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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor aren’t the only ones getting overpaid to disappoint us this upcoming fall (More on this and much more next week when Tehol graces us with his presence on the Razzblitz podcast).  Jeremy Maclin, who was recently released by the Kansas City Chiefs, has been signed by the Baltimore Ravens to a 2-year deal that will pay him 6 million this upcoming season.  The other team involved in the sweepstakes, the Buffalo Bills, either couldn’t or wouldn’t match.

For Maclin, it couldn’t get much worse being limited by an offense that simply doesn’t have the ability to throw the ball past 10-15 yards in Kansas City.  With Flacco under center for Maclin in 2017, it certainly does bode better for his potential fantasy value.  Maclin often has not lived up to his preseason fantasy rankings.  In his career, Jeremy Maclin has only registered two 1,000 yard receiving seasons while only hauling in 80 catches in those two years.  It may not seem like it, but Maclin has stayed pretty healthy in recent seasons.  Aside from only playing 12 games last year, Maclin only missed one game total the previous two seasons following missing all of 2013 with a knee injury.

Nobody has needed a go-to receiver more than Joe Flacco.  Last year was the first season in his entire career that Flacco has thrown for more than 4,000 yards.  Despite being a super bowl champion, Joe has never had a 30 touchdown season.  We all know that Flacco rarely has talent around him on the offensive side of the ball. Mike Wallace’s 1,000 receiving yards last year was the one of the most silent 1,000 yard seasons that we’ve witnessed. The addition of Danny Woodhead and Jeremy Maclin will put that excuse to rest.

The coaching staff really seems to like Breshad Perriman as well.  Although he didn’t register a ton of catches, averaging 15.1 yards per reception is no small feat.  If Perriman and Mike Wallace can perform well as downfield threats, it only helps Jeremy Maclin by giving him more room to haul in balls all over the field and be a true number one target.  Flacco might be the best arm that Maclin will play for in his career, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be chomping at the bit to overpay for him this year.  With all of the talent in the league, both up and coming and established, I’m fairly comfortable estimating Maclin being a high end WR3.  At age 29, a breakout season followed by a couple more years of prime-caliber statistics. I’d like to sit back and see it happen this season before I dive in.


  1. goodfold2 says:

    ok, i’m still about 1.75 or so months from paying any true attention to football anything. at which time i have problems paying attention to both baseball/football when i start jamming like 38 posts into my brain in the span of about 10 or so days while doing all sorts of other FF league related shit. but here and now our comish in this 12 team 2 QB dynasty league is making us cut our rosters down to max starting limit. we don’t draft till 2nd week or so of august and it’s only 4 rounds in message board. my picks are the worst having won it. 2 RB/3 WR/2 Flex/1 K/1 team D/ 4 flex IDP (so i have all LB as they score the most points generally). jay or anybody else can answer this, jay’s last post appears to have been over a month ago. .75 per tackle non- big play IDP (meaning they don’t score a whole lot, aren’t as important as probably most IDP leagues). 2 pt per sack for team D, so they DO score more than standard leagues. .5 PPR, with .1 per completion point too.

    QB rodgers/rodfather (please tell me he’s got a job now still)/brock lobster
    RB forte/ingram (drat AP is in town now)/mathews/mckinnon/woodhead/ivory
    WR jordy/edleman/d-jax/k.allen/britt/r.anderson/decker/treadwell
    TE ertz (need a 2nd at some point think i dropped one to stash decker late in year)
    K bailey
    team D DEN
    IDP’s (4) t.smith/ogletree/j.collins/l.david/kirksey

    gotta drop at least 2. more later to draft anybody. first off kirksey is gone, backup IDP are easiest thing to find. who’s the other though. doing just cursory depth chart work i find
    -d-jax has probably gained value
    – mckinnon is now 3rd stringer
    -ivory isn’t doing much better than mckinnon

    my WR are sick deep, generally in a league like this you’re best off with 4 QB’s, so in draft i attack likely RB and/or QB. later grab a backup TE. i might be best off trading WR value for RB value predraft. thanks.

    • Unbreakable MB

      Unbreakable_mb says:

      @goodfold2: I actually do dabble in IDP so I know all about the linebacker strategy. So I would’ve said treadwell yesterday because I didn’t see a path for him onto the field until what happened to Michael Floyd. I still think Treadwell sucks but wait to hear how his camp is going than make your decision from there. Brock Lobster will probably start so there’s at least a little value there.

      I don’t value kickers very much, any kicker can have a bad year. I’d take my chances there. He did miss 5 kicks last year!

        • goodfold2 says:

          @Unbreakable_mb: so yr saying treadwell is the 2nd and last (for now) drop. that dude got really good draft grades and as we know WR often take like 3-4 years to be good. i’m not disagreeing if that’s your choice of course, and i do have very very good WR depth of course.

          • goodfold2 says:

            @goodfold2: nevermind, you ended with kicker drop, which always make sense.

            • Unbreakable MB

              Unbreakable MB says:

              @goodfold2: yeah I agree it takes some time. If he’s going to sit on your bench anyways this year might as well see what happens. But yeah McKinnon isn’t going to get you much production, so after thinking about it more Treadwell isn’t high on my list of drops in August either.

  2. CMUTimmah says:

    I don’t think you’ll have to overpay for Maclin. I think after last season, his stock is going to be down even with the situation change favoring him.

    Also, you’ll be hearing all the sleeper talk of Perriman starting in about 3 weeks, so that will eventually have people discounting Maclin even more. I think high end WR3 will likely be his draft position.

    For example, ESPN PPR rankings has Maclin currently ranked as the 64th WR (updated today according to the site), with Perriman ranked 67.

    I’m not drafting Maclin for more than a WR4. It’s a loaded position now, no need to fill a starting spot with a guy that literally will be a wildcard when there’s so many WRs with solid roles that can be your WR3 (Moncreif/Matthews/Coleman/Snead) and higher upside wildcards like (Kevin White/Devante Parker/John Brown) in the same realm. If I’m going with ceiling and risk for WR3, I’m going high floor and steady for WR4. (Interestingly enough, Steve Smith has been that target for WR3/4 before he retired, which Maclin is supposed to back fill his role…)

    • Unbreakable MB

      Unbreakable MB says:

      @CMUTimmah: I definitely agree on the high upside for WR3s this season. WR is crazy deep, it’s a passing league as the talking heads would say. It’s funny because right before I read this comment I saw an article that Maclin was on Adam Shefter’s podcast blaming health for his performance last season. NOBODY IN THE NFL IS PLAYING HEALTHY BY WEEK 5-6!!

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