the trade…

      I’m not opposed to that, because I believe in Olsen’s elite value. You’re risking a lot by moving Zeke, though. The potential drop-off for Miller much more likely in that offense than for Zeke ROS.

      Another thing to consider, though it doesn’t change that I’d likely do the race, is that Miller’s rapport is stronger with Cutler than with other options. Could be a boon for his value moving forward.

  3. Timmmm says:

    Hey man! .5 ppr crazy it’s already week 9!

    I unfortunately dropped Jordan Howard last night before the game for zach Miller, zach Miller still helped give me the points for the W but man Howard blew up grr

    Due to me having the top record I’ll be last on the waiver order

    I’m dropping zach Miller I also have Rudolph.

    Available RBs: c west, Hightower, Peyton barber, antone smith, Rainey, Paul Perkins, alf Morris, terron Ward, bibbs, farrow, Mike Davis, draughn, buck Allen, Dujuan Harris

    My RBs: DJ (bye), Melvin Gordon, Derrick Henry, andre Ellington (bye), James Starks, Charles (injured)

    Not mentioning WRs I’m maxed out here lol

    Defense I know it’s a good matchup but the cowboys lost two key players. Thinking of dropping Dallas D for either Chiefs D (vs Jags), or Chargers D (vs Titans ) or for Ravens (vs Steelers)

    What order would you go with ? Defense first priority or any of the above mentioned RBs?

    I can add 2 RBs if I drop Miller & either Starks or Charles , or would you hang onto Charles/Starks?

    Next Q my WRs are (we start 3) Hopkins,Hilton,sanders,fuller,Shepard,hogan,Corey Coleman,Moncrief &a Watkins too.

    Would you trade for Jeremy hill? I was thinking hogan + fuller . Or moncrief straight up? I know he’s up & down but could help my depth

    • Timmmm says:


      I dontt get a response?

  4. RonnieMatt says:

    Im trying to trade Cmike when he still has value with rawls coming back soon. I have Lamar miller, laveon, booker, and west. Do you like Cmike for Dez in a ppr and standard league?

    • @RonnieMatt: WITHOUT HESITATION! Like…have you already done this? You should have. Miller/Lev/Booker is a great first 3 to lean on, while Dez showed Sunday that when he’s healthy he’s still a top WR option. Don’t know how you’re in a PPR AND Standard league, but in a vacuum give me Dez of Michael.

      • RonnieMatt says:

        @[email protected]: @ different leagues, I had the same draft number in each so I almost have the exact same team in each. Trade accepted in one and pending in the other. Preciate the help!

          • RonnieMatt says:

            @[email protected]: The ppr league countered with kelvin benjamin. Still good value? Im thinking its expendable with my WR corps pretty low with randall cobb and edelman as starters

            • @RonnieMatt: Yeah, I’d probably still do that. I like Benjamin’s upside, and Michael as a sell high.

  5. Jim says:

    Would you drop Ryan Mathews for any one of the following in a 12 team PPR…

    Hightower, Tyreek, Antone Smith, J.J. Nelson, Prosise, Hogan

    Also, would you drop Hunter Henry for Gates?

    Thanks a lot!

    • @Jim: I’d drop him for Hightower. I’d hold on the others, unless you’re stacked at RB and need a WR…then any of those WR makes sense.

      And I’d rather have Henry than Gates. That’s probably not the consensus, tho.

  6. Brian says:

    Just traded Jordy and CMIKE for Shady and Golden Tate do you like the deal ? What are your thoughts on JJ Nelson is he a must add or would you rather own Parker ? TY

    • @Brian: I do like that deal. Give me Shady over Michael, and the past few weeks Tate’s been just as good (if not better) as Jordy. Jordy’s upside much higher, obviously, but Tate seems to be coming around.

      I’d rather have Parker than Nelson. There are so many options in Arizona, I just don’t trust his consistent volume. Now, Parker’s no target whore, either, but I’d rather have what he can bring than the incredibly spotty perception of Nelson, the 3/4 option in ARI.

      • @[email protected]: Actually, as I posted that I think I’d change my mind. The new rushing approach in Miami creates limited options for Parker, while Arizona’s still going to chuck it around often. I’ll take the wildcard of Nelson over Parker. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Chisoxx_22 says:

    2 QB league, 2 flex ppr, I’m 3-5. My QBs Ryan, rivers Carr
    Rb- Miller , Booker, Hyde, r. Jennings
    Wr- A. Brown, Bryant, m. Jones, moncrief, edelman and Crowder
    T.e- fleener
    I have the #1 waiver been stashing, a guy said if I used my waiver on cousins (which a guy is going to pick up at #3 if I don’t) he’d trade gronk and for brown and cousins?
    Or should I target a guy who has olsen, eifert and pitta, Who could use a wr ?
    Waiver players available that I could get is: high tower, Kelley, west and the t.e’s available is z. Miller and c.j. fiedorwitz ?

    • @Chisoxx_22: You have a solid squad, but I wouldn’t move AB. Trade Marvin Jones for Olsen. He’s cooled since his hot start, and with Edelman/Crowder/Moncrief you’re set at WR3. He also has the ability to move a TE from depth, like you do with WR depth.

      If that doesn’t work, I’d rather have Miller (after his bye) than Fleener, and potentially Fiedo, too.

      I may try to move Rivers with Jennings for a better RB, then pick up a 3rd QB (like Cousins).

  8. Shane says:

    Love the blog.

    How would you rank Allen Robinson, Sammy Coates, Michael Thomas, Ty Montgomery and Terrelle Pryor ROS?

    • Shane says:

      @Shane: And Donte Moncrief

    • @Shane: Thanks man! ROS I’d go:


      And if Montgomery’s health checks out ok for future weeks, I’d probably move him up the list.

  9. I have Spencer Ware in our 10 teamer. Should I be thinking about Charcandrick West? I have Le’Veon Bell, Christine Michael, Devontae Booker and my 2 more expendable options seem to be Ryan Mathews or Matt Jones. Hold? Fold one for West? Go for Hightower over West, either or, and drop Jones or Mathews? Thanx [email protected]!

    • @madden_curser: You can make an argument for both Hightower and West, but for your squad you want to go with the biggest upside in this decision, because your top 3 RB are better than any of those options. And Ware, too, when healthy. And I’d rank them:

      West (having Ware ups him)

  10. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    yeah, but the reason hightower won people championships is ingram was ROS injured and he got all the carries, i doubt this is same situation. i’m still adding him in deep leagues of course, if possible.

    • @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: Yes, you’re right. The Ingram injury is what made Hightower so valuable. However, Ingram’s been awful all year in this offense, so his poor play may designate Hightower being attractive this year, without the injury.

  11. jimmyz says:

    So, thanks to poor planning on my part, my two QBs (Palmer, Dalton) are both on byes this week. Pickings are somewhat slim – any suggestion on the best one from this list…



  12. Cole Mossel says:

    drop Hunter Henry for PItta or Hooper?

    • @Cole Mossel: No. Hooper won’t hold down the fort forever with Tamme able to come back soon potentially. And Pitta…um, no.

  13. GJH says:

    I could use a QB with Brady on a Bye and Alex Smith getting dinged up. The available QBs are:


    Many thanks for the advice.

    • @GJH: Crazy as it is, I may go Kaepernick this week. At home against the Saints. he could do some damage. Manning, Bortles, Fitz the next three.

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