With free agency starting to calm down, you can already quantify the impacts that players have made on teams with the odds being presented by bookmakers. While the Chiefs stay at the top spot at +500 to win the Super Bowl, there are some great odds that may be moving quickly. One team that is getting a lot of love for the newfound fantasy value that it has acquired is the Washington Football Team, who sit at +6,000 odds to win the Super Bowl. Not only has Washinton turned into a favorable fantasy destination with the addition of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but the wager for them to win it all has gotten much more enticing.

If you wish to bet on sports, then one of the top bookmakers is William Hill. The sportsbook just launched in Virginia, and you can bet on the local Washington Football Team right now, with William Hill Virginia. Currently, William Hill has Super Bowl, conference, and divisional odds available. Washington sits at +6,000, +2,800, and +300 to win the Super Bowl, NFC, and NFC East, on William Hill Virginia.

The 2021 free-agent class was filled with massive names in fantasy football. However, after Allen Robinson and Chris Godwin both received franchise tags, it seemed that the class was going to be a letdown. Looking now, it seemed very few, if any, free agents really increased their value.

When looking a bit deeper, there are some winners, but the biggest winners were not free agents at all. Some of the biggest winners were players that had a value increase due to other weapons leaving the team. This leads to these winners being given more opportunities to score even more points for their fantasy rosters. However, we will touch on a couple of winners from the free-agent class, as well.

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Like a prophecy coming true, Carson Wentz was shipped out of Philadelphia on February 18, 2021, going to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third round pick and a conditional 2022 pick. With January bringing football fans a trade of Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff, the Wentz trade marks the third major movement of a quarterback in 2021. Let’s take a look at both the real-life and fantasy implications of the Carson Wentz trade. 

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Does Shadow Coverage matter…..I mean I hope so I just spent the whole year writing about it, but instead of just hoping it does let’s take a look at 2020. Just an FYI if we find out it doesn’t, I just want to say I can’t wait to try something new here at the great company of Razzball in 2021.

The first thing we should do is review the data of all the wide receivers we wrote about in are articles weeks 1- 17 weeks. Granted not all these players ended up seeing shadow coverage, but it is important to look at the players who we typically think will see shadow coverage week in and week out. Later on we will review PFF’s shadow coverage matchups to see the overall impact shadow coverage had in 2020, but for now let’s dive into the weekly finishes of the players we tracked this season.


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The Super Bowl prep week wasn’t completely devoid of football action, as two marquis quarterbacks ended up switching teams: Jared Goff will be going to the Detroit Lions, and Matthew Stafford will be going to the Los Angeles Rams. While most fantasy football players are in the off-season right now, it’s fair to say a number of dynasty managers are waking up to discover their QB1 will be playing in a completely different situation this fall. Let’s take a look at some way-too-early thoughts on the situation that Stafford and Goff will find themselves in come the 2021 regular season. 

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As Donkey Teeth approaches his second week at Ghostbuster’s Fantasy Camp, he sent me a Ouija board to help communicate with him. You see, they don’t allow phones at the camp (interferes with the EMF detectors), and sometimes it’s helpful to talk to your good editor buddy about things like, “Why is Philip Rivers retiring” or “Can I use company funds to buy a shrimp boat?” So I got this Ouija board, and I followed the directions I found on the internets to the best of my ability: I played alone, in a graveyard, and I didn’t say good-bye at all. And wouldn’t you know? Donkey Teeth says I can buy a shrimp boat! Hot gravy, my next article is gonna be written from the scenic Gulf of Mexico, where I’ll barely be able to see my budget laptop’s screen in the bright sun. The Ouija board also let me ask about my next sleeper, and of course, it brought out every NFL fan’s favorite fantasy football player: Corey Davis. Let’s roll!

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Last year, the Razzbois got together in our group chat and looked closely at a bunch of wide receiver sleepers that we thought would be productive, and we hit on a bunch of them: Corey Davis, Cole Beasley, and Russell Gage were my sleeper targets in my DataForce Charity team, the focus of my how to win an industry fantasy football tournament article. By knowing who I was going to target late in the draft, it opened me up to take upside targets earlier in the draft. It’s absolutely WAY too early to get excited about wide receiver sleepers for 2021, but if we can get some players on your radar before your competition realizes it, then you’re ahead of the game. So, let’s take a look at Darnell Mooney, who might be the kind of guy you want to target for deep leagues or a FLEX receiver in a 12-team league. 

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Donkey Teeth is off at Ghostbusters Fantasy Camp, and he sent me this letter to read off to our regular readers. 

Dear Ghouls and Girls,

Its my first day at Ghostbusters Fantasy Camp! So far it’s just Rick Moranis here with the 6 campers, but I hear that Ernie Hudson will be here by the end of the week. Today, we spent time fixing old infrared cameras for sale on something called the Dark Web. Spooky! I think I even had my first paranormal encounter while I was cleaning the camp’s septic tank. There were some supernatural smells down there! If you need me, here’s my mailing address: Donkey Teeth, 123 Elm Street, Amityville, NY 66642. Counselor Rick says you can send cash and it’ll go to my commissary account! 

Thanks, DT! 

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Last summer NFL teams were dishing out new contracts to running backs like the United States government giving away free money to the indispensable, too-big-to-fail, cruise lines. The year after Zeke hit the Jerrypot with a 7 bajillion dollar contract, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook each received upwards of 10 Bitcoin. Unfortunately, there were a couple stud backs whose team’s treated them more like the government has treated failing small businesses. Will these hard luck incumbents return or will they be in search of another source of crypto this off season? And if the incumbents are voted out of their backfields, what should we expect from the new regime? I’m glad you ask, here’s the top free agent running backs for 2021 fantasy football:

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Rudy Gamble, Razzball co-godfather, joins B_Don and Donkey Teeth on the podcast! With the playoffs upon us, we discuss our Super Bowl predictions (one of B_Don’s has already been eliminated). Rudy digs into his projection system results for the season and we compare how his method may benefit you in a different way than some other ranking styles, and where he and DT finished the season in the rankings contest.

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This year we’re playing for keeps! For the six of you readers who haven’t already scrolled hastily down to the list, there’s a few matters to clarify regarding keeper leagues, dynasty leagues, rankings for both, and my neighbor, Bucky. Over the past month I gave you my early top 10 and top 20 rankings for 2021 dynasty leagues as well as my top 25 rankings for superflex dynasty leagues. It’s important to note that those rankings are intended for full fledged dynasty leagues where you retain your entire roster from year to year. In dynasty formats, the career longevity of both wide receivers and quarterbacks needs to be reflected in valuations along with the short shelf life of the running back position.

The keeper league rankings below are designed to reflect player valuations in leagues where you retain only a portion of your roster—maybe only one play even. These rankings assume all players have an equal cost associated with keeping them, if any. Of course, most keeper leagues have their own quirks like my neighbor Bucky who thinks the dinosaurs never existed and their bones were planted across the earth by visiting alien lizards. Nice guy, Bucky. Crazier than a juggling monkey on a unicycle, but really nice guy. Bucky aside, if you want some input regarding your specific keeper rules and options then feel free to hit me in the comments. Anyway, here’s an early look at the top 100 keepers for 2021 fantasy football:

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