If you’re in New York, you have to be excited for the future of the NFL in the state. The Jets showed some flashes towards the end of the season that suggest they’re headed in the right direction, and they have plenty of draft capital and cap space to work with this year to continue to build out their roster. New York recently launched mobile sports betting, and when Jets’ football returns, there’s a chance they will be a team well worth betting on. Especially with DraftKings New York, one of the top mobile sportsbooks in the state. Let’s take a look at the ideal offseason for the Jets with the mindset of building this team into a winning squad in 2022.

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It’s been a helluva start to 2022 for New York sports fans. No, the Knicks didn’t suddenly find their mojo from last season again, and no, the uber-talented Yankees likely won’t be able to overcome the fact that Aaron Boone is arguably the worst manager in baseball. One positive to the list was the New York online sports betting launch! New Yorkers can bet anywhere in the state with the likes of Caesars New York, the current top mobile sportsbook in the state.

However, the Giants’ franchise breathed a breath of fresh air with the recent hiring of Brian Daboll as the new head coach. His introduction comes just in time for the launch of mobile sports betting in New York, and fans are certainly itching at the opportunity to place some wagers on the Giants.

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A lot of things, and I mean A LOT of things, went wrong for the Falcons in 2021. They were supposed to have one of the more dynamic aerial attacks in the league with Calvin Ridley and rookie mega-man Kyle Pitts leading the way. Matt Ryan led the world in pass attempts in 2020 and the Falcons were top-10 in passing rate per game. But when the dust settled on the season, all that offensive hope vanished into the humid Georgia air. 

The Falcons may have gone 7-10, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. I swear to you, the season highlight video from their own team website prominently features a game where they needed a last second field goal to beat the freaking New York Giants:

With Calvin Ridley missing in action, Pitts hauling in just one score, and Mike Davis off somewhere trying to bribe other teams to sign free agent Cordarrelle Patterson, determining a buy and a sell for this sad sack franchise is a tall order. But I think I’ve cracked it. Let’s get into it for 2022.

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  • Some things stay the same
    • All 4 weeks, it has been DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, and then Rondale Moore, in that order. 
    • For 3 weeks, Chase Edmonds has been right around 65% snap rate. Chase Edmonds did get 2 carries inside the 10 this week, unfortunately, James Conner got 5. 


  • The Curious Case of Cordarrelle
    • Cordarrelle Patterson snap rate was on the rise in week 3 reaching 42%. Unfortunately, in week 4 it dropped to 31%. Even without a high snap rate, he’s averaging 12 touches across the last 3 games.
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We’ve all heard the jokes. We’ve all seen the ridiculous workout videos.

Is that Jameis Winston bobsledding?

“But Mr. Skorish, 30 Interceptions! Yada Yada I’m a stupid doodoo baby”

Yes, that really is what you sound like. I’m gonna lay down some cold hard truth for you right now.

Are you ready? This may not be a popular opinion, even among my fellow RazzBoys but here it is.

Taysom Hill is not a starting quarterback. 

Take that in. Breathe it in. Is he a great wildcat player? Absolutely.

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The illustrious wide receiver Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons will be taking the Dirty Bird to the Music City. Will the 32-year old wideout make a dent for your fantasy team by swapping Matt Ryan for Ryan Tannehill? What does this mean for Calvin Ridley, who becomes the de facto #1 target in Atlanta? And how can you profit off this in the early fantasy football season? Join me after the jump and learn why you’ll be moaning over Julio Jones. 

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Joe Douglas traded the best player on his team.  The Jets, a perennial team of dysfunction, has found itself a worse team than it was less than 24 hours ago.  Did they get a good return for a player who was vocal about his displeasure and contract status? Absolutely. When comparing this trade to the Dolphins trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Dolphins were absolutely ripped off by the Steelers. 

Jamal Adams and a fourth round pick go from the Jets to the Seahawks for Bradley McDougald, two first round picks and a third round pick. The Jets made out well and will have two first round picks in each of the next two drafts.  The Seahawks get a top 5 safety, who some consider the best safety in the league. So where does this leave Adams’ fantasy value? Stock DOWN is the forecast. 

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Baker Mayfield is a trend-setter. Remember those Progressive Insurance commercials where he threw a party in an empty stadium? It’s like he knew those stadiums would be empty in 2020! Let’s throw our own party now–you get the grill out and make some bacon burger dogs while I talk about what Baker Mayfield will do for your fantasy football team in 2020. Don’t worry about spilling mustard over the 50-yard line. We know Baker will suck it up (with a hand vacuum! Come on!). 

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Maybe you follow me on Twitter and listen to the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast hosted by Donkey Teeth and myself. If that’s the case, you may have seen or heard these numbers. However, if following me on Twitter and listening to a podcast is too much, here are some fun numbers to look at for the upcoming season and dynasty purposes. 

Old TEs

Dynasty startups are under way. If you’re thinking about taking an older TE or WR early in the draft, this might give you a better understanding of what you’re signing up for with that pick. 

At TE, since the merger, there have been 3 players that have 1000+ yard seasons after the at the age of 31 or older. The list is Tony Gonzalez, Delanie Walker, and Greg Olsen. If we move that to the age of 32, it’s a small list. ONE. One TE (Tony Gonzalez) has more than 1000 yards at the age of 32, and no TE older than 32 has ever reached that mark.

Certainly the TE position is more of a receiving threat in the modern approach, but age has not been kind at the position. Maybe it’s due to the physical nature? Or just natural aging? But Father Time doesn’t get cheated very often. 

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Every season in the NFL is full of evolution. You’ve heard a million times that the NFL is a copy cat league and teams lower in the standings try to emulate whatever the stand out teams did in the previous season. No matter what the hot trend is, the tight end position will not die in fantasy football. Each season the position lacks depth which makes hitting your pick in the draft pretty important. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend an early draft pick on a tight end though. Through spending some time and doing the proper research you can find the later round guys that have a good chance of popping. If you read Razzball in your 2019 prep, you probably ended up with Darren Waller on a lot of your fantasy teams. Let’s take a look at a few categories to break down the tight end position from the 2019 season as we look ahead to 2020. 

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