I am not going to be the umpteenth fantasy football blogger to use some combination of Lil Nas X, horses and Michael Gallup. So while he’s the dude in the picture and the title, I’m just not going to do it. Too easy. I can just imagine the king of titles, our Rudy Gamble, just shaking his head reading a title like “The Horses in the back are Gallup’ing all the way home” or Matte black hat wearing Cowboy Michael Gallup’ing into your lineups this weekend” or Lil Nas X or Michael Gallup, who’s got their horses in the back?”  So instead let’s through it back to the original Galloping Ghost, Red Grange. What a badass nickname and take a look at the guy:










Would you want to tackle him? He looks like a guy that after he scored a touchdown would run straight out of the stadium to the bar for a whiskey and cigarette, then back to the game. He’s holding his wrist because he just punched a defender out on the way to the endzone.

Back to FAAB; you shouldn’t have much money left by this point; with that being said for our purposes we are still are starting with that brand new, hot off the printer Ben Franklin, and we’re going to spend it.

*All ownership as of October 7th

Wide Receivers:

$51 – Michael Gallup, DAL (67% Y!, 70% ESPN) If Gallup was dropped in your league (and he was in a few of mine) its time to add him back up. A WR3 out the gate (just can’t resist). Seven catches for 113 yards and a TD is the way to return to the lineup.

$17 – Auden Tate, CIN (22% Y!, 14% ESPN) Stepping into the #2 role on a bad team doesn’t make me love him. He did score a TD on 3 catches, but that is so bleh. If you need the WR help, pay for him. If not, I’d leave him out there.

$1 – Lots of wideouts available for not much; pay up to $3 if you really like one of these guys: Byron Pringle, Dionte Johnson, Corey Davis, Preston Williams, Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown


Running Backs:

$28 – Frank Gore, BUF (64% Y!, 62% ESPN) and Carlos Hyde, HOU (66% Y!, 62% ESPN) Both guys should score about 10 points (at least) per week. If you need that from your flex then jump in.

$27 – Ronald Jones II, TB (66% Y!, 61% ESPN) So it looks like about 30% of Yahoo leagues are abandoned, and about 35% of ESPN ones (I’m allowing a small percentage difference due to 8 team leagues). He has a higher ceiling than Gore or Hyde, however a lower floor (Sunday he had 9 carries for 35 yards, that’s not good).

$11 – Kenyan Drake, MIA (56% Y!, 72% ESPN) Another guy who was dropped in a few of my leagues (I dropped him a couple weeks ago in a 10 teamer with shallow benches), with only 73 yards total on Sunday, it’s really hard to get worked up about him, so I’m just going to say adding him is totally needs based, and it’s worth paying more for Jones, Hyde or Gore.

$1 – Any 49ers running back who is available in your league.


Tight Ends:

$7 – Gerald Everett, LAR (9% Y!, 4% ESPN) This is the week of tight end and while not the most exciting options there are a bevy of them. If you were combing the waiver wire like I was last week (was about to start Fant and then someone dropped Knox and he cleared waivers Sunday morning – then Knox proceeded to only have two catches on five targets for 12 yards, lucky me). Everett kept getting fed on Thursday to the tune of seven catches for 136 yards. That’s good, flip-side is the Rams having too many options which is not so good for Everett.

$3 – Jared Cook, NO (61% Y!, 75% ESPN) Once Brees is back he looks a lot better; I assume that’s why teams are holding him, propping up his ownership numbers. Same deal as Graham until Brees returns.

$3 – Vance McDonald, PIT (62% Y!, 65% ESPN) A young QB’s best friend is his tight end, though McDonald has only had one good week so far. 

$3 – Jimmy Graham, GB (67% Y!, 62% ESPN) Those ownership numbers have me thinking that his owners are expecting a return to his Saints days, which is not happening. He’s TD dependent, and that’s about it (Sunday’s 6/61/1 TD is the best you should expect).

$2 – Dawson Knox, BUF (16% Y!, 5% ESPN) Mentioned in the Everett blurb. He’s an upside play with a low floor.

$2 – Chris Herndon, NYJ (29% Y!, 12% ESPN) His ownership makes me feel like I’m missing something; why are people in Yahoo stashing a Jets TE? The world may never know.


$1 Defenses – Not a lot this week. Take a look at: DAL @ NYJ, TEN @ DEN, WAS @ MIA


Exercise Time! Starting with $100 week one, these are the guys I’ve already won this season:

Week 2: Terry McLaurin ($26), Josh Allen ($3) and Golden Tate ($4)

Week 3: Demarcus Robinson for $19, Deebo Samuel for $7 and Ten D for $1

Week 4: Jamaal Williams for $12, Parris Campbell for $2

Week 5: Nada

With the remaining $26 I’m getting back on the TE carousel putting in bids for McDonald, Knox, then Herndon. Should end up with one of them. Going to stick with TEN D added after Week 3. The other guys are too rich for what funds I have left.

I read a lot yesterday about how exciting the Chiefs-Colts game was; and I watched it…and it was not exciting. Once it became clear Mahomes couldn’t move outside the pocket and the Colts were fine to just keep running the ball, it became a boring game. Just wanted to say, if you missed it, don’t believe the hype. Even worse, the announcing team of Annoying and Boring kept focusing on a call that wasn’t called, and hypothetically how that would work out, and blah, blah blah for like five minutes, and then later in the game they brought it up again! What is with these guys? Can’t you focus on what did happen on the field, or tell me about the Chiefs pass protection (or lack there of?).

Even my wife, who is not a fan, was perplexed why they kept talking about a no call hypothetical (actually I got worked up so she did, but even she understood it didn’t matter at all). Lesson learned; I am done with listening to those two on Sunday Night. As I live on the West Coast I’ve taken to listening to the Thursday and Monday night games on the radio on the way home from work and I love it. I even turn on the radio once I get home and listen to it over the TV announcers and I highly recommend it.

If there is a guy I missed bring them up in the comments and I’ll give them a price. Lastly, even if you’re 1-4 or even 0-5, the season isn’t over yet. Field the best team you can (while taking the most risks) this week and get it turned around!