Remember BenJarvus Green-Ellis? Barely, right? At least the Law Firm nickname was choice. Do you also (not) recall he debuted more than a decade ago in 2008 and subsequently he was out of the league by 2013? Five year career for a running back sounds about right. So with that short time to make it, let’s just agree to never adversely judge a running back for trying to get paid, you know? Anyhoo, the pickings have become slim in Free Agents adds by this week; but unless this is your first year playing you were prepared for this scenario and spent most of your money already.

We are into the part of the season that I consider the slog, that slimey, boring time of the middle weeks where you are about to give up (the 0 and 1 win teams), want to give up (2 win teams), feeling ok (3 and 4 win teams) and ready to coast into the playoffs (5 and 6 win teams, know that I envy you so).  By this time you should’ve spent some FAAB money so we’re updating the amount we have at this point to $50; if you have more by all means add it to the dollar amounts listed here and get your guy!

*All ownership as of October 14th

Running Backs:

$17 – Chase Edmonds, ARI (34% Y!,  23% ESPN) The more I see of him, the more I like him; even as a handcuff. I’d rather have him than guys like Miles Sanders, Tarik Cohen, Malcolm Brown, Kenyan Drake, Jamaal Williams, Ito Smith, Reggie Bonnafon, etc (All the guys who I would at most bid a buck on)

$13 – Darrell Henderson, LAR (28% Y!, 23% ESPN) Would rather have him than all the guys mentioned in Edmonds blurb, except Edmonds.

$11 – Alex Mattison, MIN (22% Y!, 16% ESPN) A change of pace led him to get a lot more touches this past week than usual; Cook’s handcuff is a good depth guy in deep roster leagues; remember that we’re not even halfway through the season.

$2 – Benny Snell, PIT (2% Y!, 2% ESPN) I don’t trust that he’ll get a lot of playing time, but if you’re a JC owner you probably should roster him. In 10-team leagues I’d bet he clears waivers.


Wide Receivers:

$17- Auden Tate, CIN (23% Y! 21% ESPN) Pay this price in 3WR and greater leagues; in 2WR leagues I have to hope you have at least two better WRs on your team (if not, you know what to do, pay more!)

$13 – DK Metcalf, SEA (59% Y!, 63% ESPN) Less upside than Tate, hence pay less.

$7 – Jamison Crowder, NYJ (42% Y!, 58% ESPN) Just can’t get excited having to start him; maybe in a four WR league. Eh, even then, I don’t like it.

$2 – Preston Williams, MIA (19% Y!, 10% ESPN) He’s the number one on a historically bad team; bye week fill-in.


Tight Ends:

$26 – Hunter Henry, SD (63% Y!, 54% ESPN) He should already be owned in your competitive league, but he isn’t in a couple of mine, so there you go. If you lost Dissly, he’s the guy you want, and if not him, then the next guy…

$11 – TJ Hockenson, DET (64% Y!, 57% ESPN) same idea as Henry. Upside makes me like him over Fells.

$6 – Darren Fells, HOU (4% Y!, 3% ESPN) Good value for the price in a good offense.

$2 – Ricky Seals-Jones, CLE (3% Y!, 2% ESPN) More for the future, at least until Njoku returns (if he returns week 12).

$2 – Dawson Knox, BUF (8% Y! 3% ESPN) The cheapest of the three, and could be just as valuable. Developing a rapport with Allen.



$6 – Josh Allen, BUF (51% Y!, 48% ESPN) Faces Miami this week; use him or lose him!

$3 – Daniel Jones, NYG (29% Y!, 41% ESPN) Strictly a value play for this week versus Arizona.

$2 – Sam Darnold, NYJ (16% Y!, 8% ESPN) Bye week fill-in only for now.

$2 – Kirk Cousins, MIN (47% Y!, 26% ESPN) I wouldn’t spend on him this week, since you know after a bad week at Detroit he’s going to be dropped en masse. After that a revenge game against Washington and catch-up game versus Kansas City make me like him again.

$1 Defenses: SF @ WAS, BUF vs MIA, NO @ CHI, HOU @ IND – This week I’d actually pay up to $3 for SF or BUF (Both are around 65% owned, so maybe are in your leagues)


Exercise Time! Starting with $100 week one, these are the guys I’ve already won this season:

Week 2: Terry McLaurin ($26), Josh Allen ($3) and Golden Tate ($4)

Week 3: Demarcus Robinson for $19, Deebo Samuel for $7 and Ten D for $1

Week 4: Jamaal Williams for $12, Parris Campbell for $2

Week 5: Nada

Week 6: Vance McDonald for $3

$23 Left to spend; Ten D has carried me since week 3 but do not like the Chargers coming to town, so going to roll out New Orleans this week (and HOU instead if someone overbids me for NO).

As always, if there is a guy I missed bring them up in the comments and I’ll give them a price. Have a good week Razzballers and Razzballettes!

  1. B says:

    Looking at Brady’s bye in week 10 rather Darnold vs giants or Brissett vs dolphins?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:


  2. Chillin with Mahomes says:

    How do you rank these TEs for rest of season value?

    Fells, Walker, Herndon, Cook & Knox

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      Cook, Fells, Knox, Walker, Herndon(cause he’s still a wildcard)

  3. IMP says:

    In a PPR league with 21 QBs owned (1Q but has scoring features), 2R starts (42 owned), and short 4 man benches, the best Ros FA QBs are Mayfield, Darnold and Jones. Who would you drop if anyone for a week 7 QB?
    Winston (bye)
    Engram, Henry (bench)
    Woods,McLaurin,Kirk, ODB (bye)
    DJ, Leo, MelGo (bench), White (bench)

    My thought is Winston is more valuable than White in this league, but I know that would be unconventional.

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      Jones week 7 is a go, RoS he also has a choice 15 & 16, for what that’s worth.

      Winston you have to hold, as he’s apparently keeping the job and his schedule is good. it is real tough to give up on white in a ppr, but you have to go QB this week, then he’s the guy

  4. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    .2 PPR 12 teamer. max 6 RB’s can be owned. my worst right now is wilkins (upside as a starter, but mack not hurt currently). drop him for which order of: snell, walton, bonnafon,

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      I’d go Bonnafon, Snell, Walton. I would only drop Wilkins for Bonnafon personally, as he’s in the best spot if injury happens.

      • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

        yeah plus samuels will be back at some point. i also have breida, coleman, michel, singletary, mattison with wilkins. this was a keep 6 league where my best guys were mostly WR (michel only kept RB).

        • Phil B.

          Phil B. says:

          Agreed, that’s why Snell wasn’t a big buy for me this week. Walton could be, but Miami…

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