The legalization of sports betting has been reaching new states seemingly every day. Michigan is one of the newest states to join the party. Michigan is trying to go live before the end of the NFL season. Michigan sports betting is slated to go live on November 15th, 2020. On this date, three of the biggest US sportsbooks should be launching their live betting for The Great Lakes State. DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and BetMGM Sportsbook will all be allowed to begin taking bets. Team futures are always a fun bet, so why not take a gamble on some NFL odds when this time arrives? Here are some ideas for bets that you cannot (smiles as writing this) go wrong with.

There are a number of states with legal mobile sports betting, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, make sure to shop your odds.

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Week three has given us a lot to soak in. However, the early days of the week often give us some great lines to bet on. Whether it be spreads, over/unders, moneylines, or even a juicy future bet, scrolling through your preferred sportsbook Tuesday morning is never a terrible idea. Get the odds while you can!

Chargers +7.5 @ Buccaneers

There are a couple of spreads that jump out at me right away as favorable for bettors. The first one is the chargers at +7.5 against the Buccaneers. The Chargers, after playing amazingly against the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, lost to the pathetic Carolina Panthers. However, it was a tougher matchup than perceived, the Panthers have a savvy new head coach and Justin Herbert is a rookie who is bound to make some mistakes. However, the biggest reason for the loss was 3 fumbles. Fumbles are often a metric that is rather random and can drastically sway a game without it reflecting on how each team truly played.

This line seems way too large for how talented the Chargers’ defense is. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have gotten to play two teams in the Panthers and Broncos who are simply not good football teams. Yes, it is that same Panthers team that the Chargers lost to, but if the Bucs got 3 unlucky fumbles their game would have been just as close. The Buccaneers are currently overrated and the Chargers underrated due to the Carolina game. Give me the Chargers +7.5 all day.


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After every season there are disappointing names who failed to live up to the hype. This can create a negative cloud over their name, which is reflected in fantasy football rankings and their ADP. Players might have failed to adjust to a new system, battled injuries, or just flat out stunk. A new year is their opportunity can turn things around, and there are quite a few names that fit the bill for 2020. Speaking of fantasy rankings, check out Razzball’s fantasy football rankings and Lineups fantasy football rankings for a complete breakdown by position and scoring system.

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Living in a world virtually devoid of all team sports has been excruciating for most of us. If you’re like the majority of ardent sports’ fans, you’re looking forward to the upcoming NFL season with an excitement level akin to a four-year-old Christmas Eve.

Football bettors will be salivating as well, as without regular ballgames on the schedule, the betting options have virtually dried up. Heading into every new season, there is a lot of anticipation for who has the best shot at winning the upcoming Super Bowl.

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The shocking news that Tom Brady will no longer quarterback the New England Patriots surprised many. It also ignited a ripple effect through the NFL. While not surprising, Carolina parting ways with Cam Newton added even more waves.

Philip Rivers’ career as the Chargers field general is also done. Jacksonville shipped a former Super Bowl MVP north to The Windy City. What plans might the Chicago Bears now have for their no-longer-our-franchise-quarterback Mitchell Trubisky?

The Bengals are going to draft their quarterback-of-the-future, so what’s the future hold for Andy Dalton? If these changes aren’t enough to cause you to scratch your fantasy head in bewilderment, what about the two former Heisman Trophy winners who may be suddenly available?

The first two draft picks from the 2015 NFL Draft are undoubtedly going to be playing elsewhere, if not this year, soon. Both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota have been huge disappointments.

However, stranger events have happened to quarterbacks over the years, sudden changes that revitalized their careers. The 2020 NFL Draft will unfold in about a month. This may answer a few questions, but the months leading up to training camp may answer even more.

Let’s take a look at four of these quarterbacks and see what kind of effect they might have on the 2020 fantasy football rankings going forward. We’ll skip Brady as a Buccaneer and look at how much promise these other transplanted quarterbacks may have to lead you to fantasy football glory.

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Before the first official NFL kickoff on Thursday, September 5, there was a strong case for the NFC South to be one of the league’s toughest divisions. As the regular season came to a close last month, all but the New Orleans Saints ended their seasons with a whimper. One of the biggest underachievers were the Atlanta Falcons.

While they only fell one game behind a common 8-8 final mark, Atlanta was never an authentic playoff contender. Atlanta’s second consecutive seven-win season left more question marks than answers. First, we’ll look at free agents Atlanta may lose and where they might focus during June’s draft. Finally, we’ll discuss their high priority needs to return to prominence.

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The NFC North Division is projected as one of the tightest races in professional football. This past week did little to alter that early season projection. The Packers are getting an early look at two of three teams who are ranked as division title worthy.

Green Bay went into the Windy City and disposed of the top-rated Bears in a good old-fashioned NFC North defensive struggle. This week, the Pack will host the 1-0 Minnesota Vikings, fresh off an impressive opening victory themselves. Here are three keys we’ll be looking at in this Sunday’s Vikings vs. Packers matchup at Lambeau Field. Green Bay & Minnesota rank in the Top 10 of the Lineups NFL Power Rankings.

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