Hey there Razzballers,

Reid here kicking off my season-long series for those of you who love to live life on the edge.

I guess a little background on the name of this post should be included since 100% of you are sitting there thinking “Who the hell is ‘Bojo’ and why should I take anything this guy says seriously?”

Great questions. Let me explain. Bojo is the nickname for an Old Niagara Falls man who has a reputation for being quite savvy with line movements and getting to the heart of the games. So I’m sitting down with him to get some of his best bets each week (2 best bets and 1 upset). I will be adding a DFS player to target for each of the games brought up as well. So let’s get to the games and see where Bojo wants to look at this week:

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Hey Razzballers,

Reid here to drop some Week 1 hot takes for everyone. I’m going to be running roughly 5 hot takes a week on this segment so I don’t go out of control. Some weeks there may be fewer, depending on how spicy it is in Buffalo. But for now, let’s get going with this week.

Nick Foles actually performs well in the first three weeks, but is NOT worth a roster spot after Week 3.

The reasoning is quite simple on this one. Nobody in the NFL has an easier schedule for Weeks 1-3 regarding passing defense than the Eagles (The most difficult schedule in that stretch is the Bills). On the flip side, the Eagles have the 2nd toughest passing defense schedule from Week 4 to the remainder of the season.

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Hey there Razzballers, Reid here writing a quick little piece for those in keeper leagues and trying to make decisions for who you plan on using a keeper status on in some of your leagues. While there are an infinite number of hypothetical situations, I will provide one that I believe best illustrates the thought […]

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Happy Friday Razzballers! Reid here giving a second column of the week where I dive into a couple of players who are sure to be drafted, but I would highly suggest avoiding. I’ll be sure to do my best Grinch impression at the end of each one. Let’s get right into it. 1). Amari Cooper (ADP […]

Please, blog, may I have some more?