Welcome to Razzball’s Fantasy Football Preview series, where yours truly will guide you, caress you, perhaps even coddle you through your draft preparations and processes. Mmm, processes. And while none of this may be legal and I’ll end up with multiple restraining orders, rest assured that we’ll all be the better for it. Maybe. We’ll go in depth (that’s what she said) at every position… well, the positions that actually count (I’m looking at you Kickers and DSTs…), going over some analysis, the tiers, and any illuminating observations I might have. Because light bulbs are just the coolest thing. Said everyone from the 1800s. Before you get settled down, please refer to Razzball’s 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings, and specifically for this post, refer to our Quarterback Rankings

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This is it, I’ve reached the end of my half of the Razzball Division previews with the rest coming from Zach.  It’s been quite a journey researching the NFC for the upcoming season.  It was great going through all of the players that have disappointed me in the past and still loving them for this year and vice versa. Now, I feel somewhat ready to start my rankings for 2017.  Within a week, I will put out my top 200 for the season and I will also put out a top 100 IDP players post as well.  We’re reaching the home stretch of the NFL offseason, but we still have a lot to cover over here at Razzball.  Without further ado, let’s get to the Starks of the NFC North.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another post in our draft strategy series where today, we’ll take a look at the wide receiver position for 2017, and how to best attack it in drafts. Again, like the post I wrote about quarterbacks and running backs, this will be more of an open discussion about the position and less about the three players I like, the three I don’t, etc. So let’s get started now about how I think the WR position will be attacked in drafts, and how it should be attacked in drafts.

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Around noon eastern time today, I was enjoying my life. It was another day, and I had a delicious lunch consisting of a [email protected] and a granola bar. Pretty great. Matt Bowe (make sure to wish my man a Happy Birthday!) and I were talking about Joe Flacco’s broken back, and everything was going according to plan. It was going to be a normal Friday.

And then from around 12-12:15, it all went to crap. It was confirmed that Ezekiel Elliot was going to be suspended for 6 games. So I began writing about that. But then, Sammy Watkins got traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Okay, no biggie, just write two seperate pieces about it. But then, Jordan Matthews got traded to Buffalo. So screw it, we’re going to talk about all of these moves now.

I really hope Adam Schefter’s phone didn’t get hacked.

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Last year was our first foray into Fantasy Football season-long and DFS tools and I am hard at work finalizing the improvements for 2017 (stay tuned for an announcements in the next week or two – fyi, there will be a discount for current MLB subscribers).  As part of these improvements, we will be projecting Rest of Season projections throughout the NFL season. Unlike MLB, these will be based on the exact matchups – e.g., the system runs all the games on a team’s schedule and then sums up the stats.

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Viz joins the normal crew for a “RazzLit” episode, which could be the new name because Jay LOVES it.  Along with the occasional “your mom” joke or a “that’s what she said”, Jay has really taking a liking to the millennial vernacular it seems.

Viz tells us about what he has in store for two of the fastest growing fantasy sports, Basketball and Hockey, this upcoming season.  Luckily for Razzball, we have some of the best fantasy sports advice for literally any fantasy sport that you want to play.

Viz tells us why he wasn’t in on this Game of Thrones season up until this past episode, which by the way, was easily one of the best in it’s 70+ episode run.  We talk about the Starks and also the crazy battle that took place setting the tone for the final three episodes of the season.  Finally, we wrap up a short episode (but it’s the motion in the ocean that counts), by talking about RCL leagues.  SIGN UP, BEAT TEHOL, WIN AWESOME PRIZES.

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IDP leagues have been around for years.  More and more leagues are gravitating towards them as people look for something different. At Razzball, we are embracing IDP this season as well.  Jay recently announced that Razzball will be including IDP slots in RCL lineups as a replacement for kickers and D/ST slots.  This is such a great and exciting way to replace the two least exciting spots in our fantasy football lineups. To keep things interesting, we will have 1 spot for a defensive lineman, 1 spot for a linebacker, and one spot for a defensive back.  Not only are we replacing the boring positions, but we are adding another starting spot.  Some of you may be unfamiliar with IDP as a whole.  Some of you may not know how to value an IDP position or strategize these spots in your draft.  I think I can help give you a few pointers.  As somebody who has been playing in leagues with 1-9 IDP spots for the last five years, I have pointers for people who are familiar with IDP as well.

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So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could take on some of your favorite contributors and all of the Razzball readers/commenters in one huge Free Fantasy Football League? IT WOULD BE COOL YO. That’s why we made this possible. And why we used caps and bolded font. Welcome to the 2017 Fantasy Football RCLs! Where all of the Razzballers get to hang out, talk some football, and compete against each other in the game we all love. While we can’t create a single 500-person league as of yet since the technology has yet to be invented, what we can do is create multiple 12-person leagues and pit them all against each other. If you don’t like that, well, you can be the one to wait for the future. So enjoy those dragons with lasers, wearing tight, black leather and blasting Daft Punk. ENJOY IT. However, if you are not such a timey prude, join us for some Fantasy Football funnage. Totally a word. So I present to you: the 2017 RCL Fantasy Football Season, with prizes!

Note: We have some big changes to announce; and these requests have been implemented with you, the Razzball readers in mind! First, we’ve dropped Yahoo as our provider of choice, moving to FanTrax, a site that’s not just innovative, but streamlined as well. And that’s not all, we have some format changes to announce! You hate drafting Kickers? Do you roll your eyes when someone drafts the Seahawks DST in the sixth round? We know you do! Kickers and DSTs are now gone, replaced by three IDP spots (DL, LB, DB). Because of these changes, we’ve made sure to create 2017 IDP Draft Rankings for all of your RCL needs…

Before you get started, I know that some of you out there may have never played fantasy football before. That’s okay! Razzball has a Beginners Fantasy Football Guide just for you! Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran, well, we have a 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit that’s being updated everyday, be sure check it out multiple times. (That’s what she said.) And can’t think of a team name? Check out our Fantasy Football Team Name Generator. Need some rankings? Oh, we got some Fantasy Football Rankings! Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

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By definition, a “dark horse” is a little-known thing that emerges to prominence.  You can’t call the Tennessee Titans a dark horse, it’s a cop out.  We all know they have the weapons to snag a wild card spot if they aren’t able to surpass the Texans this year.  They added weapons on offense, such as Eric Decker and Corey Davis, and they were able to sign Jurell Casey to a long term contract.

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What this picture presupposes is, maybe it should be?

Welcome to what could be called the “first volley” of our 2017 Draft Strategy series, if you like catapults and sh*t. And yes, I know, I post something like this every season, but that’s only because the game of Fantasy Football is growing faster than your mom’s waist line. (Burn.) The new player influx makes this post relevant every year, and our future strategy content will benefit all and help prepare you for Draft day, and will likely also be filled with an assortment of snacks ranging from TWIX® candy bars and FUNYUNS®, basically what I like to call “breakfast”. And don’t tell me why they’re written all in caps, that’s their official “name”, so I can only assume that we are meant to shout it out every time, which, now that I think of it, seems totally natural.

Q: “What are you hungry for?”


See what I mean? Regardless, this opening salvo of strategic knowledge (everything sounds better when it fits a catapult theme and is weaponized) found in this post is focused for those of you who have no idea what Fantasy Football is or what it does. And listen, don’t be afraid of being the “noob”, that’s not a derogatory title for me. It can be derogatory, but for those who do use it as a negative descriptor, just remember, they were noobs once too. We all have to start somewhere… Which is probably your mom’s basement. And if that’s the case, you’ve completed half the journey, some would say.

So, you want to play Fantasy Football? Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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