Rich Hribar of Sharp Football Analysis sent out an interesting thread of tweets earlier this week. I’ll try to summarize it in as few words as possible: THE BUCCANEERS ARE DFS GOLD. For those of you who want to know more, let me explain in a little bit more detail.

Hribar points out that the Bucs have hit their implied point total in seven games this season, which tops the NFL. They have held their opponents under their implied total just once, which is lowest in the NFL. Games involving the Bucs average nearly 60 combined points. I don’t want to just keep reciting Hribar’s tweets, so check out the thread yourself here. Credit to him for the great detective work.

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The Russell Wilson-Tyler Lockett combo has won me some major money twice this season. In Week 3, I had those two, Mike Evans, and Christian McCaffrey in my lineup en route to a top three finish. Last week, I had those four in my lineup en route to a top three finish.

But this week, the Seahawks are tasked with playing against the horrifying 49ers defense. Seriously, how happy must Richard Sherman be right now? That was an incredible acquisition that is paying off big time for San Fran, and Sherman has been a terrific presence so far. It makes it a lot harder to trust Russell and Lockett in these circumstances. Who can help you compensate for two of the most reliable DFS picks of the year? Let’s find out.

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Another of our great writers here at Razzball, Nic Romero, highlights the Tampa Bay-Seattle matchup as one that should yield some high scoring. With an over/under of 53 points, there’s a lot of fantasy production to be had, and as such, many of the players on these rosters will be featured as good options in this article. But honestly, the implied total of 23.5 points for the Buccaneers seems low. Since when is there a shootout with Tampa Bay involved where they don’t score like 70 points and still find a way to lose by 3?

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Four 40-bombs (.5 PPR) last week! And I guessed none of them! What a disappointing week.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I had DeShaun Watson (41.7 points) as my top honorable mention, and although Jacoby Brissett didn’t live up to fantasy expectations, he sure did lead a solid game to get the win over Kansas City. And Kyler Murray, who was the 14th-most expensive option, scored the sixth-most (25.4) of any QB.

And though I was missing Aaron Jones (45.7), I did mention that it was a good week to stick with your studs as I listed Christian McCaffrey (44.7), Dalvin Cook (22.7), and David Johnson (17.1), all of which were top-12 totals. Will Fuller (46.7) wasn’t one of my recommendations, but Michael Thomas (35.7) sure was.

All in all… not bad, could use some work. I’m thinking Week 6 is a good time to return to Week 3 status where we were topping the DFS leaderboards. Let’s dig in.

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What. The Hell. Happened.

Touchdowns to AJ Brown? DeVante Parker? Trevor Davis? Brandon Bolden? Ito Smith? Ricky Seals-Jones? Troymaine Pope? AJ Brown (again)?

This was the start to Week 4’s Sunday slate that granted DFS players absolutely no pleasure whatsoever. Seriously? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a laundry list of names that I literally would never have dreamed of drafting, and I really don’t think I have to re-evaluate my strategy.

But that’s the great thing about daily fantasy. Unless there was some lunatic who drafted Trevor Davis in hopes of a 60-yard end around score – and apologies for calling you a lunatic if you were that person – then everyone suffered the same result and it likely didn’t affect your teams’ chances of winning too, too much.

Either way, let’s hope for a more reasonable output in Week 5.

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Apologies, everyone. I missed last week’s article because I was busy with a jury duty summons. This wasn’t your typical case, which is exactly what I expected in my quiet Pennsylvania neighborhood. Instead, the case that I was potentially going to be selected for was national news: a quadruple homicide in a barn in southeast PA that is still being investigated now. Needless to say, I wasn’t selected, but it unfortunately kept me busy and kept me from sharing my strategy with all of you loyal readers… which is a shame, because my FanDuel lineups did pretty well this week (ignore the stakes and let me bask in the glory of my success… I’m just out of college, alright?).

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Lamar Jackson threw for five touchdowns en route to a 36.6/33.6 point performance on DraftKings/Fanduel, respectively. Mark Ingram rumbled for a pair of touchdowns and registered 25.7/22.7 fantasy points. DeSean Jackson went off in his Philadelphia debut, scorching the Redskins defense for 38.4/31.4 fantasy points. Mark Andrews and Delanie Walker each recorded 20+ point performances at the depleted tight end position. The 49ers defense picked off Jameis Winston for a touchdown not once but twice to lead all fantasy defenses.

You know what all of these players had in common other than their strong outings? They were all a part of my Week 1 DFS guide (sure, Jameis Winston and Adam Humphries were too, but you can’t win them all, right?), and as you can see, I’m humbly enjoying my overall accuracy. It won me some money, and I hope it did the same for you. Let’s do it again!

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A few years ago, my brother entered a team into a $1 daily fantasy league with around 56,000 people taking part. He entered several other teams into other leagues, some of which required a $20 entry, some $10, and so on.

By Monday night, all but one of his teams were out of the running. But in that $1 league, he wasn’t just in the money. He was in first place. And though he admittedly did his research with all of the lineups, that $1 team was more of a “gut” team, where he just kind of went against the most obvious choices, stacked Russell Wilson (5 TDs) and Doug Baldwin (3 TDs), had a vintage AP performance (158 yards, 2 TDs), got production from role players (29.6 pts from Brandon Marshall, 17 points from CIN DST), and the rest was history. A couple days later, he was $12,000 richer, and he’s been an advocate of going with his gut feeling ever since.

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I know, I need a bath now too. Here it is, week 17. The final slate of games and it’s actually a full one; no TNF or MNF or TNF on SN where the ‘S’ is for ‘Saturday’ which they can’t use because that’s for ‘Sunday Night Football’. Yup, 16 games ripe with intrigue and I lead off with talking Colin Kaepernick. I guess my new year’s resolution is to lose readers. WELP. I know it’s hard to get with the idea of this. Honestly, it’s hard to feel comfortable making the call for me too but here I am looking back on why I liked Russell Wilson last week and nothing has changed about the why. Both are QBs who can run and Arizona rarely leaves a spy on the backfield to stop that from happening and don’t look now but Kap has now rushed for over 40 yards in back to back games and rushed at least 7 times. Methinks the O-Co finally figured out that a Colin stuck in the pocket is a Colin wasted. Not like crunk wasted, more like ‘not used correctly’ wasted. It’s been a trying time for his seasonal owners. Trust me, I know, I suffered through him in one in a two QB league. Guess what? I picked up Kyle Orton and he never saw the light of day again for my team. But this is probably a Harbaugh swan song and I think he goes out and lets his guys do what they do and what Colin can do is run as showcased last week when he racked up 7/151/1 on the ground on his way to a 31.7 DK fantasy point night. What was the passing line you ask? Ehhhh…let’s not talk about that. The point is, his rushing game was worth 24.1 alone. I can’t say he’ll replicate but for a GPP go, I’m about to pop a Kap in dat and he has a cheap pairing partner that will also go under the radar…what, I ain’t tellin you now. This is the epic last DK post for fantasy football of the year, I’m gonna make you suffer. So strap in – or strap on, we won’t judge you – as we slide through this final go. So with no further ado, here it is: my final hot take on 2014 fantasy football DK slate…

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It seems like so long ago at this point but you remember when Joseph Randle made headlines? No, no silly, not for how he played on the field. It was his shopping for a five finger discount that rose an eyebrow or two. It’s one thing to steal when you’re poor or at least an intriguing item but…underwear and cologne? Do they correlate? Are you trying to tell us something, Randle? Did someone have an accident while at the mall and couldn’t think of a better way to cover it up other than a change and a spray? Did you even wipe? Oh well, bygones. Let’s look at why we’re actually here to talk about Randle. DeMarco Murray’s hand done broked and the likelihood of him starting this week is slim to NOOOOOOOPE. Sorry, had a Lana Kane moment. Again, it may be that by Thursday, we know Randle isn’t even starting but as of right now, I want all the Randle I can handle and at $3,000, I can handle a lot. Heading into Monday Night’s game, only the Saints have given up more fantasy points to opposing RBs over the last four weeks. Yes, that does still look back on the Pats game where Jonas Gray scored 4 but the opponents since haven’t exactly been rushing juggernauts. With how good the Dallas offensive line has been all year, it’s hard to imagine them deviating from what has gotten them to 10-4 just because their lead back is out. If Randle is starting, I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a must play but 20+ touch opportunity at a minimum price doesn’t come along very often. Probably locked into most lineups both for cash and tourney, you are either playing with the crowd to exploit other prices or you fight against the current. I won’t hate you either way. Well, at least not about this topic. But enough talk, have at you. Here’s my red hot takes for the week 16 DK slate…

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